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Submitted by: Duane Bliss on May 14, 2020
Scott, do not normally post on folks pages but I did want folks to see this. Want to thank you for everything you did with the Solly/Eleanor litter from all the live videos and post and all that you did with this litter not posted on social media. You truly went above and beyond letting the families see the pups grow when they couldn't visit. Made it allot easier to make a pick. You were always available via phone/email to answer questions. If what Chance has already shown me is the indicator (knows the here command and most times will come, ok he's only 9 weeks can't expect a 100% yet. Will retrieve to hand, again not 100% but still understands the concept, sits) Allot more than what you normally get when getting a new pup. These pups are going to be outstanding. Can't wait to where it goes. I've dealt with allot of breeders through the years in getting my dogs and the majority of them need to take lesson from you in how things should be done.
Submitted by: Eric Nickum on Jun 05, 2019
Scott Samson has done an excellent job with his breeding program. Such a kind and helpful guy. I have Doc (Solly and Omega). He is 7 months old and a beautiful pup. Scott has helped with training questions ect. Can’t recommend him enough for some who wants a versatile GSP with sound genetic testing in the dam and sire.
Submitted by: Emily Barnhart on Nov 19, 2018
It’s been a while since we’ve updated you with a photo of Moose. We wanted to let you know that he is by far the best hunting dog we’ve ever owned. He’s such a natural. We are really interested in another puppy but I see you’re slowly selling dogs. If we can get a puppy from you guys in the near future we will jump in it! Thanks again for breeding such wonderful hunting and family dogs. They are really second to none.
Submitted by: KariAnne Clark on Dec 04, 2017
Scott, just wanted to message you and tell you what an amazing dog Blaize is becoming. He's really been a fantastic GSP. His temperament for the most part is mellow (still a GSP puppy though), but he has so much drive and determination, yet he still maintains a level of caution. He's extremely athletic and his point is just sharp as a tack.

He is not real big, he reminds me of Viva in stature and he tucks his little paw way up high when he points. He improves every time we are in the field. I can't tell you the compliments he gets on how handsome he is, it's constant anytime we go somewhere. Anyhow, just wanted to let you know how great he is and how glad we are to have found your kennels and made him part of our family. He's a gem. Thanks for a great pup!
Submitted by: Jeremy on Dec 01, 2017
Email received this morning.

Good Morning, Ryker is doing awesome thank you again for a tremendous pup. He is already showing he is FEARLESS, BOLD, eager to learn and has a great personality. We have started on preliminarily water work, field work, obedience, basic commands all while having fun. Ryker and Bailey are getting along great. I am really looking foreword on his potential. Sent a couple pictures one is in the field he is about 75yrds from me and the other is him blazing thru the water.. Thank you again. Jeremy
Submitted by: Brady Obrien on Jul 06, 2016
I'm not the typical Sage Brush doggy daddy. I don't hunt. I don't have a big truck. Hell, I only own one handgun. I don't expect Goose to win talent shows or contests. I do however expect him to be my best bud. I chose the GSP based strictly on personality (which was 100% confirmed when I met Baron). These dogs make absolute best friends with their master(s). While Sage Brush is bar none the best breeder/trainer in Washington State, I urge people looking for an amazing family dog to research the GSP. You've gotta be active, but you dont have to hunt to experience how amazing these guys are or to provide them with a happy life. Goose (born Oct 2013 from Baron) and I hiked (and camped) over 500 miles last summer. If you want an intelligent, cudly, compassionate athlete in your life.........this is where you find him/her. A little sister is in the cards for my Goose soon. Thanks Scott for helping your amazing dogs create my best friend! I will be in touch regarding Goose's little sis soon.
Submitted by: Julie on May 07, 2016
Wow. Just found out that Scott is letting more families experience his awesome pack and selling serveral of his started dogs. I have to share this amazing tidbit because he got me what I wanted, and more, in the started (finished really) hunting and everyday best friend. My husband and I got beautiful Elitte (see above) and wow is she something.

People everywhere stop to meet her and tell me what a beautiful dog she is! I never worry about her with babies or other dogs. She's done really great being introduced to our cat. She is just plain awesome and hunting and pointing and flushing. She's the sweetest most affectionate dog I've met yet, even climbs in my sleeping bag at night when we go camping. For a pointer, no one can get over her calm energy. She's a ten!

