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Submitted by: Brian Oliphant on Feb 05, 2018
I want to let you know how pleased we are with our Chesapeake pup. She's growing fast, learning the rhythms of our life. I took her to the vet on Monday (1/30/2017) for a meet and greet at the Veterinary Hospital. The assessment was that she is a healthy, bright, well-socialized 9 week old puppy. We are very happy to have her in our family. Thank you again
Submitted by: Brad Kingery on Feb 05, 2018
Just to let you know how happy we are with the Chesapeake.
Submitted by: Lynn D.Tessmer on Jul 22, 2017
I received a second Chesapeake Bay Receiver from Edward Atkins she is a wonderful Dog to add in my package of Dogs. She is smart, quick to learn new hunting skills on my large estate. I'm working towards getting another Dog for this very professional Kennel as soon as one comes available to meet my needs. This isn't a puppy mill but a True Breeder that has the fullest understanding of the working minds of the Dogs community. It's is a honor to be able to call him if a problem arises, which is rare, yet to receive more information about my working needs to get the best out the Dog he sold to me. He followed up to date on the Dog or puppy he breed to keep accredited records of his breeding program. I would recommend this Kennel to anyone who want a quality Puppy that lasts and is every socially acceptable into your home. Always best regards, Lynn p.s. Her name is Jet due to quick and easy way.
Submitted by: anthony goenner on Feb 02, 2017
Was fortunate enough to receive a male chessie, named Jake in October of 2016. Jake has been the most pleasant puppy I've had the opportunity to raise. Very smart, physically fit, and attentive. These dogs are mentally and physically gifted as gun dogs. Ed has answered every question, and many more I didn't ask, and was very kind in the process. If anyone is looking for a world class chessie, this is the breeder for you! I'm very much looking forward to this fall and getting Jake out in the duck blind....he will be a great one!
Submitted by: Mike Camp on Jan 30, 2017
It's been almost 1 year since we purchased Ruby our Flat Coat Retreiver from Mr Adkins. We've been very Happy with her since the first day we got her. She's exceptionally smart and a fast learner. This is our first Flat Coat Retreiver and took awhile to find a breeder that also sold Falt Coats that come from a hunting line. Ruby has done well in her first year hunting pheasants in South Dakota and retreiveing Canadian geese that she's still learning how to to hold such a large bird. We have her enrolled in obedience class , a local Retreiver training group and I work with her daily. She is an active dog and as I've found out Flat Coats are the Peter Pans on the dog world. She has the sweetest disposition and wants to friend everyone she encounters and quickly wanted to be our older dog (Tucker a cocker spaniel ) best friend , which he would like to think otherwise. Mr Adkins flat coats are beautiful dogs and were very please with her and hope to have many years to come with her.
Submitted by: keith dukart on Dec 27, 2016
We were lucky enough to receive our beautiful Flatcoat pup, Wyndhams Tazmanian Tiger, in April of 2016. ACE, will be 11 months old in January and is 73 lbs of pure joy. We were placed on a waiting list and had to wait almost 2 years before we got notified by Ed about the litter of pups. Ed knows Flatcoated Retrievers; he is very straight forward, knowledgeable and is very selective on who can receive a pup.
My wife and I have had retrievers all of our married life, 34 yrs, to include Labs and Golden Retrievers; Ace was our first Flatcoated Retriever and may I say the wait was very well worthwhile. Ed has helped us solve questions dealing with ACE from hunting techniques which work, to just raising a Flatcoat, Flatcoats are very different to train than either Goldens or Labs.
True to Flatcoats Ace needs to be close to his family all the time, he believes he is just a large lap dog. His temperament is so easy going and wants to please, but he is a problem solver.
We have gotten nothing but good comments from people we have met in public about how beautiful ACE is and all have inquired where we got him. I would highly recommend a Flatcoated Retriever pup from Wyndhams Kennels for either an outstanding hunting partner or jut the most remarkable companion one could ever wish for.
Keith Dukart
Billings Montana
Submitted by: Lynn Tessmer on Jun 24, 2016
I have a Chesapeake Bay Retriever Dog from Edward for the need for an Assistant Service Dog and waited for over 2 years to receive Tarzan Wyndham Wyndhaim Excellent.
He is one of the Larger size Dog's that is out of one of his Oldest Dog's still living with him.
Tarzan has a sense of humor but does do his job well as an Assistant Service Dog.
Over the years we had kept in touch updating the progress of Tarzan.
Edward does well in the selection of the Breeding process in order to meet your needs. I would also say he is famous for knowledge of the Breed,therefore is a water well too answer most questions about each Dog and from the birth does teach them the basics of come, feeding time, and manners are taught through the pack of Dog's he owns which is a natural approach to training a Dog well in this setting. Thanks for Tarzan he is my strength, Heart and loved very much. Owned by Lynn Tessmer
Submitted by: Rev. Henry Baldwin on Mar 26, 2015
Dear Ed.

