Versatile Hunting Dog-Yellow Male Puppy New Pics 8/20 - Labrador Retrievers in New Florence, Pennsylvania - 3 Cedars Retrievers

This is Rock. Rock is quickly turning into one of the dominant puppies in this litter. He has grown faster than all but one of his siblings and is now the 2nd heaviest puppy. He is the tallest of the puppies. I suspect Rock is going to finish as the largest puppy in this litter. Rock is already fearless in our outdoor adventures. He quickly scours new surroundings for the most interesting tidbits and is usually the first to stick his nose where it doesn't belong. He is very physical with his litter mates and is not afraid to push his way into the food bowl (maybe that's why he is growing so fast). Rock is very playful with the humans and is already carrying anything he can get in his mouth. I expect this boy is going to be a stud.
Ad location: New Florence, Pennsylvania
Ad created: Aug 14, 2012

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