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We are a family operated kennel with emphasis on breeding for temperament, health, conformation, and ability. We offer limited training. Our bloodlines are some of the most sought after, in North America and abroad. We have 1 to 2 litters a year. We provide a very comprehensive guarantee. We are very diligent in providing excellent service in all aspects of the dog breeding business, and providing the best puppy possible. When you place a phone call, text, or email to us and we are unable to answer your message immediately, we promise to respond to your message as soon as possible, the same day. Last, but certainly not least, when you purchase a puppy from Red Oak Labrador Retrievers, you will have the assurance that you will be getting a healthy, clean, well bred, well taken care of puppy that you can take home with confidence.
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Submitted by: Mattie M. on Aug 13, 2018
Dear Lloyd & Jessica, Thank you so much for your beautiful hearts. What you are doing for Labradors and for pet owners is truly remarkable and I sincerely admire you! You asked for litter/color/sex of a Labrador that we want...unfortunately we just don't have a preference. We read about all of your beautiful dogs and-well-they're all amazing! We've made the choice of Red Oak Labradors Retrievers !
Submitted by: KATHARINA BRAITHE@HOTMAIL.COM on Jan 28, 2018
Hi, it's me again.....:) Max and the boy he picked are still inseparable! Thanks again for such a great dog!!! Kat
Submitted by: Robyn Myers on Nov 20, 2017
Lloyd, we are head over heals in love with these sweet puppies and are so happy we got two! I cain't even imagine if we didn't have Ranger here with Wrigley! They are doing great. The drive was long but they handled it very well. They are adjusting to our home and sleep great at night! And they are so loving, and cuddly and playful! We loved getting to know you both and thank you for how welcomed we felt in your home. I also thank you for the amazing job you do with the puppies. They are beautiful and obviously well loved by you both. Thanks to you we have two beautiful new members of our family. Have a very happy Thanksgiving! Robyn
Submitted by: S. Duncan on Jun 02, 2017
Lloyd, Sadie is up to 25 pounds at the last vet visit and is certainly as advertised. She is a very smart puppy, and we haven't found anything she can't do. Also, as you warned she is a bit hard headed with her alpha personality, but I like that about her as well as it seems to give her a ton of drive and she conforms pretty quickly. She is full of energy and I think she would chase that bumper in the pictures until my arm fell off from throwing it. She is certainly a loving puppy and fitting right in with our family & friends that come and go around here. We are certainly blessed to have her and thanks again for the opportunity to have one of your girls as part of our family. Spencer
Submitted by: Janet Brooks on May 09, 2017
Lloyd, just wanted to drop you a note and give you a late follow up on Tripp. He's really turned out to be a wonderful dog!He's sweet, loyal, and appropriately protective. He is big and has a massive head. Thank you for our great dog! I have looked at your website and your breeding program seems to be really beautiful! I'm a believer in your program for starting pup's, it makes a difference in how they turn out! Janet Brooks
Submitted by: W. CARUTH on Apr 12, 2017
Lloyd, we are two full weeks and a few days into our lifelong adventures with young DOS. So far he is about the most mild tempered, well behaved little pup I have ever seen, If he has any flaws, we haven't discovered them yet,unless you consider his love for his meals...This guy loves to eat but we are keeping him on a schedule and portions just below the high average recommendation from the Naturals food and our vet. Good news is the little kibble that I keep in my front pocket really has his attention during our short training workouts. So far Dos has basically been house and crate trained. He is very comfortable in his crate and he stays there throughout the night. We do typically get up once but that's something that I's glad to do and I'm really glad he has the mindset to let me know. He will go to the door during the day as well. Dos is retrieving in short spurts and sits almost every time. Though I think his natural instinct is to sit so that one has been pretty easy for us and he likes the reward and praise for doing what he would have done anyways...WE have also been working on a leash and heeling. Tomorrow is shot day and we are ready to get it done so we can get out and see the rest of the world. We are scheduled to go to a for retrievers seminar next week and though I have never worked with them they are close and come with good recommendations. Its really just an introduction class but I want to see their set up and get on the same page as soon as possible. Seems like they are a little more hands on and prefer me to be available for training sessions. Not sure how that will go in the long run but I'm willing to put in the work if it helps get us through the basics and build a bond in the field. Sorry for the long email Lloyd. I could go on and on about this little guy. he is truly a great pup and he has been a blessing to our family. Thank you! Caruth Family
Submitted by: Krystal Hill on Apr 12, 2017
Lloyd, Ellie is growing right on up. She weighs almost 20 lbs. already! I have a feeling she is going to be a big girl! All is well here. She is the smartest little pup! She is taking well to training. She is so eager to please. We have not taken her outside the yard yet. I still want to wait until all of her booster vaccinations are done before we do that. WE do walk her around the yard on leash just to get her used to it. It is already hard to imagine life before Ellie! She is such a sweet pup. Hope ya'll have a blessed week. Sincerely, Krystal
Submitted by: DEB GRANQUIST on Apr 06, 2017
Well Piper went for her first overnight dog show in Syracuse, NY. She was fab. Got her 3rd leg in novice B Obedience for her CD title. Then she got two bumper legs. Third place each time. And she got a first place in Rally. I cain't tell what a great dog she is. She is a lot of dog. Has a mind of her own, but if I am fair, consistent, and generally a fun person to be around, she works really hard. She is such a quick study that we don't have to a lot of repetitions. She doesn't learn everything really quickly but once she knows it, it is embedded in her brain. And she is incredibly agile and funny and not to mention really gorgeous. She weighs 60.8 pounds of muscle. And if she wants to be, she is very affectionate but a bit on her terms. Thank you again for allowing me to have this magnificent friend. Best to you and Jessica
Submitted by: stephanie vallet on Mar 29, 2017
Hi!!! We absolutely love her!!! We did not hear a sound out of her all night.I set up a kennel inside a play pen in the kitchen and she went into her kennel and slept! She is so sweet and calm! She met Reagan, our daughter, last night and when Reagan came down the stairs this morning she went right to her and crawled up into her lap. I'm not sure which child of our's is more excited our son or my daughter. I am so impressed with how observant she is. I believe she will be a perfect fit for our family and will be a great hunting companion. I will keep you posted on her progress. Sincerely, Stephanie
Submitted by: Will Caruth on Mar 27, 2017
Lloyd, the ride home was actually very easy. First few minutes DOS was a little confused, but he really settled down and slept or crawled on Sarah for the majority of the time. We made it south of Fredericksburg before we made a little potty stop. Dos was really intriged with the grass and he also circled a little tree several times in pursuit of himself I was very funny. Night one went as good as I could have hoped. no accidents and he slept in his crate with the door open. We got up 3 times but I was happy to do it and he was very quick to relax back into my arms and then I would put him back on his bed in his crate. Today he actually went in the crate on his own and took a nap, so I think we are on point. I did put his towel in with him and I think it's helped him relax when he needs a little extra support. More to follow. ALL is good. We love this pup!
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