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Briar Ridge Kennels - South Carolina Deutsch Drahthaar, German Wirehaired Pointer Breeders

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About Briar Ridge Kennels
For over forty five years, Briar Ridge Kennels has been raising Drahthaars. We have developed what we believe to be the finest line of gun dogs for the foot hunter in the United States. We sell Drahthaars all over North and Central America for quail, grouse, pheasant, ducks,dove and woodcocks.

While our emphasis is on hunting ability and coat, our Dornenberg Drahthaars have looks you can be proud of. Most all of the pups have roan coloring with liver head and markings. The males usually run in the 70 to 85 lb. class while the females are generally within the 50 to 60 lb. class. We raise only hunting Drahthaars, no field trial or "show" type dogs.

There are many more photos on the web site as well as additional information.

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Deutsch Drahthaar, German Wirehaired Pointer
Breeder Contact Info
Bill Vannordstrand
1530 Meadowdale Road
Rock Hill, South Carolina 29732
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 44 years.
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Submitted by: Anna and Matthew McCain on Nov 16, 2015
When looking for the right kennel, it was very important to us to find someone who not only focused on the dog's hunting ability, but also their ability to fit in as a part of our family. After speaking with Mr. Bill, that is exactly what we found at Briar Ridge Kennels. We picked up our pup, Donner, just a little over a year ago and he is a true joy. He is incredibly smart, loyal and a terrific hunting companion. He truly inspires to please and gives 100% during training. At a year old he is doing great on single and multiple retrieves and responds well to hand signals, but the most impressive thing is his natural ability. It is truly an incredible sight to see him work. There are two things Donner lives for: the hunt and his family. He is just an overall great dog and I believe that has much to do with Mr. Bill's commitment to producing a well rounded, quality gun dog. Thank you for this great addition to our family!
Submitted by: John Powers on Oct 28, 2015
Bill goes the extra mile to ensure the pup and owner are a good fit. He knew I was going to choose my pup, Hook weeks before I ever showed up. I am overwhelmed with the pup and the direction prior to and after taking Hook home. Bill has helped guide me to basic do's and don'ts of my training. I cannot thank him enough. Proof is in the finished product and he sure does provide that. Thanks
Submitted by: Jason Birrer on Apr 03, 2015
Ok...this is a review I've been meaning to do for a long long time. I had purchased two males from Briar Ridge kennels and both dogs have been phenomenal. The noses on these dogs are exceptional in the field and for service use. My first male (Thor) at one year was dialed in and a beast of a hunter. Unfortunately, he passed away a few months after his first birthday due to freak accident. But that's another story. A couple of years later I had gotten my second male from Bill. Drake to this day has hunted everything from Ducks, pheasants, quail, chucker, deer, hogs and missing dogs. Yes I did say missing dogs. Drakes tracked run away dogs up to 5 miles away with success. He's now 10 years old and still hasn't slowed down. He is one loyal dude and his mission is to hunt. Can't thank Bill enough for the two dogs I've gotten from him.
Submitted by: Clyde Holt on Mar 31, 2015
My first Briar Ridge pup, (Madeline) purchased in 2005, got hold of some poisoned Coyote bait while hunting grouse in Idaho last fall. She had proven to be an excellent athlete and the best big water swimmer (Albemarle and Currituck Sounds) that I had ever seen. Most of all though I will remember her as my most affectionate and loyal companion ever (don't tell my wife I said that.) My second Briar Ridge pup (Greta) picked up last week looks to be the same!
Submitted by: Charlie Moore on Feb 10, 2015
I unqualifiedly recommend Briar Ridge Kennels for both the exceptional dogs and for the breeder himself. I can not imagine having a better experience than what I have enjoyed at Briar Ridge.

Years ago I acquired from Briar Ridge "Belle,"a female Wirehair, who was, by far, the best companion I've ever had in the field and at home. I say "was" because Belle has moved on to where great dogs go when their time here is done. Belle had it the field and in the living room. That dog was attuned to my every mood. She was uncanny in her ability to connect with me no matter the situation..

Subsequent to Belle's passing I called Bill to reserve another dog. I had absolutely no thought of seeking a dog elsewhere. I sent in my deposit and then experienced health issues which prevented me from taking a dog from the first available litter. Bill has been most accommodating in the matter. I appreciate his attitude toward his dogs and his people. You can't go wrong at Briar Ridge.
Submitted by: John Wirtz on Feb 02, 2015
We got Gus (Seig) three year ago this New Year. I had never had a pointer before and was a little nervous about my ability to successful train and hunt with a new puppy. Bill and I spoke about my concerns over the phone. He assured me that if I put the time into the dog everything would be fine. As it turned out Bill was right. By 3 months old, it was clear Gus naturally knew more about hunting than I ever would. I have had a blast training and hunting with Gus over the last three years. This year Gus really put it all together he points, retrieves, and listen to commands very well. Further Gus has been great in our home, with children and with our other male dog. He also couldn't be more handsome & receives compliments every where we go!! I couldn't be happier with him. We look forward to many more rewarding years with him.

Thanks again Bill
Submitted by: Ryan Munn on Dec 23, 2014
I found Briar Ridge through this website. So I decided to call Bill just to talk. Well by the end of the conversation I had already decided to send a deposit. So patiently I waited for the call. The day I went to pick up my pup I found an exceptional kennel and very well trained dogs. My pup Dell Vom Dornenberg (Mule) is at 4 months and is already picking up birds and bumpers on land and water. He is a great companion and has drive that I could have only hoped for. I am very pleased to say that I own one of Bills dogs and will be a repeat customer.
Ryan Munn
Camden SC
Submitted by: Rick Simis on Dec 15, 2014
I got Max from Briar Ridge 3 years ago this month and couldn't be more pleased. Max is amazing in the field. From the first time hunting, he demonstrated his innate hunting instincts, incredible drive and talent for finding, then retrieving birds. He is an excellent companion and exceptional hunter. I would recommend Bill's kennel to anyone interested in getting a fabulous hunting dog and a great companion.
Submitted by: Charles Smith on Nov 24, 2014
I bought a male Drathaar from Bill in spring of 2003 when I was in college. Drake (Plato von Dornenburg) from the get go was an energetic, loving, social, and tireless hunting dog. He was a smooth coated liver and roan styled fella and traveled with me across the country hunting ducks, geese, and upland birds. I would say he was a "jack of all trades master of none" kind of dog. I believe that is how Bill bred his hunting line to be.
Bill ,throughout Drake's life, would answer any questions I might have in his very matter of fact type way. I had Drake for 11.5 years and plan on getting another dog from Bill in the near future. I highly recommend Bill's dogs for their hunting ability/ companionship and if you are willing to do your part with the training his dogs will hold up their end of the bargain.
Submitted by: Reid Tatum on Sep 11, 2014
Our wirehair Burke vom Dornenberg (aka. Martie) is now 4 months old. She is pointing, retrieving and comes when called. She has a wonderful disposition and has become a member of the family.
I have had many bird dogs in my life and she is the quickest learner of them all. In my opinion your bloodline is second to none.
Reid and Londa Tatum

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