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  • English Pointers, English Setters & German Shorthaired Pointers and British Labrador Retrievers available now. Pointer, Setter, German Shorthair Pointer, and British Labrador Retriever Puppies, Started & Finished Bird Dogs available throughout the year from the heart of our kennel of First Class 2014 Champion "National Award Winning Bird Dogs!" Our team of Indian Creek Bird Dogs have consistently won at every level of open competition. They have been hunted successfully on all species of game birds and have satisfied the most discriminating sportsmen nationwide. Hunting and competing with our Bird Dogs is not just a weekend hobby, it's a passion-a lifestyle! If you are interested in a "Quality" English Pointer, Setter, German Shorthaired Pointer or British Labrador Retriever- Come to the source! Garry Malzone US Complete 2012, 2013, & 2014 National Open Handler of the Year!!!

  • Check out our new website or contact Garry Malzone@ 201-370-6960

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English Pointer, English Setter, German Shorthaired Pointer, Labrador Retriever
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Franklin Lakes, New Jersey 07417
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 20 years.
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Submitted by: Matthew Sciacca on Oct 04, 2014
Matthew Sciacca 9/26/14

Hi Gary,

Just wanna say that I couldn't be more happy with the 10 month old english pointer I got from you. I never seen a puppy so driven for birds ever in my life. The one month training program Gary did turned my pup into a bird machine. It's beyond amazing what my dog can do after the training with Gary he is very dedicated on what he does and he has a lot of experience. The day I picked up the dog from training, Gary spent 3 hrs showing me what he did in the month of training. Thank u very much I'm truly happy with the training.Will be on the preserve working 1 on 1 with her this weekend or so. Thanks again

Matthew Sciacca
Submitted by: Joe on Jan 10, 2014
After 30+years of owning and hunting with pointing breed dogs primarily G.S.P breed and after the so suddenly expected loss of my G.S.P. due to failing renal problems, my family and myself decided to add another pointer into our home and life. While in pursuit of another pointer I had the opportunity to speak to you and I scheduled an appointment to see the just born litter of pups that you had available around Thanksgiving 2013.At this time I would like to Thank You and Jill for the day long experience that my self and my son Anthony (an upland hunter of almost 20 years) had at your preserve, when we witnessed field working dogs that honored point at 20 plus yards, seeing dogs so steady to wing and shot and watching the dogs not even flinching or moving when they were struck by quail we flushed up in front of them while on point, can only say if we had not witnessed the event I would have never known such discipline existed. Very impressed! We are getting anxious to receive our new pup from you soon and yes it will be back to you for summer training as well. Thanks In Pursuit,Sport and Tradition Joe,Anthony and Family Monroe N.Y.
Submitted by: Dave Dapkiewicz on Jun 30, 2013

It was a pleasure meeting you and Jill recently. To say that I was blown away watching you and your dogs work is an understatement. I have been hunting over a variety of bird dog breeds since I was a kid, but never have I come across such an impressive string of pointers and setters as the ones at Indian Creek Kennels.

For those of you thinking about your next hunting dog or sponsoring a field trial dog, I highly recommend that you visit Garry and see his dogs in action. I spent an entire day there and saw a variety of pointers and setters of all ages, including 6 month-old puppies that hadnít been exposed to any formal training or bird work, and was amazed by what I saw. For me, it doesnít get much better than seeing a bird dog locked on point with a poker-straight tail and high head.

Garry is very passionate about his dogs, his breeding program, his training and field trial competitions which is evident the moment you step out of your vehicle to meet him.

My search for another bird dog has finally ended. Later this year, I will be coming home with one from Garry Malzoneís Indian Creek Kennels.

Thank you again Garry for an awesome day.

Best Regards,
Dave Dapkiewicz

Submitted by: Russ & Sam on Oct 02, 2012
Gabby is 9 months old now and we couldn't be happier with her. She is the sweetest thing in the world. She is mostly just a family dog, but we have done a little bit of hunting with her. Without much training we were able to send her out in a field trial. She found 3 quail much to our surprise. She definitely has a nose for birds. Training her has been easy as she picks things up very quickly. We've had her off leash for a couple of months now without a problem. We send her to day care once or twice a week and she does very well with the other dogs. Since we live in the city we weren't so sure about having a dog in our small condo, but Gabby has been awesome. We're both very active, so providing her the appropriate amount of exercise has not been a problem. She is a great running parter(except when the birds are around) haha. She's stops short right into a point in the middle of the run. It's what she was bread to do, so we don't mind. In a very short time Gabby has become a part of our family that we couldn't imagine being without. Garry is an excellent breader. I would recommend his pups to anyone. Thanks Garry!
Submitted by: Todd Kole on Jan 04, 2012

