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Briar Ridge Kennels - South Carolina Deutsch Drahthaar, German Wirehaired Pointer Breeders

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About Briar Ridge Kennels
For over forty five years, Briar Ridge Kennels has been raising Drahthaars. We have developed what we believe to be the finest line of gun dogs for the foot hunter in the United States. We sell Drahthaars all over North and Central America for quail, grouse, pheasant, ducks,dove and woodcocks.

While our emphasis is on hunting ability and coat, our Dornenberg Drahthaars have looks you can be proud of. Most all of the pups have roan coloring with liver head and markings. The males usually run in the 70 to 85 lb. class while the females are generally within the 50 to 60 lb. class. We raise only hunting Drahthaars, no field trial or "show" type dogs.

There are many more photos on the web site as well as additional information.

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Deutsch Drahthaar, German Wirehaired Pointer
Breeder Contact Info
Bill Vannordstrand
1530 Meadowdale Road
Rock Hill, South Carolina 29732
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 44 years.
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Submitted by: Copeland Haynes on Jan 16, 2017
I came in contact with Bill via this site while doing research on Drahthaar breeders in the SouthEast. Once I found his website and saw dozens of pictures of his beautiful dogs, I knew I didn't need to look any further. From day one Bill has been fast, professional and helpful in communicating and getting me on my way to taking home a pup. I've had my female for 8 months now. She's got the drive and energy to run, hunt and retrieve as long as I can go, and at the end of the day she has no problem calming down and finding a nice cool spot on the floor.

Bill has a lifetime of experience with this breed and I would recommend Briar Ridge Kennels to anyone who is interested in the Drahthaar.
Submitted by: Hans Ramm on Jan 05, 2017
After meeting Bill and his dogs in early 2015 I knew my next dog was coming from Briar Ridge and it was certainly worth the wait. I've had Addie for 9 1/2 months now and she is the best hunting dog I've ever had. She not only is great in the field, but great at home too. Thanks Bill!
Submitted by: Dan Jergens on Dec 22, 2016
I called Bill 10 years ago and told him what I wanted in a dog.He sent me Klaus! He was spot on with what I got! This dog had more hunt, drive, prey instinct than any other pup that I had seen! He is better than I can train him for, he loves to retrieve more than the four Labs that I have owned!No kidding! He loves his training dummy! Have gotten many compliments on him.All the family loves him and he sleeps with me and my wife everyday, just Love him.Great all-around Dog!
Submitted by: Jason Bennett on Oct 20, 2016
Bill is great to work with, and our pup, Fritzie, has been an absolute joy. We introduced her to a grouse wing (tied to the end of a fishing pole) at 7 weeks and she immediately went on point! I can't wait for her to grow up a little and take her out into the field for some hunting.
Submitted by: Jeff Smith on Sep 19, 2016
I am an avid bow hunter and wanted a good all around dog for both bird hunting and for dear retrieval. After researching types of dogs that show to be good all around hunters, I decided on a drahthaar. I received my pup Moor 8 weeks ago. I could not be more happy with his demeanor. He is simply awesome! His hunting instincts are amazing. He points any bird/insect/cat that happens across the property and he has been in the water since the day I got him. He retrieves both land and water, looking forward to the next throw or game of "hide and go seek"..... But what he does best is track. I've had him on trails as long as 2 miles and he pulls me all the way to the end of the track. I drag a 8"X8" dear hide along with a dear liver that is in a zip lock bag that has small punctured holes. Make the drag with my ATV, wait 30 minutes and put him on it. Started with a 30 yard drag and then worked up from there... Bill had told me that following a scent trail would be the easiest thing for the dog to do - and he was right on! Moor stays in the house with us in the evenings and night, loves people but doesn't get over excited with them. When he is retrieving or on a trail, he could care less about anyone else that is around. Very focused and easily trainable pup. Bill has been great from day 1. I would and have recommended him to several of my hunting buddies.
Thanks you Bill - for a great dog and for all the help along the way!
Submitted by: Hane Edwards on Jun 15, 2016
As a professional hunter and wildlife biologist, I'm constantly in the woods. I have worked with setters, pointers,brittanys, walkers, beagles, labs and goldens. Wanting to try a different breed this time for specific task of upland game, wetland game, and tracking clients wounded deer, I decided on this breed and this is how I found Bill. A very informed person in his field. I was very skeptical about his claims on the dogs as most breeders tend to greatly exaggerate their dogs capibilities. however, after visiting the kennels, he had my deposit. Upon seeing my puppy the first time, I knew I had a great dog and worth the long wait. The demeanor is perfect for both the field and the house with my family. He trains easily and the hunting instinct is one of the strongest I've seen. At 6 weeks, he was pointing at the daughters cats and stalking them. I feel this to be one of the best dogs I will work with and eagerly look forward to the future with him. Thanks Bill
Submitted by: Steve myer on Mar 25, 2016
I got my my dog glock from Bill going on 9 years ago. I couldn't have asked for a better hunting companion. He is very prey driven and has retrieved everything from grouse to geese. I highly recommend briar ridge.
Submitted by: Allen Harper on Mar 14, 2016
I grew up hunting wild quail in South-side Virginia, owning and self-training (English) Setters and Pointers for the job. But work, the decline in wild quail and other factors later in life got me out of keeping a dog for about 6 years. When things changed so I could get back in, I decided to try something different and contacted Bill at Briar Ridge Kennel about his Drahthaars. I am definitely glad I did. My male Burr, now just under 2 years of age, is handling quail well, hunts dead like a vacuum cleaner, and has produced solid retrieves on land and water. He has a super hunt drive, a fine nose and a general desire to please during training sessions and hunts. In addition Burr has a pleasing personality that my wife and neighbors appreciate, and spends his evenings and nights indoors with us. Like any properly cared for gun dog, I have given Burr a lot of attention, be he definitely has shown the breeding behind him to respond well to that attention. So, count me in as a very satisfied Brian Ridge Kennel customer, and glad to have a gun dog hunt companion again. Allen Harper, Franklin, VA
Submitted by: Laurie Billeck on Feb 01, 2016
Couldn't be more proud or happier to be apart of the best gun dog kennel (Blair Ridge Kennels} WOW!! If I had to say one word it would be WOW! Thanks to Bill I have he best 9week old puppy ever on he west cost... from the first time we laid eyes on "Tika" she has blessed this family..She is so sound already, at 6 weeks she pointed at wings on the ground. From day one I have bin shooting over her head with homemade cannon spud gun she never once flinched ...WOW! WOW! WOW! she now at 9week has moved up to 22 hand gun on walks and same results WOW! Thanks to Bill ( GO Hawks )
Submitted by: Jason Wallace on Feb 01, 2016
I have owned labs all of my life but have always wanted a German WireHair. I began searching for breeders within driving distance and found Mr. Bill on this site. I sent in my deposit and waited...the call finally came and the family loaded up to go get Ranger. Ranger is 9 mos old and has been, and is everything we ever wanted in a German Wirehair. His demeanor is outstanding and learns commands with ease. Ranger has been to Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma with me this year chasing ducks and pheasant. He is still a kid at heart but a hunter by soul. He is my buddy, sleeps in the bed beside me and goes everywhere with me. Ranger's ability to hunt far out weighs my ability to train him. His only shortcomings at this point are my lack of training faults only.
I'm certain that by the time I get in the truck for the next duck trip he will be more than ready.
Ranger is a beautiful dog and people love him everywhere we go. He is a good hearted dog and loves to play. Loves my kids and loves life!
Mr. Bill has been great from the very beginning.I would highly recommend that if your are looking for a quality GWR from a respected professional Mr. Bill.

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