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Kinkade Hill Chesapeakes - Pennsylvania Chesapeake Bay Retriever Breeders

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About Kinkade Hill Chesapeakes

"Breeding Physically Sound Even Tempered Chesapeakes for Home and Field at Real World Prices.

What you will Not get at Kinkade Hill...

No Limited registration only sales. We never require co-ownership or reserve breeding rights on your puppy. Money back genetic health guarantee not a long wait for a puppy replacement. And never any hoops to jump through. Just a respectful old fashioned "win/win" buying experience. Placing CBR companions/hunters in quality homes from Canada to Florida.

Thanks for your consideration,

Dave Bray Ph# 724-445-3405 -

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David R. Bray
344 Fairmont Rd.
Chicora , Pennsylvania 16025
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 15 years.
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Submitted by: B White on Aug 17, 2016
I got my little girl about 3 months ago the buying part was a very easy because David made it that way. As for our pup she is now 5 months old and what a joy she is. She is completely housebroken, and retrieving 40 to 50 yards on land and 30to40 yards in shallow water. I am very pleased with everything from the buying to working with my pup and would do it all over again even then 6.5 hour ride each way.,
Submitted by: Cody Salmon on Jan 03, 2016
We picked up Zeke almost two years ago from Kinkade Hill Chesapeakes and he has grown into a fine hunting companion, whether in the swamp hunting ducks, in the field hunting geese, or in the upland hunting pheasants. He has a keen nose, amazing me many times in the field, retrieving blind on ducks and geese and tracking and retrieving a winged rooster for over 200 yards in thick cover to return with the bird in his mouth. He hunts well with other dogs as I have a German Shorthair Pointer that I hunt with Zeke for Pheasants. I keep Zeke close by and when the GSP is on point, I send in Zeke to flush, it has been a great combo.

Zeke, our Chesapeake, has been a wonderful family dog. He plays in the yard with our daughter and loves to snuggle up at our feet in the evening. He loves his family, and is protective of the household. This was our first experience with a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. We have enjoyed him so much as a family dog, and a hunting companion, that we have contacted Kinkade Hill Chesapeakes to purchase another pup from an upcoming litter. We are willing to wait for one from this breeder due to the temperament and amazing abilities of our dog.
Submitted by: Joshua on Oct 27, 2015
I picked up my pup about a year ago, he was 80 pounds lighter. As he grew he went to work with me every day. I not only have a pet but a friend that I don't worry about taking places he has a great temper and loves everyone. There are also a lot of kids that live around me, it's nice to know he is just another one of there friends he has the best temper and Will not hurt anyone.. Thanks Dave
Submitted by: Chad Hough on Oct 18, 2015
Got my first Chesapeake from Dave (Kinkade Hill) 9/26/15. I have owned and Hunted Labs for 18 years. Our was a Light Dead Grass pup named (Decker), the whole experience from meeting Dave and his dogs to picking my pup was great. Dave gave me tons of time to select my pup and didn't mind that I brought a live quail to see which puppies liked birds, along with throwing bumpers to see which puppies wanted to retrieve. My Pup Decker is already swimming and retrieving dead Quail in Heavy Cover at 9 1/2 weeks. Great Dog, I think I got a winning Hunting Dog! Thanks Dave!

Chad Hough
Ford City, PA.
Submitted by: Andrew ost on Sep 28, 2015
Well I'm back again, I just picked up my second pup from David and couldn't be happier with the quality of his dogs. Again, he kept me super informed and up to date with the puppies, very kind, and smooth throughout the process. David has my business and will continue to have it. He and his pups are great! I look forward to my next trip back to get my third puppy form him! Great experience! email me at if you have questions I am happy to help with any questions you have.

- Drew Yost
Submitted by: Rachel Vastyan on Apr 30, 2015
We purchased a a medium brown male pup, who we have named, "Hatch" - or "Kinkade's Flying Hatchet" from David the last week in January.

He is our first Chesapeake and he is hands-down the smartest, most well-behaved and loving dog I've ever had. He only cried the first five nights in his crate - after that, he slept the whole night through. He's been completely potty trained for over a month now, he already retrieves, knows all kinds of commands, both vocal and hand-signal and he gets along beautifully with any other dog he meets.

