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Windy Acres French Brittanys - North Dakota Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel Breeders

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About Windy Acres French Brittanys
ABOVE: I am proudly posting a picture of Lynn Left, Jada and Judge. Jada is the first and at the time the only pup I ever placed with a non hunter. Lynn and Benny assured me they would do the very best with her. I am so pleased she has been awarded MANY titles and a Master Agility Championship. She will Attend the Nationals this year. WAY TO GO and you have made Windy Acres Proud. Best of luck in the Nationals... below .  Windy Acres is a small kennel located in bird country and croplands of South Central North Dakota near the SD boarder. For over 50 years the black nose Brittany has been a favorite of Phil and his friends.  When we started the kennel there were just 7 Registered Epagneul Breton  kennels in the country Wow how that has changed. The popularity of the breed and the eager buyers have increased that to way over 100 and counting.

 All of our dogs are Duel Registered or tri registered UKC,  AKC, NAVHDA. Proven  excellent Hunters and Huntress. We do insure all breeding pairs are exceptional hunters.We cater to hunters and Family hunting dogs.

Our Lines are all superior and proven . We give a full 2 year guarantee on all our dogs.

 We have several training plans and cater to all levels of training requirements. Phil has trained over 500 dogs and loves it.

Our desire is to become a kennel family  with and for our clients, we strive to provide the best lines, proven breeding pairs and professional training and most of all superior Customer Service before and after the sale.

  My goal is to breed for a client, not have a litter, and It is proven a good plan. Having only 2-3 litters can mean a wait,  at times but clients tell me it was worth the wait to get a well fit dog for the field and  family. I look forward to finding one for your family. 

 Also a Huge thank you all for the support Kind words and for Loving my dogs !!!

I love to, and am very proud to, show these dogs and everyone is invited to come visit for a field run any time.

May you all have a Super year and Id like to say Thank You and God Bless to our New , Repeat and Future clients

Phil Rogers



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Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel
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Phil Rogers
2991 70th St SE
Napoleon, North Dakota 58561
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 17 years.
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Submitted by: Jon Bradow on May 11, 2017
Puppy news again,
Gus is doing great. His nose is phenomenal. We are working on come, sit, stay, and heel. He does well with all of them in short sessions. I work on these commands for 5 minutes each throughout the day. Any longer and he wants to start playing. Which is fine, he is a puppy.

Last night I put a pheasant wing in the yard and walked him by it. At twenty yards away he got the scent. He pointed for a couple seconds when he was a few feet away then went in. His excitement level was off the charts for a puppy that has never had a snoot full of feathers. I'm sure you've seen it many times, but I thought it was amazing.

I want to thank you again. The experience from start to finish was awesome. Hope your doing well and and getting some fishing time in.

Thanks again

Submitted by: Jon Bradow on Apr 23, 2017
Hi Phil,
I am so glad I found Windy Acres. You have been a joy to work with from day one. You have always been honest with me through the whole process. The weekly videos you do of all the pups were priceless to me. I know of no other breeders that do this!
From the minute I picked Gus from the whelping pen till now (1 night)he only whimpers if he needs to go potty. And no messes in the house yet. He never even soiled the newspaper in his kennel overnight. At 2 in the morning he started to cry and we went outside and went one and two. We came back in and he went right back to sleep.

He is always smelling and very inquisitive. I can tell he is highly intelligent. My family has fallen in love with him immediately. I am very excited to have him. Can't thank you enough for your hard work. I will keep you informed on how he is doing from time to time.


Submitted by: Lynn Van Vleet on Jan 24, 2017
A note with Pictures ABOVE, That was sent to Windy Acres. Great News and Thank You Lynn and Jada!
I hope you are staying warm and doing well. I'm so glad you and the dogs enjoyed your gifts.
I did get the Epagneul Breton magazine. I was very exciting to see her. She has become such a great agility partner.
With that being said, I would like to tell you that Jada is now a Master Agility Champion (MACH) I am so proud of this sassy yet oh so sweet girl. I have attached a couple of pictures and will try and send you a video.
She has also qualified for AKC Agility Nationals which is in Perry GA. in March. Some friends and I have decided to drive down, I can't wait.

