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Windy Acres French Brittanys - North Dakota Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel Breeders

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About Windy Acres French Brittanys

ABOVE: ELSA on her first hunt at 5 months. She is from my Nell and Gar pairing last season. Her Owner is doing a super job training her. In a few months and with her owners training. She will become a super Dog.

Excellent Job Lyubee!

(His testimonial is submitted below )

Windy Acres is a small kennel located in bird country and croplands of South Central North Dakota near the SD boarder. For over 50 years the black nose Brittany has been a favorite of Phil and his friends. When we started the kennel there were just 7 Registered Epagneul Breton kennels in the country Wow how that has changed. The popularity of the breed and the eager buyers have increased that to way over 100 and counting.

All of our dogs are Duel Registered or tri registered UKC, AKC, NAVHDA. Proven excellent Hunters and Huntress. We do insure all breeding pairs are exceptional hunters.We cater to hunters and Family hunting dogs.

Our Lines are all superior and proven . We give a full 2 year guarantee on all our dogs.

We have several training plans and cater to all levels of training requirements. Phil has trained over 500 dogs and loves it.

Our desire is to become a kennel family with and for our clients, we strive to provide the best lines, proven breeding pairs and professional training and most of all superior Customer Service before and after the sale.

My goal is to breed for a client, not have a litter, and It is proven a good plan. Having only 2-3 litters can mean a wait, at times but clients tell me it was worth the wait to get a well fit dog for the field and family. I look forward to finding one for your family.

Also a Huge thank you all for the support Kind words and for Loving my dogs !!!

I love to, and am very proud to, show these dogs and everyone is invited to come visit for a field run any time.

May you all have a Super year and Id like to say Thank You and God Bless to our New , Repeat and Future clients

Phil Rogers


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Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel
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Breeder Contact Info
Phil Rogers
2991 70th St SE
Napoleon, North Dakota 58561
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 15 years.
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Submitted by: Roger on Jan 16, 2016

Submitted by: Tim Purdon on Dec 15, 2015
Have been meaning to drop you a note with an update on Frenchie. You Christmas letter inspired me to do so.
First the bad news. We had to put our older dog, Louis, down in early September. At 13, old age just got to him. We miss him every day, but he had a great run.
Luckily for us Frenchie was already in the house when this happened and that has eased our transition a great deal. We are lucky to have her. As a pet, she has come a long way in the year she has been with us. Mischievous (in a good way) and hungry for love an attention. My wife an daughter have really taken to her. She know sleeps in the bed with us every night.
In the field, she had a great first full season. The best compliment I can give to you as her trainer is that I never once all fall even thought about the need to use the electronic collar on her because she was ranging too far away form me in the field. There was never a need. Not once. She works close and very steady. Because of this she EXCELS hunting tree rows. My hunting party (we have 20 years together and some have been hunting for 50) say she is the best tree row dog we have ever had. She never gets too excited and so she does not spook/run the birds. She also has great potential with grouse. She had several really nice points early in grouse season that were wasted (by me) as I was still learning how to read her. I am very confident that I am going to shoot a ton of grouse over her.
Things we need to work on? Well, she has not discovered yet that retrieving is part of her portfolio. She will run to a downed bird and pin it. But she won't pick it up. Any suggestions on how I can work on that with her through spring and summer?
We are incredibly happy with Frenchie. She is a great pet and has the potential to be a truly special hunting dog. Simply put, she has made me a better dog handler and better hunter. We could not be more satisfied with her or with our experience with Windy Acres.
Thanks Phil!
Merry Christmas!
Submitted by: Patkrick Chapin on Dec 15, 2015
(Coral) is a Windy Acres Pup 4 years Old
Just got home from Montana yesterday afternoon. Been there hunting birds since 24 Oct. I shot quite a few pheasants this year in spite of poor numbers fascia somehow Coral was absolutely fantastic again this year, especially earlier in the season when the birds weren't so spooky. I was getting a few more false points than usual (though still very rare) but I think many of those were simply spooky birds that gave her the slip. She actually made a couple of retrieves but only when the Labs were not around or she gave up waiting for them to find her in the thick stuff. We only lost two birds the entire time but Coral found three other cripples. In all I took thirteen daily limits of three roosters each and many days of one or two. And more than a few days I got skunked. Coral does work a bit far in the open and I do have to police that more closely late in the season when the birds are more jumpy. Generally, Coral's nose can't be beat. Even the two cripples we lost I'm 100% certain she had found them but we simply could not find her in that thick $#@#. When she doesn't return for ten minutes or more, then I know she has a bird. At one point I had to leave Coral to go downstream a quarter mile and cross a bridge so we could find her. The Labs went with me. When we got to the other side I saw Coral come into view at the other end of the field ... and she had my rooster! But as soon as she saw the Labs coming, she dropped it. Oh no! Of course it made a bee-line for the brush. Not to worry. Coral dashed after it and held it down.
I have learned Coral will not hunt for anyone else but me, not even for my daughter Jessie. I tried that this fall. Sent Coral and Opal off with Jessie and her boyfriend while I took grandson Parker and Ellie back to town for something to eat. Was only a short distance down the highway when I got an urgent cell call from Jessie. Coral returned to the drop zone and took off down the road looking for me. She is very much attached to me at the heartstrings. Thanks for Coral I have always been a Lab guy but sure Love Her as well.
Keep In Touch!
Pat Chapin
Thunder Bay Ontario Ca.
Submitted by: Dan Jones on Nov 22, 2015
What can you say about a French Brit from Windy Acres that is slightly bigger than breed standards? ... More of a great thing!

