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Chippewa Farms French Brittanys - South Carolina Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel Breeders

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About Chippewa Farms French Brittanys

† We are a small farm in central South Carolina, that produces bobwhite quail, and of course the beautiful French Brittany. We got our first French Brittany twelve years ago,† It was several years after having Bella Anne that we decided to breed. We love the beauty, temperament, size, personality, and most of all their willingness to please "YOU". † Our pups are out of our own hunting stock .."Yes" we hunt our own dogs.† Bringing together the best from the present, and past for the future. All our our dogs has many champions in their pedigree's... we will be glad to send you a copy of their pedigree upon request.† French Brittany's make wonderful companions/hunters/family pets for the whole family that will last a lifetime.† We love our dogs, and we love what we do, and it is very satisfying for us to connect quality† dogs, and pups with families. We find the pup that is right for you, and your family. If needed, we can ship your pup by air.† Please call or email to learn more about us, and our French Brittany's.† Please visit our website. Thank you, and May God Bless you and yours.


Now accepting deposits for our January - February 2015 litters, call or email for more information on our upcoming litters for 2015. Thank you.
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Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel
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John & Melody Steele
Leesville, South Carolina 29070
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 11 years.
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Submitted by: Joel Ellis on Jun 04, 2014
Hi, Steeles. I hope all is well at Chippewa Farms. I thought you might enjoy a couple of recent shots of Henry. In a few days Henry will join us on his first trip out west. He will go with us to Oxford (MS), New Orleans, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Santa Fe, and several cities is Colorado. We'll probably come back through Oklahoma too. I calculated that after this summer he will have been to at least 21 states with us. He's a very good traveler.

Submitted by: Deborah Cruger on Jun 04, 2014
Dear Melody,
I hope you and your family are doing well!
I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how our "baby" Max is doing.
He is an amazing puppy and we just love him to pieces! He is super smart and fits in our family perfectly.
He is house broken and has been for some time. We discovered he would sit quietly by the door when he needed to go out but we wouldn't always notice. So we got a bell and we taught him to ring it. It is so cute! As you said, yes, he is quite a chewer, but he has not destroyed anything of ours and knows to chew only his toys. (Although he does make off with a few of the kids toys just to get their attention sometimes!)
He also knows how to sit and is doing well learning not to jump when people come over.
He chooses each night who he is going to sleep with and he mostly chooses to sleep with our little girl. She loves this because her brothers share a room and she is alone.
My husband thinks Max would be a great hunting dog. Initially he wasn't going to use him as a bird dog, but he is now thinking he may!
Max gets crazy when the kids are outside and he cannot be with them. He wants to be part of the fun. We take him with us just about everywhere we go and even our friends who are not dog people love him and let him in their home. He even gets along with their cats.
Speaking of that, he loves our guinea pigs too and they like him as well! They used to be timid but it seems since he got here they are more friendly. Maybe they feel protected by him.
Last weekend we had him at a winery and friends of our asked us about where we got Max. They are now interested in getting a pup of their own. I gave them your info.
You are a delight to work with and we feel blessed! Just know that is puppy is spoiled and loved so much!!
Talk to you soon!!!

Love, Debi Cruge
Submitted by: Gloria Franklin on Jun 04, 2014
Melody & John--- Thank you again fro Mr Tibbs ! We are LOVING him and spoiling him to MANY activities daily. He loves to spend tree time, hike time, people time, doggy park time, goes to Lowes, Home Depot, Bass Pro and loves the attention he gets EVERYWHERE. Hope you both are doing great!!! Loobbs is a great combination of Gilbert and Abby--- he is very silly and we all find him hilarious!! Smart too!! Does all basic commands: sit, stay, down, down-stay, hunt and find--- working on leash training this wee
Submitted by: Steven Hairfield on Feb 04, 2014
Melody and John,

Just wanted to update you on how well Chance is doing. This was our hunt yesterday.

He has excellent natural ability and little training. He never slows down and is always on the hunt. Usually he is the first to any downed bird.

In the house he is as you describe on your website. Good with the grandchildren and relaxed (mostly curled on the sofa) .

Although we sometimes have the doubters at the beginning of the hunt by the end there is grudging respect. (Yes, Virginia, there are other bird dogs besides pointers and setters)

Thanks again for Chance.


Steve Hairfiel
Submitted by: Laura H. on Nov 26, 2013
My human family feels so lucky to have found me at Melody & John's. They take really good care of my doggy parents and make sure all my fellow puppies are taken care of, too
Submitted by: Jeff Pratt on Nov 20, 2013
I have a couple field shots.. one from canoeing with my daughter this fall.. and one from this weekend - Riley pointing a woodcock.

He's a great dog.. smart, house and family friendly and very capable on birds.

Will be in touch.. Jeff
Submitted by: Helen Ann on Nov 19, 2013
I've wanted to call, but have lost your number. I just wanted to say how wonderful Pancho is. You asked me at the 1 year mark if he had calmed down, and he really hadn't yet, but about a month later, it was like magic. He has calmed down considerably and just is better and better behaved every day. He is so sweet and such a love. He loves to play with other dogs, but is not dominant at all. He has gotten really good about mostly only chewing things he is allowed to chew. He is getting much better about coming when called and does not take off whenever he gets the chance anymore. It is funny, but it really is like a switch was flipped. I need to get back into training, but it probably won't be before the new year before we take another class, but I am very curious to see how he does when we do. He still has plenty of goofy clown and makes wild tears through the house on a regular basis, but he has really learned good judgment about what he can and cannot do while on his tears. We just love him so much. Thank you for breeding such a wonderful boy.

Submitted by: Alfred Warner on Nov 05, 2013
Hi, Melody:

It's been two years since you shipped Dash up to me and I just wanted to give you an update. First, Dash is about the best dog I can imagine. Smart, playful, loving and a darned good looking dog. Almost everyone we meet comments on his appearance to the good. His head could be large if he understood just half of what gets said! My wife says I spoil him rotten and I probably do.

Second, I finally had a chance to get him in the field this year. I'm training him myself (or, more likely, trying not to get in his way as he learns) and I'm thrilled with how he is doing. He works hard and relentlessly as long as the weather is not too hot. He began by busting up birds by rushing them but he's been getting cannier and today he struck and held point at least twice where I could see him. It's beautiful to watch him stalk a bird in super slow-motion. He's also been excellent at helping me find downed birds in heavy cover.

We have a lot to learn still but he is exactly what I've read elsewhere about French Brittanies: angels in the house and demons in the field (well, my wife is not sure about the angel part as he has claimed on end of the sofa as his own....).

I've attached a photo from our work today. Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my boy.


Al Warner
Erie PA
Submitted by: Joe H. on Sep 08, 2013
I just wanted to let you know the pup I got from you, she was born last September, I picked her up in November. Because she was so young, I did not get to hunt her very much last season, but she has really turned out to be a very good hunter. She is very smart and has an excellent nose, at the rate she is improving, she may turn out to be one of the best dogs I have hunted with, so thank you very much.
Submitted by: Jen H. on Aug 30, 2013
Hi Melody. I took Inzo for his 9 week shots this morning. He was so busy eating treats and getting attention that he didnít even notice they gave him a shot, lol.

You were right about the vet. We felt like celebrities! They have only heard of the breed, but never seen it in real life. All the nurses were trying to guess and the doctor was so excited. We must have had 5 people visit us in the waiting room because they wanted to see the dog, lol. We felt pretty special. I told them all about your place and everything.

His doctor said heís going to read up on the breed before we see him for his 12 week shots. I just thought it was hilarious on how awesome they thought it was. Inzo defiantly stole the show.

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