Thank you so much for trusting me with one of your pups!

Take Care and Stay Warm!
MACH Galejade De Acres Venteuses CD UCD MX MXB MXJ MJB

Submitted by: Brian Vrablick on Jan 20, 2017
Our lab was getting too old to hunt and we started researching different dog breeds. My wife wanted a smaller dog and I was thinking of switching to a pointing breed since I mostly hunt upland birds and not much waterfowl anymore. We stumbled onto the French Brittany and also Windy Acres Kennel.

Phil knows the French Brittany and he is more than willing to talk to you about his dogs, the breed, and he makes sure you understand what these dogs do.

We put ourselves on the list and Phil kept us informed when the female was bred and also throughout the pregnancy. When the puppies were born is when Phil really goes all out for his clients. We were sent videos of the birth of almost every puppy! It was like we were there to share in the joy and surprise. Is it a boy or girl, what color is it, etc. Then every week Phil would send pictures of each puppy. He would also do short videos once the pups started getting some personality to help us make our decision as to which puppy we would choose.

We decided to make the drive to ND and turn it into a family adventure. Our lives have not been the same since we made the trip. Of course, the puppy stage was challenging especially with young children at home. Potty training happened fairly quickly. Our dog loves to chew so we have plenty of toys around. Mylo is very sweet and loving, but he is also very persistent about getting what he wants. He definitely does better in the house if he gets exercise. He does even better if it is a lot of exercise. I would not get a French Brittany if you are not going to get the dog outside.

Fast forward to the fall and hunting season. I hunted him over planted birds three times before I took him out for wild birds. Mylo has an incredible nose. He will pick up scent from a long ways away. He will point, creep up, point, creep up, point. He just does it on his own. Of course with the planted birds I knew approximately where they were and he never bumped them. His second time out on wild birds we had a running pheasant go about 500 yards. He pointed about 8 different times and he ended up pointing the bird near a field edge and I was 10 yards from the flush. Unfortunately it was a hen, but I never would have been within shooting range of that bird with my lab unless I was an Olympic sprinter. He was about 7 months old when that happened and I am really excited for the future.

If you want a French Brittany you will not be disappointed with Phil, his dogs, or the experience of buying from Windy Acres. Phil is always there to answer questions and give you training advice if you ask for help.
and chews
Jill and Brian Vrablick WA
Submitted by: Cheri Meidinger on Dec 21, 2016
We are blessed to have 2 of Windy Acres beautiful French Brittanys. Loki is almost 10 years old and has a passion for hunting. Although Faith who is almost 8, was purchased as a family pet due to a slight heart murmur at birth, she has proven to be an excellent hunter as well. Her heart murmur corrected itself and she hunts every chance she can get. My favorite thing about these dogs is their excited nature in the field and calm nature in the house.
Our dogs are not only hunters, but part of our family. They know when one of us is feeling sad or ill and come to cheer us up or lie next to us so that we are never alone. My daughter looks for Faith first thing when she returns home from school. These two have the child/pet connection you see in the movies and it's great to see. They are our constant companions and make our lives complete.
Submitted by: Pat Chapin on Dec 21, 2016
Coral, From Phil's super dogs at Windy Acres is my five year-old tri-color, she had a great season in Montana this year. Pheasants were down somewhat but we still managed to get lots over five months of almost daily hunting in unusually spectacular weather. It was downright hot most days but thanks to extraordinary rainfall during early October before we arrived, the coulees and creeks all had water running in them till Thanksgiving weekend. Cover was incredibly dense. But Coral rose to the occasion. Every day saw her pointing upwards of dozens of birds. Because of the wet early season, most pheasants had seen little hunting activity by the end of October when we got to Montana. They held nicely but the problem was often simply seeing her in high grass when she was on point. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Coral is her level of expertise in spite of essentially no competent training. I have always been a flushing Lab man and basic obedience is about all that's needed to make them work. Coral started out being merely "something to keep me busy" after the tragic losses of my wife and son. No barrels, tables, long leashes, or e-collars. If she turned into another flushing dog, that would be fine with me. In spite of my lack of training expertise and equipment, Coral has developed into an extremely "sleuthy" pointer, and when she goes on point, she stays rock solid till either I or the Labs get to her. No need to command whoa. Never knew it was supposed to be in my vocabulary. I'm sure I can count on both hands the number of false points over five weeks of hunting this fall. It's so rare that I'll usually come back and work the same spot after a half hour or so. As often as not the bird turns up. Blame those near misses on heavy cover and lots of standing water this year. About the only distraction I have to worry about is cottontails. Coral is quite interested in them, though she hardly blinks at jackrabbits or deer. Porcupines are briefly noted before proceeding on to work. Coral is easy to work with. She's sensitive and worships me. Keeping her under control is generally not difficult. She is not a running dog and stays home even if the gate gets left open which is very unusual for a pointing breed. We are very close - she sleeps against my heart most nights. Thanks for the great dog!

