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About J & D Griffons

J & D Griffons was formed out of the love for Wirehaired Pointing Griffons.


If everything goes as planned we hope to have two breeding's this year in early fall 2014 with our Dam's Kali and Raynee. Please email your inquiries to jdgriffons@gmail.com


Pointing at 6 weeks Raynee has natural hunting ability which is consistent with the griffon breed. She is loving, loves the water, cooperative, docile in the home and excellent with young children. Raynee possesses a medium dense coat and has the look of a traditional Griff.


Ricky is extremely athletic and muscular. Has an affectionate personality, a very handsome face and is eager to please. He possesses a easily maintained and what is considered a tight coat in Griffons. I have hunted over 7 different breeds of dogs since my young teen-age years and have never in my life encountered a hunting dog with the superior hunting abilities with no formal training like my griffon Ricky. He is outstanding in the field and with his fun loving personality he makes a great match with kid's and adults alike.


Whether your desire is a new family and/or hunting companion these pups will be exceptional at both! Pups will be AKC registered. Tails medium docked, dew claws removed, current on vaccinations, wormed, also Health Vet Checked. Our puppies are always very well socialized by adults, our 6 children and 2 grandchildren.


We are currently offering reservations for our upcoming pups. For additional information  please email me at jdgriffons@gmail.com


Although, under construction you can take a look at our Dam Raynee & Sire Ricky, along with pictures of puppies from past litters. www.jdgriffons.com


Thank you,


Darcy Markee






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Darcy Markee
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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 6 years.
Testimonials (3)
Submitted by: Lisa Vold on Jan 25, 2014
We are the Volds, from Newcastle Wa. I would second the above information, and add that we have been so happy with our pup, Vail, from Raynee and Ricky. Our girl is extremely lovable and so funny. We requested a brown female and Darcy was able to send us countless photos, sent extensive emails, was a fabulous communicator, and is even helping me with follow up on Vail for when she goes in season. She is an amazing breeder and we couldn't be more happy with her or our WPG! If you have any questions about our pup, please let me know!
Submitted by: Bill Langley on Jan 24, 2014
My son Tyler and I have been hunting all our lives and within the past few years really got into bird hunting - but we were trying to do it without a dog. We hunted a piece of private property that contained several coveys of Hungarian partridges. We quickly realized that it was an effort in futility without a dog.

Tyler started researching and learned about Wire-Haired Griffons. To his surprise and mine, we leared that there was a breeder in the same town that we lived in - J&D Griffons in Kennewick, WA.

Tyler put his name in the hat for a male from the next litter. We luckily got one and he gave it the name Rusty. We have now had Rusty for 8 months. Tyler went out East to work and go to school when Rusty was about 3 months old. When Rusty turned about 6 months old, bird hunting season opened up and I started taking him in the field to hunt pheasant. Rusty is now 8 months old. With very minimal training, I ended up shooting 24 pheasants behind his point. He holds on point, is not at all gun shy, does not release until he sees the bird fall, retrieves it, brings it back to me, and will even chase it down if winged. He once chased a winged pheasant for 300 yards, caught it, and brought it back to me. He holds his head up in the wind when the wind is blowing and holds to the ground when it is not blowing. He goes in and out of thick brush without hesitation. He makes small and then wide sweeping circles in an area, thoroughly hunting it out until I give the instruction to move on. Whenever I move on and say "find the bird", he moves with me and hunts accordingly.

To be so young, his natural hunting skills and instincts are simply amazing. Watching him hunt and go on point is truly a sight to behold. It doesn't get much better than that. The dogs that J&D Griffins breed are natural born excellent hunters. Rusty is also very much a family type dog and it was very easy to house break him. When Tyler gors back to school, he is taking Rusty with him :(. I now have my name in the hat for another male. You cannot go wrong with J&D Griffons. I highly recommend them as a Gun Dog Breeder.
Submitted by: Jackie Ferguson on Aug 25, 2012
We are the Fergusons from Wenatchee, Washington and owners of Lola, one of Raynee and Ricky’s first litter pups. Previously, we had owned two, yellow labs which our children grew up with.

Wanting to try a new breed and get back into bird hunting, my husband was set on the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. J & D Griffons was an excellent choice in breeders for us. We are very happy with the professionalism that Jerry and Darcy displayed throughout the months leading up to our selection of Lola, during her adoption and afterwards, as well. Darcy is a wonderful communicator and a very thorough business woman. Jerry demonstrated the wing on a fishing pole game that both parents and pups enjoyed going after. He assured me that the hunting lineage of Ricky and Raynee and their family-oriented demeanor would be the right choice for us. J & D Griffons are breeders with integrity; the home and kennel environment is spotless, the pups and parents are well cared for-receiving routine vet visits and puppy vaccinations, proper nutrition, and exercise in a fenced-in yard.

As for our dog, Lola, you will see her in several photos on the website. She looks much like Raynee with the traditional longer coat and hazel eyes. As a pup she was quite gray in appearance but now has more of a brown colored coat and the longer tufts of hair have grown on her head and face. She is such a sweetheart and definitely has the hunter instinct! At 9 months of age Lola stands 24" tall at the shoulder and has learned: to ring the jingle bells at the door when she “needs” to go out, knows basic commands, can identify and fetch several toys by name, waits for her meals until the “ok” signal is given, scratches at the refrigerator crisper drawer for carrots, knows her right paw from her left and shakes accordingly, points on birds, loves water and rides on a paddleboard. Above all, Lola is a real family dog and lap dog, too!

If you want an awesome and unique dog that is not easily recognized by the masses, we encourage you to visit J & D Griffons in Kennewick, Washington!
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