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Field Bred Golden Puppies;  Wildfire Spinning Web x Wildfire Rox The Boat due Feb 15, 2013.  Web is a strong field Golden with talent in the water and land.  A never give up attitude, high trainability, intellegent, marks multiple marks, blinds plus loving Golden personality.  Roxy is a result of a frozen breeding that I did from a Kash son located in Germany.  Several years ago a back to back breeding was done in Ia and two male puppies went to Germany.  I was so impressed with the males that I imported semen that resulted in Roxy.  She comes from a long line of strong, dule purpose females. Roxy is 20 inches at the shoulders, 53# and dark Golden in color, loving personality.
Ad location: Montgomery, Minnesota
Ad created: Dec 23, 2012

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