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About Pond Hollow Chesapeakes GUN DOGS & COMPANIONS


2014-Congrats to Camo for making QA2 title- and his All-breed Amateur JAM. Congrats to Pond Hollow Working Class Hero Dock Master !!!! Thank-you to all owners who titled one of our dogs in 2014- 20 New Titles in total- 15 of them hunting titles.



We have been involved with the breed since 1976.

Listed in the Who's Who In Dogs by Connie Vanacore.

Editor/author of American Chesapeake Club's breed book.

We have bred over 290 AKC titled dogs in all types of venues.

Pond Hollow dogs have won national recognition awards in field, show and obedience.

2011 to 2014-ELEVEN different Pond Hollow dogs have earned MH titles.

Other breeders for improvement of their own dogs value our dogs since we have rigid requirements for temperament, conformation and hunting instincts.

Pond Hollow dogs are known WORLDWIDE. Pond Hollow dogs form the basis of many many Chesapeake kennels


Gun Dogs, Companionship, Hunt Tests, Conformation, Agility, Obedience, Dock Dog, Rally.

Currently taking reservations for December GUN DOG litter that will be ready to take home in LATE FEB. Ready for next hunting season.

Our reservation list fills up quickly, so please contact us well in advance.


Pups micro chipped and enrolled in AKC recovery program in your name and AKC registered in your name. First shots and worming. Written guarantee. Home Raised.

We are happy to talk Chesapeakes and to introduce you to our "family".

Visitors welcome-just call or email ahead.




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Breeder Contact Info
Dyane Baldwin
4308 Mannsville Road
Newport, Pennsylvania 17074
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 35 years.
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Submitted by: Steve Marr on Dec 21, 2013
Echo at 10 months old. She's an outstanding companion and retriever. She has just over 100 retrieves in the 1st. half of our duck season. She's very loyal to me and our family. Training is going great,i've had no issues with bad behavior. She's alittle protective of downed birds,and my gear, but I find that to be more than acceptable. She does a great job marking downed birds. we hunt ponds,the Montezuma refuge,and the big fingerlakes. Echo does a great job at them all! Thanks again for such a wonderful dog. Steve.

Submitted by: Ryan Quinn on Dec 21, 2013
Hi Dyane,

Yes you did send me the names, thank you for that. I attached some pictures of the beautiful little girl. As you can see, she has already made friends with the 1-yr old golden we watch, and she already has a knack for finding my birds (she dug the one in the picture out of the back of my vest when I wasn't looking... couldn't help but laugh at her face covered in pheasant feathers). Right now she is across the hall sleeping in the bathtub.. the little smarty figured out how to turn on the faucet by lifting it with her nose.. never thought I'd have to puppy proof my shower faucets haha. I'll be sure to update with more pictures and try to get a few on facebook when I get a chance.

Thanks again,

Submitted by: Gitte Morgensen on Dec 21, 2013
Hi Dyane

Everything is very okay. I'm so sorry I haven't sent you any Christmas
Greetings yet, but.... I have been waiting for our new calendar for 2013.
It has arrived now and I'll send you one next week.

Nevis did EXCELLENT in 2012. We are so proud of her - she is a real little

Think I told you she was world junior winner 2012 in Salzburg and 3 x BOB +
a 4th place in the group in Sweden.
She got several BOB in Denmark and Breedwinner 2012. She is also Danish
Winner 2012 and Winner Amsterdam 2012 + 1 x best bitch and BOS in Kassel,
Germany (Saturday) and BOB in Kassel Sunday. We (Nevis, Pixie and I) drove
to Romania in October 2012. Looonnngggg travel - 2500 km. each way. The
Romanian Kennel Club had arranged 5 dogshows including the EuroWinnershow in
Bucharest. The shows started in Targu Mures in upper Romania with two shows,
then one in Ploesti (350 km. south) and at last two shows in Bucharest.
Nevis was BOB 4 times - even at the Eurowinnershow, so... she managed to be
Eurowinner 2012. Pixie got 1 BOB and Euroveteranwinner 2012 so it was a
marvellous trip. Long, hot - up to 35 degrees - rotten roads, bad roadsigns,
no GPS signals etc. but... we survived and were very proud of our selves
when we at last came home again.
Submitted by: Jan Jann on Dec 21, 2013

Just wanted to let you know that Ms. Natty is the sweetest, most beautiful pup. I love her little white toes, and she has the most awesome coat! Beauty and Brains! Thanks for adding to our ever growing line of terrific Pond Hollow Chessies; we're Pond Hollow brand snobs. Five great ones in a row; it is very hard to pick a favorite from them since they all have great personalities..

Everyone totally adores her except our old dog, Fowler. She constantly attempts to make friends with Fowler; he just whisper growls at her. Natty will sleep in any bed, with anyone that grabs her. You can see the photo of the bed cubby she outgrew fitting into. She often snuggles with Bo, and they play nonstop since they are both just youngsters. When we have Bella here they all play, sleep, and eat together quite well.


Submitted by: Kerry Stough on Dec 21, 2013
Hi Dyane,

September is around the corner, which means we have had Bo almost a year. Time surely flies when you're having fun!

We certainly had our fair share of transition issues as Bo adjusted from life with Russ in Boca Raton, FL to his new home in central Alabama. He is our second Chessie, but first rescue. I just wanted to quickly share with you his successes as our family member.

When we drove to Boca Raton to pick him up sight unseen, we understood from Russ and the local rescue volunteer that Bo demonstrated dog aggression and protectiveness issues. He lunged and snapped at the volunteer when she entered Russ' home, required constant separation from the other two dogs in the home due to aggression, and was strictly food-driven for basic obedience. Russ clearly loved Bo a great deal, but our initial impression when Russ introduced us was that Bo was the man of the house.

