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The Wyndham-Wyndhamian Retrievers represent a serious hobby effort over the past 58 years. The kennels program began in 1953 when Ed Atkins at 10 years old qualified for a junior hunting license and turned his focused attention to learning about retrievers; in particular their development and breeding as hunting dogs. The home kennel is located in south central North Dakota, an area known for its abundant wild bird populations and being on a major migratory flyway.

Each year the Wyndham-Wyndhamian Retrievers work from the opening of the early Canada Goose season in August through Mid-January, when the upland seasons close and then during the spring Snow Goose season (March-April). In an average year the dog teams from this kennel will see in excess of 3,000 head of game flushed and retrieved. This hard work "so to speak" separates out "the men from the boys" for future breeding. It allows real selection for natural talents, temperament, trainability, athletic ability, nose, endurance, durability and longevity.

Since 1953 the dogs worked and bred from have averaged  more than 12 shooting seasons of high quality hunting for Ed Atkins and his friends. At the present time there are four 12 year old retrievers in the team that completed their 12th hunting season in the 2011 shooting year. As said, the "proof is in the pudding" and great pride and enjoyment is derived shooting over these seasoned veterans. One of these is now 13 years old and the other 3 will turn 13 in November. All four will be allowed to do somer mwork starting with the early goose season that is about to begin.

With more thana dozen generations within the kennel's program behind current members of the working team, the primary breeding and rearing goals remain the same.

1.  Sound healthy animals with longevity, endurance, kind easy to train personalities and the athletic ability to efficientlt handle any and all terrain and weather conditions.

2. Dogs that follow the traditions of the Chesapeake Bay retriever breeds charactor, physical strength, that unique and marvelous coat and the ability to problem solve not just follow handler instructions. Some breeds are told what to do a Chesapeake works as a partner of his owner and thinks for himself.

3. Puppies are nurtured from the time they are born in the house and taught to trust and follow the humans instructions. Allowed to work out their own problems when searching for game they never-the-less dermidly work for their owner not for themselves.


The mother will be, Wyndhams Goose Gal. She is a very muscular but fast and athletic animal with an up but focused attitude. Sweet natured but totally determined she has demonstrated she can handle any goose, face any cover and work in ice choked water. "Blue" came with these qualities honestly as her mother is a veteran of 9 shooting seasons and her sire from Colorado was a tireless goose dog that likewise has completed his 9th season in the field.

The sire of this planned litter will be Ch Wyndhams Unequaled, called "Clifford"' This is a large substantial dog that works at a very fast pace but is a pin point marker and a superb gamefinder when quartering in front of a line of guns. About to begin his 10th season of work "Clifford" has stood out for his own abilities, but also as the sire of progeny with this exceptional atletic ability and brute strength. In addition some of his pups have demonstrated their good temperament and versatility working as assistance and guide dogs.

Puppies from "Clifford" and "Blue" should be very fast and determined retrievers, easy to train and above all else a pleasure to live with.

As is normal for this program all puppies will be reserved prior to birth. Those sportsmen wishing the very best breeding and rearing for a hunting Chesapeake Bay Retriever should contact Ed Atkins by phone or email. Puppies may be reserved by approved and suitable buyers with a 50% none refundable deposit/down payment. Puppies are carefully evaluated and placed based upon their personalities and the new owners needs. When a suitable puppy is identified the purchaser will be asked for the balance due for the purchase, plus a veterinary fee for a Health Certificate required to cross state lines.

When emailing please include a first and last name, location where the emailer lives and where he or she hunts, provide a home telephone number, an explanation of what he or she is seeking and what experience he or she has had with the breed.


Ad location: Ashley, North Dakota
Ad created: Aug 03, 2012

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