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Submitted by: Todd Siron on Dec 04, 2017
Submitted by: Marshall Bumpus on Oct 30, 2017
I searched for a breeder for three years before settling on James' operation at Lone Star Brittanys. I can say that my research was thorough, and it paid off. James has some of the best looking dogs, a great level of communication, and the dogs are very well mannered and smart. My Brittany, Penny, is now just over a year and two months old, and is finishing up bird school. The trainer has over 40 years of experience training Brittany dogs, and he has said that he hasn't seen as much drive in a young Brittany in a long time...even more than some of his own prize-winning dogs! She wouldn't be as successful on birds if it weren't for the temperament and intellectual instincts which James bred for. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this breeder if you're looking to a bird dog to hunt over, or even solely for a companion.
Submitted by: Jonathan on Aug 31, 2017
I picked up my puppy in April of 2016. James was very easy to work with. My puppy is a very healthy and happy girl. She's full of energy and lots of fun to play with. She has a great personality and everyone who meets her thinks she's so friendly. I get compliments on her all the time. She's also very smart, almost too smart for her own good. I could not be more pleased with my decision to have selected a puppy from James' litters.
Submitted by: Thad Daigle on Mar 09, 2017
Our family had a great experience with James and his dogs. We chose a male puppy that is now about 2 years old. He's a very healthy dog and his name is Deets after a character from the Lonesome Dove series. Deets took to training very well and out of 3 brittany's we've had in the family Deets has been at the top hands down. He's also a great addition to our family. I'd certainly purchase another pup from James and just may get on the list soon!!!
Submitted by: Ryan Rowell on Jan 23, 2017
My Dixie is now 2 1/2 years old, a daughter of Ranger (son of Ace) and Emma (daughter of Nolan's Last Bullet). I contacted James after much searching because I wanted not just a dog that hunts but a companion as much more time is spent this way. James encouraged me by his comments on temperament and the bloodlines his dogs possessed. I was fortunate enough to get 1st pick female after waiting almost 2 years until the time was right for me to have a pup again. I spent an evening and the next morning observing the pups before deciding on my Dixie. James was communicative, responsive and patient throughout the entire process. This is without a doubt the best dog I have ever had. She has responded well to training, hunts strong and has a wonderful personality. I couldn't be happier and I hope to have her for a long life. She has become an integral part of our family and I thank James for the job he has done to be able to supply such wonderful Brittany's.
Submitted by: Michael Saenz on Feb 16, 2016
My 3 year old "Dash", son of Ace and Paige from Lone Star Brittany's has turned out to be amazing.
When I picked up this puppy from James, he was telling me about the sire, Ace. I'll never forget James said, "that dog would rather hunt than eat". Well, like father like son... Dash has tremendous bird hunting drive, the enthusiasm is unbelievable. Also, obedience is as good as I could ever ask. The dog simply does not disobey. This dog has excellent house manners and he is very gentle around my 11 year old son who has severe autism. I'll never regret using the best I can find (James Morriss and Anderson Gun Dogs for training)to develop this hunting companion.
Submitted by: Earl Moses on Oct 15, 2015
We met James in the Austin area in early August three years ago to pick up Star our female prodigy. We have owned and bred Brittany's for 40+ years. Star is one of the best out of all of those years of hunting with and training bird dogs. In spite of being handicapped by living in Texas she has become a Prairie Chicken, Hungarian Partridge, and Sharptail Grouse specialist. Star travels well in the backseat with our 12 year old Minnesota Maverick/Rum River Brittany. Star lives in our home, camper, and trailer everyday with us. She is a perfect companion whether running 5 miles a day with me or sleeping on the bed at night. Star hunts in Montana and South Dakota with us every fall and is going to develop into one of the top three dogs we have seen in the last 40 years. Thanks James for all of the work you are putting in to breeding excellent Brittany's.
Submitted by: John Pfeiffer on Oct 06, 2015
We adopted our Sofie from James 11 years ago and she is an amazing dog. Exceptionally smart, well behaved, easily trained and the perfect family member. We cannot wait for James to have a new litter to get a new pup from him.
Submitted by: Scott Evans on Sep 23, 2015
Cassie will be four years old in Oct 2015. She is an amazing family dog and hunting dog. She is very sweet, loves people and is very smart and easy to train. I took her to Anderson Ranch Gun Dogs when she was about 10 months old. We've been quail hunting yearly after that and she does great for only getting out a few times a year and i'm always amazed at the birds she is able to find. I couldn't be more happy with James and his Brittany's and with Anderson Ranch.
Submitted by: Jason Casco on Sep 07, 2015
I've waited about a year since picking up my pup from Mr. Morriss so I could have a little more time to see the dog develop. First, Jim was great to deal with. It was about a year wait for me to be able to get a puppy. I picked mine out of two that were available. The pup has been out of this world. She developed mentally very quickly and has a great temperament. At 5 months old I took her to the pheasant fields for some exposure and she flushed 2 pheasant and 3 quail on her first trip, and I knew we we're onto something special. Training has been easy with her and she has a great natural retrieve. Her skills have developed and improved over the last year at a rapid pace. I took her out to the same field yesterday and she found 12 pheasant in a matter of 10 min. She did amazing at the field trials as well. Everywhere I go I am constantly getting compliments about her. I am frequently being told she is the best looking brittany people have ever seen.
Bottom line is this, I can't recommend Lone Star Brittanys enough. The wait is more than worth it for the caliber of hunting partner and family companion you will get.
Submitted by: Dave Warrick on Feb 20, 2015
Last week I took Rennie back to the pro trainer, Paul Cacciatori, for some brushing up with his retrieving technique. (I'm a first-time dog owner, the problem was with me not the dog.)
After Rennie flawlessly retrieved to Paul's hand several times, the following exchange took place:
Me: "Rennie sure is a good dog."
Paul: "He's not a good dog, he's a GREAT dog. I have customers who've spent the last 20 years looking for a dog like that."
Submitted by: Dave Warrick on Nov 14, 2014
Rennie (age 15 months) is larger and more robust than the average Brittany. He is the perfect size for us. Rennie weighed 49 lbs. when we took him to hunting-dog school in June. On his return, he weighed 46. Where the 3 pounds came from I don't know, he never had any fat on him.
Whenever we take Rennie out with us, people say, "Wow, that is a handsome dog." It isn't just his markings or his coat, it's his dignified bearing and alert appearance. Whatever it is he's doing, he always looks great.
Most of the time Rennie is highly obedient, although he still backslides occasionally, as I would expect at 15 months.
Submitted by: Dave Warrick on Oct 26, 2014
Rennie is 15 months old now. He has completed three and a half months of his four-month training program with Mr. Paul Cacciatori of Starlight Kennels in Norco Calif. Rennie does everything he should be able to do at this level of advanced training. 100% effort every time. We love this dog! Can't wait to get him back.
Submitted by: Todd Anderson on Sep 20, 2014
Anderson Ranch has trained dozens of James, Lone Star Brittany's through the years. We always know we will get the best quality and ability to thrive through our Gun-dog training program. James customers are always pleased with his Brittany's and James first class service and promptness in all he does. James is a wonderful man with top integrity... You will not be disappointed in Lone Star Brittany's!

