4th generation Ebonstar Lean Mac male puppy - Labrador Retrievers in Morris Run, Pennsylvania - Rock Steady Kennel

Zoey and Remmy's black male puppy was born June 1, 2012. He is 5 months old and working on his crate training and leash training. He has an excellent hunting and companion pedigree.
Remmy and Zoey are both hard hitting water dogs with a strong prey drive and a great desire to please. Its not hard to tell Remmy has Ebonstar Lean Mac blood in his lineage. Ebonstar Lean Mac (Maxx) is history's All-Time High Point Derby Dog with 122 points, 166 All-Age points, 2X Double Header Winner, Best All-Time Sire of Field Labrador Retrievers and 156+ titled offspring. Maxx is unquestionably the most prepotent sire of this era. Maxx has been awarded the Thomas Merritt Award from 2000-2009. This is an annual award given to the outstanding sire of Field Trial Retrievers. Zoey brings more to the pedigree with dogs such as Candlewoods Madcap Max MH and NFC FC Candlewoods Raisa Ruckus in her lineage. Both Remmy and Zoey are very people oriented dogs that make excellent companions. With the winning lineage and the warm personalities of both Remmy and Zoey, we are confident that they will produce some pretty awesome offspring.

At Rock Steady Kennel we believe in a hands-on approach to puppy raising. From day one we handle the puppies on a daily basis to get them used to people.

We also incorporate something called the "Bio Sensor" program. This is a method the military developed to improve the performance of dogs used for military purposes. You can learn more about this method at www.breedingbetterdogs.com

Our puppies are guaranteed for 30 months. In the twenty years we've been breeding and raising gun-dogs we have never had a genetic health problem. We think you will be well pleased with a Rock Steady puppy as an excellent hunting partner and companion for the rest of his or her life.

All our puppies are hand-raised from birth and socialized daily. We can ship puppies for an additional fee. Please contact us for info on started and finished dogs.
Ad location: Morris Run, Pennsylvania
Ad created: Nov 24, 2012

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