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Wyndham & Wyndhamian Hunting Retrievers (Est.1953) - North Dakota Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Flat Coated Retriever Breeders

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About Wyndham & Wyndhamian Hunting Retrievers (Est.1953)

The Wyndham-Wyndhamian retrievers have been Mr. Atkins avocation since he was 10 years old. After more than 60 years with the highest quality working retrievers the dogs have kept Mr Atkins a very active hunter of both upland and waterfowl. The purpose of the breeding program has always been to produce the best Chesapeake Bay and flat coated retrievers possible for the shooting needs of Mr Atkins and his friends. Every effort has been made to breed only from proven sound, trainable and reliable working stock of the highest quality. No effort to accomplish this is compromised and this highly organized and focused breeding effort has sought the best individual animals from anywhere in North America or Europe. While Mr Atkins has no interest in artificial hunt tests or field trials, dogs from this program have produced many of the best winners at these events for others. The Wyndham-Wyndhamian program is to our knowledge the only retriever breeding kennel to have animals it produced be parents of Field Trial Champions and All-Age Winners on both sides of the Atlantic. Regardless, the aim remains to produce stock that has a strong desire to find game, that has an inherent desire to please, work for the owners and that will be physically sound for work for 12 or more shooting seasons. Anyone wishing additional information about this kennels stock in either breed should contact Mr Atkins, who will be pleased to discuss or show off his current stock, explain breeding plans and how approved owners may reserve a pup with a nonrefundable deposit, or book a quality female to be bred to one of the Wyndham-Wyndhamian stud dogs. Balance for puppy purchases are due when notified that a suitable puppy is available.



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Ed Atkins
Wyndhamian Farm, P. O. Box 73
Ashley, North Dakota 58413
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 60 years.
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Submitted by: Bill and Janet on Jan 13, 2015
We have had Molly now for about six months and I just wanted to touch base with you.

She is everything we were wanting. She gets along well with everyone and is very sociable with other dogs.

Her heath has been great. Her only health problem was when she slit her paw on some broken glass and had to have stitches. (Of course this had to happen right when we planning to go out in the field with a neighbor and his mature retriever so she could see what he does.)

She graduated top of her obedience training class and was the instructor's favorite because she picks up things so fast.

Bill and Janet
Submitted by: Frau B. on Oct 07, 2014
Mr. Atkins was so very kind to allow us to visit in North Dakota and see his famous Wyndham – Wyndhamian Chesapeakes and flatcoats. We pick up on shoots in Germany with two Chesapeakes from UK, and were thrilled to meet the very charming and mischievous, Clifford. At 11 years old he led the charge when we walked with My Atkins and all in the kennel, from 5 months to over 15 years, all very alert and attentive to their owner but just very happy well adjusted dogs. They are such athletes running very fast but never into each other.

Back in Germany we told our trainer and he found it hard to believe dogs could play so well together and then get on with business and retrieve totally under control. It was well worth the two day visit in Ashley and in the tiny village where the dogs are located. Mr. Atkins certainly has the experience to keep the dogs controlled but very happy. The dogs must certainly have very good temperaments to respond so fast. Thank you Mr. Atkins for all of your time with us and for giving so many years to these wonderful dogs.

B. from Germany fall 2014

Submitted by: Bernard V. on Sep 27, 2014
The word is rather small and getting smaller. More than 25 years ago when I was just finishing my education in London, my late grandfather was given a red (it is called sedge) Chesapeake by a man highly recommended by his long time USA acquaintance, Mrs. Horn. It turned out that the gentleman that had these wonderful hard working Chesapeakes was also known to my father as a consultant in breeding top of the world thoroughbred race horses. Meeting at the sales in Ireland grandfather was thrilled to buy a very special mare pointed out to him by Mr. Atkins and over a drink before dinner requested information about Mr. Atkins" famous Wyndham Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. Mr. Atkins confirmed he was an avid shooting man and had owned and raised Chesapeakes as his hobby since childhood. When asked if he would sell his best dog to grandfather for the family duck shoot, Mr. Atkins very directly told grandfather that consulting about race horse breeding was business but, raising and "hunting" with his retrievers was pleasure. He politely declined to mix business with pleasure.

About a year and a half later grandfather had invited Mr. Atkins to stay a few days at our family home and shoot to discuss the horses. Mr Atkins, discretely called my grandmother to inquire if he might bring a special house gift in the form of an "American retriever" when he came. Grandmother was delighted but told Mr. Atkins she would keep the secret until he arrive to surprise grandfather. She did tell my father and as it was a school holiday I was there also when this very red, full of energy and fearless bundle of energy was handed to grandfather. Over the next 13 or 14 years "Joi de Vire" was sleeping in the main bedroom at the foot of the bed and at times was the only retriever on the shoot when we had 200 bird days.

In New York on business and bored I looked on the internet for Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and was thrilled to find a listing on this site for Mr. Atkins and his fine dogs. He has invited me to visit his hunting "shack" for some shooting and dog talk. I know Mr. Atkins has great demand for his dogs and that I must wait my turn but nothing will make my family prouder than the arrival of another "red bundle of energy".
Submitted by: Walden H. Powell on Sep 17, 2014
I rarely write testimonials, but as I watch the newest addition to our family grow and thrive, I feel I must get the word out about the quality of Ed Atkins’ Flatcoats.

I got my first Flatcoat from Ed in 1992. That dog changed my outlook on dogs forever. I will never be without an Ed Atkins’ Flatcoat for as long as I live!