Bailey (Wyndhams Shooting Star) Turned 10 months old this week. He is a handsome flatcoat and developing beautifully. He is bright, tractable and learns quickly. He is like a sponge -- and everyday he is gaining in confidence and understanding of our home and numerous outdoor environments. He is completely socialized with respect to people and other dogs. On the days he goes to "Doggy Daycare" he is the charmer of the whole place.

He is doing both visual and hidden retrieves to hand. He is a strong swimmer and can keep up with his "older brother", a nine year old flatcoat. His eyes (marking) are actually superior to his "older brother" -- and he has keen natural interest in anything that flies.

He is already a great companion in the field. I look forward to beginning serious retriever training with him in the next few weeks. I have every confidence he will be a fine partner on the hunt.

Thank you for all the experience and professionalism you have brought to developing the breed. We are pleased to experience all that is Bailey.

Best Regards

Henry Baldwin
Submitted by: Kevin on Mar 21, 2015
Wyndhams Misty Marsh (Rosie) is a tremendous animal! Good Looking, great color, energetic and personable; can't think of enough superlatives to describe her.

Since the day I brought her home, we've done daily walks to work on voice and whistle commands as well as basic hand signals. We also work on retrieves from a field blind through waterfowl decoys. That time really paid off, since now she'll sprint straight into cattails after a retrieve....and she doesn't miss!!!

She was only 4 months old at the start of the last hunting season, but walks every field. By November she was coming into her own with her head and nose always working the wind and grounds. We can't wait till the early goose, and pheasant season openers.

She loves the cold weather so am glad we live on a lake. She'll get plenty of water retrieves this summer from both the shore and the boat.

Ed, your advice and tips have always been right on! Thank you for my new best friend and hunting partner. We both hope to see you this fall.

Kevin and Rosie in North Dakota
Submitted by: Dan on Mar 18, 2015
Just now getting time to send a note. Colt is three now. He is doing great. Everything I hoped for. In the field, he has a great nose and instincts.

I got him through started dog about a year ago. I would guess his skill set at halfway through the next level although I don't intend to pursue it. Just missing some blind retrieve work. He is really good on quail - good nose, quarters within gun range etc. He is a great specimen of the breed. He comes in at a little over 70 pounds, but it is all lean muscle. His hair isn't as full as his dad's appears. Nonetheless, he also doesn't pick up a lot of trash in his hair in the field.

In the house he is well mannered, but still has a lot of puppy energy left
over. He loves going to the lake and out in the boat.

Don't know what else to tell you, other than how much we enjoy him.
Submitted by: Zac on Mar 03, 2015
Shiner is really good! Finished up another great duck season! He can't get enough of those ducks! He is getting better every season and becoming one heck of a hunting buddy.

Zac in Arkansas
Submitted by: Tim Russell on Feb 18, 2015
Took Fergus out pheasant hunting this week at 9 months old. Five for five. Made it short work of it.

I could not be happier.

Tim Russell
Submitted by: Bill and Janet on Jan 13, 2015
We have had Molly now for about six months and I just wanted to touch base with you.

She is everything we were wanting. She gets along well with everyone and is very sociable with other dogs.

Her heath has been great. Her only health problem was when she slit her paw on some broken glass and had to have stitches. (Of course this had to happen right when we planning to go out in the field with a neighbor and his mature retriever so she could see what he does.)

She graduated top of her obedience training class and was the instructor's favorite because she picks up things so fast.

Bill and Janet
Submitted by: Frau B. on Oct 07, 2014
Mr. Atkins was so very kind to allow us to visit in North Dakota and see his famous Wyndham – Wyndhamian Chesapeakes and flatcoats. We pick up on shoots in Germany with two Chesapeakes from UK, and were thrilled to meet the very charming and mischievous, Clifford. At 11 years old he led the charge when we walked with My Atkins and all in the kennel, from 5 months to over 15 years, all very alert and attentive to their owner but just very happy well adjusted dogs. They are such athletes running very fast but never into each other.

Back in Germany we told our trainer and he found it hard to believe dogs could play so well together and then get on with business and retrieve totally under control. It was well worth the two day visit in Ashley and in the tiny village where the dogs are located. Mr. Atkins certainly has the experience to keep the dogs controlled but very happy. The dogs must certainly have very good temperaments to respond so fast. Thank you Mr. Atkins for all of your time with us and for giving so many years to these wonderful dogs.

B. from Germany fall 2014
Submitted by: Bernard V. on Sep 27, 2014
The word is rather small and getting smaller. More than 25 years ago when I was just finishing my education in London, my late grandfather was given a red (it is called sedge) Chesapeake by a man highly recommended by his long time USA acquaintance, Mrs. Horn. It turned out that the gentleman that had these wonderful hard working Chesapeakes was also known to my father as a consultant in breeding top of the world thoroughbred race horses. Meeting at the sales in Ireland grandfather was thrilled to buy a very special mare pointed out to him by Mr. Atkins and over a drink before dinner requested information about Mr. Atkins" famous Wyndham Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. Mr. Atkins confirmed he was an avid shooting man and had owned and raised Chesapeakes as his hobby since childhood. When asked if he would sell his best dog to grandfather for the family duck shoot, Mr. Atkins very directly told grandfather that consulting about race horse breeding was business but, raising and "hunting" with his retrievers was pleasure. He politely declined to mix business with pleasure.