At 22 inches high and 43 lbs, Jasper, at 16 months,runs like the wind (out ran English and GS pointers on recent hunt ). Finds and points birds (and honors) like a maniac. Earlie in the year, excelled in basic obedience classes- AKC class instructor and judge said he was one of the most intelligent dogs she had ever seen. Awesome!

Just back from a month hunting with Jasper in Lewistown, MT. It was a great learning experience. Jasper would normally range 50 -100 yards in fairly open cover - (more than Phil recommends) Became a great bird finder. Pointed 100s of birds. Not steady yet..would hold points thru the flush and then would bust the rest of any flock as he gave chase.

He is a good natural retriever. Once proudly brought back a sharptail I didn't even know I hit...needs work on holding though.. Another time retrieved but dropped a lively rooster three times, chasing it down each time before finally holding it down with his paw!

Best temperament of any dog I've owned. Very eager to please and a quick learner. Real sweetheart in the home. And quite handsome. He was out of litter of Gar and Gracie. Look forward to his advanced training,

Highly recommend Windy Acres. Phil has been a great pleasure to work with and if you happen to visit, he is also quite the chef.
Submitted by: Michael & Karen Grosz on Nov 04, 2015
Update on Zeus. He was born on June 3, 2015. Since our last update earlier in the year he has grown considerably as now he has reached 25 pounds. He is extremely intelligent, tenacious and very receptive to training. On the many walks we've taken he has shown his fearlessness and assertiveness, not being afraid of going into tall grass or sniffing out a scent he wasn't familiar with. Since the start of hunting season, I've taken him in the field a few times (he is just barely 5 months old) and I am amazed at his hunting skills. He knew exactly what to do in the field without much training and has already pointed several birds. You can tell that he is bred to hunt. We absolutely adore Zeus as a member of our family.
Submitted by: Rick Ferguson on Oct 20, 2015
We are thrilled with our French Brittany, Lana, born June 3, 2015. Lana is part of our family and surprises us daily with her agility and intelligence. Although she has not been professionally trained, it is exciting to watch her sniff animals and birds to include Grouse. This fearless dog also barks when something is not right to her to include strangers and deer.
We met Lana's parents and have nothing but praise for Phil whose professional breeding experience really shows in our great dog.
I would definitely recommend Windy Acres and hope to have Lana professionally trained there.

