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Northwoods Manhattan, setter male, whelped June 8, 2012

Manhattan is a gorgeous, evenly masked, tri-color dog with the deep brown. He is sired by Northwoods Blue Ox who is producing natural grouse dogs that want to please. His dam, Northwoods Chardonnay is a cracker jack grouse dog and was the MN/WI Cover Dog Derby of the Year in 2011. He has a square build and should weigh about 45 50 lbs. when mature. He gets along extremely well with people and other dogs and loves attention.

Manhattan has been started and developed following the Northwoods Bird Dogs Puppy Foundation program. He hunts and points liberated quail, is starting to back other dogs on point and has retrieved pigeons. Manhattan has traveled, spent time on a stake-out chain and knows basic commands such as Here, Kennel and Find It and has been introduced to Whoa. He has begun ecollar conditioning. Manhattan  is a focused and ambitious hunter for his age. He has been raised in the kennel, but  would easily adapt to life in a home.

Manhattan has had the best possible start and is ready to be hunted. He is a Started Dog and priced at $1,875.00

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Ad location: Sandstone, Minnesota
Ad created: Dec 04, 2012

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Northwoods Blue Ox x Northwoods Chardonnay