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About J & D Griffons

J & D Griffons was formed out of the love for Wirehaired Pointing Griffons.


We are expecting two back to back litters early fall 2017 with our Dam's Kali and Raynee. Please email your inquiries to jdgriffons@gmail.com


Pointing at 6 weeks Raynee has natural hunting ability which is consistent with the griffon breed. She is loving, loves the water, cooperative, docile in the home and excellent with young children. Raynee possesses a medium dense coat and has the look of a traditional Griff.


Ridge is extremely athletic and versatile. Has an affectionate personality, a very handsome face and is eager to please. He possesses a traditional Griffon coat,that is easy to care for in and out of the field. I have hunted over 7 different breeds of dogs since my young teen-age years and have never in my life encountered a hunting dog with the superior hunting abilities with no formal training like our Griffs. He is outstanding in the field and with his fun loving personality he makes a great match with kid's and adults alike.


Whether your desire is a new family and/or hunting companion these pups will be exceptional at both! Pups will be AKC registered. Tails medium docked, dew claws removed, current on vaccinations, wormed, also certified vet health check. Our puppies are always very well socialized by adults, our children and grandchildren.


We are currently offering reservations for our upcoming pups. For additional information  please email me at jdgriffons@gmail.com


Although, under construction you can take a look at our Dam Raynee & Sire Ricky, along with pictures of puppies from past litters. www.jdgriffons.com


Thank you,


Darcy Markee






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Submitted by: Kathy and Ben Montalbano on Oct 12, 2017
Submitted by: Mitchell and Jodi Driscoll on Oct 09, 2017
When we began our search for a new WPG puppy, we could not find any located in our home state of North Dakota. We had owned a WPG previously, and knew that was the breed we wanted to own again. Once you own a WPG, you will never want to own another breed again. They are affectionate, fun, and an excellent hunting dog. Through our searching, we located JD Griffons. I was apprehensive about working with a breeder three states away, but Darcy made it the best experience. I was so nervous about selecting a puppy I had not met in person. Darcy was so patient and took the time to answer my numerous questions. My husband was looking for a hunting dog, and I was looking for a pet companion with great personality. She took numerous pictures of the puppies that she thought would meet our criteria. In addition she sent videos of the pups working with a pheasant wing, playing, and interacting with people. Through her expertise and taking the time to get to know us and our desires in a pup, we were matched with the best puppy. We named her Ivy and she is a year and half old now. Everyone who meets Ivy loves her demeanor and is impressed with her skills. She is so gentle, well behaved, and cute! Ivy loves going to the lake, going on long runs/walks, playing with our kids and other dogs, and hunting. My husband has taken her hunting last fall and this fall, and she is doing very well. We are very pleased with our experience with JD Griffons and would use them again.
Submitted by: Jim and Nancy Anderson on Oct 06, 2017
We are very happy with the professional and caring we found at J&D. We got a female Griff from J&D this spring. She's a wonderful dog. J&D is a quality breeder and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a Griff.
Submitted by: Stephanie Mobley on Sep 25, 2017
Working with Darcy Markee of J&D Griffons was an exceptional experience. I fully admit was I was not an easy client. This was the first time ever, after a lifetime of family dogs (every breed from Heinze 57 to a gorgeous pedigreed yellow lab) that we brought a dog into our family without having met him/her in person. We had our hearts set on a Griffon and found our way to Darcy. She talked to me at length about the breed and about her dogs. Darcy asked me what my expectations were (loyal, loving, family dog that can hunt vs a hunting dog that would tolerate family). Oddly enough when we started talking I thought I wanted the smallest female in the litter. We ended up with the largest male (J&D Griffons called him Tank) and we couldn't be happier!!
Darcy helped me negotiate flying Magnum P.G. (that is what we named him) from Washington State to Georgia and he is the Christmas gift that we are grateful for every single day.
We have never had a smarter, more loving more versatile dog. Magnum will run all day on the beach or trails or he will snuggle on the sofa. He is almost 3 years old and we look forward to a life time together. As an aside, he is the most handsome dog you have ever seen!
Submitted by: Bob &Vicki Haskins on Sep 19, 2017
We have had several Griffons in past years. All were rescued dogs and therefore adults when they came to us. We loved each one of them even though they were all a little different from each other.
It had been a lot of years since we had a puppy.
Babe has been a challenge for us as we are not as young as we once was. She is in my opinion the most intelligent dog that we have ever had and therefore a challenge to teach. Having said that she has become a very loving and dependable companion. She also is very "birdie " and love the daily work outs that she gets on our property finding Quail.
She is now 17 months old and learns new tasks very quickly. She is our constant companion no matter what we are doing.
We highly recommend Darcy's line of dogs for anyone who wants a exceptional hunting dog or companion/ family dog.
Submitted by: Jeff Plumlee on Sep 19, 2017
Great people to deal with and a great facility they keep for their dogs, very good at communicating with the buyer on what you are looking for in a Griff. In my case my wife and I drove 8 hours to pick up our pup, only because of the honest communication and constant replies from Darcy. She wanted to know about us and what the dog was going to be used for. I explained he will be a pet first and a hunting dog second and after several emails and phone conversations she knew this dog was going to a great home where he will be spoiled rotten and that set Darcy ease with knowing she didn't have to worry.
Folks Darcy does not run a puppy mill.
Jeff Plumlee.
Submitted by: Brandon Arbour on Sep 18, 2017
I got my pup from J&D Griffons in May 2017. He (Walter) is currently 6 months old and has been awesome. Lots of energy, quite quick to learn and not a mean bone in his body. He has done well with a lot of socialization and crate trained in just a few days.
I brought him back to Canada and Darcy made everything from picking him up to getting across the border super easy. It was great to meet her and chat. She answered all my questions for probably close to an hour before we left.