About a year and a half later grandfather had invited Mr. Atkins to stay a few days at our family home and shoot to discuss the horses. Mr Atkins, discretely called my grandmother to inquire if he might bring a special house gift in the form of an "American retriever" when he came. Grandmother was delighted but told Mr. Atkins she would keep the secret until he arrive to surprise grandfather. She did tell my father and as it was a school holiday I was there also when this very red, full of energy and fearless bundle of energy was handed to grandfather. Over the next 13 or 14 years "Joi de Vire" was sleeping in the main bedroom at the foot of the bed and at times was the only retriever on the shoot when we had 200 bird days.

In New York on business and bored I looked on the internet for Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and was thrilled to find a listing on this site for Mr. Atkins and his fine dogs. He has invited me to visit his hunting "shack" for some shooting and dog talk. I know Mr. Atkins has great demand for his dogs and that I must wait my turn but nothing will make my family prouder than the arrival of another "red bundle of energy".
Submitted by: Walden H. Powell on Sep 17, 2014
I rarely write testimonials, but as I watch the newest addition to our family grow and thrive, I feel I must get the word out about the quality of Ed Atkins’ Flatcoats.

I got my first Flatcoat from Ed in 1992. That dog changed my outlook on dogs forever. I will never be without an Ed Atkins’ Flatcoat for as long as I live!

I currently own two of Ed’s dogs, a 6 year old and a 4 month old. I had the unique opportunity to travel to North Dakota this summer to get my new pup, and was able to see firsthand why Ed’s dogs are the ultimate Flatcoats in America.

Wyndham kennels are amazing. Everything is centered on the dogs and their well being. Clean, organized, and highly structured, Ed keeps all ages of wonderful dogs under his watchful eye. The dogs are very social, friendly, and happy. Seeing Ed with five generations of Flatcoats was a sight to behold! All dogs, from puppies to old-timers, are given training time in the fields behind the kennels. Ed personalizes this training to encourage and foster the Flatcoats’ natural curiosity and abilities as gun dogs. At 8 weeks, my puppy was already retrieving and following basic commands like a pro!

I waited almost two years to get my newest pup, Jeb. He was well worth the wait. Like my other two Wyndham Flatcoats, he is healthy, intelligent, and eager to please. He gets along well with my three other dogs and cats. He's excited to go hunting with my husband! As soon as he finishes his “big boy” shots, he will be enrolled in the Delta therapy training program, and will also be a candidate for team membership in our medal winning Flyball team here in Las Vegas. Ed continues to keep in touch, and is a wealth of general canine information, Flatcoat history, and encouragement.

You can search near and far, but you will never find better Flatcoats than the ones coming from Wyndham Kennels. Get on the waiting list now!

Wally Powell
Las Vegas NV

Feel free to contact me at:
Submitted by: Dan B. in Texas on Sep 01, 2014
"Ed is a great breeder to talk to and understand the breed. We talked several times over the last two years. I have owned Flat Coats before, but after talking with Ed, I knew I wanted to own one of his Flat Coats. His dedication to produce healthy dogs designed to hunt was what intrigued me to buy his puppy. She has been great. We have had her for a month, she is very smart and energetic."
Submitted by: Josh L. in Western Nebraska on Dec 20, 2013
In the late 1960’s I was hunting with friends at a public hunting ground in South Eastern Wyoming. Our dogs were struggling to get the wily pheasants to flush in gun range and we were getting very frustrated. Taking a break back at the parking area we saw a single hunter with a Chesapeake and what we learned later was a flat coated retriever walk back to his vehicle with a limit of 3 pheasants and 4 sharptails. I asked this man, who it turned out to be, Ed Atkins a graduate student from the Univ. in Laramie about the dogs and how he had managed to be so successful alone. He just said his dogs worked as a team and had flushed many hens as well as the roosters that he shot. Years later I bought a Chesapeake from Ed and later on a flatcoat. Both were superb athletes, wonderful family dogs and the best hunting dogs I have ever owned. I wish I knew how many upland and waterfowl my two retrieved over more than a dozen years in Wyoming, Nebraska and Kansas. Recently came across Ed’s Wyndham and Wyndhamian listing on the Gundogbreeders site and have already and booked pups from both breeds for myself to hunt over with my wife, sons and grand children. Definitely know that these pups from Ed will make my retirement years with time to hunt and fish very memorable. Can't wait to drive up to ND and visit with Ed about our dogs and hunting going back about 50 years

