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Submitted by: Stephen Quinn on Sep 25, 2017
Gary and Jill, we wanted to write to thank you, once again, for all the work and effort you put into training our two year old German Wirehaired Pointer, Eva. It was AMAZING to watch her work with you and hold point beautifully on birds. You certainly have a way of getting the maximum performance from whatever breed you are working with. We are continuing to work with Eva, as per your directions, and I know she will perform this next hunting season. Thank you so much!!
Linda and Steve Quinn
Submitted by: Molly & John Garone on Sep 24, 2017
Hi Garry & Jill,

Just wanted to let you know how much our family is enjoying Reagan. She is a terrific dog--so smart and easy to train, plus very loving. We get many compliments on what a great looking dog she is. We just love her!! She started obedience this week and is the star of the class already.

Just wanted to give you 2 an update!

Best regards!
Molly & John
Submitted by: Mike Carullo on Sep 17, 2017
Hi Garry and Jill,
I wanted write this review and thank you both so much for the training and care that you put into Kallie. Kallie is a British Lab that I bought from Garry and Jill back in Nov of 2015. Although Garry is known for his GSPs, Setters and Pointers, I was looking for a family pet and strong hunter combination because I have a 6 week old baby and a 5 year old. I did my homework for the last 2 years and constantly saw Garry/Indian Creeks name while researching reviews on Google. I decided to drag the family up north 3 hours to check his new British Lab puppies in Nov, and bought one on the spot. After a half hour of talking to Garry and Jill and seeing his immaculate kennels, and dogs behaviors, I knew I was buying the best Lab that I could buy. Fast forward 8 months, and Kallie was ready to be put in Indian Creeks Puppy Hunting class for 1 month. I had high expectations after all of the previous reviews, and let me tell you I could not have been more pleased with what I saw when I went to pick her up the other day! Granted she is a flushing breed, but let me tell you that I could not pick her up till 1:30 in the afternoon on a 95 degree day, and this dog went out of the kennel and into the field like a possessed hunter. She was driving so hard and fast, and immediately found the Quail we stocked shortly prior. What a sight to be seen, I have hunted Wildlife management Zones in South Jersey my whole life and have seen my fair share of dogs working the fields, and I have never seen mature 4-5 year old pointers, GSP, or Setters, let alone a lab, work as hard and fast as she did at 8 months old after only 1 month of training with Garry and Jill. I can only imagine how much better Kallie will become with more continued maintenance work and bird hunting in the coming months. I might even send her back to Garry for a 2 week course in November just to help ensure that Kallie continues to the next level that she is clearly capable of excelling at.
Bottom Line if you want a Top Notch Hunting Dog that has the best Breeding program in the country, then Call Garry and Jill. They will take excellent care of you and your future family/hunting companion. FYI, Garry spent countless phone calls, day and late at night fielding any questions or concerns prior to my purchase. At no point did he try and make a pitch other then to please come up to his farm and he would show me his dogs work when I had the time. And I Highly Recommend sending your Dog for the 1 month training no matter how confident you think you are at training your own dog. It's worth every $$. You get what you pay for in life, and if you want 10 plus years of excellent hunting, then spend the money if you can, and let the Top Handler in the Country for the past 5 years Train your Dog. You will not question the decision once you see your dog in action.
And for the Perfect Family Friendly all around Dog, check out his LABS!
Mike Carullo, Family, and Kallie Carullo

Submitted by: Robert Behme on Mar 23, 2017
Robert Behme 3/23/17

Update on "Chase" dob 8/25/16 out of Bocephus x smokescreen. Wing introduction at 8 weeks. Birds and gunfire (together) as recommended by you at 10 weeks. Killed first bird(chukar) over him at 4 months. Collar conditioned at 5 months, you will not believe the recall absolutely unbelievable. Brought him to a buddy's club 2 weeks ago and he had the chance to hunt with Lori. He locks up so tight on point it's amazing. These guys wanted to know how many bird dogs I have trained in the past? The only thing you LIED about was you said in three years I would have a brag dog. He already is my brag dog at 6 months. Chase is my first bird dog that I have owned. Everything you said is true and then some. Thank You,
Robert Behme Bushkill PA
Submitted by: Robert Behme on Oct 22, 2016
10/22/16. Have had Chase(smokescreenXBocephus) pup born 8/27/16 for a week and a half now. He is stuck to me like glue both inside, and outside off leash. He has learned his name,come and sit. He is constantly pointing and absolutely nuts for the wing. He has no fear of anything including his four year old female pit bull housemate. It doesn't cost it pays!