I am super happy with the whole experience and have been recommending her to anyone interested in a WPG ever since.
Submitted by: Anna Bisson on Sep 17, 2017
The male dog we received from JD Griffons has been the absolute best dog. He is a natural hunter, needing little instruction or training. He gets along well with other dogs and people. We like his coat length, size and disposition. Could not recommend JD Griffons high enough! We want to keep them as our "best kept" secret but the secrets out, they have spectacular dogs.
Submitted by: Becca Arndt on Sep 17, 2017
We got our amazing Oliver from Darcy Markee at j&d Griffons. His dame is ray eye and sire was Ricky.
He's nearly 3 now and a real treat. Oli is the happiest dog I know! We've been training and competing in agility which he loves and we have a great time! He's very biddable and trainers describe him as a dog with great integrity. He's incredibly smart and a quick learner. He is a wonderful hiking companion and loves all people and dogs. He has a tiight coat which works well in our climate. He's a big boy at 77 lean pounds!
Darcy was great to work with! She answered a every question with kindness and enthusiasm. She took the time to get to know us and helped match our lifestyle and personality to the right dog. We would certainly consider working with them again!
Submitted by: Sallie Lumley on Sep 17, 2017
I have hunted since I was a kid having grown up with 5 brothers in eastern Washington. I have always had Labs and German Shorthairs. But now that I live on the west side of the state in a more urban setting I didn't want a big stinky lab or a wild shorthair in my back yard or in my house. So I started researching what was new in the hunting world and came across the Griffon. I reached out to several breeders in the area and settled on JD Griffons. When I went to look at their operation, it was clear that they love their animals. Darcy was by far the most knowledgeable and open breeder I spoke to. She doesn't hunt and didn't try to BS me. The farm setting isn't state of the art, but it is clean, and you can tell the animals are well fed, exercised and socialized by their behavior around strangers.

In pictures Griffs are pretty funny looking, adorable puppies, but appear kind of messy in a way so I wasn't sure. After seeing the dogs in person I was SOLD. Literally and Figuratively! I ponied up the most money I have ever paid for an AKC dog. It seemed insane at first but with every passing day I knew I had made the right investment.

We are the Lumley family from Woodway, WA and we brought (9wk old)Cedar May of Kali and Ridge. She was unbelievably easy to train. 2-3 times with each command and she got it! Bell training to go outside, Sit, Stay, Down, Off, Crawl, Come, Fetch....Brilliant comes to mind!

Since I wanted to make it clear to the family that Cedar was going to be a hunting dog I immediately set out to find a trainer. We chose Upland of Cooke Canyon Hunt Club for Cedar May. And Cedar went to school at 6 mos old, for a 30 day stay. I knew she was smart but after seeing her in the field at 7 mos with only one month of training I was over the moon. She was focused, eager and excited to show off her new and improved self. She was now a huntress! Even Kendal (her trainer) commented that she couldn't believe she was only a puppy! She took to the drills like a veteran and was a role model for other beginners. I felt so proud (like I had anything to do with it).

I have taken Cedar hunting with amazing success (considering my skills are not what they used to be) Cedar will chase down an injured bird and gently bring it back. She will point for several minutes waiting for me to catch up and give the command GO! She loves to Flush, the Find and she loves bringing the prize back to Mama.

As far as a family dog...this breed is the PERFECT! Gentle, NON SHEDDING, Smart, Loving, Goofy and Well Behaved if YOU do the work.

Thank You Darcy! @ JD Griffons
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