But more families can get a girl like her, from Elitte's family. I've met several of Elitte's relatives and they are just truly incomparable. They all have those deep, sweet brown eyes with that calm and very affectionate personality. If you're looking for the best dogs not just here but in Europe too (Elitte's line is really well scored, I totally see why), this is the best opportunity. I looked for a long time and I very nearly got beat out by several competing prospects for Elitte!!

We skipped the puppy thing, and got a better deal, I think! House trained, field trained, gun trained, so polite I take her into my corporate office with me. I'm so excited for the families who are going to get these once in a lifetime dogs!
Submitted by: Don Floyd on Mar 10, 2016
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with Khloe's progress as a hunter. She just turned one year old. She is very aggressive in the field, doing well on retrieves and just loves to be out hunting. You did a great job training her.
Submitted by: Joe Floyd on Nov 16, 2014
Just to let you know that Penny (Baron and Elitte's litter) has been a fantastic Hunter this season. At seven months she is hunting like she is a five year old. I couldn't be happier with her. Joe
Submitted by: Katie Morrison on Nov 07, 2014
We are so excited to announce that we had purchased a vibrant and skillful GSP named Lil from Sage Brush Gun Dogs in Sept of 2014. Lil is a registered GSP and was almost two years of age when had first met her and purchased her. Currently, Lil is now two years of age and we have had her almost two months. We can honestly say we cannot be more excited and more in love. We have taken Lil chukar hunting several times and we are proud to say that she has six chukars to her name! When we first met Lil, she already knew how to hunt, point and retrieve thanks to Sage Brush Gun Dogs and Scott!! We fell in love with her the first time we met her and we are still in love with our little girl. If in the future you have any more started GSP's, we will be returning if given the chance! Thank you again Scott for instilling all the valuable skills into Lil as a hunter. She is now able to apply these productive skills in the field and she has been successful! In addition, we wanted to thank you for taking the time to meet us on a Sunday to introduce us to Lil and allowing us to purchase her. We could not be more happy, in love and more satisfied with Lil and her capabilities. She is truly a star! Thank you Sage Brush Gun Dogs LLC!

Best Wishes,
Katie & Jason
Submitted by: Chris Jensen on Oct 20, 2014
Remmi Update: Hey Scott,
Remmi has spent the last month hunting bears, mule deer and grouse with my hunting partner and I. Yesterday we got this alpine black bear. It took two shots to drop the bear, the first shot was taken from some distance so Remmi didn't get to tree or point on the bear. He was going nuts after the shot, and I have NO doubt that he would have tracked the bear had I let him. I chose to leave him leashed as I didn't want him going after a wounded bear. Once again, thanks for a great hunting and family dog!
Submitted by: Marianne Floyd on Sep 27, 2014
Hi Scott,
Penny went on her first hunt today. It was really something. We had gotten some pheasant wings out the night before so she could remember the scent. When we got to the field, she started this funny little whimper we'd never heard from her before. The only thing we could conclude was that she was smelling birds. We had her on a leash until we were sure she wasn't spooked by gunfire and then we let her loose. She immediately started to work- no playing, she was all business. Joe got a hen-I think Lulu pointed that one and then retrieved it. A few minutes later, Penny had her nose down and was taking small, slow steps. A rooster popped out of the grass and ran a few feet and then flew but was in between the trees and Joe missed. It was really fun to watch her work and she seemed to really love it. She also encountered a few yellow jackets, unfortunately, but even that didn't put her off too much. She is such a fantastic dog!
Submitted by: David on Jul 18, 2014
Just thought I would drop a email and let you know the female shorthair I got last August is turning out to be a fantastic hunting buddy and all around great family pet. I'm Dave the falconer that came up to look at a male you had and you offered me the female you were planning to keep. I'm currently in Prosser on contract and she is with me all day seven days a week in great shape and being a dog as I have every day to work her through her training. Puppy stages were tough but now that she is a year old most of that has gotten way better. What I needed is not typical of field trial as she points hold and flushes also retrieve downed birds from abatement work. She is working great with falconry birds and being taught to lay down close to the falcons while they are on the ground eating as protection from other predators. Attached are a few pictures.
Submitted by: O'brien on Jul 05, 2014
Since I know you care so much about these dogs I wanted to update you on Neely. He's doing great weighs about 43lbs already.Such a great dog. More work than a toddler but nevertheless, couldn't be happier.
Submitted by: Chris Bacon on Jun 30, 2014
Hi Scott, I just wanted to let you know that Bo is doing great. She is very sweet and mild mannered. She has such a great personality and is very fun to be around. Every where we go people complement us on how beautiful she is and how cute she is. She's very friendly! Our vet and other people have told us that she's the most beautiful representation of the breed they've ever seen. I tell them we got her from sage brush all the time. So expect a few more puppy requests. Lol. Thanks again for letting us get such a fantastic dog from you.
Submitted by: Floyd's on Jun 30, 2014
Here is a picture of Sage Brush Lucky Penny (Penny) from Baron/Elitte. We had to change her name because Lulu couldn't tell the two names apart (and we couldn't keep them straight either). This was taken after a big run out at JBLM. We are crazy about this dog! Cheers!
Submitted by: Joseph A. Scribner on Jan 20, 2014