Robert Behme

PS My buddy Paul cannot thank you enough for that fully trained to a T dog you gave him. She has made friends with everyone, except for the chickens and has found her forever home as a house/bird dog. I cannot wait to run my little guy with her in a month or 2.

Submitted by: Robert Behme on Sep 25, 2016
Went out to meet Gary today(sunday) to reserve a gsp. What a class act. He spent three hours showing me the dogs and his operation. I watched a pointer honor another at over 75 yards. Wow, after the bird flushed he stood steady as we made our way back to him. He would not even budge even while I rubbed him. Gary assured me that my new pups genetics will be superior to the pointer that he showed me. WOW. That dog is a field champion I cannot wait

Thank you

Robert Behme
Submitted by: Matthew Sciacca on Oct 04, 2014
Matthew Sciacca 9/26/14

Hi Gary,

Just wanna say that I couldn't be more happy with the 10 month old english pointer I got from you. I never seen a puppy so driven for birds ever in my life. The one month training program Gary did turned my pup into a bird machine. It's beyond amazing what my dog can do after the training with Gary he is very dedicated on what he does and he has a lot of experience. The day I picked up the dog from training, Gary spent 3 hrs showing me what he did in the month of training. Thank u very much I'm truly happy with the training.Will be on the preserve working 1 on 1 with her this weekend or so. Thanks again

Matthew Sciacca
Submitted by: Joe on Jan 10, 2014
After 30+years of owning and hunting with pointing breed dogs primarily G.S.P breed and after the so suddenly expected loss of my G.S.P. due to failing renal problems, my family and myself decided to add another pointer into our home and life. While in pursuit of another pointer I had the opportunity to speak to you and I scheduled an appointment to see the just born litter of pups that you had available around Thanksgiving 2013.At this time I would like to Thank You and Jill for the day long experience that my self and my son Anthony (an upland hunter of almost 20 years) had at your preserve, when we witnessed field working dogs that honored point at 20 plus yards, seeing dogs so steady to wing and shot and watching the dogs not even flinching or moving when they were struck by quail we flushed up in front of them while on point, can only say if we had not witnessed the event I would have never known such discipline existed. Very impressed! We are getting anxious to receive our new pup from you soon and yes it will be back to you for summer training as well. Thanks In Pursuit,Sport and Tradition Joe,Anthony and Family Monroe N.Y.
Submitted by: Dave Dapkiewicz on Jun 30, 2013

It was a pleasure meeting you and Jill recently. To say that I was blown away watching you and your dogs work is an understatement. I have been hunting over a variety of bird dog breeds since I was a kid, but never have I come across such an impressive string of pointers and setters as the ones at Indian Creek Kennels.

For those of you thinking about your next hunting dog or sponsoring a field trial dog, I highly recommend that you visit Garry and see his dogs in action. I spent an entire day there and saw a variety of pointers and setters of all ages, including 6 month-old puppies that hadn’t been exposed to any formal training or bird work, and was amazed by what I saw. For me, it doesn’t get much better than seeing a bird dog locked on point with a poker-straight tail and high head.

Garry is very passionate about his dogs, his breeding program, his training and field trial competitions which is evident the moment you step out of your vehicle to meet him.

My search for another bird dog has finally ended. Later this year, I will be coming home with one from Garry Malzone’s Indian Creek Kennels.

Thank you again Garry for an awesome day.

Best Regards,
Dave Dapkiewicz

Submitted by: Russ & Sam on Oct 02, 2012
Gabby is 9 months old now and we couldn't be happier with her. She is the sweetest thing in the world. She is mostly just a family dog, but we have done a little bit of hunting with her. Without much training we were able to send her out in a field trial. She found 3 quail much to our surprise. She definitely has a nose for birds. Training her has been easy as she picks things up very quickly. We've had her off leash for a couple of months now without a problem. We send her to day care once or twice a week and she does very well with the other dogs. Since we live in the city we weren't so sure about having a dog in our small condo, but Gabby has been awesome. We're both very active, so providing her the appropriate amount of exercise has not been a problem. She is a great running parter(except when the birds are around) haha. She's stops short right into a point in the middle of the run. It's what she was bread to do, so we don't mind. In a very short time Gabby has become a part of our family that we couldn't imagine being without. Garry is an excellent breader. I would recommend his pups to anyone. Thanks Garry!
Submitted by: Todd Kole on Jan 04, 2012