Pat Chapin

Submitted by: Delane Dollinger on Dec 17, 2016
Max, Hank and Gypsy's son. He is almost 10 years old and is still in top condition as a pet and foremost as a bird hunter. These dogs are mostly known as upland pointing hunters, I would like to add that they also love to hunt waterfowl. He is fearless and will run down a wounded 15 pound Canada or run into the water to get a downed Snow goose. Max loves to be in the layout blind with me and will lay, watching quietly, even when there are 100s of birds overhead. I have lost count of all the pheasants he has pointed and run down when the shooting was not quite up to par. I have had people hunt with me that had not seen a French Brittany before and had hunted with many different breeds of dogs. They have been amazed at his all around performance, his nose for birds, his solid lockup points, and his ability to run down any wounded bird. Phil has a wonderful set of dogs for hunting. They are also great house dogs. Hunting Pheasants in the snow.
Submitted by: Jim Tormey on Dec 13, 2016

My Doolin is ready to celebrate his fifth year on God's green earth shortly. He is still full of life, and ready to run and/or swim all day. My Grandson (2 1/2 years old) loves to give him the signal to jump into and out of the deck of our truck, his record is 11 without a miss. I still struggle with Doolin always taking the best chair when we are at the fire pit or on the patio, but in spite of that bad habit, he is still my constant companion, my shadow and my best friend.

God bless your dog-making formulas (Gypsy and Finn), and your ability to match the pups with the best suited human.

Hope all is well.

Jim Tormey
Syracuse, NY
Submitted by: on Dec 05, 2016
This is a Gypsy and Finn male pup:2012
With another season almost finished here I wanted to give you an update on Hap. With 12 dogs under my belt so far, in my life, I can confidently tell you Hap is the smartest and by far the most birdie dog Jessie and I have had. We hunted from Maine to Georgia and have enjoyed great hunts in every state. No matter the species Hap has pointed and retrieved them all. We decided to send this in because, I see as usual, you are sold out already for next seasons litters . We wanted those of you that are willing to wait , to know, it is well worth the time for a dog from Phil. We waited an extra year and would and will, if necessary, do it again. The payback for the wait is huge! My grandson is going to hunt next fall and he is already talking about getting a dog like Hap! All my friends are convinced as well. I think you have 2 of them on your list. Here is wishing you a Merry Christmas and continued good health for many years to come.
From Pete and Jessie, the O'Conner's of Wisconsin.

Submitted by: Barry B. on Nov 28, 2016
Foxy got a Thanksgiving rooster!. We approached a slough and foxy was immediately birdie. She knew there was a bird in there and went into overdrive trying to find it. I thought I covered the slough well and was on the way back to the truck, down wind, when Foxy went on point facing me about 20 yards in front of me. As I approached her eyes would look at me then to where the bird was and back at me and where the bird was. It was so neat. When I got to her I moved the grass with my foot in front of her and the rooster flushed. I shot the rooster and foxy retrieved it. What a way to spend Thanksgiving morning. Thanks again Phil, for the great friend, companion and gun dog! Tomorrow is another hunting day for us. Fun!

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