Josh in Western Nebraska
Submitted by: John Graupman on Nov 20, 2013
Bought female 3 years ago. Best duck retriever I have had. Also work pheasants hard. Very athletic, easiest trained. Higher price than I was wanting but worth it. Worry about titles over rated, these dogs hunt! Will get another from Wyndham when current dog gets older.
Submitted by: Shannon Murray on Oct 23, 2013
Growing up we had an amazing Flat Coat Retriever. After years had passed I decided it was time to have another one in our lives. I searched for a long time for the perfect breeder before I found Ed from Wyndham Retrievers. After spending time communicating with Ed about his dogs I realized I had found the right breeder. We got Knight in 2009 and he has grown into a beautiful 90-95lb Flat Coat with an excellent disposition. He is a quick learner and aims to please. He is a great hunting companion for my dad. He has an amazing nose on him, he is a great hunting dog for land or water foul. He is friendly with other dogs, and even works well with the horses, he will actually lead the horses with the rope into the trailer. He is amazing dog and my dad would be lost without him. Thanks Ed for bringing Knight into our lives. Ed continues to keep in touch to make sure he is doing well, Ed genuinely cares about his dogs and I would recommend him to anyone.
Submitted by: Anne Ward on Aug 15, 2013
We got Zelda (Wyndham Quicker Quality) from Ed in May of 2012. Zelda is our first experience with flat coated retrievers, and we are sold on the breed. She is extremely intelligent and tractable. Housebreaking her and obedience lessons were easier than any dog I've ever dealt with. Zelda's nose works nonstop when out in the field, but she still listens to me and obeys when directed to perform a task. I can hardly wait until she is old enough to breed, and I look forward to have flat coated retrievers in my household for many years to come. Thank you, Ed, for all your work and the years you've spent genetically improving this marvelous breed of dog. I feel so honored to have gotten on of your dogs because I know I've gotten the best breeding one can find in a flat coat.
Submitted by: Adam clatt on Apr 11, 2013
We purchased a male Chesapeake from Ed in August 2011. Trigger has been such a wonderful addition to our family! Ed is a great person, very kind and knows the Chesapeake breed well. We told him what our expectations were of a dog and Ed gave us exactly what we were looking for. We would recommend him and his pups to anyone looking for a Chesapeake. Trigger is an incredibly friendly and intelligent dog. He is currently at a professional trainer and should pass his hunt tests this summer. When we are ready to add another Chesapeake to our family we will definitely return to Ed!
Submitted by: John Waggoner on Oct 28, 2012
this weekend was opening day of pheasant season here in nebraska. i avoided opening day but took joe out without a gun and only a whistle this afternoon. i wanted to test his nose. we have about an 18-20 mph wind from the south this aft. joe walked along with me but suddenly turned into the wind and quickly moved about 20 yards from me rushing onto a hidden rooster in the thick grass.

i didn't know if it was a fluke but kept working a 25 acre patch of thick canary reed grass. sequentially joe pushed up 3 more roosters and a hen using his nose into the deep grass and immediately flushed up the birds and didn't give chase once flushed.

i am quite impressed w/ his instincts as i don't fancy myself much of a dog trainer and recognize his natural ability and breeding.

he has adjusted well to life here sleeping indoors for the most part and getting over the puppy stage for the most part. his 1 year birthday is coming up so i thought i'd give you an update on his progress and skills. he has been a joy to have and very friendly w/ all

john wagoner

Submitted by: Brad Maloof on Jul 01, 2012
I first contacted Ed Atkins over 2 years ago. I was searching for a great breeder. After speaking with many experts of the breed, all roads seemed to lead to Ed.

I called Ed and was surprised how easy he was to talk to and how he loved the breed immensely. Other breeders I called were mostly concerned with how quickly I could purchase a dog. Not Ed. He wanted to know what I was looking for in the dog. Was it a hunting dog, a family dog, a single companion, and on and on. Also he wanted to know a lot about myself too. What was my experience with dogs, did I have children, are we ready for the commitment. He was always pleasant but in the end I got the impression in a good way It was a mutual interview.
For the next 12 months we would converse every couple months until my family was finally ready for our new addition.
Once we were ready we were sent pictures updating us with the growth and progress of our girl Charlie. Ed and his wife drove over 200 miles round trip to meet me at the Bismarck airport to deliver Charlie. They then stayed with me for over 2 hours offering advice and helping with the transition. They did this without asking for anything, no charge.
When we got her home the Vet was amazed at how strong and healthy she was!!!
Since we have had Charlie for 6 weeks I have talked to Ed three times. He truly cares. I cannot thank him enough. I guess when you have bred these dogs for well over 40 years you learn a thing or two. He's a consummate professional, the expert in his field and he has a life long customer. Thank You Ed from are entire family!!!
Submitted by: Karen Douglass on Feb 10, 2012
I think it's about time to add my two canadian cents in. Not finding the type of chessie I wanted I was given Ed's name by Bill Fuhr, an avid field trialer & die hard chessie man. In 1990 a little female sedge colored puppy arrived, purchased sight unseen. Jewell was a delight earning her CD, CGC & TD with ease. We had many wonderful adventures & travelled all over. When she passed away at the age of 13 I called Ed. Once again I purchased another pup, this time a male, sight unseen. George is now 8 yrs old earning his CD, CGN, RE plus many high in class taking the Cdn National Specialty Show & Regional Western Cdn show as High Scoring chessie in 2010 (made extra special as Ed was able to attend!). George is starting a "new" job as a certified therapy dog. Both of these dogs have taken to any task I have asked of them and showed me new ways of doing it too! I will eagerly await for my "new" bundle from Ed but I don't know how he will be able to top these two!
Submitted by: Marne Birch on Jan 29, 2012
I purchased my flat-coat Lacy from Ed. Lacy is a quick learner with great drive and a willingness to please. She is always keen to try new things and to learn new concepts. She gets along with the three other dogs here, she has lovely house manners, she adores my children, and she was a fantastic mother to her litter of puppies.

