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I have a Black Labrador male that is 5yrs old if someone is looking for a great hunting companion. He is being sold to a pet home or as a hunting dog. HE IS NOT A STUD DOG if thats what you are looking for he isn't for you. We breed dual purpose dogs and figure he would make a great stud dog for our breeding program because he has the looks of a show dog and is also champion himself and also has great hunting drive and instinct. We were told by the trainer that trained him that he has the ability to get his MH if that is something we are interested in.Tank is one out of 70 dogs that have both a CH title and a SH in the history of the Labrador. Tanks sire Decker is part of even a smaller list of 52 Labradors to hold a CH title and a MH in the history of the labrador. That was our plan was to finish tank to his MH level and his grand championship. He is a great dog and would make someone a great retriever or just a great companion. Anyway to get to the reason we are letting him go is we have only had him for a short time and we went to breed him to one of our girls in season and he has no viable semen, in other words he is sterile. So to us we do not hunt and we can't use him as a stud dog I was hoping we could find him a great home. If you have any other question please feel free to contact me. 4,500 OBO
Ad location: Shady Dale, Georgia
Ad created: Sep 17, 2012

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