I currently own two of Ed’s dogs, a 6 year old and a 4 month old. I had the unique opportunity to travel to North Dakota this summer to get my new pup, and was able to see firsthand why Ed’s dogs are the ultimate Flatcoats in America.

Wyndham kennels are amazing. Everything is centered on the dogs and their well being. Clean, organized, and highly structured, Ed keeps all ages of wonderful dogs under his watchful eye. The dogs are very social, friendly, and happy. Seeing Ed with five generations of Flatcoats was a sight to behold! All dogs, from puppies to old-timers, are given training time in the fields behind the kennels. Ed personalizes this training to encourage and foster the Flatcoats’ natural curiosity and abilities as gun dogs. At 8 weeks, my puppy was already retrieving and following basic commands like a pro!

I waited almost two years to get my newest pup, Jeb. He was well worth the wait. Like my other two Wyndham Flatcoats, he is healthy, intelligent, and eager to please. He gets along well with my three other dogs and cats. He's excited to go hunting with my husband! As soon as he finishes his “big boy” shots, he will be enrolled in the Delta therapy training program, and will also be a candidate for team membership in our medal winning Flyball team here in Las Vegas. Ed continues to keep in touch, and is a wealth of general canine information, Flatcoat history, and encouragement.

You can search near and far, but you will never find better Flatcoats than the ones coming from Wyndham Kennels. Get on the waiting list now!

Wally Powell
Las Vegas NV

Feel free to contact me at:

Submitted by: Dan B. in Texas on Sep 01, 2014
"Ed is a great breeder to talk to and understand the breed. We talked several times over the last two years. I have owned Flat Coats before, but after talking with Ed, I knew I wanted to own one of his Flat Coats. His dedication to produce healthy dogs designed to hunt was what intrigued me to buy his puppy. She has been great. We have had her for a month, she is very smart and energetic."
Submitted by: Josh L. in Western Nebraska on Dec 20, 2013
In the late 1960’s I was hunting with friends at a public hunting ground in South Eastern Wyoming. Our dogs were struggling to get the wily pheasants to flush in gun range and we were getting very frustrated. Taking a break back at the parking area we saw a single hunter with a Chesapeake and what we learned later was a flat coated retriever walk back to his vehicle with a limit of 3 pheasants and 4 sharptails. I asked this man, who it turned out to be, Ed Atkins a graduate student from the Univ. in Laramie about the dogs and how he had managed to be so successful alone. He just said his dogs worked as a team and had flushed many hens as well as the roosters that he shot. Years later I bought a Chesapeake from Ed and later on a flatcoat. Both were superb athletes, wonderful family dogs and the best hunting dogs I have ever owned. I wish I knew how many upland and waterfowl my two retrieved over more than a dozen years in Wyoming, Nebraska and Kansas. Recently came across Ed’s Wyndham and Wyndhamian listing on the Gundogbreeders site and have already and booked pups from both breeds for myself to hunt over with my wife, sons and grand children. Definitely know that these pups from Ed will make my retirement years with time to hunt and fish very memorable. Can't wait to drive up to ND and visit with Ed about our dogs and hunting going back about 50 years

Josh in Western Nebraska

Submitted by: John Graupman on Nov 20, 2013
Bought female 3 years ago. Best duck retriever I have had. Also work pheasants hard. Very athletic, easiest trained. Higher price than I was wanting but worth it. Worry about titles over rated, these dogs hunt! Will get another from Wyndham when current dog gets older.
Submitted by: Shannon Murray on Oct 23, 2013
Growing up we had an amazing Flat Coat Retriever. After years had passed I decided it was time to have another one in our lives. I searched for a long time for the perfect breeder before I found Ed from Wyndham Retrievers. After spending time communicating with Ed about his dogs I realized I had found the right breeder. We got Knight in 2009 and he has grown into a beautiful 90-95lb Flat Coat with an excellent disposition. He is a quick learner and aims to please. He is a great hunting companion for my dad. He has an amazing nose on him, he is a great hunting dog for land or water foul. He is friendly with other dogs, and even works well with the horses, he will actually lead the horses with the rope into the trailer. He is amazing dog and my dad would be lost without him. Thanks Ed for bringing Knight into our lives. Ed continues to keep in touch to make sure he is doing well, Ed genuinely cares about his dogs and I would recommend him to anyone.
Submitted by: Anne Ward on Aug 15, 2013
We got Zelda (Wyndham Quicker Quality) from Ed in May of 2012. Zelda is our first experience with flat coated retrievers, and we are sold on the breed. She is extremely intelligent and tractable. Housebreaking her and obedience lessons were easier than any dog I've ever dealt with. Zelda's nose works nonstop when out in the field, but she still listens to me and obeys when directed to perform a task. I can hardly wait until she is old enough to breed, and I look forward to have flat coated retrievers in my household for many years to come. Thank you, Ed, for all your work and the years you've spent genetically improving this marvelous breed of dog. I feel so honored to have gotten on of your dogs because I know I've gotten the best breeding one can find in a flat coat.
Submitted by: Adam clatt on Apr 11, 2013
We purchased a male Chesapeake from Ed in August 2011. Trigger has been such a wonderful addition to our family! Ed is a great person, very kind and knows the Chesapeake breed well. We told him what our expectations were of a dog and Ed gave us exactly what we were looking for. We would recommend him and his pups to anyone looking for a Chesapeake. Trigger is an incredibly friendly and intelligent dog. He is currently at a professional trainer and should pass his hunt tests this summer. When we are ready to add another Chesapeake to our family we will definitely return to Ed!

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