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Windy Acres French Brittanys - North Dakota Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel Breeders

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About Windy Acres French Brittanys
ABOVE: "'Foxie is a hunting machine"' . Her owner says she will go all day. 2 years old Fin and Gypsy pup she is doing fantastic in the home and field . Thanks Barry in Minot ND Windy Acres is a small kennel located in bird country and croplands of South Central North Dakota near the SD boarder. For over 50 years the black nose Brittany has been a favorite of Phil and his friends.  When we started the kennel there were just 7 Registered Epagneul Breton  kennels in the country Wow how that has changed. The popularity of the breed and the eager buyers have increased that to way over 80 and counting.

 All of our dogs are Duel Registered or tri registered UKC,  AKC, NAVHDA. Proven  excellent Hunters and Huntress. We do insure all breeding pairs are exceptional hunters.We cater to hunters and Family hunting dogs.

Our Lines are all superior and proven . We give a full 2 year guarantee on all our dogs.

 We have 3 training plans and cater to all levels of training requirements.

Our goal is to become a kennel family and we strive to provide the best lines, proven breeding pairs and professional training and most of all superior Customer Service before and after the sale.

  Our goal is to breed for a client and It is proven a good plan.

 Also a Huge thank you all for the support Kind words and for Loving my dogs !!!

I love to, and am very proud to, show these dogs and everyone is invited to come visit for a field run any time.

May you all have a Super year and Id like to say Thank You and God Bless to our New , Repeat and Future clients

Phil Rogers



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Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel
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Phil Rogers
2991 70th St SE
Napoleon, North Dakota 58561
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 10 years.
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Submitted by: Erik Jolliffe on Jul 14, 2014
Wanted to give an update on "Briggs" after a full season and now almost a full offseason prior to him turning two in December. Phil's training is still in my dogs brain. A simple look or a 'tisk' sound is all that is needed. I walk him daily on anything wild and even though the birds, rabbits, etc. don't hold tight, he still points. He may be a great waterfowl dog if I ever got into that. Hard to keep him out of the lake! Thanks again to Phil and his training. A boot camp refresher may be in store just to take my dog to the upper levels!!!
Submitted by: Peter La Haye on Apr 03, 2014
Just a note to let your readers know that Luc has turned a year old and has become quite the bird dog.
Worked all summer with him in the field which has paid off. Got his first pheasant at 9 months. Our last trip was to Peck Idaho for pheasant. It was his first real test. With six of my best pheasant hunting buddies, I was a little skeptical on his abilities at this young age. All I can say is he made me real proud! In the two days of hunting he pointed and retrieved over 50 Pheasant and Chucker.
His instincts are amazing! Wish I was able to post a few pics here. I will be talking to you about dog #2 for the Spring of 2015.

Thank you Sir!

Seattle, WA.
Submitted by: Bill Teten on Feb 06, 2014
Phil, I thought I would give you an update on Grady. He is three now and really hitting his stride. I have hunted him since he was 7 months old and he continues to improve each and every season. He has a great nose and has retrieved to hand since he started to hunt. He works close and responds to commands in the field without using the collar. Solid on point and does a great job locating the birds. He is a great companion in the house and loves everyone and all other dogs. When I put him in the field he is a completely different dog with no desire to be petted just wants to hunt. He has been a great experience and all my friends cant wait to hunt with Grady.
Submitted by: Barry Burtness on Jan 30, 2014
I have a 11 1/2 month old French Brittany I bought from Phil named Foxy. She was already beginning to point at 7 weeks old due to her natural abilities. She was finding and retieving pheasant wings at a very early age as well. So I had a feeling she would be a pretty good pup. Little did I know how good. At 5 months old Foxy was retrieving fom water. In September she went to Phils boot camp and came back an eager hunting machine. Foxy was a lot better around the house also after boot camp. This years pheasant season was my best ever. Foxy did some pretty amazing points where the birds held very tight. She pointed 39 birds and retrieved 15 of the 17 birds shot. Pretty awesome for a young pup lees than a year old. If your interested in a good French Britt go see Phil. You can't go wrong. Thankyou Phil!!!
Submitted by: Jens Stokke on Jan 09, 2014
We received our French Brittany Spaniel from Windy Acres Kennel in 2012 Phil was great to work with and our Hattie has been a great member of our family since day one. She has been out in the field two years and has pheasant hunting running through her blood. Thank you Phil and Windy Acres for the pleasure of working with you and offering us our pup.
Submitted by: Victor Mayer on Jan 07, 2014
I have a 2 and a half year old French Brittany from Windy Acres Kennels (Tucker) that is absolutely outstanding both in the field and in the home. His natural instincts in the field are unbelievable and made training quite easy. In the home, my wife calls him the 'love puppy' because he loves everyone and is a great companion.. Phil Rogers, owner of Windy Acres, is very knowledgeable of the breed and maintains only the best breeding lines for his kennel. We are so taken with Tucker that my wife and I just welcomed our second pup from Windy Acres this past weekend. There is no better testimony than someone going back for more. I think that says it all.
Submitted by: The DeVries on Dec 10, 2013
We just want to let you know Bailey is still doing a great job of hunting pheasants and grouse. He is a great companion to both of us and our grandchildren. He still trys to be the head dog and sometimes Pierre lets him but they love to play together. Bailey is a very loveable dog and wants to please us at all times. Thank you again for the wonderful training you did with him for his first 8 months. We'll send you a picture of him soon. He doesn't really like the camera to well. Bill said he just gets better every season. Thanks again for a great dog. Bill and Mary DeVries

