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Windy Acres French Brittanys - North Dakota Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel Breeders

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About Windy Acres French Brittanys

ABOVE: Glenn Davis and Cody in Montana doing the norm for them!! Cody is a Hank and Nell pup and a super pup.

training class for September 2015 Is now Full! Thanks ! sorry I could not take more.

Windy Acres is a small kennel located in bird country and croplands of South Central North Dakota near the SD boarder. For over 50 years the black nose Brittany has been a favorite of Phil and his friends. When we started the kennel there were just 7 Registered Epagneul Breton kennels in the country Wow how that has changed. The popularity of the breed and the eager buyers have increased that to way over 80 and counting.

All of our dogs are Duel Registered or tri registered UKC, AKC, NAVHDA. Proven excellent Hunters and Huntress. We do insure all breeding pairs are exceptional hunters.We cater to hunters and Family hunting dogs.

Our Lines are all superior and proven . We give a full 2 year guarantee on all our dogs.

We have 3 training plans and cater to all levels of training requirements.

Our goal is to become a kennel family and we strive to provide the best lines, proven breeding pairs and professional training and most of all superior Customer Service before and after the sale.

Our goal is to breed for a client and It is proven a good plan.

Also a Huge thank you all for the support Kind words and for Loving my dogs !!!

I love to, and am very proud to, show these dogs and everyone is invited to come visit for a field run any time.

May you all have a Super year and Id like to say Thank You and God Bless to our New , Repeat and Future clients

Phil Rogers


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Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel
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Phil Rogers
2991 70th St SE
Napoleon, North Dakota 58561
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 15 years.
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Submitted by: Michael & Karen Grosz on Jul 26, 2015
We brought home Zeus about a week ago. He is our first pup and an awesome dog. Zeus is loyal and loving as he immediately bonded with us. We are very pleased with his puppy training progress as well. You can tell that Phil loves the breed and his dogs as this pup responds well. After the first night, Phil checked in with us on the first weekend and a week later. He is so knowledgeable and is patient and responsive to our questions. We are very pleased with Windy Acres Kennel and Phil. We can't wait until Zeus gets older and trained in the field. In you are interested in a French Brittany, we highly recommend Windy Acres.
Submitted by: Tim Purdon on Jun 02, 2015
We brought or pup home in October 2014. Phil had trained her for a little under a year and he delivered a "well started" pup as promised. In fall 2014, on her second "real" hunt (less than a year old) she solid pointed two rooster pheasant in a tree row. VERY impressive for a pup so young. In our winter and spring 2015 walks, it appears that she will work very close to the hunter in the field. This will be a relief to my hunting partners who have grown tired of my constant yelling to control my other Brit. (He is not one of Phil's!) She was well trained for the field by Phil - no doubt about that. I am very optimistic about how she will preform this fall. I plan to update after her first full hunting season!

-Tim Purdon
Submitted by: joe hysten on Apr 25, 2015
I just want to send out a quick comment regarding the puppy I just got at 7 weeks of age, on April 13th from Phil. I was just astonished at the natural ability this puppy was showing at such an early age. The puppy became very loyal and attached to me from day one, she would go and meet the various family members, but would return to my feet after smelling and licking their hands; I began first throwing a glove for her to fetch, which she would do almost without much prompting, so I progressed to hiding the glove in weeds and telling her dead, she would use her nose, find the glove and bring it back to me. Just to sum up, her ability and willingness to learn, loyalty, and use of her nose are in the superior range. Note, she is my third French Brittany and I have had several German Wire haired Pointers, she is second to none.
Submitted by: M and K Freer on Jan 24, 2015
Just wanted to share with you want a wonderful companion Josie has become. I picked her up from you almost three years ago. She is out of the Gypsy/Fin litter and her kennel name was Kami. She looks very much like Gypsy and has the same loving personality that we saw in Gypsy when we picked out our breeding. She turned out exactly as you said she would. Calm in the house and a fun loving dog outside. Her hunting ability's are far better than mine, which makes taking her out so much more fun. she loves retrieving, swimming and following scent. Her natural instinct's to hunt and how easy she was to train, still amaze me. Thank you for all your help and for adding such a perfect companion to our lives.

