We will take your dog hunting to SD (2012) - German Shorthaired Pointers in Beaver, Utah - Best Gun Dogs


This year we are again offering our take your dog hunting for your training program. It's real simple we take you dog with us to South Dakota hunting. Charge you a training fee and get your dog in the field hunting birds that he wouldn't be hunting because you don't have the the time at the moment.

Dates Nov 2-9

Last year we (friends and family) had a blast hunting South Dakota. I had a few client's  dogs that were in the middle of there training so we took them along with us. It proved to be a very beneficial trip for the dogs. Getting to hunt wild birds and wild country. I truly believe there is nothing more important than hunting wild birds. There are things the dog can learn that just can't be taught in training drills. So this year we are going open up a few slots in our trailer to bring along any body's dog they would like us to take and hunt with us! This could be a great way to get your dog ready for the season, give them some bird contact, get them out hunting even though you can't, and just plain get the dog in some of the best birds in the country! We will be charging a small fee. Give me a call and see if it will work for you 435-862-9790


Ad location: Beaver, Utah
Ad created: Sep 17, 2012

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