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About Lone Star Brittanys
We breed first, for temperament and then natural abilities of the Brittany. If your looking for a great hunting companion look no further. We breed an own son of NFC/DC/AFC Gambler's Ace In The Hole and daughters of the Great Nolan's Last Bullet daughters as well as other great bloodlines. They are smart hunters, with the natural abilities expected in a Good Brittany! All of our pups are guaranteed in writing. Check out our website!
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James L. Morriss
Midland, Texas 79701
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 30 years.
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Submitted by: Scott Evans on Sep 23, 2015
Cassie will be four years old in Oct 2015. She is an amazing family dog and hunting dog. She is very sweet, loves people and is very smart and easy to train. I took her to Anderson Ranch Gun Dogs when she was about 10 months old. We've been quail hunting yearly after that and she does great for only getting out a few times a year and i'm always amazed at the birds she is able to find. I couldn't be more happy with James and his Brittany's and with Anderson Ranch.
Submitted by: Jason Casco on Sep 07, 2015
I've waited about a year since picking up my pup from Mr. Morriss so I could have a little more time to see the dog develop. First, Jim was great to deal with. It was about a year wait for me to be able to get a puppy. I picked mine out of two that were available. The pup has been out of this world. She developed mentally very quickly and has a great temperament. At 5 months old I took her to the pheasant fields for some exposure and she flushed 2 pheasant and 3 quail on her first trip, and I knew we we're onto something special. Training has been easy with her and she has a great natural retrieve. Her skills have developed and improved over the last year at a rapid pace. I took her out to the same field yesterday and she found 12 pheasant in a matter of 10 min. She did amazing at the field trials as well. Everywhere I go I am constantly getting compliments about her. I am frequently being told she is the best looking brittany people have ever seen.
Bottom line is this, I can't recommend Lone Star Brittanys enough. The wait is more than worth it for the caliber of hunting partner and family companion you will get.
Submitted by: Dave Warrick on Feb 20, 2015
Last week I took Rennie back to the pro trainer, Paul Cacciatori, for some brushing up with his retrieving technique. (I'm a first-time dog owner, the problem was with me not the dog.)
After Rennie flawlessly retrieved to Paul's hand several times, the following exchange took place:
Me: "Rennie sure is a good dog."
Paul: "He's not a good dog, he's a GREAT dog. I have customers who've spent the last 20 years looking for a dog like that."
Submitted by: Dave Warrick on Nov 14, 2014
Rennie (age 15 months) is larger and more robust than the average Brittany. He is the perfect size for us. Rennie weighed 49 lbs. when we took him to hunting-dog school in June. On his return, he weighed 46. Where the 3 pounds came from I don't know, he never had any fat on him.
Whenever we take Rennie out with us, people say, "Wow, that is a handsome dog." It isn't just his markings or his coat, it's his dignified bearing and alert appearance. Whatever it is he's doing, he always looks great.
Most of the time Rennie is highly obedient, although he still backslides occasionally, as I would expect at 15 months.
Submitted by: Dave Warrick on Oct 26, 2014
Rennie is 15 months old now. He has completed three and a half months of his four-month training program with Mr. Paul Cacciatori of Starlight Kennels in Norco Calif. Rennie does everything he should be able to do at this level of advanced training. 100% effort every time. We love this dog! Can't wait to get him back.
Submitted by: Todd Anderson on Sep 20, 2014
Anderson Ranch has trained dozens of James, Lone Star Brittany's through the years. We always know we will get the best quality and ability to thrive through our Gun-dog training program. James customers are always pleased with his Brittany's and James first class service and promptness in all he does. James is a wonderful man with top integrity... You will not be disappointed in Lone Star Brittany's!