Lacy is a multiple Best Puppy in Group winner and she easily obtained both her Canadian and American Championships.

With his 50+ years in the breed, Ed is a fountain of knowledge of pedigrees, breeding practices and genetics. I learn something every time I talk to him.
Submitted by: Dan Nickel on Jan 26, 2012
We got a male Chesapeake Bay puppy, Koda, from Ed's June 2011 litter when Koda was eight weeks old. Living in a suburb of a large city, we were strictly looking for a family companion who could go on long walks, play fetch in the backyard and live with an active family that had other family pets. Koda is a wonderful, joyful dog who lives with two older Huskies and one cat. The most important thing for our family was having a dog with a great temperament. Koda's temperament is fantastic. The best temperament a dog owner would want for a companion. He is a very social, outgoing dog who is friendly with everyone and can be trusted in the company of friends and strangers. Anyone who has met Koda falls in love with him. He is active, yet quiet (I think he has barked only one time since we got him) and is very intelligent in picking up his commands. Koda has also grown a gorgeous, thick, wavy coat at seven months old. Whether you are a serious hunter or an experienced dog owner who just wants a family pet, we highly recommend Ed's puppies. We would not hesitate in buying another Chessie from Ed.
Submitted by: chuck schwartz on Jan 22, 2012
I purchased a Chesapeake puppy from the June 2011 litter. He is a light deadgrass color with excellent conformation. He has a classic Chesapeake head and body weighing in at 65lb. at 6months old. He has an exceptionally heavy coat especially his belly making him a cold weather dog for sure. He is bold and curious but very docile in a blind/boat setting. He is a natural hunter for pheasants and of course loves retrieving ducks in the rivers. He is my 9th Chesapeake and I expect him to develop into one of my best. A word about the breeder...Ed is very knowledgeable on the subject of dogs, their social interactions, health issues and of course training. He has been very willing to share his knowledge and experience with me at all times. this bonus makes his kennel unique. I would definitely buy my next pup from Ed.
Submitted by: Kevin on Jan 12, 2012
We purchased a female pup (Teal) from Ed’s June 2011 litter. Teal is a great dog with a sweet temperament and demeanor. She is great with my two young boys (3 and 6 months). Teal also lives with 2 other dogs, cats, horses and cattle. She has no aggression to any animal or human and we are very happy with her. She has been hunting this fall behind my aging Lab and loves the water and the companionship.

Thanks Ed!
Kevin in Idaho
Submitted by: Clea Shogren on Jan 08, 2012
I purchased my flat coat, Mac, from Ed Atkins in 2008 and I couldn’t be more pleased with the pup he sent me.

Mac is a calm and steady worker in the field demonstrating plenty of drive to retrieve without being over-anxious or too excitable. This easy-going attitude makes him a pleasure to live with and his gentle nature has made Mac the perfect nanny for any kitten or puppy. Mac easily finished his Canadian conformation championship and received 1st place in his class at the 2009 Canadian National Flat Coat Specialty.

Since I first spoke to Ed, he has been a valuable source of advice on all matters related to dogs. His extensive breeding experience and interest in genetics over the last 50+ years has earned him an international reputation as an advocate for the maintenance and betterment of the breed.

I will be returning to Ed for my next pup and I would certainly recommend Ed to anyone looking for a quality retriever.

Clea Shogren
Dyffryn FCR
British Columbia
Submitted by: Andy Leinoff on Dec 25, 2011
We got our first flat coat from Wyndham Retrievers over 30 years ago. She was well put together, long lived and, without any effort on our part, an amazingly driven retriever. We got a liver flat coat from Wyndham about two years ago. Thus far he has proved to be sound, quite a character and an enthusiastic, birdy retriever. At 9 months he was delivering chukars to hand from 100 yards out in heavy brush. He is very soft mouthed and biddable. He has that nice quality of taking the situation in, doing his work with spirit, and not getting so excited as to cause a riot.
Submitted by: Vince on Dec 14, 2011
Time to Brag on Remington. Remy is a great dog. Between 5 and less than 6 months old, has retrieved 7 Snow Geese, 4 Sharptails 1 Mallard & 1 Pheasant. He is very lovable and gentle. You can tell that great pains have been taken to ensure great breeding for hunting & a good all around dog. When I picked up Remington at Ed's Kennel, every dog there was approachable and easy to pet. Ed's dogs are very social. Remington is at home with two cats and another puppy. They all get along like best friends. Ed's pups are the best! Remington sleeps at the foot of the bed and is definitely part of the Luparell family.