Todd Anderson
Anderson Ranch Gun-dogs
Graham, TX
Submitted by: Carrie on Sep 12, 2014
I have been around Brittanies my whole life. For many years my family raised them. After loosing my last one it was really hard. It was even harder to find a breeder that I felt comfortable getting a dog from. After three years of looking and some convincing of my Husband we got on Mr. Morriss' list for a female. Belle, is now a little over a year old has is the birdiest Britt I have been around and a natural at hunting. I feel bad sometimes there are dove that torture her by sitting on the power line in the backyard, she will hold a point for the longest time, many times after a while we have to try to get her distracted by something else. We could have driven less or spent less but we would NOT have gotten the quality dog we did. I would recommend to anyone to get their Brittany from Mr. Morriss.
Thank you Again,

Carrie Bailey
Georgetown, Texas
Submitted by: Dave Warrick on Aug 09, 2014
Rennie just turned one year old two weeks ago. He's rugged, handsome, athletic, and healthy in every respect. Everything we wanted, and a great family dog.
Rennie is currently training with Paul Cacciatori of Starlight Kennels in Norco Calif. Paul says one of the best Brittanys he has ever trained, if not the best. Paul's nickname for Rennie is "Handsome."
We are so fortunate to have this wonderful dog!
Submitted by: Travis Sheffield on Jul 19, 2014
Our girl Josey is about to have her first birthday at the end of the month. My wife and I couldn't be more pleased with our dog and the experience of working with James. I'm biased, but I couldn't imagine a better looking brittany than our Josey. She's a natural hunter with my very limited experience trying to train her. She basically trained herself with me just trying to help her out as much as I can despite my ignorance and time limitations. Josey is mainly a family pet though, and this is why my wife has fallen in love with her. My wife has had several great dogs in her life, but she has never been so crazy about a dog as she is with this one. She had questioned whether we should get a brittany because she wanted a smaller, calmer, indoor dog. Josey quickly won her over. She is convinced Josey will be the best dog we could possibly ever have. Josey being a big cuddler has helped with that. She thinks we spoiled ourselves with Josey and that our expectations will be too high in the future. She may be right. Josey is fearless. She loves playing with dogs that are bigger than her and enjoys her her time jumping in dirty creeks or lakes. Her temperament has been surprisingly calm as she spends most of her day as an indoor dog. This is our first brittany, but we had heard a fair share of stories and warnings from friends who have owned this breed in the past, so we were expecting to have a somewhat crazy dog on our hands. This is where I think James has done a great job. He has somehow mastered breeding a blend of a great, loving, well behaved family dog, while maintaining fantastic natural hunting instincts. I think other prestigious brittany breeders focus on the one dimension of having a great hunting dog and you end up with a spaz of a dog when they aren't on birds. If you read the reviews below you see the common trend of great family dogs and fantastic hunting dogs. It still amazes me how she can make the switch from family dog to bird dog. She will be pretty calm, but when she knows its time to be outside with the birds or hunting, her eyes get dilated and its like a drug for her. It's clear she was made to be a great hunting dog. I wouldn't be surprised if she had the natural ability to do very well in the competitions, but we didn't think we needed to go the professional training route because she will mainly just be a dove dog and family dog for us. Overall, we couldn't be more impressed. James is a great breeder, a great communicator when you have questions, and a great man in general. We fully recommend Lone Star Brittanys
Submitted by: Michael Saenz on May 06, 2014
“Dash” was born to Paige and Ace. At 10 months old, I took him to Christine Anderson of Anderson’s Gun Dogs. After completion of 3 months of training at Anderson’s, I took Dash out for a hunt and he did an amazing job. He is a very passionate hunter, he worked the field very nicely and he held steady on points perfectly. I was also pleased to see him fetching to my hand.