Hope this finds you well. Thought I would send a photo of the pup we bought from you a couple years back. His name “Willies Double-Ought Diesel”. He is a bit over two years old now and still a hand full. Never have used a shock collar, just a whistle and a lot of legwork. We love him to death and he is great with my 7 and 13 year old daughters. Not only a great gun dog but a best friend and a great addition to our homeland security layer of defense, as we live in the mountains and all. He has plenty of help in the field and at home with his GSP’s and English setter buddies. He has come into his own and has never taken an undeserved scolding from the other dogs. Thanks so much and god bless.
Submitted by: David Cantu on Jan 08, 2014
Update from David Cantu on Willow. Finally had a chance to visit Cooke Canyon with Willow and I have to tell you that I was so impressed with her hunting ability. Thank you again for the work you did with her this summer.

She found 6 out of the 7 birds that were planted. The first 3 birds held pretty tight, but the next 4 were on the move. She tracked, pointed and retrieved. Not bad for a city dog!

If you'll have her back next summer, I'd sure love to do that again.
Submitted by: Chris Jensen on Dec 14, 2013
My experience with Scott has been GREAT!
It took almost a year for us to get a puppy, not because the process was difficult, but because Scott did everything in his power to get us the perfect dog, and did he ever deliver!!!
As a business man and breeder Scott impressed me. Every decision he made was one of integrity and trust. At no point did I feel like I was dealing with some snobby show breeder who cared more about the number of teeth in the dogs head than about the general health and well being of the puppy and its owner!
Scott answered every question, and set aside three meetings for us to make the long drive from Canada to his home. Never once did he put us off or ask us to reschedule.
We looked long and hard for a breeder close to home, and couldnt find someone that bred dogs as family pets and working dogs. And after finally getting our pup, I wouldnt go anywhere else again!
As for the quality of our pup...
At 9 weeks old he sits for meals, responds to tones and whistles, climbs stairs with ease, retrieves like a champion, holds on command and LOVES people!!! I have to be careful when I am out in public with him. People always say how impressive he is, and I dont want to brag, but yah he is very impressive!!
I chose Scott and his program because of what he stands by, quality family/gun dogs. And a quality dog is what I got!
We look forward to a continued relationship with Scott, he continues to answer questions and this coming year our pup will be returning to Scott for training.
If you want a good dog, no, if you want a GREAT dog, talk to Scott Samson of Sage Brush Gun Dogs.
Submitted by: Trevor Peterson on Oct 29, 2013
I can't say enough GOOD things about Scott Samson and SageBrush.

The biggest thing that caught my attention about Scott, was not only is he a breeder, but more importantly, he's a TRAINER. And train he does!

Our pup was whelped in late May and it felt like an eternity before they were old enough to make our "female pick of the litter". Scott knew what I wanted in a dog and gently helped us make our pick. AM I GLAD I LISTENED TO HIS INPUT!

Our shorthair is just shy of 6 months old and just returned from a month of Puppy Head Start and all I can say is WOW!

She'll head back for a month of Gun Dog training next Spring and I can't wait to get her out into the field!

We're so impressed with Scott, we'll more than likely add another shorthair to our family next spring, if available.

