The Wyndham Chesapeakes Exclusive 2012-13 Stud Dog Team - Chesapeake Bay Retrievers in Ashley, North Dakota - Wyndham & Wyndhamian Hunting Retrievers (Est.1953)


The Wyndham Chesapeakes represent many generations of rigid selection for sound, healthy animals with high performanse affield, hunting with their owners, superb temperament, plus quality breed type and good looks. There are currently Wyndham Chesapeakes working for experienced sportsmen from the rugged waters of the Gulf of Alaska to the Highlands of Guatemala, from the pacific coast states to the Atlantic Seaboard and overseas in Europe. The home team here in North Dakota works from the early Canada Goose season beginning in August through mid-January; plus in the spring when the Snow Geese migrate north (March-April).

The aim of the breeding program is to produce easy to train, durable retrievers at home as family pets and able to handle long hours affield in all sorts of weather and terrain for 12 or more shooting seasons. Rigid selection criteria have developed this family that stands out in the hunting field.

There are currently four stud dogs in the home kennel that have proven themselves superior specimens of the breed and exceptional workers on upland and waterfowl. These dogs are available in 2012 to 3 approved outside females. Inquiries are invited from interested owners of quality working females.

1. WYNDHAMS RAGING RIVER, now past 12 years old and having just completed his 12th shooting season. This is a very rugged dog with a kind but totally determined personality. In limited use he has sired some exceptional workers in the home kennel and others working from Alaska and the Pacific North West to the shores of Chesapeake Bay and the outer banks of the Carolinas. Ranger" is a medium size brown male with a very nuscular build. He could easily be described affield as a "heavy lifter". Progeny kept in the home kennel range from the now 9 year old Wyndhams Teal to the yearling bitch, Wyndhams Helping Hand. "Ranger" represents the 10th generation in his pedigree of Wyndham breeding program testing and selection. Because of age "Ranger" will only be available for an exceptional mature, proven matron. As Ranger will be 13 years old in November he will no longer be available for stud duty after January 2013. Fee Private

2. WYNDHAMS RANGE RIDER, "Rider" is a litter mate of "Ranger" but a light Deadgrass color and a real speedball. Age has not slowed him down a bit and he too is a veteran of 12 shooting seasons. He has several high performance progeny here in North Dakota and a son working in Denmark. Best suited for a larger substantial female. Rider will be withdrawn from stud in January 2013 due t5o his age. Fee Private

3. Ch Wyndhams Unequaled, called "Clifford" the big red dog. This is a tall, exceptionally athletic dog with an intense but very controlled personality. Definitely the kennel "Benevelent Alpha" he is a superb gamefinder and loves to teach the youngsters how to do the job. "Clifford" is the sire of superb workers from coast to coast in the field and is also the sire of several assistance/guide dogs for handicapped individuals. Physically a very striking red or sedge dog with all the tools any hunting dog would ever need. He and his progeny are very high performance and require a firm but gentle hand. He just completed his 9th shooting season and has a wonderful litter in the home kennel at this time. "Clifford"represents 10 generations of the Wyndham breeding program's testing and selection.  Stud Fee Private

4. WYNDHAMS EXCELLENCE, "Tarzan" is a tall but very substantial son of "Ranger". He is still quite immature but a very handsome brown dog out of a light deadgrass female. Like his sire he is a very sweet natured "Teddy Bear" at home but all business affield. He has much of his sires POWER plus abundant SPEED and ATHLETIC ABILITY. "Tarzans" first litter was born recently and he shows clear promises to be a major force in this working team's breeding program for years to come.  "Tarzan" is an 11th generation owned and/or bred in the Wyndham program with a very broad and unique pedigree  Stud Fee Private


5. WYNDHAMS FLASHY, called "Scruffy" is a very fast and athletic young male just coming into his own. His sire was an outcross dog from Colorado with nine shooting seasons behind him of hard core goose hunting and his dam was our very rugged veteran of 8 shooting seasons, Ch Son Glenns Hocus at Wyndham (by a brother of Ch Wyndhams Unequaled out of a sister of the Ranger daughter, Wyndhams Teal). He is a very focused no nonsence worker with a very attractive deadgrass coat color. He will be bred to his first female in 2012-13 and shows promise of being a quality breeding animal for the future.. Fee Private.


6)   WYNDHAMS SURE SHOT, CALLED "Beau" is the latest young hopeful joining the team. Sired by Ch Wyndhams Unequaled, "Clifford" out of Maggie's Rae Gun, a very rugged medium size female that combines some wonderful older working lines from the Rocky Mountain states with a similarly well proven hunting family from eastern Canada. "Beau" promises to be a large very athletic dog with a very eager to please personality. He will be available for use by one or two outside females after completing his two year old soundness checks and after we have evaluated his pups at home from a test breeding.

Those wishing to mate a favorite hunting partner to one of this stud team should inquire as soon as possible. Last minute calls with bitches already in season will not be considered. Stud fees for these proven males are due prior to breeding. Return service if litter is not produced to same female guaranteed.

Ad location: Ashley, North Dakota
Ad created: May 13, 2012

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