Todd Anderson
Anderson Ranch Gun-dogs
Graham, TX
Submitted by: Carrie on Sep 12, 2014
I have been around Brittanies my whole life. For many years my family raised them. After loosing my last one it was really hard. It was even harder to find a breeder that I felt comfortable getting a dog from. After three years of looking and some convincing of my Husband we got on Mr. Morriss' list for a female. Belle, is now a little over a year old has is the birdiest Britt I have been around and a natural at hunting. I feel bad sometimes there are dove that torture her by sitting on the power line in the backyard, she will hold a point for the longest time, many times after a while we have to try to get her distracted by something else. We could have driven less or spent less but we would NOT have gotten the quality dog we did. I would recommend to anyone to get their Brittany from Mr. Morriss.
Thank you Again,

Carrie Bailey
Georgetown, Texas
Submitted by: Dave Warrick on Aug 09, 2014
Rennie just turned one year old two weeks ago. He's rugged, handsome, athletic, and healthy in every respect. Everything we wanted, and a great family dog.
Rennie is currently training with Paul Cacciatori of Starlight Kennels in Norco Calif. Paul says one of the best Brittanys he has ever trained, if not the best. Paul's nickname for Rennie is "Handsome."
We are so fortunate to have this wonderful dog!
Submitted by: Travis Sheffield on Jul 19, 2014
Our girl Josey is about to have her first birthday at the end of the month. My wife and I couldn't be more pleased with our dog and the experience of working with James. I'm biased, but I couldn't imagine a better looking brittany than our Josey. She's a natural hunter with my very limited experience trying to train her. She basically trained herself with me just trying to help her out as much as I can despite my ignorance and time limitations. Josey is mainly a family pet though, and this is why my wife has fallen in love with her. My wife has had several great dogs in her life, but she has never been so crazy about a dog as she is with this one. She had questioned whether we should get a brittany because she wanted a smaller, calmer, indoor dog. Josey quickly won her over. She is convinced Josey will be the best dog we could possibly ever have. Josey being a big cuddler has helped with that. She thinks we spoiled ourselves with Josey and that our expectations will be too high in the future. She may be right. Josey is fearless. She loves playing with dogs that are bigger than her and enjoys her her time jumping in dirty creeks or lakes. Her temperament has been surprisingly calm as she spends most of her day as an indoor dog. This is our first brittany, but we had heard a fair share of stories and warnings from friends who have owned this breed in the past, so we were expecting to have a somewhat crazy dog on our hands. This is where I think James has done a great job. He has somehow mastered breeding a blend of a great, loving, well behaved family dog, while maintaining fantastic natural hunting instincts. I think other prestigious brittany breeders focus on the one dimension of having a great hunting dog and you end up with a spaz of a dog when they aren't on birds. If you read the reviews below you see the common trend of great family dogs and fantastic hunting dogs. It still amazes me how she can make the switch from family dog to bird dog. She will be pretty calm, but when she knows its time to be outside with the birds or hunting, her eyes get dilated and its like a drug for her. It's clear she was made to be a great hunting dog. I wouldn't be surprised if she had the natural ability to do very well in the competitions, but we didn't think we needed to go the professional training route because she will mainly just be a dove dog and family dog for us. Overall, we couldn't be more impressed. James is a great breeder, a great communicator when you have questions, and a great man in general. We fully recommend Lone Star Brittanys
Submitted by: Michael Saenz on May 06, 2014
“Dash” was born to Paige and Ace. At 10 months old, I took him to Christine Anderson of Anderson’s Gun Dogs. After completion of 3 months of training at Anderson’s, I took Dash out for a hunt and he did an amazing job. He is a very passionate hunter, he worked the field very nicely and he held steady on points perfectly. I was also pleased to see him fetching to my hand.

It was Dash's first hunt and his performance was right on the heels of my guide's four year old English Setter who hunts about 15-20 days out of each month. I will go as far as to say his obedience was even better. He heeded every command with great enthusiasm. Also, Christine Anderson trained him to cast directions with the tone button on the collar (two beeps). He turned perfectly every time I hit the tone. Using the tone for that purpose was very handy.
Dash is always eager to please and continues to be a great family dog. He is wonderful with my 10 year old twins and particularly with my 10 year old son who has moderate-severe autism.

I just wanted to send my gratitude for the great genetics of James Morris's Brittany(s) and Christine Anderson's excellent training work.

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