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These are big beautiful healthy puppies out of 2 wonderful partents.    The sire of this litter is AKC Ch Harvest Meadow's Wired To Win At Reece Afterhours "Swagger" and the dam is AKC Ch Harvest Meadow's Singin Gerdie Bird RN JH "Gerdie"

The puppies were born on 11 18 2012.  There are 4 boys and 5 girls.  These puppies are big and healthy with much promise in being a great family companion, beautiful in confirmation and looks, much hunting asperations and natural ability, brains and even tempered and of course last but not least health and longevity.  I strive to breed dogs that are well rounded and will be able to do any job asked of them from family pet, good confirmation which is best for the dog in anything we ask of them from being competitive in the show ring to being athleltic for hunting, obedienc or agility, perfection and drive in the field, trainablilty for ease in training on birds, obedience and just making the dog a great dog to be around.  Coat is also a big priority for me as I want a dog with a good harsh dense coat that can come in from a hunt burr free.  All of these factors together make for a great competitor as well as a wonderful addition to a family.  My dogs are inside as much as they like and are outside as much as they like.  My puppies are raised in my home with me, handled and socialized.  When you get a puppy from me the puppy will have been started in training for his/her age.  Please contact me if you have further questions or would like to see additional photos.

The sire of this puppies "Swagger" is a big lover.  He is a young dog that finisihed his AKC Championship before he was a year old.  He has been in the field and is showing much promise and is birdie.  He is not a big runner yet and for me hopefully will stay close as that is what I like personally.  He enjoys doing Rally, Obedience and Agility just for fun (as I have not started competing in any of these things with him since he is still young).  He is the true term brown noser as he follows me everywhere I go.  If I stop we all know where his nose ends up.  He is just a loving boy that loves everyone he meets.  


The dam of the puppies "Gerdie"  lives to be in the field.  She would hunt hours every day of the week if I let her.  She is wonderful family pet and good property protecter.  She lets me know when someone comes around but is very friendly once I have been notified we have company.  Gerdie has points toward her Senior Hunter and makes trips out west yearly for bird hunting as well as often around here.  She is a AKC champion as well as a Rally Novice title.  She loves to work but is a true couch potatoe in the house.  Gerdie has had puppies before and the puppies are following in her pawsteps. Puppies can be seen at     

Ad location: Delta, Ohio
Ad created: Nov 29, 2012

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