Yesterday was Lily's first pheasant hunt outside of her training at Indian Creek Kennels so I thought I'd drop you a note to let you know how impressed I was. As you know, Lily isn't even 9 months old so I wasn't sure what to expect. I couldn't have been more impressed! I left her in the car at first and started the hunt with my 2.5 year old Pointer from Indian Creek, Bella. Bella pointed 5 pheasants, we shot 4 and she retrieved all 4. I put Bella back in the car, and gave it a try with Lily. Right from the beginning, I was amazed how fast she was and how intent she was in looking for birds. She is still so young and playful, I didn't know how seriously she'd hunt when out in the field but it was as if someone flipped the hunting switch on. She hunted like she had a few years of experience under her belt. Her speed was amazing, she held her head high and she tore through the heavy cover. I didn't even need to use the e-collar as she stayed within range at all times and she listened when I called her. After about 5 minutes, she put the brakes on and locked on point for her first pheasant. She didn't creep at all, she held for well over a minute as I flushed the hen. We made a good shot and the bird tumbled to the ground. I was so excited to watch Lily tackle the pheasant and pick up the entire bird in her mouth. She brought it right to me and dropped it at my feet - a natural retriever!! Lily proceeded to point another 5 birds over the next 30 minutes. Her tail was poker straight on each one and, again, not once did she break point. She held point each time and she retrieved every bird we shot! I was impressed when I bought my first dog, Bella, from you but I have to say I'm even more impressed with this one. I couldn't be happier to have 2 beautiful English Pointers. There isn't another dog I have come across with a better nose, better drive, or better pointing/retrieving skills than Bella/Lily. I would hunt my 9 month old puppy ahead of any seasoned, non-Indian Creek dog out there. What makes things absolutely perfect is the dogs couldn't make better pets. They are not one bit hyper; they love living indoors and all three of my kids adore them. Thank you for raising such awesome dogs.

Submitted by: Mike Carbonaro on Jan 04, 2012
Congrats on your wins over the weekend! I just wanted to touch base with you and give you an update on Quinn....she has been absolutely fantastic so far, from the minute she came home she adjusted very well and has been a couch potato at home, sleeping on the couch during the day and in the bed next to my wife all night. She is extremely calm, docile, and doesn't jump, bark, etc. She is exactly what I was looking for, she is a sweetheart and by far the calmest dog in the house I have ever seen. I talked to a friend of mine who belongs to a club in Blairstown and they stock pheasants every week, so I think I am going to head over to the club this week.
Submitted by: Thor on Dec 16, 2011
When I walked into Garry's kennel it was very clean and the first thing I noticed was that all of his pointers were calm. I'd been to other kennels where the dogs were barking, jumping around and acting like nervous wrecks, this was not the case with Garry's dogs.
Garry spent a few hours working different finished dogs and young dogs for me. I was more than impressed, everything he told me over the phone he backed up in the field with his string of dogs.
I bought a pup out of Indian Creek Whitesnake. At 3 months I put him on some liberated quail. The very first bird he got scent of he locked up into a solid point with a 12 O'Clock tail. He has tremendous drive in the field but as soon as he comes in the house he has an "off" switch and is very calm. I couldn't be happier with my pup.
Submitted by: Gary Funck on Sep 01, 2011
Garry: I received the Field Dog Stub Book registration for Winnie, the puppy that was born March 28, 2011. She was bred from WhiteSnake and Speedqueen. She is doing great and she fits into our family well.

I am working on basic obedience. She enjoys retrieving a training dummy and her favorite orange ball.

Today, Tuesday, August 30 she did her first real field work on live quail and chukars. She found a live quail that we planted. We started working on tracking, find the down bird. She really enjoyed the retrieving of a dead quail and chukar that we also used during the training.

Gary Funck
Submitted by: Brian Tiffany on Sep 01, 2011
Hi Gary,

Just wanted to say thanks for giving my an opportunity to own one of these pups. She might very well be the nicest pup I've purchased in a long time. Like with any of them, only time will tell?