Yesterday was Lily's first pheasant hunt outside of her training at Indian Creek Kennels so I thought I'd drop you a note to let you know how impressed I was. As you know, Lily isn't even 9 months old so I wasn't sure what to expect. I couldn't have been more impressed! I left her in the car at first and started the hunt with my 2.5 year old Pointer from Indian Creek, Bella. Bella pointed 5 pheasants, we shot 4 and she retrieved all 4. I put Bella back in the car, and gave it a try with Lily. Right from the beginning, I was amazed how fast she was and how intent she was in looking for birds. She is still so young and playful, I didn't know how seriously she'd hunt when out in the field but it was as if someone flipped the hunting switch on. She hunted like she had a few years of experience under her belt. Her speed was amazing, she held her head high and she tore through the heavy cover. I didn't even need to use the e-collar as she stayed within range at all times and she listened when I called her. After about 5 minutes, she put the brakes on and locked on point for her first pheasant. She didn't creep at all, she held for well over a minute as I flushed the hen. We made a good shot and the bird tumbled to the ground. I was so excited to watch Lily tackle the pheasant and pick up the entire bird in her mouth. She brought it right to me and dropped it at my feet - a natural retriever!! Lily proceeded to point another 5 birds over the next 30 minutes. Her tail was poker straight on each one and, again, not once did she break point. She held point each time and she retrieved every bird we shot! I was impressed when I bought my first dog, Bella, from you but I have to say I'm even more impressed with this one. I couldn't be happier to have 2 beautiful English Pointers. There isn't another dog I have come across with a better nose, better drive, or better pointing/retrieving skills than Bella/Lily. I would hunt my 9 month old puppy ahead of any seasoned, non-Indian Creek dog out there. What makes things absolutely perfect is the dogs couldn't make better pets. They are not one bit hyper; they love living indoors and all three of my kids adore them. Thank you for raising such awesome dogs.

Submitted by: Mike Carbonaro on Jan 04, 2012
Congrats on your wins over the weekend! I just wanted to touch base with you and give you an update on Quinn....she has been absolutely fantastic so far, from the minute she came home she adjusted very well and has been a couch potato at home, sleeping on the couch during the day and in the bed next to my wife all night. She is extremely calm, docile, and doesn't jump, bark, etc. She is exactly what I was looking for, she is a sweetheart and by far the calmest dog in the house I have ever seen. I talked to a friend of mine who belongs to a club in Blairstown and they stock pheasants every week, so I think I am going to head over to the club this week.
Submitted by: Thor on Dec 16, 2011
When I walked into Garry's kennel it was very clean and the first thing I noticed was that all of his pointers were calm. I'd been to other kennels where the dogs were barking, jumping around and acting like nervous wrecks, this was not the case with Garry's dogs.
Garry spent a few hours working different finished dogs and young dogs for me. I was more than impressed, everything he told me over the phone he backed up in the field with his string of dogs.
I bought a pup out of Indian Creek Whitesnake. At 3 months I put him on some liberated quail. The very first bird he got scent of he locked up into a solid point with a 12 O'Clock tail. He has tremendous drive in the field but as soon as he comes in the house he has an "off" switch and is very calm. I couldn't be happier with my pup.
Submitted by: Gary Funck on Sep 01, 2011
Garry: I received the Field Dog Stub Book registration for Winnie, the puppy that was born March 28, 2011. She was bred from WhiteSnake and Speedqueen. She is doing great and she fits into our family well.

I am working on basic obedience. She enjoys retrieving a training dummy and her favorite orange ball.

Today, Tuesday, August 30 she did her first real field work on live quail and chukars. She found a live quail that we planted. We started working on tracking, find the down bird. She really enjoyed the retrieving of a dead quail and chukar that we also used during the training.

Gary Funck
Submitted by: Brian Tiffany on Sep 01, 2011
Hi Gary,

Just wanted to say thanks for giving my an opportunity to own one of these pups. She might very well be the nicest pup I've purchased in a long time. Like with any of them, only time will tell?

Submitted by: Tim Cavanaugh on Aug 30, 2011
My son and I spent a day last week at Garry Malzone's Indian creek kennels. We were treated to a display of some of the classiest going puppies and derbies aged dogs that I've seen in along time. But with well over 300 acres of fields, scattered objectives,crop lands,hedgerows that go on and on, birds that fly like rockets and all tools and equipment train dogs right. Its know wonder these young dogs are so advanced for their age. But the real highlight was the 9 Indian creek Lizzy x Lester's Snowatch pups , alll are high tailed and perfect. Which Im proud to say one will be in my kennel in a few weeks. I was so blown away that I forgot to take pictures to post. Garry's breeding program and facilities are second to none, if you get a chance to visit don't pass it up!

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