It was Dash's first hunt and his performance was right on the heels of my guide's four year old English Setter who hunts about 15-20 days out of each month. I will go as far as to say his obedience was even better. He heeded every command with great enthusiasm. Also, Christine Anderson trained him to cast directions with the tone button on the collar (two beeps). He turned perfectly every time I hit the tone. Using the tone for that purpose was very handy.
Dash is always eager to please and continues to be a great family dog. He is wonderful with my 10 year old twins and particularly with my 10 year old son who has moderate-severe autism.

I just wanted to send my gratitude for the great genetics of James Morris's Brittany(s) and Christine Anderson's excellent training work.
Submitted by: Lloyd Brown on Feb 13, 2014
I have to say that I could not be more pleased with our dog Scout that we got from James. Her disposition is the best of all the Brittany's I've owned (5). I had her trained by Stacy Anderson this summer and when we went to the field this fall and winter she has performed very well. Her first hunt, I put her in the field with three experienced dogs and after about 30 minutes she held her own and had numerous single points and retrieves. Scout is only 19 months old but is already hunting beyond her years. James really knows what he is doing with his dogs. I couldn't be more pleased.
Submitted by: Michael Saenz on Dec 19, 2013
When you first talk to James on the phone, you will recognize his intent and his heart are in the right place. He wants to furher improve the breed and he wants to find good homes for his pups. James has been very successful. Our "Dash" has amazing natural hunting instict and he has excellent disposition as a family dog. James has done a great job of selecting dogs that produce pups with a very good balance of both attributes. "Dash" was born to Paige and Ace. Dash turned out to be a very good looking dog. He has Ace's beautifl head. Dash is a great listner and very mindful of me. He is great with my 9 year old twins. Dash picked up on the commands I taught him (Here, Whoa, Kennel, etc.) extremely quickly. I just sent him off to Anderson Gun Dogs in Decatur and they are equally as impressed. I'll send an update once I get him back and get some hunts under his belt.
Submitted by: Mont Eyler on Nov 09, 2013
I had searched for several years to find the right Brittany. James took the time to not only talk with me on the phone, but to meet with me at his home prior to purchase and answer all of my questions. If you are looking for an incredible gun dog, with outstanding skills, James is who you need to talk to. Clara, who is now 4 months old, is not only an amazing bird dog, she's the most well tempered and intelligent Britt (or any other breed)I have ever owned. She's great to work with in the field, has TONS of style on point, and a work ethic that won't quit. James was a pleasure to work with, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience.
Submitted by: Calynne Cantu on Oct 26, 2013
When we decided to get our first Brittany, we searched long to find the right breeder. James didn't disappoint us. He was friendly, patient, and helped us out with all our questions from start to finish, and even helped me pick out the right pup. Archer is just 3 months old now and so well behaved - and smart! - picks up commands like a charm. He even points and holds without any instruction, lol. The 2 day trip to bring him home was more than worth it. We couldn't be more pleased with our dog and know he is going to grow into a great family member. Thanks Lone Star Brittanys!!
Submitted by: Dave Warrick on Sep 25, 2013
It was a 2,500-mile roundtrip from our home in Orange County CA to pick up "Rennie." No doubt there are some very good breeders closer to our home, but after visiting James Morriss on a business trip to Texas, we stopped looking elsewhere.

It was a pleasure doing business with James. From start to finish, we were confident he would deliver a healthy puppy we would love; and he would also help us prepare ourselves for our first Brittany pup.