Mark and Karen
Submitted by: Audrey Todd-Davis on Dec 21, 2014
On December 13, 2014, I married my best friend Glenn Davis. I have dated Glenn for about 4 years. When I met him, he had one of Phil's male dogs named Cody. I fell in Love with Cody!. What an amazing little man he is.It wasn't too long after meeting Glenn, that he realized how much I loved little Cody and he bought me my own little girl from Phil.Her name is Litl Gypie Helen Davis.I am not much of a hunter, as I have to tender of a heart for all animals, but I do enjoy spending time with Glenn and our fur-kids, weather it is hunting or just relaxing at home.Phil states on his web site that he raises dogs for lady and gentlemen hunters and their families too.YES HE DOES and I have to say, he is an expert at it as well.Both of our Britts are very accomplished hunters!.even though I ask Glenn to please miss once in a while when we are hunting. And yes my litl Gypsie looks at me as if to say MOM!!!!.In closing.Phil is known around our house as "Grandpa".we love him dearly! So if you are ever looking for a champion of a hunting dog and a fur-ever companion get it from Grandpa Phil.You won't be sorry.we sure Love our two!and we love you too Grandpa Phil.Cody and Litl Gypsie Davis's mom.Audrey Todd-Davis.
Submitted by: P Chapin on Nov 13, 2014
Phil another great trip with Coral, Just returned from Montana with the dogs. Birds were quite thin this year but we still managed to get 25 in a couple of weeks. Pearl, my 10 year-old lab is now supposed to be dying of kidney disease but I think she has other ideas. She hunted great and had no problems keeping up. Lots of bounce in her step for a dog her age.An amazing dog. And speaking of amazing .Windy Acres Coral was absolutely astounding this fall! She is nuts for upland hunting. I don't think she gave up three false points in three weeks! She even passed on a porcupine in a thicket. Too bad the other guy's dog didn't! Cost him a nasty vet bill. I have no trouble calling her off jackrabbits or deer. Coral has turned into a stunning pointing dog. A natural. No need for check cords or whoa barrels. She will pin them down until either myself or the flushers arrive. She will retrieve cripples if I'm hunting her alone. A dead bird she'll usually just stand over it but cripples she'll catch and bring to me. If I hunt her more alone I think I'll have better luck with retrieving. With the Lab along I'm not really worried about it in any event. Thanks again for your great dog.

Submitted by: Royce L Heffelfinger on Oct 30, 2014
We had an unbelievable experience with Phil Rogers on December 22, 2014. It was 35 below and Phil asked us out to his home for dinner. He prepared a feast for us and showed us our new puppy and her mother as well. The next morning we were to pick up our puppy at Phil's. It was still 35 below and the power had gone out in town and Phil had our puppy ready for us as soon as I could get my car started. The beauty of his area is the winter is breathtaking. Our young female Brittany, Gracy, is the love of our life. Recently left her at a kennel for two weeks and the lady, who has run the kennel for 8 years, stated she has never had a more intelligent dog. Phil is just the best person in the world to get a puppy from.
Submitted by: Joel Finn on Oct 08, 2014
This week I drove down to Napoleon to do some training with Phil and Lindy (my 15 week old pup). We spent 4 hours with Phil going over everything from very early field training with Lindy to training for me. We also got to introduce Lindy to some live birds which was great! Even though Lindy is still so young, we wanted to make sure we were getting her started in the right direction.

Phil is so patient and answered all of my questions. I feel great knowing that I have a superb breed of dog and a great breeder that will answer any of my questions even after taking my pup home.
Submitted by: Kelly & DeAnna Dewey on Oct 06, 2014
Last year we started getting into upland bird hunting a lot more. We found out the hard way that a dog can increase your productivity enormously. That's when I started looking for a hunting dog. That's when a person finds out how many dogs there are to choose from. When all the dust settled Windy Acres was the last dog standing( In our case that is ). We took a trip down to the farm to check out this wonderful French Brittany breed. Upon arrival we where greeted by Phil and five beautiful well behaved Britt's. We where invited in to learn more about this wonderful breed. We are still trying to remember everything that was discussed, Phil's knowledge was endless. We then went outside to watch the parents of our soon to be puppy in the field. We watched three different dogs work the fields, they never got to far out. The dogs always knew where we were and hunted in front of us. If we stopped they came to us, as soon as we moved they were right back out on the hunt. Every dog hunted the same way. It was wonderful to see them excited to find the birds. Phil is an amazing, caring, breeder and trainer. We are sold on the French Brittany so much so, we are on the list for two pups. The Britt's are not just a hunting companion, they are definitely affectionate and well behaved indoor family dogs as well. If you hunt you owe it to yourself to look further into Phil and his wonderful French Brittany Spaniels. Thank you Phil for your knowledge and hospitality, looking forward to seeing you and all your Britt's soon!
Submitted by: Christina Finn on Sep 22, 2014
We have been working with Phil for almost a year, from the time we decided we wanted one of his pups, waiting for our litter to be born, watching them grow, choosing the right pup for our family, and now bringing her home. We have emailed countless times with questions throughout the process, called several times as well as driving to the kennel to visit. We took our pup, Lindy J, home just over 6 weeks ago... she is a liver tri female from Gracie and Gar. We absolutely love her and she is very good with our 3 kids already... even our 15 month old. She is incredibly smart, and learned several commands as well as ringing her bell to go outside in such a short time. She is absolutely beautiful... we get comments and questions all the time as to her breed and breeder because her color is so unique... she even won our local cutest puppy contest a couple weeks after we brought her home, which was probably the highlight of our kids year so far! Phil is great to work with. Has answered our never ending questions and been such a huge support for us beginning our training. My husband is heading up with Lindy in a couple weeks to have Phil help us get moving in the right direction with field training. We are so pleased with our decision to get Lindy from Windy Acres. Having a great family dog was just as important to me as having a great hunting dog was to my husband... definitely made the right decision!

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