We take him to classes at a local trainer, which we'll keep doing once he "graduates" from each class - and the trainer cannot stop saying how wonderful a Chessie he is, how handsome and well-behaved. He's the youngest puppy in the class (He's not even 4 months old and the trainers are already using Hatch as a group example and has the class watch how he and I work together.) The trainer also says, "I tip my hat to that breeder, he sure did produce a fantastic pup!"

Before we got a puppy, people - who obviously don't know what they're talking about - told us they've heard that chessie's are stubborn and can be aggressive - that couldn't be farther from the truth with Hatch. Hatch is focused and extremely driven when we're working on retrieves (which will soon morph into duck hunting) and training practices - but when we're just at home relaxing, he's the most loving dog - and that mix is EXACTLY what we were looking for. We've already been asked by several people to stud him out when he's of age, because everyone who comes in contact with him wants a Hatch puppy of their own.

While this is a long review, I wanted to really commend what David Bray is doing with his chessie's. Beautiful, even tempered, all around great dogs. We couldn't be happier with our puppy.
Submitted by: Dee Brandt on Mar 17, 2015
This man is one person that I will contact in the future because of his down to earth statement and breeding practices. Finally, someone who does not mince words and states it like it is. Someone I trust and will not no matter what hold anything back when he sells a puppy ever!!! I do appreciate this in the utmost and finally someone that feels the way I do. My God Be at Your Back and Take You Along By His Side Dave Bray.
Submitted by: Chris Glover on Mar 02, 2015
Hi, my name is Chris. My wife and I just purchased our first CBR off of Kinkade Hill yesterday. The sedge male we got is beautiful and a very sweet dog, everyone loves him and he seems to be very intelligent for being so young. We are working on crate and potty training right now. In my opinion the most frustrating part of the entire basic obedience. As far as the business relationship with Dave and Kinkade Hill Chesapeakes, I have to say it could not have went any better. Like so many before me have said about this breeder, he is EXCELLENT to deal with. He is down to earth, honest, and is just an all around good guy... did I mention a good guy!?

Looking forward to training our sedge pup REED into a great duck/hunt test dog.

I would recommend Dave at Kinkade to anyone anywhere, breeders like him are becoming a thing of the past. His prices are excellent, he is AKC registered, he truly is a chessie genius.
Submitted by: Rebekah McShane on Dec 29, 2014
Hi my name is Rebekah and I got Dolly from Kinkade Hill and it was such a pleasant experience and from day one everything went very smoothly. Dolly is a year and a half old female Chesapeake Bay retriever and she is such a sweet and loving girl!! She has a great temperament, she loves children, and get along great with other dogs! kinkade Hill should definitely be looked into for your next Chesssie!
Submitted by: C. Scott Clark on Aug 30, 2014
Recently we purchased the first pick female from Kinkade Hill's summer 2014 litter. My wife and I planned a vacation in Amish country to coincide with picking up our deadgrass Female from David's kennel. David kept us informed once the breeding was confirmed and after the pups were born, providing photos to make our decision process a little easier. We put the pressure on David as we had to have health certifications before flying home to GA. We arrived Friday to pick Ellie out and take her to the local Vet recommended by David. We picked Ellie up and David allowed us to take her to the vet without money even changing hands. We picked Ellie up Saturday morning, swapped funds and papers and headed to Pittsburgh for our flight home. All of which Ellie handled like a champ, no spooks or accidents. Ellie is a very affectionate, loving and trainable pup. She is
exhibiting all the instincts you want to see in a young retriever pup and is well on her way to completing her house training. we have begun to develop her natural retrieving instincts as well as started her early obedience training, all of which she is handling well. Acclimation to the extreme heat down south will take a while, though she is getting better. David thank you very much for providing us this wonderful girl and for making the entire process easy. I would definitely recommend Kinkade Hill Chesapeake's and David Bray to anyone looking for the next hunting companion or family pet. It would be nice if all breeders were as accommodating. Well done David!!! Scott Clark, TIfton, GA

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