Totally satisfied, and would certainly recommend to a friend.
Submitted by: Randy Rogers on Sep 02, 2013
After some searching for a pup I was advised that James had a male from a litter in the bloodline (Nolan's Last Bullet) I was seeking. The transaction was smooth and I ended-up with a gregarious 43 pound Britt that loves to hunt. Luke, A.K.A. Lilly's Frozen Bullet, is nearing 18 months and has the opportunity to hunt California Quail in Oregon and Idaho, as well as Sharp Tail and Ruffed Grouse and Ptarmigain here in Alaska. He has an amazing nose and a beautiful point. I could not be happier.
Submitted by: bruce brenner on Mar 26, 2013
Lola is now 7 months and a great dog...get complements all the time on how pretty she is. Very friendly and real smart . Happy I chose a top breeder like Jim
Submitted by: David Shearer on Feb 19, 2013
I got a male pup from Mar 2012 liter. I have been working him on early release birds. At eleven months he is pointing , holding his birds and retrieving. Really has a lot of intensity on point. I couldn't more pleased. Thanks James
Submitted by: Sheryl Price on Dec 31, 2012
Hi James,

Greetings from Dallas! I got Lady (Lady Ace Lone Star) from you back in June of 2011. She's now about a year and a half and is the most precious dog I could have ever imagined having. She is extrememly birdy, with strong natural hunting instincts, but is also the most affectionate and sweet dog I have ever known. I never could have imagined that she would be as wonderful as she is. I took her hunting for the first time this year, and she did great! I can't wait for more opportunities to take her out.

Anyway - I just wanted to say thank you for such a sweet dog, friend, and companion. She is truly the best dog I've ever come to know. I am so thankful for her.

Submitted by: TA Gibson on Oct 01, 2012
Dear James,
Greetings from N. Dallas. I just wanted to share a couple photo's from what I am sure will be a historic hunting season. Ace and I went to hunt the Flying B ranch in Kamiah
(KAM -EE - I), Idaho. The terrain was a mix of field & stone, large igneous rocks, valley cut wheat, hill sides, and mountain pastures. Temperatures varied from 50' in am to 80' by 2pm.

Because of the heat, we decided to spell the dogs after lunch, using the lodges dogs. As the shade and cooler temps prevailed we brought our Brittany's out to hunt them on the last pass of the day. This being the first hunt of Ace's 2nd season I was especially keen to see if any Year 1 lessons would need to be reinforced. I was particularly interested to see how Ace's "retriever" training in the spring would manifest. While I worked with Ace all summer in the pool to reinforce "FETCH" commands, I had noticed that he really "played" and "chewed" his bumper.

In addition to the most beautiful surroundings western hunting can offer and the companionship of 2 great hunting friends, and the years first hunt my mind raced. Imagine my excitement when Ace took to the field like a dog on a mission. During our first pass Ace showed me why genetics are so important. Ace coursed back and forth, scented, pointed, held, was steady to shot, and raced to make a retrieve. His retrieves are especially enjoyable, once Ace has the game in his grasp, he is steady with -0- "mouthing" of his birds. Then Ace approaches completely to heel, and when my hand is opened, he gladly places the bird in hand.

During our first morning I was tempted to call a time out; just to love on Ace and tell him what a good boy he is. To Ace's credit; he continued to hunt. What a great hunt we had at the flying B both days. Every bird that was taken was found and Ace had an opportunity to hunt Pheasant, Mt. Quail, Chukkar, Huns, and Grouse. Even when my friends
32 lb female, that recently completed 30 days at camp, gave up the ghost; Ace kept plowing through mt. pastures covered in 4 ft grass & wheat. Ace showed no quit and honestly; picked up right where he let off after Yr 1. Close examination of Ace post hunt, showed grains in his eyes that we rinsed out, and a usual assortment of burs and stickers. His paws where worn but no cuts or tares.

When we returned to Dallas; Ace was glad to spend the next 2 days in his bed. Wow, what a hunt, what a dog, and what great memories. Thank you for all your time and dedication to our fine animals, Ace's training at Anderson's has showed consistent progress and success.

God bless you all!


Todd Gibson
Dallas, Tx
Submitted by: Maggie Parsley on Sep 11, 2012
Mr. Morriss was extremely helpful when I came to him to breed my Bitty to his Ace. She produced a litter of 9 very healthy pups. The pups are now 9 months old and I'm receiving excellent reports on all of them. Each new owner loves their pup very much and have all reported that the pups are very "birdy" I can't thank Mr. Morriss enough for all the extra effort he went to, in order for this breeding to be successful. The hospitality he and his wife showed me while I was in Midland was outstanding. The Morriss' actually took me to watch the air show while I was there. If you are looking for a great hunting companion, look no further. Mr. Morriss breeds a quality Brittany.

Thank you Mr. Morris for all your help, I hope to breed Bitty back to Ace soon. As I think we got a phenomenal litter.
Submitted by: Randy Rogers on Jun 01, 2012
Wanted to report that Luke, now almost 12 weeks, is a very smart cookie, already very good with his discipline and pointing Grouse wings! His temperment around the family, including the young grandchildren, is excellent.
Submitted by: Steve Kramer on Feb 27, 2012
Hey James! I just wanted to update everyone on Bandit's first season of hunting. Bandit hunts back and forth between my son and I. He ranges close to medium. If the land is open, he'll range a little further; if it's heavily covered, he'll stay closer. When I look to a certain area with my eyes, Bandit will check it out without question. He'll come back every so often to check on us. He can run and hunt all day with brief rests in between. We haven't found any birds this year, but it's not for his lack of trying. Bandit never gives up! My son and I have never enjoyed hunting so much as when Bandit started hunting with us. For only being 14 months old, Bandit has all the knowledge and moves of a mature, grown dog. He is truly a hunting machine. I rarely have to use the buttons on his E-collar.