Submitted by: Tim Cavanaugh on Aug 30, 2011
My son and I spent a day last week at Garry Malzone's Indian creek kennels. We were treated to a display of some of the classiest going puppies and derbies aged dogs that I've seen in along time. But with well over 300 acres of fields, scattered objectives,crop lands,hedgerows that go on and on, birds that fly like rockets and all tools and equipment train dogs right. Its know wonder these young dogs are so advanced for their age. But the real highlight was the 9 Indian creek Lizzy x Lester's Snowatch pups , alll are high tailed and perfect. Which Im proud to say one will be in my kennel in a few weeks. I was so blown away that I forgot to take pictures to post. Garry's breeding program and facilities are second to none, if you get a chance to visit don't pass it up!
Submitted by: Bobby Gallipoli on Aug 30, 2011
Our English Pointer,Chili,was born on October 18,2011. She is the pup of Indian Creek Champions,Shine and Lizzy. We learned about a breeder by the name of Gary Malzone through a friend. Instantly,upon meeting Gary you could see his love,devotion and pride that he has for his dogs. We are from a family of hunters and it was our dream to hunt with our own pointer. When we brought Chili home at 10 weeks old we immediately became so attached. Her demeanor is playful but calm... and she doesn't ever bark! What a great dog! We love her! About 10 months of age we brought her back to Gary for her bird training. In only 4 weeks she was pointing birds in the extreme heat of the day and loving every minute of it! Gary assured us that she will be a "hunting machine". With frequent visits we were able to observe her in action. It was truly amazing! We can't wait to hunt over her!
Submitted by: Art Jacobs on Aug 30, 2011
Just wanted to say thanks again for training my German Shorthair Lucy. She's a different dog!

I'd really like to say though for anyone looking for a great bird dog, look no farther than Indian Creek. The pups and adults are amazing. I saw a five month old pup with just genetic instinct find a bird and hold a point like a champ! It was amazing.

Gary really has a touch with the dogs.
I'll be getting my next dog from Indian Creek!

Thanks again Gary,
Art Jacobs
Submitted by: Nancy Sommer on Jun 13, 2011
Hey Garry - We just wanted to write you about how wonderful Potter is doing! He quickly adjusted to our home and is so smart and sweet! You know we love GSPs after sharing eleven wonderful years with our sweet Barney. While we were excited to get another puppy, after so long with Barney we weren't sure what to expect. Potter is just a love. He's so smart and is quickly getting housebroken. he listens well, is affectionate and very gentle with our 4 year old son, Will. Friends and family are just amazed at how great he is and now want puppies of their own from future Indian Creek litters!

Thanks for everything Garry. We look forward to continuing to keep in touch and train with you as Potter develops into not just a companion but great hunting partner for John.

Nancy, John, Will and Potter
Tewksbury, NJ
Submitted by: Scott Murray on May 24, 2011
We wanted to drop you a note to say how THRILLED we are with our German Shorthaired Pointer, Cassie. When we bought Cassie from you – at 8 weeks old – she was our first family pet. My children were 10 and 6 at the time and my wife had NEVER had a dog in her life. To say that my wife was apprehensive about her first dog would be an understatement. But Cassie has been INCREDIBLE since the day we brought her home. She slept through the night since day one, was house trained within 2 days and has proven to be a devoted and loving pet. She is amazing smart. My son has taught her some terrific tricks. Cassie is an avid learner and the training lets her use her intelligence. We bought Cassie solely as a family pet. We do not hunt. However, she has instinctive hunting instincts. She spends hours outside pointing at the birds in the trees in our yard and ferreting out bunnies and chipmunks. She is now 2 ½ years old but considers herself a lap dog. She loves affection and!
cuddles up to us on the sofa every night. Cassie is so good with the children on our block. They all love her! I know that most of your customers come to you for hunting dogs, but we would highly recommend Indian Creek puppies as amazing family pets. We could not have found a better dog than Cassie! Thank you!

Scott Murray
Submitted by: Charles Driza on May 14, 2011
I met Garry Malzone this spring at his Indian Creek Bird Dog Kennel in Hardyston. I was immediately impressed with his farm as it is an ideal training ground for his dogs. When I arrived, Garry was out in his buggy training a dog, so I wandered into the dog kennel and saw his string of pointers and German Shorthairs. I was in the market for a puppy pointer and was given Garry's name by my friend, John Roswech, who was also looking at Garry's dogs.

When Garry got back to the barn, he greeted me and told me about his operation. What was immediately apparent was his love for the dogs and his dedication to the training and breeding of his line. The pedigree of his dogs is spectacular with champion bloodlines throughout. We ran a couple of dogs on released birds and I got to see a real show. Garry trains for both field trial and hunting dogs. I told him that I do not field trial my dogs, but use them in my hunting operation at Leen's Lodge in Maine where we guide for grouse and woodcock in October. He told me about his experiences in Maine working as a guide for a lodge not too far from Leen's. He gave me the confidence that his bloodlines would serve me well as a guide in the grouse woods.

