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I am assisting a friend to sell his 5.5 year old, AKC registered female German Shorthair after moving back to the midwest to take over the family buisiness due to his father's health.  Because of living arrangements and expected work load over the next few years, he is unable to keep this experienced hunter and he would like to place her in a great home where she can do what she loves - HUNT!

I have been keeping Molly for the past month or so and have gotten to know her personality and hunting abilities on a recent trip to Montana for Sharpies, Pheasants, and Huns.  She has a nice temperament and does well around my young children.  She is pretty excitable at first, but after a week or so she settled right down and sits at my back door when we aren't in the yard.  She is much more relaxed than many of the GSPs that I used to raise, and although she has primarily been kenneled, I feel like Molly would be a great candidate for a house dog and companion who hunts great in the field (appears to be house broke/kennel trained).  She loves individual attention, seems to be very cooperative (for a Shorthair), and I think would do best in the home of her new owner where she can develop a close, personal bond with you.  Molly is not a bold dog like many GSPs.

Molly has only had informal training by her owner and has come along very well with lots of wild bird experience in southern California, where she has had over 250 birds shot over her in the past 5 years (pheasants and california quail).  In the field over a short time, Molly has learned to hunt close (my preference) and hold up/come back to a short whistle tweet.  She naturally has a very nice search pattern and points and holds great, although she does occasionally take very long casts to check out nearby cover or search a field.  I just returned from a 5 day Sharptailed Grouse and Hun hunting trip to MT, and was very pleased with her performance in the field.  She does very well finding downed birds and will sometimes retrieve the bird to your feet (fetch training recommended if this is an issue with you).  Molly would need additional formal training if you are looking for a finished bird dog who is broke to flush, shot, and fall.

Form most hunters, Molly would be a great addition and is ready to go for this hunting season!  My friend is asking $650 for Molly but will entertain any offer, as I can not keep her here permanently due to "busy-ness" with farm, family, and my own kennel.  For more information and pictures, please call or email anytime.

Ad location: Livonia, Missouri
Ad created: Oct 04, 2012

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