Bandit is fantastic around the house - he makes a great watch-dog, too! He's a loyal companion and goes everywhere with me. I am so fortunate to have a great dog and hunting companion. Thank you so much for my wonderful dog!
Submitted by: Bill Sherwood on Jan 10, 2012
Hello James, I thought I would update you on Nikki. First of all, tell Ace and Heidi thank you for having such a wonderful daughter. Nikki is smart, affectionate, and will be a wonderful bird dog. I thought it would be hard to replace Beau, but Nikki has proven me to be wrong. May God bless you and yours. Bill
Submitted by: Cullen Ruth on Nov 16, 2011
Got my Brittany (miller) from James in August 2011 and couldnt be more pleased. James went overboard with help.I sent miller to our trainer a few weeks ago and he is just as excited to be training her as I am. he told me she has a great drive for birds and never quits hunting. He says she will hunt in close, but she is fast enough that she can keep up with his english poiters. He says she would excel in field trials, and I may put her in a few in the next years. Couldnt be more pleased since the first time I talked to James to now.He has been extremely helpful in the process and clearly breeds top quality britts. Thanks James!
Submitted by: on Oct 16, 2011
From the very first moment that we started communicating with James regarding our male puppy I was impressed. His professionalism and willingness to help us was fantastic. When the day came for us to fly to Midland from Tulsa my wife Sara and I were very excited. We had recently lost one of our Goldens and were trying to replace her. We had the pick of the litter and chose a male we have named Hunter. He is a healthy, lively (understatement), and wonderful. We are glad that Hunter is in our lives now. I would definitely recommend James and Lone Star Brittanys to anyone looking for a new friend.
Submitted by: Jeff & Diana Cook on Oct 13, 2011
I can wholeheartedly vouch for Mr. Morris and his Brittany's. He is communicative and very easy to work with.

We picked up our 'Rigby' 3 weeks ago and she is a complete joy. Having the last pick of the available females, I had some concerns. However, I'm pleased to say they were unfounded to say the least.

This little girl has a great personality, wrestles eagerly with our 100 lbs lab and even pointed her first bird at nine weeks. We got her to be a family pet but if she continues to show progress and want to, will also hunt her when we can.
Submitted by: Daniel P. and America P. on May 22, 2011
We got Tex back in August of 2010. Our little guy is doing great! His demeanor is fantastic, he is extremely intelligent and really is an eye-catching, beautiful dog. He has not had one health concern and has been a wonderful addition to the family. I would recommend James to anyone interested in a Brittany. He is a good man that really cares about the breeding process.
Submitted by: Juli on Apr 11, 2011
I got Millie in October of 2006. She has, by far, the best personality and disposition of any dog I have owned (or even know). She is sweet, playful, loyal, and very obedient. Even though she enjoys the outdoors and can never get enough of birds and running, she is also a GREAT inside dog. She has been the best of both worlds as an active dog and family dog. My next Brittany will definitely come from James! I have given his name out dozens of times as people always comment on how pretty a dog she is and ask where I got her. You can't go wrong with Lone Star Brittanys.
Submitted by: Ray Toth on Apr 07, 2011
We drove from New Mexico to Midland to pick up our pup, Bella, from James back in January. He was outstanding! From the moment we put a deposit in for a pup, all the way through to picking her up and follow-up afterwards, James has been fantastic. Bella is showing all the signs of being both a great hunter and excellent family pet. At 5 months, she is already quartering naturally in the desert and her nose seems to be just as good. We may even try her at agility as she seems to love jumping, crawling and climbing in, over and on everything! Thanks again James for a fantastic Brittany!
Submitted by: Todd Gibson on Apr 05, 2011
Dear James,
It has been 7 months since we picked Ace up in Midland and flew him home to Plano, Texas. Ace has been a blessing to our home and I thought you would enjoy a highlight of his progress. As I write this letter Ace is training for 2011 hunt season with Anderson’s Gun Dog. He will be gone another 6 weeks and my wife Jackie and I miss Ace every day.
Ace has been such a joy! I have finally found someone who likes to have more fun than I do. Ace is doing great in his new surroundings. He is happy, eager to learn and eager to please. He follows me around the house and works with me regularly in my home office.
He was house broken and crate trained very quickly. I am very encouraged that Ace will be a great hunter and I have observed strong fundamental hunting skills. I have worked with him on some basic obedience and Ace takes to the training quickly. Ace knows his name, “out”, “here”, “no”, “Ace’s Bed”etc. I took Ace to South Dakota in October and he really enjoyed the trip and his first field hunting experience. Since early on, I have observed that Ace readily “Retrieves to hand”, scents birds, points birds, quarters back and forth, and turns to confirm I am close behind. All of this is basic skill, but tells me that he will respond very well to reinforced and graduated field work.
Ace has also integrated with our family. My wife has health challenges and so does our 9 yr old Brittany, Libby. Ace is gentle with my wife and quickly secured a place in her heart. When Ace is playing he quickly looks to include Jackie and I in a game of catch or “retrieve” with any of his multiple toys. Jackie was crying when we took ACE to bird camp and has called to check on ACE 2x a week since he left. We look forward to having ACE rejoin our family in May and hunting with ACE during his inaugural bird season in the fall of 2011. His field and family instincts are exceptional. Ace is a sweet boy that we look forward to having in our family for many years.