My experience with other kennel owners has been a bit of a struggle. I find the even getting a return phone call has been a challenge. Garry carries a cell phone with him at all times and answers his phone all day. I found this to be a very impressive trait. Garry is very responsive to his clients and is willing to spend as much time as is needed to answer all questions and concerns. I spent several days with Garry on his farm looking at all of his dogs and puppies. I have never met a trainer more hard working and dedicated than Garry. When I left his farm, I knew that I had found a new friend and hope for a long term relationship with Garry and his dogs. I am getting a puppy from Garry this August and am looking forward to my first Indian Creek dog. I highly recommend Indian Creek Bird Dogs to any enthusiast looking for top flight stylish dogs and a knowledgeable and hard working trainer.

Submitted by: Todd Cole on Dec 31, 2010
Garry ,

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy I am with my second English Pointer from Indian Creek Kennels. As a hunter with no interest in field trials, I thought it was important to make everyday hunters aware of how special your dogs are. Bella is just 1.5 years old and she hunts with more drive and natural ability than any dog I have ever hunted over. As an extra bonus, she is has been a natural retriever since she was 6 months old. I can't imagine how she'll perform as she gets to be 2-3+ years old! Honestly, if she didn't mature or improve at all, I think she would still outperform 99% of the hunting dogs I have seen in the field. In addition to her unbelievable hunting ability, I have to say she is also the perfect companion for the family. My three young kids can't get enough of her. In fact, Bella follows my 6 year old out to the school bus every morning and she regularly curls up on my 8 year old's lap in the evenings. Bella is proving to be the perfect hunting dog and family companion and I couldn't be more pleased.

I also wanted to ask for your assistance in finding a home for my 5 year old Brittany, Lucky. As you know, Lucky spent a season training with you and she is a fine hunting companion for someone looking for a closer ranging dog with a great nose and a solid point. After hunting over Pointers from Indian Creek, I realize the Brittany just doesn't compare in terms of her range and her drive. If you know of any casual hunters looking for a very obedient and easy going Brittany, I'd like to find her a nice, new home. I'm not looking for a lot of money, just the right home where she will be hunted and the owner isn't looking for the range or drive of one of your Pointers. Please let me know if anyone comes to mind, and if so, I'd be happy to bring her to your farm in order for a prospective owner to see her in action. Considering there are still a few more months of the commercial season remaining (January - March), now is a great time for someone to hit the ground running with a trained dog. For the right person, Lucky will make an excellent hunting companion for years to come.

Thanks again.

Submitted by: Bill Theilacker on Dec 31, 2010

Thank you again for an awesome hunt the other morning. Sophia and I both had a great time thanks to you, John, Liz and Bo. It was great to see the dogs work, and hunting over dogs like yours makes the whole experience "complete". It would be great if you could send the pictures you took. I look forward to planning another hunt soon.

Best wishes for you and your family in the new year,

Bill Theilacker
Submitted by: Mitch Palmer on Dec 31, 2010
Here is a couple pictures of " Outlaw Josey Wales" at four months old. He gets better every day. We will be tear'in it up in the spring. It looks like Cowboy is going to be one hell of a reproducer. Congratulations on his win last weekend. Thanks again, and You and Yours have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season !!

Submitted by: Chris Pessolano on Dec 15, 2010

Just wanted you to know how happy I am with "Topper".
He went to Maine on a Grouse and Woodcock Hunt at 7 months old and proceeded to impress the Maine Guides we hunted with, not only for his excellent field work but also for his demeaner at the lodge, they couldn't believe this was a seven month old dog. Topper continued to impress back at home. He did an excellent job on Woodcock here in Pennsylvania, and also continues to do a fine job on Pheasants. He is also a true gentleman at home. He was housebroke in no time and is very calm and gentle around my numerous grandchildren who are always running around the house. He also became fast friends with my wife's West Highland Terrier, a very important friendship I might add. Everything you said about your dog's were true. This has been truly my most enjoyable hunting season.

Thanks for a great dog and hunting companion.

Chris Pessolano
Henryville, Pa
Submitted by: mark wade on Dec 15, 2010

Can you tell me what Ritz Carlton, Starbucks, Nordstrom, and Indian Creek all have in common?

They all deliver a great client experience!

Let’s face it. There are plenty of places to stay when traveling or on vacation, a wide variety of shops to by premium coffee, and just way-too-many department stores.

But people return to Ritz Carlton, Starbucks, and Nordstrom again and again because of the “experience” they have when they are there.

That “experience” is about delivering premium product, in the right atmosphere, while providing world class service. It’s about knowing that the people serving you really care that you enjoy your time with them. These masters of the perfect client “experience” want to “connect” and make a relationship with you so you’ll return again and again. They want you to have a favorable memory of them!

