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MaxR Boykins - North Carolina Boykin Spaniel Breeders

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About MaxR Boykins

We have 7 male puppies available as of 5/12/15.

We are a small Boykin breeder with AKC National Champion, Master Hunter, and standard bloodlines. We produce a few litters a year, catering mostly to avid hunters and it also pleases us to place our pups in good homes just looking for a family friend. Our pups are BSS registered and we breed according to BSS guidelines.

Please contact me if you are interested in one of our pups. I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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Tommy Reeves
1725 Chair Factory Road
Nakina, North Carolina 28455
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 10 years.
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Submitted by: Jack on Jul 27, 2015
Got Garcie, now 14 weeks old from Tommie an excellent dog. Very smart loves to retrieve at 14 weeks.
Submitted by: Sydney Hickman on Jun 14, 2015
I recently just bought my first Boykin Spaniel, Avery, from Tommy Reeves. She is about 8 weeks old and I could not have asked for a better pup. I had been waiting on Avery to be born for a while and Tommy sure kept me updated on when she was born, how she was doing, and made sure to send me plenty of pictures of her weeks before I was able to get her. Tommy was kind enough to meet me at the airport because I had flown in from Alabama and had no way of transportation to come get her from his house. He was extremely nice and helpful. He made sure I had everything she needed and offered to help with any problems I would come across in the future. Whenever I get my next Boykin in the future, I will definitely go to Tommy. Thanks so much Tommy for the best dog I could ask for. I couldn't be more pleased.
Submitted by: teresa teresa on Feb 09, 2015
My wife and I purchased Drake about 5 years ago and we have loved every minute of it. We've worked with on behavior and retrieving and he's awesome. He is great with our little boy and is super as a house dog. thanks Tommy!!!
Submitted by: Brett Cherry on Dec 29, 2014
After speaking to quite a few breeders Tommy was without a doubt the one that struck me as the one that is most dedicated to the Boykins he breeds and the homes they go to. Tommy will not over breed his dogs so it took a while before our puppy was whelped because he LISTENED to what I was wanting in a Boykin ie: size, coat, hunting, demeanor,ect. Then bred a perfect match. After we picked up our puppy Tommy called to check on our little girl several times.Now that "River" is 10 months old we could not be happier. She is everything we could have asked for and MORE.( remember she is a Boykin). Thank you Tommy you are the best!

Submitted by: Alvin Foster on Dec 29, 2014
Hope is now 8 months old. For starters Tommy is super to work with. He does not just raise puppies, he cares about the quality as they come from hunting stock. But is also concerned with the home they go to.
Hope was retrieving dummies in water at 10 weeks. She is as smart as any person I know. Full of energy, eager to please, super nose and mischievous. 34 pounds at not quite 8 months.

Christmas morning she made her first 3 solo retrieves on an open lake. One marked at 30 yards, two blinds at 60 and 70 yards. Handled well on the blinds. Not polished yet but she has more than the idea. She is a joy to train.

