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Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes - North Carolina Chesapeake Bay Retriever Breeders

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About Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes


Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes set the standard for excellence in temperament.

We are very active with our dogs showing them in multiple venues from Conformation, to Agility, Obedience, Hunt tests, and other performance venues.

We show our dogs in conformation to prove that our dogs follow the breed standard.  All of our personal breeding dogs are shown to their Champion title (CH).  We feel that to breed a dog, it needs to LOOK like what the breed standard states the dog should look like.  We feel that a Chesapeake should not only be able to "get the job done" but it should LOOK GOOD while doing it!


We trial our dogs in performance venues such as Rally Obedience and Traditional Obedience to prove that they have high levels of learning ability. 


Agility is a challenging venue that we enjoy participating in.  Agility trials in my area have about a 20% pass rate.

Our dogs are high drive retrievers that make excellent family companions.  We sell several pups a litter to people who are interested in hunting companions and to people who compete in AKC and UKC Hunt Tests.  Most of the dogs that go to competitive hunting homes are all AMATEUR owned and trained...NO "pro" trainers needed with these pups!  Whiskey Creek has several pups that are testing at the Master Hunter level!

Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes are exceptional family companions.  Although we sell a lot of puppies to owners looking for a hunting partner or a show/performance dog, many of our dogs go to people looking to add a steadfast loyal "companion" to their family.

At Whiskey Creek we plan breedings with the idea of "improving the breed" not just to breed another litter of puppies.  We research pedigrees, health issues and clearances, conformation strong points as well as faults, performance of the sire and the dam as well as any puppies from previous litters to make sure that we are breeding a litter that meets our high standards.  When we do a breeding, it is our intention to keep a pup from the breeding.  We NEVER "repeat breedings" as we feel that weakens our small gene pool and lessens the "value" of our dogs.


Visit the other kennels in the South East and see what makes Whiskey Creek stand out from the rest.  No other breeding kennel is as active in as many venues as what Whiskey Creek Chesaepakes compete in.  A strong knowledge of the breed, dedication to improving the breed, and dogs that not only look good, but are functional as well!

A dog has a name.
A "good" dog has a title at one end of his name.

A "great" dog has multiple titles at BOTH ends of his name!

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Katherine E Case
Pisgah Forest,, North Carolina 28768
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 16 years.
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Submitted by: Shauna K on Nov 13, 2015
Our family's experience with Kathy and Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes has been second to none! We first visited them nearly 5 years ago to meet the dogs and Kathy, and loving what we found, put a deposit down that day. Being a military family, we had to move before our litter came to be- without hesitation, our deposit was returned, but we still kept in touch. Another move later, we were finally back within driving distance and put (another!) deposit down on an upcoming litter. Kathy paired us with truly THE perfect puppy for our family. Kathy's love of the breed, and desire to only strengthen and better the breed shines through with everything she does- her dogs are a credit to the breed, and Kathy a credit to breeders. We have not only met a great breeder, but someone we count now among our friends. Her devotion bro her dogs does not end when you bring home your puppy- she is a constant source of advice and information whenever we have a question, and has been a great help throughout our first year of puppy ownership! We constantly are recommending Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes to any of our friends and family who are considering a Chessie- they're the only place we'll ever go!
Submitted by: Maria and Steve Nelson on Jun 22, 2015
Our Whiskey Creek Chessie puppy Fin, will be a year old in just a few days. He is turning out to be everything we wished for!
Kathy Case really listens to what her puppy buyers are looking for, and matches the pup to the best "parents" possible.
We wanted a puppy with an easy going temperament, and a lot of retrieving drive. And that's what Fin has. We just love him!! He's also very good looking. Thank you Kathy!
Submitted by: Jens Andersen on May 29, 2015
We couldn't have found a more perfect puppy for what we requested. Definitely a 10!
Submitted by: Misty on Oct 20, 2014
I got my boy Turq from Whiskey Creek, he is my first CBR. he is an AWESOME dog. Kathy is a WONDERFUL BREEDER that cares for ALL of her "babies". I will get my next CBR from Whiskey Creek! Wonderful breed and wonderful breeder!
Submitted by: Holland West on Oct 20, 2014
My chessie is Caanan. She was an awesome birthday present from my mom.
I was uncertain about the litter I went with and very uncertain about the selection process ....
Caanan is the perfect match for me. She is laid back and loving and stunningly beautiful! But also amazingly so smart
She loves everyone and plays well with other pups.
I recommend Kathy to everyone looking for the best Chessie.
We are so happy and fortunate to have Caanan and Kathy in our lives. Thank you Kathy and Trout and Fern

Submitted by: Annice Brown on Dec 20, 2013
Terra is our 11 month old Chessie (Twiggy&Lefty) and I can't say enough how much we love her. She is our 3rd CBR. Kathy was referred to us by a local CBR rescuer. How fortunate for us to to live only an hour away. When we drove up to the property and all her dogs ran out to meet us, we were hooked immediately. We fell in love with Twiggy because she seemed so affectionate and decided to wait for one of her pups. At that time we were still grieving over the loss of our two chessies and were in heaven to pet so many at once. What impressed us most (and there are so many things that did) was Kathy's invitation to stop by any time to visit with her dogs-and we did. We visited many times after Reid's puppies just to hold them and play with them waiting anxiously for Twiggy and Lefty pups. We could not imagine a better environment than Whiskey Creek.
Submitted by: Tina Westphal on Dec 19, 2013
I am now on my second Whiskey Creek Chesapeake this time a girl. I love this breed and could not be happier with my two dogs from Kathy. Both dogs are athletic,smart, beautiful and extremely people friendly! I have enjoyed,as just a "pet" person,trying different events that my dogs love as well as I do! Kathy offers support and guidance with whatever you may choose to do with your dog. She creates a great sense of family when you own one of her dogs! I will hopefully be a lifelong family member.
Submitted by: Jason Perkins on Dec 19, 2013
When the time came to welcome a new pet into our family, we performed over a year of research. We knew about the Chessie breed, however the stories that came along with the breed had us concerned. After reviewing the different CBR breeders, we met with Kathy Case a few times at her location for hours at a time. We had the chance to quiz and learn about how her line of CBR's have been breed. We learned that the preconceptions those have of CBR's are just that.

We picked up our male over 2 years ago, and then our female in this spring from Whisky Creek. Vets, AKC, friends, and others are constantly commenting on how the temperament, health, lines, are just amazing. Plus Kath is available 24x7 to take calls and help at anytime we have had questions. She has even helped us at the AKC shows where we have earned our coursing ability test tiles!

After having switched from labs to Chessies, our family are converts to the Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes. Gun dog- check! Water Dog- check! Family dog- check! 100% trustworthy around children- check! Smart - Check. Beautiful and Handsome lines / features - check! If you are truly serious about a Chessie, look no further than Kathy Case.
Submitted by: Charle West on Sep 05, 2013
We were looking for our 3rd CBR when were referred to Kathy. She is a real pro. Knows her stuff and is willing to take the time to ensure a good match between puppy and people. Our CBR, Lido, is big, strong, smart, and healthy. We can recommend Whiskey Creek.
Submitted by: Richard Phillips on Aug 26, 2013
After reading all the positive comments about Kathy Case, there is not much else I can add. Radar is my second Chesapeake from Kathy and he is just as great as my first. She is the most amazing breeder I have ever met. It is uncanny how she can match a puppy with an individual so well. I think this is why she insist on meeting you before she will sell you a pup. Everything each person said about her in the previous blogs is so true. My first pup was so easy to train and my 8 month old is proving to be the same. Great blood line. Would never ever buy a Chessy from anyone else.

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