Gary, I believe you and Indian Creek Shooting Preserve provide that type of premium client “experience”. Your 300 acre farm provides excellent hunting habitat….you supply the best game birds available…..your champion English and German Shorthaired Pointers are incredible….. and you and the guides at Indian Creek deliver excellent service.

Sure, every hunter who goes afield, shotgun in hand, wants to have a great day… but you always make it your mission to orchestrate a memorable event for me, my friends, and my clients.

I believe the product you deliver is the “memory” of a great day afield…it’s your ability to create that memorable “experience” that makes you and Indian Creek unique!

Continued success and good fortune,

Mark Wade
Echelon Wealth Strategies, LLC
Submitted by: Adam Boris on Oct 28, 2010
Just wanted to thank you for the incredible GSP we got from you on 09/07/10. She is lovable, playful, smart and athletic.Everyone who meets Frankie loves her. Feel free to use us as a reference when anyone whats to know what type of family pet these dogs make.Thanks again.
The Boris Family
Submitted by: Felix Lettini on Oct 03, 2010

Just like to thank you and your staff for the wonderful experience we had at Indian Creek. Bandit is our first Indian Creek gun dog, and she has exceeded all our expectations. First and for most she is a great companion for our children. When we decided to train her to hunt, you were by far the best option. You produced a fabulous hunter in the field and a loving pet in the home. Bandit and I will be back this fall to hunt the preserve and bag our limit of birds.

The Lettini Family
Submitted by: Ambrose Verrone on Aug 27, 2010
Hi Gary
After over 25 years training and competing with police k9 in uspca and napwada trials I retired and began bird hunting again. I am so glad to have your kennel so close( it made it easy to buy 3 dogs) which I believe can run with the best of them. I have never seen a kennel with such an exceptional line of dogs. They all point. Hunting the preserve is top notch! Looking forward to 2010. Your kennel and preserve is the best kept secret for the NJ Bird hunter enthusiast.
Thanks and see you soon!
LT. Cmdr. Ambrose verrone k9 division. P.c s.d. (retired)
Submitted by: Shawn Penn on Aug 27, 2010
I have been an upland hunter for nearly 20 years. I have had the privledge to hunt in many states and over many fine dogs. I can honestly say that no one beats the caliber or character of any dog that has had the honor of being trained or been born of Indian Creek Kennels. Garry Malzone runs a first class operation and has produced some of the finest bird dogs I have ever seen. If energy, tenacity, drive, determination, discipline and heart are what you seek in an English pointer or GSP, look no further.