Submitted by: Jared on Nov 28, 2011
The big brown dog is turning into quite a hunting partner. He is at 14 months right now. Last week was our first chance to get out and expose him to what we bought him for, which is, retrieving big geese on the North Platte River (the panhandle season started on Nov 12th). We were able to get out on the 23rd and 25th of Nov.

He did great!!! He retrieved about 10 geese in the 2 days of hunting. He handled a couple of big ones (13 lbs) pretty darn good for his first time of picking up a bird that big, let alone, one of them was swimming in the water and working hard to escape. I was a good day, my son shot his first goose, and my new dog retrieved his first goose.

One of the photos is a great reflection of his personality. He is beginning to understand “down time” and patience during a hunt. About 1:30 in the afternoon when the flights all slowed, both “Gus” and my oldest son took a little rest on the riverbank. It is very pleasant to hunt with a dog that will relax in-between the moments of excitement.

I am nothing but excited to see what a full year of hunting, getting on birds in multiple retrieving situations and then another summer of training will do for this dog. His potential as a retriever is much higher than my potential as an amateur trainer.

Thank You,
Nebraska Panhandle
Submitted by: Doug on Sep 24, 2011
Gunny is super friendly and very affectionate to everyone not just us. This year he is 3.5 years old and is having what appears to be his break out year at least in heavy cover water retrieving. I hunted ducks out of a small boat in heavy cover( 10 foot tall cat tails and wild rice) this week shooting primarily teal and woodies. The water was waist deep to knee deep with difficult retrieving conditions. In most instances a dog really has to use his nose due to the thick cover.
I shot just 2 birds the first day and Gunny made an excellent blind retreive on one following a line I gave him and the other he marked the bird's fall and went right to it. The second day I took along a friend and Gunny made 11 retrieves, several quite long considering the heavy cover, 2 on birds that were still alive. Gunny would listen to me, take a line and follow hand signals.
Gunny weighs about 80lbs and makes a great small boat dog. He has learned to stay in the yard. He was doing very well last year as well but has shown a lot more polish this year. My wife and I really enjoy him. We live in Ames Iowa.

Submitted by: Michael Sesemann on Aug 12, 2011
After losing a Flat-Coated retriever and our Labrador Retriever this past year we resolved that we couldn't live without having a Flat-Coat around the house. I searched for a history of longevity and was attracted to Ed Atkin's lines at Wyndham Kennels. I was also attracted to Ed's history with the breed and after speaking with him, our mutual affection for Flats. We were fortunate to get in on a litter and we recently brought a little guy home. I have to report that this is the most well adjusted puppy we have ever had-- Confident, yet comfortable with the rest of the pack, cat included-- Content to be left alone and not whiney-- Attentive and Intelligent, loving the initial bonding with a little work thrown in. We are super excited to watch this little guy grow up and become the dog his demeanor is pointing towards. But, hopefully not too fast because the puppy is a joy. Thank you Ed for making this possible for us!!!
Submitted by: Gail on Aug 01, 2011
Rosie, yes, is not the show dog, but that said, she is probably the smartest and birdiest!! I was already considering doing some other performance work with her (rally, obedience, and hunting!) She won her CGC title at nine months!

She is a problem solver, as we've told you! She is sweet with every dog she meets, and with all people, which I cannot say is true with all the chessies I have owned. Her love for the birds was evident at 8 weeks, the photos of which
we have sent you that prove that.

But, most importantly, she was a true "life-saver" for this man who lost his
wonderful chessie (Bear's sister) much too soon. He loves her with his soul - and she returns it to him a million-fold! You know the story, enough said.

Rosie is a special joy to me in life due to what we were able to accomplish with
her in helping this person to have a reason to go on. Probably the most
rewarding feeling I have ever had with my chessies, much more so over winning
titles and the "bragging rights" that go with such wins but which last only
until the next show. Rosie's contribution in this world is unending! You bred
a very, very special little dog, and I will always thank you for her!

Submitted by: Karen on Jun 09, 2011
We received "Rudy", from Ed, in July of 2010. He is a strong, well put together dog. He is very intelligent and quick to learn. (It was our first exprerience purchasing a dog "long distance".)

After several conversations with Ed, we found that we shared many of the same ideas regarding the raising and training of dogs. Our association with Ed has been excellent. Thanks for a great dog.
Submitted by: Kara Dickson on Feb 08, 2011
I cannot thank Ed enough for sending us such a wonderful dog. We got Murphy in April of 2010, he has been with us for just about a year and is a fantastic dog. First of all, he is an incredibly handsome dog. He is also a very, very smart dog. He is in a home with 3 children ages 8 down to 2 and is gentle with them.
I have every confidence in Ed. When we first spoke I was so impressed with his amazing knowledge of the breed and his philosophy. I truly respect what he does with his dogs. We can't thank him enough and hope to get another dog from Ed down the road.
Submitted by: Dennis Martinen on Dec 19, 2010
Our pup "Splash" that we purchased last springia a great dog in every way. He is a very happy, mellow dogthat is everyones friend. He is smart, alert and certainly likes the birds. He gets alongwell with other dogsand in every way is an all around good citizen.

