SOLD Max, GSP - German Shorthaired Pointers in Tekamah, Nebraska - Pheasant Bonanza Hunt Club and Kennel

Max is a one and half year old GSP. This photo says it all...When this was taken, Max was pointing a rooster that was 4 feet below us in a frozen creek bed. Totally inverted, we couldn't get him off the bird (notice how his tail sticks directly up when he's on point). Max is a hard charging, all business hunting machine. Max is a stout and smaller GSP, but smashes through the thicket and snow drifts like a giant lab. Max is a medium to close ranging dog that leaves no piece of cover unturned....AND has a funny little snarl/snort when he's working up those roosters.
Ad location: Tekamah, Nebraska
Ad created: Dec 29, 2012

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