Thank you.
Todd Gibson Plano Texas
Submitted by: Joe Hudgins on Apr 04, 2011
Last June I drove from Fairfax , Va to Midland to pick up a puppy from James. I spent a long time looking at the breeding and decided that Ace / Paige puppy was what I was looking for. I had the last pick of the litter ( no pick )but no concerns because the pedigree is so strong. I had never run in field trials but wanted to try. The first trial at 6 months old, Cody won the open puppy and am puppy and got her first field trial points. She placed third in open derby the same weekend.We are still running derby and she has added a second place. I should have her derby points this fall. I am planning on entering her in shows as I feel she has great duel ch potential. I am so happy with Cody and can't thank James enough for breeding such great dogs. As we speak, Cody is warming my feet on the end of the bed. Rough Life !!!
Submitted by: Ashley House on Apr 04, 2011
I purchased my Lone Star Britt (Roy) from James in September of 2010. What a great decision! At only 8 months, Roy has had 3 successful quail hunts and even a top notch dove hunt. He has so much heart and is an equally delightful couch companion. As a breeder, James is gentle, patient, and extremely helpful. I have and will continue to recommend him to fellow sportsman and families. He has all the marks of a top notch breeder and it has been a pleasure to work with and learn from him. We can't wait to get Roy a brother in the next couple of years.
Submitted by: Mike Sweeney on Apr 04, 2011
We are very happy to have our "Allie" who is one year old and out of Lone Star's Ace x Lone Star's Paige. She just returned from Anderson Ranch Gun dogs where she was trained to find and point quail. They did a great job with her, and now she is now finding and pointing chukar and pheasant at the local game preserve. She is a smart dog and is friendly around strangers and their dogs, a real testament to the breeding at James Morriss' Lone Star Brittanys. We even took her to our trout lease in New Mexico and had a great time with her. We look forward to a long life with Allie as a hunter and companion.
Submitted by: Luke Legate on Apr 04, 2011
I got my puppy that I named Moose in June of 07 and the whole process was absolutely outstanding. Prior to picking him up Mr. Morriss was helpful, courteous and picked the right pup for me. I am not a professional hunter, I wanted a companion dog and someone to work for birds some at my deer lease. He loves that and loves tennis balls, he has a new companion since I got married, a Boxer that he wrestles with.

He is the picture of health is super smart. I was lucky to be able to stay at home with him for 6 months and he listens like a champ, wont cross the street, sits to eat, shakes, and let's kids pull on his ears.