Submitted by: Barry Burtness on Oct 16, 2015
Phil it's the start of Foxys 3rd season and she is doing awesome. She is finding and retrieving almost every bird shot. She has had a real good mixed bag of birds. From morning doves, partridge, grouse to pheasants. With the beginning of pheasant season last weekend Foxy has been a real joy. She always ends up with a rock solid point on the birds. And they usually flush within a couple feet of her nose after I walk up to her. I don't lose any running roosters anymore either. Foxy also follows my hand signals very well and goes right where I want her to go. Thanks again Phil for such a top notch dog.
Submitted by: Ben Peterson on Oct 03, 2015
If you are looking for a French Brittany pup, choosing Windy Acres Kennel is the best decision you can make. By making this choice, as we were fortunate to do, the rest of your experience and future with your puppy will be easy and enjoyable! Most importantly, you will get an amazing dog as a member of your family. One year ago today we picked up Mikka, our first French Brittany from Phil. We drove 6 hrs. from Minneapolis in -20 degree weather to Napoleon, ND, Was it ever worth the drive! Phil had a warm meal ready for us and he took time to go over every little detail about what to expect with the puppy, training tips, how much to feed and when even how she will act in certain situations and much more. Everything was covered and what we find amazing, is he was 100% right about everything he told us. Mikka has been the best decision we have made. She is an extremely intelligent dog, curious about everything, happy in the house cuddling next to you on the couch or running outside all day. We like to brag that using Phil's tips we got Mikka to ring a bell to go outside and go potty the 3rd day we had her! She has done it ever since! At 7 months we sent her back to Phil's September hunt/obedience training class. WHAT A transformation! Both in the field and in the house! She is calmer, listens to anyone, many family and friends comment to us how well behaved she is. As Phil told us she has an amazing nose, and a natural huntress. Last fall we found that out very quickly! She pointed countless numbers of pheasants for us. Grouse hunted as well, in fact hunting better than older dogs who have been hunting many years! We highly recommend Phil's training class!! Mikka is by no means a perfect angel! she is still a puppy. She can be stubborn at times and defiantly gets in trouble some times
but! we cant imagine a better dog to have in our family! We give Phil and Windy Acres our highest recommendation. After you get a pup from him you are part of the Windy Acres Kennel Family, He is ALWAYS ready to answer questions about any aspect of your dog over the phone or in person. Also, Cooking a gourmet meal for you if you are lucky enough to stop by the kennel! He makes amazing walleye!!
You will not, I promise you, find a more knowledgeable, kinder, more generous and caring Breeder of this great breed than Phil. It was the best decision we made and we hope you make the same decision!
Submitted by: Joel and Christina Finn on Sep 14, 2015
So we're halfway through Lindy's (Gracie/Gar) hunting training and we're so impressed! We have received consistent updates, emails, pictures and videos on her progress and have even had some phone conversations with Phil. He is always more than happy to answer our questions and goes above and beyond. Lindy seems to be really enjoying her training and as nervous as I was to send her for 4 weeks, I am very happy we decided to do it! Only 2 more weeks to go and we can't wait to pick her up and get in the field to see everything she has learned!
Submitted by: Joel and Christina Finn on Aug 29, 2015
So we just dropped off our 14 month old girl Lindy (from Gracie/Gar). I've been nervous about sending her to hunting training for 4 weeks. We'll miss her a lot and my 2 year old is already asking where she is and says puppy is getting birdies! ;) But as usual Phil goes above and beyond to keep us updated and educated. Phil spent quite a bit of time going over everything today with Joel and answering all our questions. I know she is in great hands! The boys are so excited to pick her up at the end of the month and see her progress! Thanks Phil! We appreciate all you do for Lindy!

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