Scott stands by his dogs and his training and it SHOWS! This is an A number 1 establishment.
Submitted by: David Cantu on Oct 19, 2013
Willow is doing great. We've need hunting a few times and it's great to see her go into business mode. Not many birds yet, but she absolutely loves being in the field. Great dog and wonderful family pet. Thank you so much!
Submitted by: Deanna Dewey on Aug 06, 2013
mr scott,
i made it home alive. i was a really good girl riding in my crate to my new home. i whined maybe 10 mins when we first left but thats my job...cause im the cutest puppy. the rest of the time i just sat and stared at my new mom with my precious eyes and made her feel guilty that i was in the kennel and she was not.
after a few mom put her hands down to pet me (score!!) and i chewed her fingers.
what a life...
just wanted to say thank you for all your love and attention since i was born and to let you know i am well on my way to conquering a new home.
luv peanut.....
Submitted by: Greg Jacobs on Aug 04, 2013
My wife marla and son josh talked to you. Marla went up the next day and picked up a female. I could tell she was an independent one from Josh's video and the eating video. Wow! A little devil when awake. She is doing great. Slept all night the first night. Growing like crazy. We have had her up camping twice. She can really climb around for her age. We had Josh's shorthair with us this weeked and she loved tromping through the brush with him. She thinks she can do anything he can do. We are working on no and easy those baby teeth are sharp. We are using a quail wing out of Josh's freezer working on pointing at the moment. She is retrieving some short span of attention on that. Thank god my wife has been through a few other shorthair pups or I don't know where I would stand. This one is definitely a handful.
Submitted by: Craig LeDosquet on Mar 30, 2013
Scott entrusted me with a dog that he wanted to keep for himself. I have had Pat for 6 months now and he and I are best friends. He has an outstanding temperment and is very well mannered. He is visiting Scott right now to enhance his hunting skills and to broaden his already mastered abilities. I am greatful to Scott for not only selling me Pat but when I dropped him off today to get his training I also bought another one of his puppies. Scott has some great bloodlines that create amazing hunters and well mannered companions. I highly recommend Sage Brush Gun Dogs to others wanting a great dog.
Submitted by: Nate & Renee on Mar 04, 2013
Thank you for taking such great care of Daisy! It's great to have her home and we appreciate all the time you spent with her. She is a new dog and we are so happy she spent the month training with you.
Submitted by: Nate Downey on Mar 04, 2013
Well Scott all I can say is thanks for what you did the past month with Sadie. She's changed for the best. Last night after getting home I can't get her bone out of her mouth, she always has to have something to bring to me. Then this morning I wake up and let her out back to go to the bathroom before I fed her and as I got her food together I went out to find her behind the garage on point to a blue jay in the bottom of the apple tree. I've been smiling ear to ear all day! Thank you Scott.
Submitted by: Stacie Magelssen on Jan 12, 2013
Scott, just wanted to say thank you for our darling new addition to the family, who we named "Holly," since she was a surprise Christmas present. :) My husband had me convinced we weren't getting a puppy, so I was pretty shocked Christmas morning when she made her debut. Just like Boris, she has a wonderful temperament and sweet personality, and we couldn't be happier. She's beautiful. We sure love our Sage Brush Gun dogs! Thank you!
Submitted by: Brett Vanetta on Oct 22, 2012
Email received 10/21/12
Hello Scott, I just wanted to send you a little note to let you know how much we have enjoyed Ellie. Its been a ton of work, more work than we had ever expected, and a huge adjustment period but it has definately been getting easier with time. Ellie is almost 8 months now and last saturday she was exposed to pheasants for the first time. There is a release site less than 10 min from our home on ebby island where they release birds on friday sat and tuesday. The game dept releases 45 birds each time and I take her down and let her work shortly after the game dept leaves the release area. They come down right at 4 oclock which is the time hunting closes. Last saturday we got out about 5 pm and she did great. In a little over and hour she tracked 5 birds pointed three of them and held one. I just wanted to thank you for the great job you and your wife have done with the line selection and the beautiful dogs you breed. I hope to get over next month and do a hunt after thanksgiving if you have any availablity, and look forward to getting her over for some training next year if you'll have her. Please let me know how the schedule looks like and I hope you both are doing well. Brett Vanetta
Submitted by: Scott Davis on Sep 23, 2012
Scott, I think you have done an awesome job with your breeding program. Thanks to you Scout is one great hunting dog.
Submitted by: Brad Harper on Aug 07, 2012
Email received from Brad Harper


I just wanted to say thanks to you and Willy for showing us a good time this past Sunday. Watching the two of you work together was truly awesome to watch and wouldn't have been a successful hunt without the two of you. Good luck this season and hope to do this again with you guys this fall.

