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Cooper is a 2 1/2 year old well started dog. All his obedience work is done. Very staunch and stylish on point. Solid retriever. Excellent temprement. Conditioned to the E-collar and Beeper. A friend of ours bought Cooper as a pup and did little with him. We had a chance to buy him back last winter and took it. We are currently hunting one of his littermates and started two more that went on to make very nice birdogs. The only reason I consider him a well started dog and not finished is that he has never been through a wild bird season. He is doing great on liberated birds but a hunting season will finish him off. Cooper is priced at $1500 and is guaranteed in every way. Go to our website and click Dogs for Sale to see pics.  Call me at 712/210/6272 for more details and references.
Ad location: Glidden, Iowa
Ad created: Oct 08, 2012

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