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Obedience Training

Our obedience program is suitable for most large breed dogs whether they will be gun dogs or simply companions. We collar condition all of our dogs to sit, come, and heel. The basic obedience program takes about 8 weeks to complete depending on the dog.   Dogs will also learn to load into a kennel; crate training is also done at this time.  Leash Training and Collar Conditioning will start as well. If additional commands would be needed by the customer, they should be discussed upfront to be added to the program and an additional fee will also be required.

Gun Dog Training

All of our gun dogs also go through the obedience program mentioned above.  We simulate walks with planted live birds and set up hunt test scenarios daily. For Retrievers, at this stage your dog will also begin his/her water work.  We have 2 ponds on site at our kennel and also have access to various training ponds in the area. We have around 30 acres of grasses with hills and various terrains for training as well right behind the property.  An average gun dog training program lasts around 3 months or longer depending on your desired training level. Blind retrieves and hand signals are considered Advanced Training and will be offered only after the Basic Obedience, Collar Conditioning, and Basic Gundog Training is completed.

For Pointing breeds timing is generally the same with emphasis on holding point, retrieving to hand, collar conditioning, whoa work and honoring.

Some may finish Programs faster or slower than others. If additional weeks are needed, the amount is adjusted/ raised for the length of time it takes that particular puppy to finish.

*Weekly updates via email including pictures will be provided to the owner.  Every 45 days we will take a video and post on YouTube for the customer to view the pup's progress.  We will give (if needed) suggestions as to the level the pup may be able to achieve, and if progress is slow, we will let you know if the pup's abilities will cause it to not complete the program in the given timeframe. Most puppies do very well with positive reinforcement training methods, and this is why we use them.  We look forward to doing business with you!


-Mike Moncada

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