Brad Harper
Submitted by: Jay Renwick on Jul 17, 2012
Submitted through our website... I have been doing one on one lessons with Scott. The work that we have done and his advice has been nothing short of amazing. My Brittany pup is coming along great and I can't wait until or next lesson. Thanks for all the help Scott.
Submitted by: Emily Harris on May 23, 2012
Hello Scott,this is Emily Harris. Just wanted to let you know Anna is an awesome dog, and now our sons best friend:} they do everything together exactly what a little boy needs. Thank-you
Submitted by: Brad Kleinfelder on Feb 05, 2012
Just wanted to drop you a line thanking you again for your hospitality on our afternoon hunt. If you can send me the Facebook info that would be great. I will check my schedule regarding a March hunt. Brad
Submitted by: Michael Lowe on Jan 07, 2012
Thank you Scott for an amazing day. A wonderful father/son experience. This is how I spent time with my father, so thankful to be able to pass it on to my son.
Submitted by: Jerry Litt on Dec 10, 2011
What great dogs! Can't wait for our chance to pick a pup.
Submitted by: Doug Solberg on Dec 10, 2011
Hey Scott: We arrived home to decent weather for Juneau considering it's December !!! Just like our 2010 shoot with you we had a great time, thanks for making it all work out and an extra thanks for the good photos...........Also, You should receive a box via U.S.P.O. to your business card address on Monday that has 6-jars of Lance's "secret" smoked fish recipe, Share with the others if you like, ..If not eat it all yourself ..... Ha,Ha....Thanks Again, Doug & Crew
Submitted by: Justin Bliss on Dec 04, 2011
Had a great guided hunt with Scott today. Awesome guide! Can't wait to get back and hunt with him again.
Submitted by: Jason on Nov 15, 2011
I realy like your dogs and the way you train! Please keep me informed on any dogs that come up! Good talking with you today also!
Submitted by: Jarad on Nov 15, 2011
Had a great time this week with Scott. He was good guide who helped me quite a bit through the hunt and even after the hunt. Very knowledgeable and caring guy! Will definitely return to hunt again with Scott! Thanks again!
Submitted by: Roelof Kroes on Nov 14, 2011
My first time hunting over dogs was with Scott, and I am afraid that I am spoiled for life. It is clear that the dogs and the owner/guide share the passion, energy, intensity and panache for the hunt. I came with the idea that at some stage I wanted to have my own gun dog, but after this experience I realize that I could never get a dog to this level of performance. I will keep on using Scott as my guide and handler on my upland hunts.
Submitted by: Matt Thostenson on Nov 14, 2011
Hello Scott ! I have been meaning to write in your guest book.Just wanted to tell you the the whole crew had a really great time on our Oct 13- 15th , 2011 hunt. Between you and the Alisa and crew at Cooke Canyon ,the second time hunting with you was even more fun then the first time over Presidents Day. We all enjoyed your company around the fire in the evenings and we are looking forward at getting out and tring the wild bird scene. Thanks again for a great time Your friends from the westside!!
Submitted by: Ed Shields on Oct 10, 2011
Hey Scott, wanted to say thank you for taking good care of Brewster. He was so happy to be home ( but I think he misses COCO). We went hunting yesterday, although we did not get any birds, he did GREAT. We waited for the big push before we headed out and that seemed to work good for him, for the first time out. He ran real good and took commands very well. We are headed out again on Wednesday and this time he will be on the front lines. Again thanks for letting us come and be a part of his training and taking good care of him. We will keep you posted on how he is doing. He hopes to see you for some waterfowl training in the spring. Take Care Ed, Trish and BREWSTER.
Submitted by: Terry Mundorf on Sep 25, 2011
Scott You guided a hunt for myself, my daughter Gretchen and her husband Ryan at Cooke's Canyon Ranch on Saturday, 9/17.. This was their very first hunt ever, and they had a wonderful time. Your dogs Willlie and Jackson performed very well indeed, and you made it a very low key and enjoyable day. Thank you for making their first hunt so much fun. I think you have turned them into hunters for life. If you have any pictures of our hunt, I would really appreciate it if you could send them to me. Thanks again. Terry Mundorf
Submitted by: David Riley on Aug 24, 2011
Picked up our dog Hunter from Scott today. We are so happy with the results. Hunter btw is a rescue dog and we were not sure if he could hunt or not. Sage Brush Gun Dogs turned him into a Gun Dog! Thanks again Scott for doing such a wonderful job with Hunter (Triple H The King of Kings is his full name)
Submitted by: Joanna Twedt on Jun 05, 2011
This is an email from a family who has a Willy/Anna Pup.


