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SOLD SOLD SOLD Jager is a male German Shorthair. He won't be 2 until the last of November. Jager is absolutely one of the best bird dogs I have ever owned. I have spent alot of time with Jager not only in the field , but around the house as well.
   He has been trained to the extreme in obedience and in the field. He has experience on wild quail, pheasant and ducks. Jager is a solid broke dog. He has been trained and knows the following commands. HERE, WHOA, KENNEL, SIT, STAY, FETCH, HOLD, PLACE, DEAD BIRD. Jager is also housebroke.
   He loves the water and will readily retreive from water to hand. He is as steady in the duck blind to shot  as any top labrador. Will retreive on command. However I chose not to break him steady to shot in the bird field.
   He has an excellent nose and is what I call a medium range dog. He is not just an average dog, he is very special.He has the looks, ability, temperament, speed and intelligence that everyone wants. I train and hunt one or two dogs at a time and when I get them finished I sell them and then work with another. Feel free to call me with any questions and I will be happy to show him in the field.  price $4500  call 270-622-8500  I can send more pics if you just email me a request.
Ad location: Scottsville, Kentucky
Ad created: Oct 19, 2012

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