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VIZSLA PUPPIES FOR SALE!! OUTDOORSMAN Vizslas is taking deposits to reserve Vizsla puppies from our summer litter 2015. Nash is the Sire and Koda is the Dam of this litter. They make a great combination and produce awesome vizsla puppies. This will be Nash and Koda's 3th litter and they have produce some amazing dogs in the past. We are expecting the litter to be born around the middle of June and ready for their new homes around the middle of August. For the hunter, summer litters are great because it gives the puppy good time to grow and bond with its new family over the winter and then be old enough to starts spring hunting training. Summer puppies will also be old enough by the next fall to be hunted. These pups will be AKC registrable (limited) purebred Hungarian Vizsla. These puppies will have had their tails docked, dew claws removed, micro-chipped and will be ready for their new homes towards the middle of August 2015. All puppies will be 100% healthy and are awesome looking Vizslas that are going to make amazing family pets as well as skilled pointers and hunting dogs. They come with a 2 year Health and Hip Guarantee. We are currently taking deposits of $200** to reserve a puppy

These puppies come from excellent field-trial and hunting bloodlines with over 60 championed dogs in their pedigrees. Both parents are on site. Both parents are great dogs with no health problems, fun loving personalities, and have an intense drive to hunt hard and please their hunting companions.

Nash The Sire: Nash is a beautiful male Vizsla that is the stud of this litter. He is a 60lbs hunting machine. He has excellent bloodlines with no history of hip, eye, or any kind of health problems. He is the most obedient dog that i have ever owned. His passion is to please. He loves to play and is great with kids. He is very driven hunting dog with years of experience. He is a medium runner with unbelievable drive, energy, confirmation, and skilled nose. He will run all day and points with style. He has a great looking blocky head and a very broad chest with tons of muscle mass. Some vizslas are tall and thin. He has an average height but is built like a brick house. He is 9 years old and still hunting strong.

Koda The Dam: She is about 55lbs with solid muscle and a good set of wheels. She is a great looking Vizsla with a beautiful build and blocky head. She also loves to play and hunt. She is a hard runner but does a very good job at being thorough in the field and has a great nose. She is also a great natural retriever and swimmer. She is a great family pet with a very affectionate personality. She is 100% healthy and has no history of hip, eye, or any kind of health problems.

I do have pedigrees available upon request. Please call or email with any questions you might have about our world class Hungarian Vizsla Puppies for sale.

**All deposits are non-refundable as long as we can provide the desired puppy out of the desired litter. If for some reason we don't have enough of a certain gender or have unforeseen problems with the litter, we will offer to refund your deposit or transfer it to the next litter while holding your place in line.

Vizsla Puppies For Sale

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3531 W 3000 N
Logan, Utah 84335
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 8 years.
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Submitted by: Jennifer Jones on Jan 20, 2015
Hello Andrew, I hope all is well for you! Oh man we love our little boy but he sure is a turd! Not a moments rest at the Jones household. And though we have just completed our first round of puppy training at calling all dogs, we will require more. We have sure spoiled Kodi and he sleeps between Brian and I. We are fools- but we adore him! Thank you for taking such good care of him. Tell your cute little girl hello!

Submitted by: Stephanie Francelj on Nov 13, 2014
I thought I would give you and update on Ellie! She is doing great, house training is going very well. Or only issue right now is trying to curb her cravings on biting our fingers and toes. Hopefully with time she will grow out of this phase. 😁 Thank you again! We absolutely love her to pieces. She is also sleeping in our bed at night--- spoiled I guess. Sincerely Stephanie
Submitted by: Kelsey Bigelow on Oct 29, 2014
Just wanted to send and update on our milee we got from you!!! What a joy she is to have in our lives! She loves to swim, hunt birds, play catch and go for four wheeler rides!! She is so much fun :)
Submitted by: Steve Call on Oct 20, 2014
We sure love our Ruby and feel like we are pretty darn lucky. Having never raised a puppy before, we had some tough weeks but never gave up on her and now she is a delight most of the time. :) She has such a great temperament and we love her energy level! Thank you for such a great dog!
Submitted by: Rod Maxfield on Oct 09, 2014
Our dog Pete came from you, and turned 3 this September. He has been far more eager to please and thus, much easier to train than our last Vizsla, which did not come from your blood lines. Last fall my youngest son took his first pheasant over Pete's point, It was a first for both dog and boy and I'm not sure who was more hooked on hunting with that particular bird - the boy or the dog. That one truly lit this dogs fire and he has become a hunt'n fool ever since. This dogs interest, drive and ability to cover ground are something to behold all that and he has turned out to have a wonderful temperament as well. I'm sending along a pic of him as a 2 yr old doing what he does a good part of the day - locked up on point on some poor hapless tweety bird or robin that happens along into our back yard. (he spends a lot of time on point) The rest of his day is spent hoping to be a lap dog and doing what I assume most other Vizslas do best - RUNNING! In a couple of weeks we'll see how he does with chuckers in Nevada, those little bandits tend to make bird dogs tired and crazy.
Submitted by: Matt - Seattle WA on Sep 30, 2014
Floyd is doing great! He's got a very sweet personality. My vet said he has the best personality of all of the puppy Vizslas she has seen. She said most of them that she sees are 'nervous', but he is more Lab like. Floyd didn't like being compared to a Lab :-) He is afraid of nothing! Sirens, guns, kids, cars, loud construction equipment. Nothing scares him - they're all just new things to learn about. I think this is mostly due to socialization, as he has been everywhere and is in new situations daily, but have to believe at least some of it is the breeding. On our trip from Benson, he found the crate and crawled in before we made it to Bear Lake. So, crate training was 'free', and housebreaking was nearly painless. It made the 4000 miles that he spent in a car the first two weeks we had him enjoyable. Of course, keeping him out of the car now is a little difficult :-) Thanks again, couldn't be happier. He's going to need a little brother in a year of so, so keep me up to date on litters.
Submitted by: Jeff Nordeen on Sep 26, 2014
Hello Andrew and DeAnna. I wanted to spend a moment or two updating you on Jordan (Nordeen)! Jordan fits right in with our family and has been a constant source of laughter. She is thriving at almost 20 lbs already and long/lanky! She is a quick learner and watches EVERYTHING. She has no fear and we are even more convinced we may try agility with her as she has taken to the play equipment at the park, complete with slides. She loves being a complete lap dog:). Thank you for allowing Jordan to be in our lives. We look forward to each and every moment....
Submitted by: Stacy Betts on Sep 25, 2014
Our vizsla (Juno) is doing very well. Growing fast and socializing well with our lab. She has proven to have a good nose and is very adventurous. Not much makes her nervous...every morning she wanders into our pasture and says good morning to our cows. I get far more worried than she does. Every evening we play a game where I hide a pheasant wing and then bring her into the yard to find it. She seems to have a good desire to hunt for it and always ends up finding the wing. She is just starting to take several mile hikes with me in the mountains and is constantly vearing off the beaten path with her nose to the ground looking for "wings".

So far we have been very pleased with her and look forward to see what she is capable of over the next 12+ months. We'll keep you updated as she continues to grow and progress.

Submitted by: Stran Davis on Jun 04, 2014
Just thought I would send you an update on Red. He is such an awesome dog. His nickname is Albert Einstein because of how smart he is. Thanks so much for such an awesome and fun dog. If you want to go hunt at my family's farm in Idaho just give us a call we have been seeing tons of pheasants.
Thanks so much, Stran.

Submitted by: Kelsey Bigelow on Jan 07, 2013
Milee is a wonderful smart and loving dog. We couldn't have been happier!!!

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