I picked Lone Star Brittanys from the internet and it was the best decision I made, I drove from Austin to get him. Make the drive to Midland and get a wonderful dog, just make sure you exercise him, he got me to get more active!
Submitted by: Jeremy on Apr 04, 2011
James is truly a great breeder and the dogs he has to offer are excellent too! My brittany is a year and a half old and she does anything and everything to make me happy! She is constantly interested in birds and other critters and loves to play. She has a lot of energy and I'm extremely impressed at how friendly she is even with the little ones! You've got nothing to worry about with this breeder! A+
Submitted by: John Miesse on Apr 03, 2011
The first time we saw our Jessie last summer, she was only two weeks old and we immediately fell in love with this little runt of the litter. James was very personable and helpful in guiding us to the right pup. Her bloodlines are first rate and I know she will be a great hunter. In fact she is in 'training camp' right now getting her hunting skills honed for next bird season. She is also the most lovable companion and goes with us everywhere. Thank you Lone Star Brittanys!
Submitted by: Lindsey on Mar 18, 2011
We are thrilled with our little Ronan! James went above and beyond and picked us up from the airport, took us to his home, and introduced us to our new baby. Our vet says he's in great health and there's no doubt that he's handsome and well behaved (for an 11 week old!). I highly recommend this breeder.
Submitted by: Steve Kramer on Feb 01, 2011
I recently drove from new mexico to midland texas to purchase a puppy from james peterson and it was the smartest thing I could have done.Bandit is now ten weeks old and is preforming all his hunting games excellent.He is extremely smart and very close and affectionate to me.He has the same markings as Ace and the same temperanent.He is going to be a great hunter and a wonderful friend.If I ever buy another dog for a companion for Bandit I would definetly get him or her from James.James does a great Job with his dogs and is extremely helpful before and after the sale.
Submitted by: Kathy Appleton on Jan 10, 2011
We're extremely pleased with Ollie, our Brittany Spaniel. He's now 1 year old. He's highly intelligent, well behaved, and easy to train. He's great with the family and gets along very well with the kids. We will definitely get another pup from Lone Star Brittanys in the future.
Submitted by: Kimberly A. Galloway on Dec 19, 2010
We appreciate all the help you gave us finding our new Brittany Spaniel puppy "Sassy" last week, she is a wonderful pup. After our 14 year old Cocker Spaniel "Lady" passed away just before Thanksgiving, we were heart broken. Our hope was to welcome a new Brittany Spaniel puppy into our home to help fill the void and loneliness we felt without Lady. You truly went out of your way to help us find Sassy, and we very much appreciate your help. Sassy will have a wonderful life with us on the Laguna Madre and fishing for Redfish. Thank you for all your help!
Submitted by: Pamela Gough on Dec 15, 2010
We absolutely love our "Missy" whom we have had for nearly two years now. She is obedient, sweet, and especially smart. She spent about 8 weeks in training and she has exceptional manners in the field. Her instincts are super and I attribute a lot of that to her breeding. Mr. Morriss does a first rate job with his breeding program. If we were to ever get another Brittany we would immediately go to him.
Submitted by: Matt Redding on Dec 14, 2010
I picked up "Maggie" from James and Lone Star Brittanys about a year and a half ago and I couldn't be more thrilled. The dog's mild temperament, eagerness to please, willingness to be trained and overall hunting ability are all outstanding. This dog is not only a joy to be with at home with my family, but is also incredible in the field hunting quail, pheasant, chukar... and almost anything else I might add. I could not have asked for a better hunting partner and companion. This is the third brittany my family has had over the years, and I would put Lone Star's Brittanys up against any other dog breeder in the country.
Submitted by: Melissa Bushong on Dec 14, 2010
Update on the Bushong Brittanys! Our Shooter is now three years old and our newest addition Scout is 17 months, true brothers of Ace and Page. Though our boys were purchased for companions they show the natural instinct to point and flush. We are so pleased with Lonestar Brittanys, they produce sweet, intelligent, and beautiful dogs. Mr. Morriss knows how to match a pup with a family. Our boys are healthy and happy and when we are ready to purchase a third we will be seeking Mr. Morriss again!
Submitted by: Chester Mullins on Jul 05, 2010
Just wanted to drop you a line and give you an update on Buddy. As you will remember he is a pup from Ace and Paige. Buddy is a great dog. He so far has been mainly a companion but it is obvious he has great natural hunting skills. He is tireless and rugged with a profound personality. We sent him to an obedience school which was great for him and the family. One of our favorite games with him is to throw his favorite fetching toy on the sly and watch him work the yard to find it. He always does so and quickly. He is a very happy well adjusted dog that loves the family and our four year old grandson. His love of play is shown in the game he has "invented" on his own. He will pick up one of his rope toys in his mouth and then play soccer with a tennis ball using both front feet. Buddy is inside with us at night and has become a true member of the family.
We picked Buddy out of the litter last year on this day (July 4th) as you may remember. Buddy is the fifth Brittany for our family.Thanks for the great companion and good luck.
Submitted by: Linda Sixty on Apr 24, 2010
James was the first breeder we contacted when looking for a puppy for my 7 year old granddaughter. As a family, we enjoyed many spaniels through the years: britney, springer, cocker, caviler. All a delight!!! We were very pleased with James' information, opinions, and emotional attitude toward us and his dogs. My son currently has a german short-haired pointer and when he comes to pass, my son and his wife will be on James' door-step.
Linda Sixty
Submitted by: Ted on Jan 22, 2010
Blossom is now 6 months old she has been hunting since she was 4 months old. On that first hunt She is just getting better and better she has a some work to do on holding on point, but not bad for 6 months a little more work on my part!! James took so much time with me on the phone I thought a was going to drive him Crazy But he was very nice to work with. I can't thank him enough for Blossom.
Submitted by: Nancy Griffin on Jan 12, 2010
Hi James
