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Sage Brush Gun Dogs, is located in the Kittitas Valley in WA State. We breed one or two litter's each year. We offer training service and boarding.


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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 16 years.
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Submitted by: KariAnne Clark on Dec 04, 2017
Scott, just wanted to message you and tell you what an amazing dog Blaize is becoming. He's really been a fantastic GSP. His temperament for the most part is mellow (still a GSP puppy though), but he has so much drive and determination, yet he still maintains a level of caution. He's extremely athletic and his point is just sharp as a tack.

He is not real big, he reminds me of Viva in stature and he tucks his little paw way up high when he points. He improves every time we are in the field. I can't tell you the compliments he gets on how handsome he is, it's constant anytime we go somewhere. Anyhow, just wanted to let you know how great he is and how glad we are to have found your kennels and made him part of our family. He's a gem. Thanks for a great pup!
Submitted by: Jeremy on Dec 01, 2017
Email received this morning.

Good Morning, Ryker is doing awesome thank you again for a tremendous pup. He is already showing he is FEARLESS, BOLD, eager to learn and has a great personality. We have started on preliminarily water work, field work, obedience, basic commands all while having fun. Ryker and Bailey are getting along great. I am really looking foreword on his potential. Sent a couple pictures one is in the field he is about 75yrds from me and the other is him blazing thru the water.. Thank you again. Jeremy
Submitted by: Brady Obrien on Jul 06, 2016
I'm not the typical Sage Brush doggy daddy. I don't hunt. I don't have a big truck. Hell, I only own one handgun. I don't expect Goose to win talent shows or contests. I do however expect him to be my best bud. I chose the GSP based strictly on personality (which was 100% confirmed when I met Baron). These dogs make absolute best friends with their master(s). While Sage Brush is bar none the best breeder/trainer in Washington State, I urge people looking for an amazing family dog to research the GSP. You've gotta be active, but you dont have to hunt to experience how amazing these guys are or to provide them with a happy life. Goose (born Oct 2013 from Baron) and I hiked (and camped) over 500 miles last summer. If you want an intelligent, cudly, compassionate athlete in your life.........this is where you find him/her. A little sister is in the cards for my Goose soon. Thanks Scott for helping your amazing dogs create my best friend! I will be in touch regarding Goose's little sis soon.
Submitted by: Julie on May 07, 2016
Wow. Just found out that Scott is letting more families experience his awesome pack and selling serveral of his started dogs. I have to share this amazing tidbit because he got me what I wanted, and more, in the started (finished really) hunting and everyday best friend. My husband and I got beautiful Elitte (see above) and wow is she something.

People everywhere stop to meet her and tell me what a beautiful dog she is! I never worry about her with babies or other dogs. She's done really great being introduced to our cat. She is just plain awesome and hunting and pointing and flushing. She's the sweetest most affectionate dog I've met yet, even climbs in my sleeping bag at night when we go camping. For a pointer, no one can get over her calm energy. She's a ten!

But more families can get a girl like her, from Elitte's family. I've met several of Elitte's relatives and they are just truly incomparable. They all have those deep, sweet brown eyes with that calm and very affectionate personality. If you're looking for the best dogs not just here but in Europe too (Elitte's line is really well scored, I totally see why), this is the best opportunity. I looked for a long time and I very nearly got beat out by several competing prospects for Elitte!!

We skipped the puppy thing, and got a better deal, I think! House trained, field trained, gun trained, so polite I take her into my corporate office with me. I'm so excited for the families who are going to get these once in a lifetime dogs!
Submitted by: Don Floyd on Mar 10, 2016
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with Khloe's progress as a hunter. She just turned one year old. She is very aggressive in the field, doing well on retrieves and just loves to be out hunting. You did a great job training her.
Submitted by: Joe Floyd on Nov 16, 2014
Just to let you know that Penny (Baron and Elitte's litter) has been a fantastic Hunter this season. At seven months she is hunting like she is a five year old. I couldn't be happier with her. Joe
Submitted by: Katie Morrison on Nov 07, 2014
We are so excited to announce that we had purchased a vibrant and skillful GSP named Lil from Sage Brush Gun Dogs in Sept of 2014. Lil is a registered GSP and was almost two years of age when had first met her and purchased her. Currently, Lil is now two years of age and we have had her almost two months. We can honestly say we cannot be more excited and more in love. We have taken Lil chukar hunting several times and we are proud to say that she has six chukars to her name! When we first met Lil, she already knew how to hunt, point and retrieve thanks to Sage Brush Gun Dogs and Scott!! We fell in love with her the first time we met her and we are still in love with our little girl. If in the future you have any more started GSP's, we will be returning if given the chance! Thank you again Scott for instilling all the valuable skills into Lil as a hunter. She is now able to apply these productive skills in the field and she has been successful! In addition, we wanted to thank you for taking the time to meet us on a Sunday to introduce us to Lil and allowing us to purchase her. We could not be more happy, in love and more satisfied with Lil and her capabilities. She is truly a star! Thank you Sage Brush Gun Dogs LLC!

Best Wishes,
Katie & Jason
Submitted by: Chris Jensen on Oct 20, 2014
Remmi Update: Hey Scott,
Remmi has spent the last month hunting bears, mule deer and grouse with my hunting partner and I. Yesterday we got this alpine black bear. It took two shots to drop the bear, the first shot was taken from some distance so Remmi didn't get to tree or point on the bear. He was going nuts after the shot, and I have NO doubt that he would have tracked the bear had I let him. I chose to leave him leashed as I didn't want him going after a wounded bear. Once again, thanks for a great hunting and family dog!
Submitted by: Marianne Floyd on Sep 27, 2014
Hi Scott,
Penny went on her first hunt today. It was really something. We had gotten some pheasant wings out the night before so she could remember the scent. When we got to the field, she started this funny little whimper we'd never heard from her before. The only thing we could conclude was that she was smelling birds. We had her on a leash until we were sure she wasn't spooked by gunfire and then we let her loose. She immediately started to work- no playing, she was all business. Joe got a hen-I think Lulu pointed that one and then retrieved it. A few minutes later, Penny had her nose down and was taking small, slow steps. A rooster popped out of the grass and ran a few feet and then flew but was in between the trees and Joe missed. It was really fun to watch her work and she seemed to really love it. She also encountered a few yellow jackets, unfortunately, but even that didn't put her off too much. She is such a fantastic dog!
Submitted by: David on Jul 18, 2014
Just thought I would drop a email and let you know the female shorthair I got last August is turning out to be a fantastic hunting buddy and all around great family pet. I'm Dave the falconer that came up to look at a male you had and you offered me the female you were planning to keep. I'm currently in Prosser on contract and she is with me all day seven days a week in great shape and being a dog as I have every day to work her through her training. Puppy stages were tough but now that she is a year old most of that has gotten way better. What I needed is not typical of field trial as she points hold and flushes also retrieve downed birds from abatement work. She is working great with falconry birds and being taught to lay down close to the falcons while they are on the ground eating as protection from other predators. Attached are a few pictures.
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