Splash has a great coat that invites petting. and he laps it6 up with a smile.He is always a gentleman with everyone. In the face of adversity he keeps his composure and keeps those eyes frocused on us for guidance.

You certainly did more than a little right in helping produce this great dog. Thank you.

Submitted by: Deborah Strozewski on Nov 18, 2010
I got my pup, Remington, from Ed in July 2010. Remi's very focused on retrieving everything. Part of her training is searching tall grass and cattails for the "dummy". She hunts until she comes out with it. I can her use her nose from several feet away.
Living in cranberry country, there's lots of water and she LOVES the water.
I feel she's extremely intelligent, making her easy to train. Remi is all I could hope for in a Chessie.
Submitted by: Katie Duncan on Nov 10, 2010
Thank you Ed so much,we love Sassy! She is everything a Chessie is supposed to be, smart, determined, loyal and of course sassy:) We so appreciate your dedication to the foundations of the breed. We are looking forward to many wonderful years with her! She was absolutely worth waiting for.
Katie, CA
Submitted by: Betsy Hoaglund on Aug 18, 2010
Ed delivered Deets to us in April 2010. From the first day, he has been an outstanding dog. He is birdy, and doing very well with hand signals and retrieving. He is handsome and at almost 7 months a very athletic 60 pounds. His temperment is absolutely outstanding - very sweet, very trainable, smart, a little stubborn but after he tests us a few times, he obeys well. We have a 2 1/2 year old male flat coated retriever, and an 15 year old Jack Russell, and Deets socialized well with them. We are extremely happy with him and would recommend highly Ed's dogs!
Submitted by: Nora Terrell on Jun 14, 2010
In early 2009 I acquired another chessie puppy from Ed . This female (Cypher)is from a Goldie and Clifford breeding.
She was acquired with the intention of training her to be a service dog for mobility assistance work.
Her sire had produced in a previous litter a reliable working mobility assistance dog. And he has a full sister who was also successfully trained for and is currently working as an assistance dog. So it made sense to get another pup from a line proven for the ability to work.
Cypher has shown to be quite a reliable and addicted to working.
She has focus and as she mentally and physically matures , nearing being finished in this training is becoming impressive.
Her retrieve drive is high with willingness and adaptability in abundance. She will retrieve any object she is pointed toward,even coins.
Trainability is high and learns quickly . Almost TOO quickly.
Loves water and water retrieves.
No possessiveness issues or territorialism. Very agile in her movements like her parents and is fast on land and water. Yet in the assistance work is able to without effort slow herself to the handler's pace and be patient in all kinds of environments. Overall is a happy go lucky sweet tempered working dog.
She is 75 lbs in working trim, well built with a very nice proper coat.

As a reliable working dog she is beyond value . Not to mention a great companion and easy to live with.

Nora in Colorado
Submitted by: Jennifer on Jun 08, 2010
Thank you so much for making this possible for me Ed. You'll never understand how much I appreciate the Chesapeake you gave me. Brei has brightened my life and made things so much easier, not only with his assistance training but his mere presence. You raise amazing dogs!

Submitted by: Jon Hoover, Omaha, Nebraska on Sep 08, 2009
Rigger at 12 weeks is doing very well and is turning into an incredable companion. He is retrieving very well and his tempermant is outstanding. He seems to learn things very fast. He is very birdy and has a great nose. He has been retrieving alive and dead pigeons for a few weeks now. I am really happy with him.
Submitted by: charles dunlap on Feb 12, 2009
This is my first time buying any dog or any animal online from a person that i didn't know. After talking to ED for a time i felt like he was someone that you could trust. I bought a male puppy we call Rustly. He is everything ED said he would be. A fast learner, smart ,and doesn't forget - sometimes a little hard headed. This is the first chesse i have had in 40 years. If i was to get another it would be from ED
Submitted by: George Nielsen on Nov 25, 2008
I started with Chesapeakes in Minnesota in the late 1940's (60 years ago) befriending and competing at trials back then with people like Phil Gagnon (F.T.Ch. Raindrop of Deerwood) and Rodger Reopelle (F.T.Ch. Wild Goose Chase). Now living in Texas, I went back to Minnesota and the Dakotas to buy in Chesapeakes bred to hunt. Over the past ten years I have acquired 3 Wyndham Chesapeakes from Ed Atkins that had the working ability, temperament and looks to satisfy an old hand in the breed. Have also traveled up to ND to hunt with Ed and his dogs.

George Nielsen
Wimberley, Texas
Submitted by: Alison on Chesapeake Bay on Jul 10, 2008
He's doing great! He's great. We just got a new skiff and outfitted it with a dog ladder, so thats how he's been spending his summer...swimming in the Bay.