Submitted by: Kevin Nelson on Dec 03, 2013
I purchased a French Britt from Phil over two years ago. A fiery little male named Rooty ( Short for Rooty Bird). At 8 months old he was pointing solid, retrieving, and backing. He is now 2 1/2 years old and continues to impress me ever time we are hunting. He can be on a dead run and see another dog on point and slam the brakes on big time. I have never seen a dog stop and back so solidly before. It is all natural, I have not done any training other than obedience. We were hunting released birds the other day. These birds have no scent for the first few hours after being released. I was hunting with a buddie who has a 4 year old britt and my 11 year old french. Rooty found and pointed 8 birds and the other dogs had no clue there were birds around. He has an amazing nose. When he retrieves he takes off on a dead run and scoops the bird up and retrieves to hand and looks up at me and says " Lets go get another one boss" I think the most impressive part of this whole deal is Phil Rogers. From day one he was just a joy and pleasure to deal with. Here is man that loves his dogs and wants only the best for them. I have contacted him several times for training advise and he always returns my calls promptly. We have great visits and he always gives me great advise. The more I talk to him the more you can hear him get excited about his dogs. Like I said here is a man that truly loves and knows his dogs. If anyone is thinking about one of Phils dogs, you cannot go wrong.
K. Nelson
Submitted by: Andy Elser on Nov 30, 2013
I am Sorry it took so long for me to do this. I wanted to share with everyone my story about my all star Reno from Windy Acres in ND. much earlier however time is always short.
I am a fly fishing, upland, and waterfowl guide in eastern Montana. Over the last few years I have unfortunately had to decrease the numbers, in fact most of my kennel do to old age and cancer. With all this on my plate, I was at the point in life to take a break from dogs. I think that most dog lovers can appreciate that. That was until my mother bought a dog from Phil. Reno came into my life because she had to take a job working 12 hour shifts. I as a dog fan, told her I would help with some training and exercise. The more I got to know my new little buddy, I , against my own good judgment fell in love with him! Over the last year and a half I have came not only to appreciate the breed even more, but have grown to truly love Phil's (Windy Acres) lines. Reno is one of the most easily trained dogs I have ever worked with. At seven months old he was constantly finding and pointing birds for my clients. This year he has exceeded all my expectations in the field as a well rounded , mature beyond his age, versatile hunting dog. He is an amazing boat dog with a gentle and calm demeanor, that is of coarse, until we pull up to an island to hunt, or until a duck goes down in front of him then look out he is all business. He will find any dead bird and point anything you tell him it's ok to find. Of coarse there are things we still need to work on, but he is without a doubt an all star. Have I have failed to mention? that above all he does with helping me earn a living as well as helping me with my obsession of hunting, the rest of the time he is our house dog. He is gentle with my son, wife and all other dogs and pups. He is very calm and caring in the house but watch out in the field!
My great thanks for Phil's knowledge and thoughtful care to his lines and pairings, can only be out done my the dogs themselves, which in my experience, are simply amazing!.
If you want to talk dogs and need truth give him a call.
Andy Elser

Submitted by: Patrick Chapin on Nov 10, 2013
Bought my first Brittany from Phil in the summer of 2011. I have been a Labrador man my whole life so this was quite a change. Coral was intended to "give me something to do" within months after losing my wife and son to two separate tragedies. She did her darndest to fill the void. We are soul mates. I started her hunting behind my two labs and really didn't care if she turned out to be a flushing dog like them. But she has had other ideas! I knew nothing about training a pointing dog and as it turns out I didn't need to know anything! Coral is absolutely fantastic! We are in Montana hunting right now and she is really nailing the pheasants down. Her points are beautiful! She's only 28 lbs and the birds usually let her get within inches. She is also easy to keep in range. And I have never used an e-collar in my life! Or a check cord. Or trained with pigeons. Coral is made of the right stuff that's for sure. Thanks, Phil!

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