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We are now accepting deposits/ Mossy oak bloodline. Taking deposits for early Summer 2017/ 3 Litters expected. If you are interested in owning one of our beautiful puppies please contact me by phone or by this site.  We have a waiting list so please call and just talk with me if interested. I am more than happy to answer your questions. We are a small Boykin breeder with AKC National Champion, Master Hunter, and standard bloodlines. We produce a few litters a year, catering mostly to avid hunters and it also pleases us to place our pups in good homes just looking for a family friend. Our pups are BSS registered and we breed according to BSS guidelines. Please contact me if you are interested in one of our pups. I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.
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Tommy Reeves
1725 Chair Factory Road
Nakina, North Carolina 28455
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 14 years.
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Submitted by: Jeff Martin on Oct 05, 2017
Got my pup right before Christmas 2016. Always been a lab guy but wanted a breed that would make a good house dog. Can't be more pleased with our "little feller". He loves water and has really been easy to work with. Always been told how hyper Boykins can be but while he has plenty of energy he does have an off switch. Also Tommy was easy to work with and has been great in answering any questions.
Submitted by: Chris Cornwell on Sep 01, 2017
My daughter picked both the breed and the puppy. I've always been a lab guy but kept a open mind. (We still have one lab.) After doing breed and breeder research we signed up with Maxr Kennels. Kahlua is our female boykin, now 15 months. Can't say enough good things about Tommy and boykins in general.
Submitted by: Jay thompson on Jul 31, 2017
I am beyond pleased with my choice with maxR boykins. He's been nothing but informational about the breed and helped with any questions. My boykin Raleigh is 7 months and is steady as they come and running T patterns and shaping in to an awesome retriever. He loves the water as well and does great in the house.
Submitted by: Olivia Higgs & Jon Stallings on Jul 11, 2017
We received our puppy, Dowdy, from Tommy in early May and could not have been more pleased through the whole experience! Tommy was awesome to work with and very well educated on the breed. Dowdy began retrieving toys naturally within the first week (6 Wks old) that we had him. Currently, at almost 4 months old, he has mastered hand signals without verbal cues for sit, lay down, crate, and stay. He is such an intelligent and obedient dog in the house or in the field when retrieving. He also LOVES the water and retrieves his bumpers while at the beaches or ponds. He has been the easiest puppy to train and live with. We get compliments everywhere we go on how gorgeous and smart our dog is--I truly think we hit gold with this pup. He travels on vacations to the beach, comes to the vet office to work, and hangs in the barn quietly waiting for mom to finish riding--He has quite the routine of a little human. If you are looking for a pet or hunting buddy (like our Dowdy) Mr. Tommy raises extremely well bred Boykins who will not disappoint.
Submitted by: Adrenna Hall on Jul 01, 2017
I was looking for another boykin female and was told about Tommy. He was very friendly and knowledgeable. I told him what I was wanting especially wanted a top not and sure enough he picked the perfect baby! I highly recommend MaxRBoykins!
Submitted by: Sandra Rush on Apr 21, 2017
Boykins have been part of our family for over 25 years. We had been looking for a pup as companion for our youngest Boykin, Burgess, as our older Boykin, Bailey was slowing down and we have made it a practice to bring in a new pup to learn from the older dog. What a stroke of luck to find Tommy's site. After speaking with him and feeling his genuine devotion to the breed, we decided to make the trip from Virginia to MaxRBokins...a 15 hour round trip. We were not disappointed. Tommy was not only gracious but also knowledgeable of the breed and before we knew it we were looking at 8 pups! Knowing that Tommy planned to keep two pups, I asked which were his. His reply was, "I'll take the ones that are left because they're all going to be good dogs". Our little boy is now four months old and is a total joy. House trained in 4 days, entertains himself like no pup before, and loves to chase and play with his two Boykin "brothers". Did I mention that he is a beautiful pup, retrieves without prompt, and loves water!! If i had my way, I would go see Tommy for another pup, but three is enough for now. Bottom line, if you are looking for a Boykin - call Tommy.
Submitted by: Joe Furr on Mar 26, 2017
Called Tommy in mid Feburary just to talk and get some info on the Boykin breed. We had lost our Lab almost two years ago and after a lot of talk I finally got my wife to talk puppy again. Tommy was very helpful and after hearing of our loss and my wife having trouble with it Tommy just suddenly said he might just sell me a puppy he had but was saving for his personal use. After thinking about it overnight he sent us a text the next day and said if we wanted him he would sell him to us. So after driving to Nakina we headed back home with a beautiful little Boykin we named Hunter.
If you're looking for a Boykin do yourself a favor and give Tommy a call. He's very knowledgable and doesn't mind sharing it with you. He loves his Boykins and only wants the best for his pups making sure they go to good homes.
Hunter is now almost 3 months and showing good signs of being the duck dog we wanted.
Submitted by: Luke Martin on Feb 09, 2017
Got a pup from Tommy back in April of 16 and he had a great first year hunting. From ducks to geese he could handle em all! Great bloodline, very smart dogs he picked up very quickly and is still rolling like no tomorrow. Little pup bringing in geese that are bigger then he is. If you want a smart and great hunting dog Tommy is the man! Very good to work with and he cares about you and the dog more then anybody! The Picture on the front page here is from a quick little hunt with my main man earlier this season.
Submitted by: Doug Hawkins on Nov 28, 2016
We got our Boykin spring of 2016, looking for a pal for our Brittany who is aging up and seem lonely after losing our other only dog. Named him River which fits him so perfect for he loves the water. He fetches like no dog ever had without any training it seemed. He is so special, and just never had any dog quite like this one. He has changed our lives, and just cannot say enough about our new family member. I think it must be two factor, one Boykins are amazing dogs in nature, and Tommy is an extra good breeder with a special line of boykins that he is breeding. I have not been around other boykins but cannot imagine them having more heart than this one. Myself and everyone in family loves River. If I can, want more than one now, and hope with Tommy's help to have at least one more, if not even try to breed one litter. We could not ever expected a better dog, only worry if can have another as special, but think it is best chance if we stay with Tommy. Thanks Tommy.
Submitted by: Larry Semones on Nov 16, 2016
I have Belle for 6 1/2 years.. I think she was one of Tommy's early litters. She is absolutely my best pal. Always ready to go in car, boat, canoe, tractor, snowmobile or walking. I don't hunt anymore but she gets to flush turkey and grouse as we work the farm. She is my second Boykin and I think they are absolutely super friends. I live in Vermont now and she took right to the snow.
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