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Sage Brush Gun Dogs LLC - Washington Deutsch Kurzhaar, German Shorthaired Pointer Breeders

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About Sage Brush Gun Dogs LLC

Our breeding program is designed to produce the finest German Shorthaired Pointers possible for the family and foot hunter. We pay close attention to Temperament, Natural Ability and conformation through proven dogs in our breeding program. All of our dogs in our program are hunted on a regular basis, several are used in our Professional Guide business. We have in the past had a couple of litters bred with strong field trial background, we found that in several cases these breeding's produced dogs that were a little too much for families to handle. So in the past 18 months we have focused more on temperament, making every effort to keep that strong hunting instinct is our pups, we are having great success in accomplishing that goal.




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Deutsch Kurzhaar, German Shorthaired Pointer
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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 15 years.
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Submitted by: Marianne Floyd on Sep 27, 2014
Hi Scott,
Penny went on her first hunt today. It was really something. We had gotten some pheasant wings out the night before so she could remember the scent. When we got to the field, she started this funny little whimper we'd never heard from her before. The only thing we could conclude was that she was smelling birds. We had her on a leash until we were sure she wasn't spooked by gunfire and then we let her loose. She immediately started to work- no playing, she was all business. Joe got a hen-I think Lulu pointed that one and then retrieved it. A few minutes later, Penny had her nose down and was taking small, slow steps. A rooster popped out of the grass and ran a few feet and then flew but was in between the trees and Joe missed. It was really fun to watch her work and she seemed to really love it. She also encountered a few yellow jackets, unfortunately, but even that didn't put her off too much. She is such a fantastic dog!
Submitted by: David on Jul 18, 2014
Just thought I would drop a email and let you know the female shorthair I got last August is turning out to be a fantastic hunting buddy and all around great family pet. I'm Dave the falconer that came up to look at a male you had and you offered me the female you were planning to keep. I'm currently in Prosser on contract and she is with me all day seven days a week in great shape and being a dog as I have every day to work her through her training. Puppy stages were tough but now that she is a year old most of that has gotten way better. What I needed is not typical of field trial as she points hold and flushes also retrieve downed birds from abatement work. She is working great with falconry birds and being taught to lay down close to the falcons while they are on the ground eating as protection from other predators. Attached are a few pictures.
Submitted by: O'brien on Jul 05, 2014
Since I know you care so much about these dogs I wanted to update you on Neely. He's doing great weighs about 43lbs already.Such a great dog. More work than a toddler but nevertheless, couldn't be happier.
Submitted by: Chris Bacon on Jun 30, 2014
Hi Scott, I just wanted to let you know that Bo is doing great. She is very sweet and mild mannered. She has such a great personality and is very fun to be around. Every where we go people complement us on how beautiful she is and how cute she is. She's very friendly! Our vet and other people have told us that she's the most beautiful representation of the breed they've ever seen. I tell them we got her from sage brush all the time. So expect a few more puppy requests. Lol. Thanks again for letting us get such a fantastic dog from you.
Submitted by: Floyd's on Jun 30, 2014
Here is a picture of Sage Brush Lucky Penny (Penny) from Baron/Elitte. We had to change her name because Lulu couldn't tell the two names apart (and we couldn't keep them straight either). This was taken after a big run out at JBLM. We are crazy about this dog! Cheers!
Submitted by: Joseph A. Scribner on Jan 20, 2014

Hope this finds you well. Thought I would send a photo of the pup we bought from you a couple years back. His name “Willies Double-Ought Diesel”. He is a bit over two years old now and still a hand full. Never have used a shock collar, just a whistle and a lot of legwork. We love him to death and he is great with my 7 and 13 year old daughters. Not only a great gun dog but a best friend and a great addition to our homeland security layer of defense, as we live in the mountains and all. He has plenty of help in the field and at home with his GSP’s and English setter buddies. He has come into his own and has never taken an undeserved scolding from the other dogs. Thanks so much and god bless.
Submitted by: David Cantu on Jan 08, 2014
Update from David Cantu on Willow. Finally had a chance to visit Cooke Canyon with Willow and I have to tell you that I was so impressed with her hunting ability. Thank you again for the work you did with her this summer.

She found 6 out of the 7 birds that were planted. The first 3 birds held pretty tight, but the next 4 were on the move. She tracked, pointed and retrieved. Not bad for a city dog!

If you'll have her back next summer, I'd sure love to do that again.
Submitted by: Chris Jensen on Dec 14, 2013
My experience with Scott has been GREAT!
It took almost a year for us to get a puppy, not because the process was difficult, but because Scott did everything in his power to get us the perfect dog, and did he ever deliver!!!
As a business man and breeder Scott impressed me. Every decision he made was one of integrity and trust. At no point did I feel like I was dealing with some snobby show breeder who cared more about the number of teeth in the dogs head than about the general health and well being of the puppy and its owner!
Scott answered every question, and set aside three meetings for us to make the long drive from Canada to his home. Never once did he put us off or ask us to reschedule.
We looked long and hard for a breeder close to home, and couldnt find someone that bred dogs as family pets and working dogs. And after finally getting our pup, I wouldnt go anywhere else again!
As for the quality of our pup...
At 9 weeks old he sits for meals, responds to tones and whistles, climbs stairs with ease, retrieves like a champion, holds on command and LOVES people!!! I have to be careful when I am out in public with him. People always say how impressive he is, and I dont want to brag, but yah he is very impressive!!
I chose Scott and his program because of what he stands by, quality family/gun dogs. And a quality dog is what I got!
We look forward to a continued relationship with Scott, he continues to answer questions and this coming year our pup will be returning to Scott for training.
If you want a good dog, no, if you want a GREAT dog, talk to Scott Samson of Sage Brush Gun Dogs.
Submitted by: Trevor Peterson on Oct 29, 2013
I can't say enough GOOD things about Scott Samson and SageBrush.

The biggest thing that caught my attention about Scott, was not only is he a breeder, but more importantly, he's a TRAINER. And train he does!

Our pup was whelped in late May and it felt like an eternity before they were old enough to make our "female pick of the litter". Scott knew what I wanted in a dog and gently helped us make our pick. AM I GLAD I LISTENED TO HIS INPUT!

Our shorthair is just shy of 6 months old and just returned from a month of Puppy Head Start and all I can say is WOW!

She'll head back for a month of Gun Dog training next Spring and I can't wait to get her out into the field!

We're so impressed with Scott, we'll more than likely add another shorthair to our family next spring, if available.

Scott stands by his dogs and his training and it SHOWS! This is an A number 1 establishment.
Submitted by: David Cantu on Oct 19, 2013
Willow is doing great. We've need hunting a few times and it's great to see her go into business mode. Not many birds yet, but she absolutely loves being in the field. Great dog and wonderful family pet. Thank you so much!

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