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B/W English Springer Spaniel Pup with champ lines from Mn. Michelle has a full saddle - she is a showie girl.- $550.00

 Pre-screen for an AKC, English Springer Spaniel Puppies - black and white with champion Minnesota lines. Only serious inquires please- buyer to have: 5-8' perimeter fencing with a kennel that is weather tight. Buyer to have an active lifestyle and understands that the hyper vigilance that makes this field athlete so amazing, looks like a big case of ADHD for the first two years. Patience and training will pay off and yield a lifelong partner. Sire is benchie and Dam, pre- liter was a sleek bird dog that loves the field. Dam and Sire are both true athletes in the field but breeder wants to ensure a successful lifetime match. Michelle has a very distinguisted look about her and looks benchie but her linage is all field.
 Pick of the liter is determined by the order of the date of deposit. The sire can bound breeches and the Dam is a sleep athlete (prior to being baby mamma), adapt agile, alert and loyal and whose father is champ in Minnesota- These dogs have strength, agility, endurance and are hard wired for rueting. Best Christmas present you can buy if you are the right family. But, you can trust in the birdieness being hard wired at birth with these dogs. Breeding rights are available at 2 years. The order that deposits are received will determine pick of the liter order. Deposits will be $200.  This is the type of dog that should be breed.   Email me at sunamisu@yahoo.com, if you want to be on the weekly photo email.

Black and whites in the field are easier to spot.  Since these dogs are outstanding multi-purpose animals:

1.  Family members- faithful and loving
2.  The hard wired athletes of the field after anything with 2-4 legs who have fur or feathers.  When, out in the field and that tail wags and the dog is darting off, you have 3-10 seconds prior to game alighting.  Thus I field crop their tails as they have

3.  The Black and White English Springer Spaniel has a more formal look with either a tux and black dress- the Black and White can have the more formal appearance to cultures framlair with higher dress codes.  Michelle is  saddled, but wears a sheek off the shoulder mini skirt to the formal black tie event.  Her little black dress will be chic.  Champ is the sire of the Dam, but I like the look of the sire, who threw alot of color into the liter- sire's photo attached.

Ad location: Canby, California
Ad created: Dec 09, 2012

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