I was going through our inbox and realized we never got back to you about how Gibbs is doing! He is doing great, we absolutely LOVE him! He is potty trained now except for occasionally, he caught on fast to ringing a bell on the door knob when he needs to go out. And he's catching on quickly to commands, playing lots of fetch and going on walks. He is so affectionate and ready to please! He has lots of energy, but he loves to snuggle tons too. And he's not big on chewing up our stuff, which is nice. He is definitely a perfect addition to our little family!!

Thanks again for everything. The packet of info was great, and the vet appriciated having the paper listing what he'd already gotten. He just had his last shots taken care of last week.

I am so glad we got to meet you and your wife, and see the litter. I always think of them all piling on top of each other when Gibbs climbs up to snuggle on the couch with us, and he just tries to get as close and snuggled up to both of us as possible. We laugh so much at all his little gestures and when he stretches out on his back all sleepy, and his clumsy puppiness when he's playing! Anyway, I can talk a long time about him, but you already know how much fun they are. :)

I hope you guys are doing well, and the other puppies are happy in their new homes, too!

Joanna Twedt
Submitted by: Denney on May 07, 2011
Scott, is was so good to reconnect with you, I am so glad you decided to get back to what you do so well. Denney
Submitted by: Doug Weinmaster on Apr 11, 2011
Thank you Scott for the wonderful training of my GSP. He is a rescue dog, so I did not expect much. But with your thoughtful advice and training he is truly a joy to hunt with. I look forward to doing some follow-up training with you before the next hunting season. You are a true professional and worth every penny.

Doug Weinmaster, J.D.
Submitted by: Kelli on Mar 28, 2011
I got a puppy from Sage Brush Gun Dogs and I could not be happier. Scott was a pleasure to deal with. I am from NJ and was worried about getting a puppy from so far away, but he kept everyone posted with pictures and videos. Jax is an extremely intelligent puppy. He's quick to pick up on his training and already shows great instinct. It was a pleasure doing business with Scott and I would gladly recommend him to my friends and family. Thanks for everything Scott!
Submitted by: Bandon on Mar 27, 2011

You know that I thought it ironic to have named our GSP puppy "Sage" before we ever knew about Sagebrush gun dogs. So, I knew it was meant to be and after a week his keen abilities prove a future proficient hunter. It's been 1 week since we picked up Sage and he has not made a mess in the house for the last three days now. He goes straight to the door every time. He is very mellow and alert but full of healthy energy. He has not been a barker at all and is pointing on Quail wings for the last 5 days. I have taken him out back in the field and kicked up a covey and he did not get startled at all he watched them intently sniffing the air. His nose is sharp and he is learning to sit before I put his food dish down rather then lunging forward. VERY VERY smart dog. I really believe with consistent focused exposure and training he will be a superb hunter. He is picking up on the command "come" and cuddles like a new born baby. He has not pooped in the house once or in his kennel. I am well pleased with how fast he is learning and adjusting to his new home. Thanks for all your help and future advice and assistance. I give you an A++++.

Submitted by: Jeff Coleman on Jan 04, 2011
This is from a client that was out with Willy "Fieldmaster's Wilhelm Vom Fritz

Hello Doug, Alice, and all at Cooke Canyon. I just wanted to say a big thank you for scheduling such an excellent guided hunt for my son Thomas 5-1/2, daughter Sara 9, and myself on such short notice. Our guide, Scott Samson and his dogs Willy and Scout did a fabulous job. Scott really "read" my little ones well and since it was their first hunt he took the extra time to care for their needs. Believe me, they can ask alot of questions! It was a true pleasure to watch his dogs at work. Willy even retrieved one of the roosters out of a tree! Thank you for providing such a great family hunting experience. We'll be back soon. Take care, Jeff
Submitted by: Bob R on Nov 09, 2010
Hello Scott,

I would like to start by saying thank you so much for such a great dog. Not
only is Maggie a very good family dog, but an excellent hunting companion. I
just got back from North Dakota and Maggie pointed bird after bird for my
brother and me. She has an amazing nose and loves to hunt. My brother and I
shot our limit of wild birds each day for 4 days thanks to Maggie. I love her
to pieces. Once again, thank you for such a great dog.