Just wanted to show you how Nelson is growing! He is a great dog...wonderful personality and has won over the heart of our stubborn little female just as you predicted...he shows signs of great instincts...he honors point, points at birds, has a great nose (he can find a mouse under a foot of snow as he is running by and he loves to dig in to get them and often is successful) he is training well and doesn't like to be scolded and doesn't seem to want to run away...very important. He ventures out but always checks back...he is a little timid of unknown things approaching him but once he figures out what it is he gladly greets it...this isn't a concern as I think it is more a sign of a caution that will develop as he gets older and will be appreciated in the woods when encountering porcupines and skunks etc. He is a cuddler and loves to lay next to the other dogs or any person. So as you can tell we love him dearly. I will keep you informed of his progress.
Submitted by: Randy Petersen on Dec 22, 2009
I purchased a female from James in 08. It's been a wonderful positive experience since. James was helpful and truthful through out the entire process. I was a bit hesitant about buying a pup unseen, but through several conversation, James understood what I was looking for and picked out the perfect pup for me. Roxie is now 20 months old and her passions are birds and wanting to please. She will grow old chasing pheasants in Kansas, Iowa, and South Dakota. His Britts are exactly as advertised. Great bloodlines and even greater people.
Submitted by: Emily Tomas on Dec 07, 2009
I had been wanting a dog for a while and looked into different brittany breeders in Texas. After speaking with Mr. Morriss, I decided to buy a pup in late August. Only being 6 months old I am very impressed in Boone's natural instinct and ability to hunt. I have taken him quail hunting a few times with my friends short haired pointer and Boone does not hesitate to jump in and find the birds. He is very well behaved, loves people and is extremely smart. I could not have asked for a better friend!
Submitted by: Renee Hugger on Nov 18, 2009
We selected our new family member from Lone Star Brittanys. Cowboy Bleu is 6 months now and amazing. He is smart, strong, and a wonderful personality. Cowboy Bleu is very affectionate. He loves to play and cuddle. Cowboy Bleu is a natural hunter; he hunts anything that flys : birds, dragonflys, and butterflys. He loves the agility course and can out-run most other dogs his size. We are thrilled with Cowboy Bleu and highly recommend Lone Star Brittanys.
Submitted by: Dean Fry on Jun 15, 2009
We bought our Brittany (Bailey Mae) about 4 weeks ago from Lone Star Brittanys. I had been conversing with James Morriss via email for about 2 weeks, getting the details about the pup we were interested in. James answere all of our questions, sent us documentation and was kind enough to provide us pictures of our particular pup.....we were sold. When I met James in person I knew we had made the right decision. Bailey has a great temperament, and has fit right into our family. She consistently points a quail wing and does a great job of retrieving to hand. She continues to show great potential to be a great gun dog and family pet. Having owned a number of Brittanys before, I can honestly say that Lone Star Brittanys is truly best of breed. A big thank you to James Morriss.
Submitted by: Lance Tullos on Apr 22, 2009
I purchased my pup from Lone Star Brittanys about 2 1/2 years ago. Every day since then has been a joy to my family and I. James has really hit the mark with his program. A pup from Lone Star Brittanys is the unique balance of dynamite dog in the field and loving family member. There are no sure things in life but a pup from LSB is as close as it gets.
Submitted by: Jay Henderson on Apr 22, 2009
My family bought a Brittanny from Lone Star almost three years ago. She has proven to be a perfect companion. Dixie has an excellent temperment, she is a quick learner, and she is absolutely beautiful. Our Brittany is a pet and we have not used her for trials or other competitions, but James Morriss listened to what we wanted and fulfilled our every expectation. We are now waiting on the birth of our second Brittany from this breeder. We would highly recommend James Morriss and Lone Star Brittanys to other interested parties.
Submitted by: Melissa JM Bushong on Apr 19, 2009
Lone Star Brittanys produce the smartest, quick learning and gentle dogs. Our two year old Shooter was purchased for our son and they have become the best of friends. Though Shooter is mostly a companion he loves to be outside with us pointing birds, squirrels and what ever else goes by. We love this breed and breeder so much we are currently waiting for our new puppy "Scout" to be born! Our experience has been wonderful, Lone Star Brittany dogs are very well kept, healthy and happy and it shows in our Shooter.
Submitted by: Pete DiVasto on Apr 19, 2009
We now have our second dog from Jim at Lone Star and they are both wonderful companions, good natured and part of the family. The older one (age 2) is a natural born hunter, the pup (age 5 months) shows all the signs of being a great dog. They have both been easy to train.
I recommend Lone Star Brittanys without reservation
Submitted by: John Speight on Apr 19, 2009
I just recieved my young 8 week year old male 2 weeks ago and I can not say how great of a puppy he is. Lone Star Brittanys was the find of a life time when it comes to looking for a good dog. Excellent parents produce excellent puppies and thats what Lone Star's Eve and Ace produced. He is already pointing and is learning very quick. Has not been hard to crate train and is very enjoyable to have around. I would recommend Lone Star Brittanys to anyone looking for a excellent bird dog prospect you will not be dissappointed.
Submitted by: Adrian Aguirre on Apr 18, 2009
My family has purchased two wonderful dogs from Lone Star Brittanys. They are of the same parents, but two years apart. We're pleased (with Bigfoot and Bronco) because of their loving nature, their ability for training, and their well-behaved, respectful demeanor.

I would highly recommend LSB because of the quality canines that are distributed and the ease of working with Mr. Morriss.
Submitted by: Brad Barnds on Apr 18, 2009
James Morriss at Lone Star Brittany's is an outstanding breeder who worked with me for over a year to get the pick of the litter for which I am extremely thankful. I have a wonderful one year old female Brittany, Rainey, who is developing into a great bird dog and who from day one has been a loyal companion. I can't say enough about how well things worked out. Thanks James.

Brad Barnds
Submitted by: Todd Anderson on Oct 20, 2006
We have raised pups out of Lone Star Brittanys, trained several gun dogs and trial dogs, along with runing horse back trials with these pups. They are as nice to train as they are as pets, I doubt anyone puts out any better Brittanys than Lone Star Brittanys. Along with this James Morriss the owner of Lone Star Brittanys is as honest and sincere of a breeder as you will find.

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