I had one of my friends dogsit him. She was out walking him and was stopped by a guy in a car who apparently had a Chessie. He said Bosun is the prettiest Chessie he's seen. They are coming over tonight for dinner and for the dogs to meet.

Jesse's been training Bosun in the mornings-because its been in the high 90s here...but he can now take hand signals and do whistle stops as well. We'll never run him in a field trial-but all of these things will hopefully make this bird season even better than last (which was awesome) we are looking forward to that.

He's a great hunting dog and a great pet...we're really happy.
Submitted by: Damon Sweep on Jul 02, 2008
My wife Lindsey and I first met Ed at an outdoor event held by our local chapter of Minnesota Waterfowlers. It is an event focused on hunting, and getting kids involved in the outdoors. He had a few chessies with him, and we had our old male chessie “Hydro” with us. We talked about his dogs, and I left with a favorable impression of his breeding program and his extensive breed experience.

A few years later I was looking for another pup and happened to come across a business card he had given us when we first met. In the time since we had last talked, he and the dogs had moved to North Dakota. We visited on the phone many times and exchanged emails. Ed never tired of my questions, some of which, looking back, must have seemed silly to him! Ed has always been willing to share his knowledge of the breed whenever I have asked.

We ended up purchasing “Tug” as a puppy from Ed. He was a very active youngster, and has been a blast to train. He is now two years old, and has hunted grouse, pheasants, and waterfowl. He works close and steady on pheasants, which suits the terrain here in Western Minnesota and Eastern North Dakota. We hunt a lot of cattail sloughs with heavy cover, and he does not hesitate to enter it and hunt hard. He is steady to shot, and has a fearless water entry. He was breaking ice last year retrieving late season mallards. His coat is like no other chessie we have had. Hunting in the cold weather does not faze him a bit. We are currently working on his blind work, and hope to continue to run him in HRC Hunt Tests (He has his SHR title). He is also an absolute clown around the house! In addition, we think he is a great looking dog. When you look at a Wyndham dog, they have a certain look that Ed is breeding for. We receive many comments on his conformation. We have been very happy with our Wyndham dog, and would purchase another from Ed.

Damon Sweep
Submitted by: nora Terrell on Jun 30, 2008
I have had chessies since 1983.
I bought a chessie pup from Ed 4 years ago because I was looking for some of the old bloodlines my best longlived working and hunting dogs had descended from. He has kept and preserved in his bloodlines what I was looking for and could not find elsewhere.
The current young dog I bought from Ed as a pup has natural quartering with a very powerful retrieve drive and a soft mouth. Great trainability and such a sweet willing dog as I could have ever wanted. She is one of the most powerful river swimming dogs I have ever had for swift water. She calculates drift and current when retrieving. She has the correct water repellant coat and body type of the older style chessies with a willingness to do whatever I put her to work doing. Very inventive adaptive dog who wants to be with me and loves people.
Has great resistance to heat and cold and has wonderful endurance. And she is an easy dog to live with at home or afield. Even if she was a thieving pest as a puppy...
I am so thrilled that I got her. It was like a blast from the past walked in my door.
Nora in Colorado
Submitted by: Mary Hendrickson on Jun 30, 2008
I have known Ed Atkins for nearly 20 years. I was first introduced to his dogs when I kennel-sat for him. His dogs were well trained and of gentle temperment. Thirteen years agao I brought home a male puppy, Ch. Wyndam's Keynote. He was a joy to have. I don't know if I got more compliments regarding his looks or temperment. Stoney was just a typical Wyndhan Chessie. When I lost Stone to age, I immediately brought home his grear-grandshon. Ed's Flat-coats are equal to the Chessies. But more important Ed's dogs are true hunters, easy to train, eager to retrieve with soft mouths. I wish I lived closer to him so I could interact with the dogs more. They are fun.
Submitted by: Richard Scheffer on Jun 25, 2008
As a member of the American Chesapeake Club and owner of chessies for 15 years I have gotten to know that there are a lot of very good breeders around and lots of really nice dogs. I know, I presently own four chessies from various well-known kennels and one I bred and raised myself. He's my favorite - Ch Indian River Brerbear O'Jala. He has the look I like in a Chesapeake and a temperament to die for. He is a great ambassador for the breed. The pedigree on his sire's side carries a lot of Wyndham as well as the Jala line. Last spring I showed at Fargo, ND and lo a behold, there's Ed Atkins with some of the prettiest chessies I have seen in a long time, one of which I fell immediately in love with and tried to buy at the show. No sale! 10 months later I visited Ed's kennel and saw even more of the chessies he has bred and most all have those rugged good looks I associate with the chessies I remember for the last 50 years or so. I immediately ordered a bitch puppy, which will be out of what I consider a world-class chessie bitch, Ed's girl "Hope". If Ed were just into the show aspect of the breed instead of building great hunters with awesome personalities, he could have a nationally recognized show winner with the potential of winning it all at the ACC National Specialty with "Hope".

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