Thanks Tommy for allowing me to have one of your Boykins. Super dog, hunting companion and my girl.
Submitted by: Rita Davis on Oct 01, 2014
Tommy was great to work with. Our puppy is now 6 months old and gets rave reviews every time we go to the vet. Barkley is a smart and very quick learner. He responds to voice and clicker commands and he rings a bell to let us know he needs to go out. He is also a real love bug and enjoys long walks, cuddling before bed, and playing with toys and our other little brown dog. We don't live near water so he hasn't been swimming yet, unfortunately, but we get him out in the puddles (plenty of those recently) and thunderstorms and he is calm and ready to play.
Submitted by: brianna mannuccia on Sep 01, 2014
My family and I picked up Copper from Tommy on Memorial Day Weekend 2014 & when I saw Copper and met Tommy, his wife, and all his other pups I could not have been happier! I talked to Tommy for months before Copper was born and I was able to tell that he really values his boykin spaniels and the relationship with the people who love them. He respects the breed and that went a long way with me. We kept in contact and he updated me along the way. Copper is my 1st boykin, but I have been in love with sporting dogs. I did so much research to find this breed as I needed a smaller sporting dog for living on my own since I am used to the english setters. I was very thorough in looking for the RIGHT breeder to get my dog from since I care about the health and living environment of the dogs I have. Tommy answered all my questions and gave me all the details I needed. It was great! Anyway- Copper is 5 months old and he is a swimmer already and it is really adorable, I can't wait to go running with him. He is smart and obedient and I always keep him engaged to make him happy as well-- it really matters. I recommend Tommy if you want a boykin spaniel- a fun loving, smart, active, exercise oriented dog. I can't wait for many years with this dog!
Submitted by: Patti Jo Bailey on Aug 10, 2014
My mother and I picked up a puppy from Tommy last August. When we picked out our little Parker from two puppies that were left, I almost walked away with both and to this day I regret that we didn't take both puppies. Parker is a great joy. She gets along well with our other 4 dogs. She is our class clown when it comes to playing with all the other girls. When it comes down to hunting though, she is a different story, she can't please us more than she does. She has a great nose, flushes well, marks the birds when downed and retrieves to hand. The best part, it was all a natural. She started doing this all just by being introduced to the field. She is a pure joy and we love her immensely. She is a fine fit to our home and look forward to acquiring another puppy from Tommy down the road.
Submitted by: Animal Hospital of South Columbus on Jul 22, 2014
Tommy has been a client of ours for the past twelve years and has always taken excellent care of his dogs. His pups have always been very healthy with a great temperament. Tommy makes every effort to raise good quality puppies and insures that all of their medical needs are met.
Submitted by: Amanda Hite on May 28, 2014
We are the very proud owner of one of Tom’s “little brown dogs” and we absolutely love him! We picked up Deuce Barnhill on Jan. 28, 2014. He was 7 weeks old. Many ask us why the name Deuce…he is the 2nd dog for our boys, our boys always use a 2 in their sports numbers and my husband’s fishing boat is named the Double Deuce. It just seemed to fit. The first couple of nights were rough just like any other puppy being taken from his mother, but Deuce quickly fell into our family routine and he became an instant family member. He is the happiest dog ever! When he greets us or anyone else for that matter, his tail goes into this crazy, fast paced wagging that is so adorable it makes your heart melt every time. He took to training instantly! We started main command training at 9 weeks old. He had sit down pat within a day and then stay and come within a couple of days. By 12 weeks old, he had his name, sit, stay, come, lay down, leave it, heal and no down pat! My children have added some fun tricks in too and he can roll over, stand, shake with both paws and give high fives! He’s a smart cookie for sure! He loves his treats, but what he loves most is praise. His retrieving is coming along nicely. He loves to retrieve his bumper and at 5 months old he took to the water like a champ. In 3 visits to the lake he was swimming and retrieving his bumper with no problem. He goes nuts over the birds in our back yard so we can’t wait to get him in the duck blind. He is high energy and gets really excited, but he quickly settles down and then just chills out and will lay down wherever we are. He loves his trips on the fishing boat and to the ball field for our boy’s baseball games. He loves to ride in the car and his daily walks. He is very lovable too with a great temperament. On top of all of this he is the cutest dang dog I’ve ever seen! We get loads of compliments where ever we go. Everyone wants to know what he is and where we got him. Our vet thinks he is the prettiest Boykin he has ever worked with and comments all the time on how well bred he is. We just love him to death! We loved working with Tom too! He couldn’t be any nicer and so knowledgeable. He always calls to check on Deuce and is interested in how he is doing. He was so great to keep us informed of his birth and progress before we picked him up. Tom is a very conscientious breeder. We talked to a few before deciding to work with Tom and we are so happy with the results. We highly recommend Max R Kennels and Tom Reeves.

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