That being said, his turn-around amazes us. Bo spent many, many weeks relearning sit, stay, heel, and down (and a few new commands); relearning how to swim (he was an entrenched water-freaker); and relearning how to socialize and play with other dogs. I think Bo's significant improvement is a testimony to your breeding program and investment in dog temperament, and we wanted to say thank you for your due diligence to breed and support healthy and well-rounded Chesapeakes. He is now a fluid swimmer, has not had a negative interaction with other dogs in over 10 months, is reliably obedient, and is a beloved member of our family.

We sent Bo to Kathy Luthy in Crestview, FL for force-fetching in mid-spring and are extremely pleased with her program and the outcome of Bo's retriever training (she also helped us get him to his ideal weight...finally!). We are currently fine-tuning short blind retrieves in anticipation of duck season this winter. Kathy was very complimentary of Bo's drive and intellect...while helping us better understand common Chessie stubbornness!

I am so proud of our boy, and hope you appreciate this update. I imagine you and Marie hear lots of success stories regarding your litters, but I also imagine it never gets old . I could not relocate Marie's email address, so please pass on our sincere appreciation for her help last year with Bo's transition. Many thanks to you both for your invested interest in the long-term success of this breed - we are so happy that we took a leap of faith and drove to Boca Raton nearly a year ago!

Kerry and Josh Stough
Jasper, AL

Submitted by: Jeff Adrian on Dec 21, 2013

It has been a long time since Iíve talked to you. I wanted to let you know I had to lay to rest Jade this week. We moved from South Carolina to North Carolina 7 years ago to a 70 acre farm.
Iíll I can say about Jade is WOW! She did everything asked of her and more. Her temperament and trainability was unmatched. I had so many compliments on how obedient and good looking she was. I want to thank you for such a wonderful friend. My bed isnít the same without my little girl in it. As I walk around the farm there isnít anywhere I can go that doesn't hold a memory of Jade.

I don't compete anymore. I just need a best friend again.
I canít tell you how much I miss Jade. Thanks for the 13 1/2 wonderful years. Please let me know your breeding plans

Jeff Adrian
Submitted by: Joe Shedlock on Dec 21, 2013
Hello Dyane:

Greetings from North Idaho.

Today is one year for Buster Brown and his litter mates. He is a very nice male Chessie. Outstanding temperament and mannerisms. Very sensitive and affectionate. 84 lbs. with a dark brown coat as thick and full as a sheep.
His conformation is outstanding. His features are impressive, head size, teeth, fabulous tail, he moves with grace, power and speed. He has finally slowed down at the food bowl - this guy can "slam" food! Have followed your feeding rec's. and have kept him trim. A swimming fool!! Initially had to use a 50 ft. check cord to get him under control and to get him out of the water. Loves to swim forever. He dunks his nose in up to his eyes and blows bubbles. He has done it since a puppy in his water bowl! Very funny to see! Also a good retriever, flashy and fast on the mark, somewhat slower and deliberate on the return, good instincts for finding hidden falls. Still working on steadiness. He has an incredible desire to please, and is very sensitive to correction, so much so that I really backed off on the intensity of the verbal commands. He works almost entirely with hand signals.

We are very fond of this guy. He has fit into the pack perfectly. Has a great boxing relationship with Gus the old cat.
Lucy is his mentor and "boss". They are an impressive retrieving team on land and water.

Best regards,
Joe and Linda Shedlock
Submitted by: Blake Henderson on Dec 21, 2013

I wanted to give you an update on Nash. Duck season was one of the worst I can remember due to an over abundance of rainfall shortly after the season started. The ducks were spread out with all the water and Nash didn't get to pick up nearly as many ducks as last year. Counting dove season, he picked up nearly 400 birds in the 2011-2012 season. He's doing well with handling this year as long as he's within about 200 yards. We are going to work on the longer blinds in the off season. He is in the house with my family most nights and he accompanies me to the farm almost every day. What a great dog!

Blake Henderson
Submitted by: Michele Kelly on Dec 21, 2013
Hi Dyane,
The girls are doing well. Chiffey is begining to slow down a pace or two but her disposition is without equal. Missy is Missy, full of energy and my husband's shadow. Thanks so much for two wonderful girls.
May the New Year be a blessing to all at PondHollow.
Charles and Michele Kelly
Submitted by: Bill Gallant on Dec 21, 2013
Hi Dyane,

I just wanted to send a quick note to update you on my kid! Bailey is the funniest dog I have ever had- she is a wide open clown dog for sure! She is much more popular around my neighborhood and Church than I am- kids come to the door and want to know if Bailey can come out! What??? The other evening, a bunch of my neighbors were gathered in our cul de sac- the area hangout for the people that have kids or are too old for the bar scene like me! Anyway, I took Bailey up there and right away, a little toddler named Reese comes walking up with a basket ball. Bailey started going nuts (she loves to retrieve anything that you can throw, especially a ball!) Anyway, Reese's mom said "throw the ball to the puppy". Reese threw the ball kinda towards Bailey. Bailey got control of the ball but obviously she can't pick it up, so she just kinda nosed it back over the toddler. She then sat, so excited and tail wagging a hundred miles an hour- waiting for her to throw the ball again! It was so cute watching those two play!

So anyway, Bailey weighs close to 55 lbs now. She is a picture of health- I wish you could see her in person. I get so many compliments on her and she just eats up all the attention!! I hope you and Bill are doing well- Talk to ya soon...

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