I bought my first GSP from Garry 14 years ago. She was my college graduation present. Not only was she one of the best bird dogs I ever hunted with, she was truly my best friend. Whether it be pheasant, chuckar, grouse or wookcock she had a natural desire to hunt. In the offseason, she spent her days hunting milk bones on my couch and snoring in my bed. Jesse never once growled or bit and was excellent around children. Unfortunately, she recently passed away and there is now a void in my life and in my heart. When the time is right I know right where I will find my next best friend.
Submitted by: Rick Shoup on Aug 26, 2010
I have to say that out of all the years I have been around upland bird hunting and bird hunting in general I Have never met a group of dogs (adults, juveniles and puppies) that I was more impressed with than Indian Creek Kennels! I have to give a huge amount of credit to Garry Malzone and his operation and True testament to one of the best breed lines I have ever seen. Garry has an ability to work a dog like I have never seen. I know I only spent a few hours with him today but I am very lucky to have had the chance to see proven Champion English Pointers at work. Not just his ability to work a dog with No words but the blood lines that this kennel has is without a doubt the best group of dogs that I have seen anywhere in the United States. To have had the opportunity to witness what I witnessed today was truly a once in a lifetime chance. Garry I can't wait to have the chance to visit you and your dogs again. I am looking forward to not only seeing your dogs and you again but Can't wait to have a chance to hunt on an extremely beautiful piece of property. Your land and preserve is an awesome site to see!! Thank you for taking the time to prove to me without a doubt you have The best grip on English pointer training and blood lines that I have ever seen. East, West, North or South hands down the most impressive thing I have ever had a chance to see. I am very happy for the opportunity to own a dog you have worked as well as the chance to meet you. Keep up the Great work, my friend!! Thank you. Rick Shoup Denville, NJ
Submitted by: Alex Badalamenti on Aug 16, 2010
I have been hunting at the Feather Bed Hunting Club for 31 years in Hunterton County NJ with 11 friends and relatives. During that time, we have purchased dozens of german short hair and english pointers from several breeders. We've had lots of promises and representations, have had successes and failures.
In 1997, a friend visited Gary Malzone of Indian Creek Kennels after reading an advertisement in a hunting magazine. He purchased a puppy from Garry that turned out to be an outstanding bird dog. Over the years, other members began buying puppies and dogs from Garry with results ranging from good to outstanding.
When I purchased my first dog from Garry in 2003, I was skeptical of breeders after being personally disappointed. I was undecided between buying a puppy or a mature, proven, gun dog. Garry assured me that after years of hard work, experience, and his selective breeding program, his puppies would perform to my expectations - and he was right. Recently, I purchased a second puppy sired by his 2010 national shooting dog of the year, CH Indian Creek Shine. In addition to being a great companion to my children and family, I have been blown away by this puppies hunting instinct, passion, intelligence, and fine nose.
If you are serious about buying a solid gun dog, you owe yourself a visit to Garry Malzone. You won't be disappointed.
Alex Badalamenti
Submitted by: Patrick on Jul 11, 2010
Gary is all you would want in a breeder and trainer. We have a one year old pointer we got from him 10 months ago and have been thrilled ! He is now in training and is already pointing birds within a few days of training.Truly an amazing dog!
Submitted by: Ernie Orwig on Jul 09, 2010
I know Garry for a number of year now and find him to have the best dogs and is the best trainer that I have ever found. Bar none! He has the top breeding in the country and keeps producing outstanding dogs. His record supports my claims. He has 4 dogs that have won National Dog of the Year Awards. Check this out at
2009/2010 standings
Open Puppy - Winner - Indian Creek Dallas
Open Derby - Winner - Indian Creek Cassandra
Open Derby - RU Winner - Indian Creek Blase
Open Shooting Dog - Winner - Indian Creek Shine
What a record!
You owe it to yourself to talk/visit Garry and see for yourself. Remember that a dog is a 10 -12 year commitment. Why not start with the best and enjoy a "Brag" dog every season. You will not be sorry.
Submitted by: Dave Altmiller on Jul 09, 2010
Having never owned, let alone trained a bird dog before, I must say that Indian Creek English pointers have made the experience a pleasure. We purchased a puppy in 2009 for hunting first, house pet second. Our pup, Ruby, has exceeded our expectations at both. She is a natural hunter and has pointed since she was 10 weeks old. My anxiety about my training skills are gone mostly due to the ability these dogs have. She is fantastic with our kids, loves to travel and a constant companion. But as soon as that bird scent hits her nose, she is all business. Gary Malzone is a true dog trainer who take pride in his business and especially his dogs. He accomidated my family and I in ways other breeders would not. When you speak with Gary you'll find out "it's all about the dogs!"
Submitted by: Ray Molinari & Janet Lemieux on Jul 06, 2010
We wanted to take a moment to first thank you for spending the time with us to get to know you and your amazing dogs. We appreciate your time in answering all of our questions honestly and professionally. Watching your dogs in action was truly a display of what a English Pointer does and what it should do in the field. The “all business” attitude, composition, and intensity in their eyes was incredible. As we mentioned while in your presence, your dedication and love not only for the dogs but the breed itself, is truly remarkable.   Thank you for your dedication.
Our pup is doing very well and getting along great with our other dogs. He is now four months old and pointing everything in our yard. He passed with flying colors at his first vet visit and we were told that we have a remarkable English Pointer pup and he will make an incredible hunting partner to me and my Red Tail hawk. We are absolutely enjoying this lovable, full energy pup and look forward to seeing him hunt this season.
I would say to anyone looking for a English Pointer, please take the time to speak with Garry - he knows this sport and more importantly he knows this breed - he knows their habits and abilities and he will let you know if these dogs will be the right fit for you. Rest assured, if you acquire an English Pointer from Garry Malzone at Indian Creek Kennels, you are getting the best!
Ray & Janet
Submitted by: John Dobson on Jul 06, 2010
A year ago I purchased a German Shorthaired Pointer puppy from Indian Creek Kennels in Hardyston, NJ. At ten months old I brought him back to Garry to be trained. Two months later to my surprise I picked up a completely finished, steady to wing and kill one year old dog. Since then I have literally killed hundreds of birds and won several walking derby field trial stakes. I have hunted over all types of dogs on various types of birds and nothing has come close to the quality of my dog. Bo lives in the house and sleeps in my bed and is the most loving companion you can ask for. Dogs are a dime a dozen, quality bird dogs come once in a life time. I would highly recommend visiting Indian Creek Kennels if you are looking for a quality bird dog.
John Dobson
Oakland, NJ
Submitted by: John Canella on Jul 06, 2010

Can't tell you how happy we are with Cheese (AKA Terminator), she is 100% more than what I expected have not seen a dog like this in a long time. Hope her puppy crackers will have some of her good blood and with your training 2009 should be a good year.

