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 Deltaduck`s Fox Red Baby`s a look into a pup`s life at deltaduck pup`s here are care for as you & I were as a child only the best will due for my baby`s I have some of the Top Breeding stock in the US & UK an I even call my 8 year old my puppy as I have raised each from a puppy, I did not build a web site yet because I sell each pup by 6 weeks old. There are 4 Fox Red male`s here a litte over 4 weeks old there are a few Chocolates male`s from another litter and a Chocolate & black litter soon to be in time for Xmas. Pic`s 8 month old Fox Red just finish his 1st hunt Takeing care of 3 Hunters. Email to see a lot of great duck dogs & for Info.

Ad location: Louisiana
Ad created: Nov 20, 2012

Contact: Robert Buras

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