Bob R and Maggie
Submitted by: Mike Johnson on Oct 02, 2010
Called Scott and was asking him some questions about training our Lab pup. I made an appointment with him and he worked with me on some basic training that I could do with Max, he was willing to spend as much time with me as necessary and answered all my questions. I look forward to working with Scott again in the near future
Submitted by: Jim on Jul 31, 2010
This is from a client who purchased a pup out of Anna's litter in 2007. I have purchased Anna back and will breed her Fall 2010
submitted by: Jim Hackiewicz on Dec 03, 2007

Just thought I would give you a quick update on the pup.

He's quite likely the best dog I've ever owned for his age. At this point I
cannot imagine how he could perform better then he is.

I've only heard him bark once or twice, and not much gets me frustrated
faster then annoying and endless barking.
He does not get car sick( first dog ever for me)
He has learned not to eat or touch his food until given the Okay, that took
exactly the first day I made the effort to teach it. He would have been 8
weeks? It was the week I brought him home.
He will sit on command every time now, however sometimes just for a moment
and then he's up again, still working a bit on that.( puppy focus)
He will come to his name ":bushman" like a bolt of lightening about 80% of
the time, the 20% he does not there is usually some strong distraction.
Still working on that too, Puppy stage you know!
The best part is his strong retrieve skills. It took some rather close work
to start, but now he will retrieve the dummy as far as I can throw it,
about 50 yards. I have zip tied pheasant wings to it as well. I have been
able to get him to not only retrieve it but find it more the half the time
when I throw it into long grass and sage and he must work to find it with
his nose.He looks for a little bit then he gives up and comes back to me.

I walk over and say "wheres the bird" and he begins to hunt again. Then
when he finds it, I tell him how great he is and give him a tiny snack bit.
He also drops the bird at my feet and looks up to me for his treat( tiny
little dog rewards). Sometimes he drops it at full run about 5-7 feet from
me. I make him go back to get it and drop it at my feet or hand it to me.
He is spectacular at this for a week worth of training now. I actually feel
as if he would chase a downed Pheasant that was running. It may be a while
before he could catch one. His running skills are still not up to speed. He
would 100% try to retrieve it. I also had him retrieve a rubber dummy chest
deep into the Columbia river too. Not much fear or apprehension of water so
far. We did that right before we went home so I could get him into the
crate in my truck where is was dry and warm right away.

He sleeps on my lap while in the house, and sleeps in the crate over night.
He's the most calm natured dog I belive I have ever seen. He simply never
barks or runs wild. He stays close to me, and is simply a pleasure to be
Thanks again, this was a great deal for me to get this dog from you!

Submitted by: Jonathan on Jul 03, 2010
Scott you were a big help today working with with me and my GSP Rocket. I'm not sure who learned more Rocket or me. we will be back in a couple of weeks. Thanks.
Submitted by: Peter on Apr 07, 2010
Scott, it is rare when a breeder will send you to another breeder, I'm convinced the the Lab is the way to go. I will be in contact with the breeder about their upcoming litter. It was a pleasure talking to you, and should any of my friends be looking for a GSP I will send them your way! Thanks again.
Submitted by: Karen Jacoby on Apr 02, 2010
Thank-you for taking time with us last week, we are so excited about our pup from Petra and Meier, please let us know as soon as Petra has her puppies.

Submitted by: David Thompson on Mar 31, 2010
Thanks for your help and a great cigar the next time the cigar is on me. Can't wait for Petra's litter.
Submitted by: John on Mar 30, 2010
Scott.... Had a great time hunting over Willy the other day, what a dog he is!! I have hunted over many dogs and he is close to the top if not at the top of the dogs I have hunted over. I look forward to a pup out of his sister Petra and Meier I can't wait... Mike
Submitted by: Kevin on Mar 30, 2010
Thanks for taking time with me on Sunday to talk about your program and the life changing decision my family and I are making. When I called you I was expecting to interview you as a breeder but was so impressed with your questions for me, it really made me think. Based on our conversation my family and I have decided to postpone adding to our family, but rest assure when the timing is right we will be purchasing our pup from you!
Thanks again Kevin

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