John Canella (Featherbed Hunting Club)
Submitted by: Dennis McFeely on Jul 06, 2010
Hi Garry,

Having watched your string of dogs in the field for me was a testament to the quality of your breeding for both hunter and trialer alike. I've personally learned so much about dogs at Indian Creek that combined with the quality of your dogs you've added enjoyment to my hunts both on the preserve and elsewhere. It also showed me firsthand that a lot of the stereotypes of Pointers as aloof runoffs to be untrue. We look forward to getting our next Indian Creek pup.

Dennis McFeely
Submitted by: Linda & Doug Avery on Jul 06, 2010
We recently acquired our 4th English Pointer
from Garry Malzone, and are so very happy with all of them. We hunt all over the western United States (Montana, North and South Dakota, Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico) and they all perform wonderfully in the different terrains and looking for different species. We have hunted with many different people, and different hunting dogs, and our dogs are always showing the best performance (ok – sounds like we are biased, but it is true and our hunting companions admit the same).

These dogs have all been great house pets as well as superb hunters. They are intelligent, sensitive, tuned into the handler and easy to train. They are wonderful athletes – we take
them cross country skiing, hiking and of course hunting! They cruise around town in our car, and sleep in their beds next to us at night. We feel very fortunate to have met Garry when we did (14 years ago) – and to have had all the wonderful times with Elhew Al Pacino, Indian Creek Strike,Indian Creek Buckskin and our newest Indian Creek Rico.

Doug and Linda Avery
Southwestern Colorado, USA
Submitted by: Rick Pumphrey on Jul 06, 2010
Hi Garry,
Thanks for the picture of Hunter - made my heart dance to see him pointing quail. Shelly locked up on a solid point the other day pointing a cat. It'll be exciting for me to get Hunter back and start hunting over him...even more exciting when we get Shelly doing the same thing and both hunting together. It will be about 26 years since I have hunted over dogs so this is really a dream come true.
Thanks again,
Rick Pumphrey
Submitted by: Tom Aasabo on Jul 06, 2010
Just a quick note to say how pleased we are with "Joe". As you know with our two young daughters and three
labs I was a little unsure on what to expect from our new pointer. I knew what his hunting abilities were but I am
shocked to tell you that not only has he become part of the family but is now the girls favorite! He stays in the
house with us and we leave him outside when weather allows and he will not venture beyond the yard without
us, even when the grouse are drumming 100 yards away!
I needed a working upland dog to guide with, I never thought that this bird finding machine would be such a
loving pet as well. Feel free to use me as a reference for both your ability as a trainer and the quality of your
dogs and their bloodlines. Keep in touch.

Tom Aasbo
The Oxbow Lodge
Submitted by: timothy on Dec 24, 2009
i would just like to say that i have a 7 month old pointer that i got from gary that is hunting and holds point at 7 months.gary is great with all my question and helping me get the most out of my new hunting buddy.i can not say enough good things about his dogs.what great addition to my family to. thank you gary for everything.
Submitted by: Joe Di Filippo on Jul 22, 2009
If anyone is looking for a bird dog and a breeder with knowledge and experience, Garry Malzone from Indian Creek Kennel is where you have to go. I have know Garry now for about six months and let me tell you he is by far the best breeder/trainer you will find out there. Before buying a puppy from Garry, I traveled all over to look at kennels. The reason why I choose Garry is because he has by far, the best dogs and he shows you what his dogs can do. Garry is always there to answer questions and knows what he is talking about. I just bought a male pup from him and I can see all of Garry's hard work he puts in his dogs in the young pup. It's truly amazing what his dogs do and how good they look doing it. If anyone is looking for a true bird dog, do yourself a favor go see Garry Malzone you will not regret it.

Joe Di Filippo
Rockland County Ny
Submitted by: Christian M. Valtin on Jan 22, 2009
I just want to let everyone know that we aquired an English Pointer puppy from Indian Creek Kennels and he is the best dog we have ever had. At 4 months old, Ace, is putting up birds better then any of our friends 1 1/2-3 year old trained bird hunting dogs. Indian Creek Kennels has, by far, the friendlist and most intelligent dogs and puppys you can find. The breeder is also one of the best breeder/trainers you could possibly want to purchace a dog or puppy from. Ace has really changed our lives and our kids love him. We couldn't have picked a better kennel to purchase our puppy from. Garry Malzone is the best!
- The Valtin Family
Ramsey, NJ

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