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Altmoor Deutsch-Drahthaars - New Jersey Deutsch Drahthaar, German Wirehaired Pointer Breeders

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About Altmoor Deutsch-Drahthaars

Important Note: If sending us an email, please do so using the "Contact Us" information at the very bottom of most of our Altmoor website pages ( Emails using the link below on this page are often filtered out as spam by many servers.

Only a visit to our website, can give you the answers to all of your questions. For now, we'll try to be brief. We are a husband-wife team, both passionate hunters who, after years of breeding Brits and Springers and owning and/or professionally training Labs and many other gun dog breeds, in the early '80's found that the Deutsch-Drahthaar was the all-around sportsman's answer for a family gun dog that excelled at everything - waterfowl, upland, and blood tracking. But, first and foremost, our DD's are companions and our best friends. They are equally suitable even if you are primarily an upland hunter or mostly hunt waterfowl - their water abilities are unequaled.

VDD is the world-wide breed club of over 11,000 members, with over 1,100 members in the USA - VDD-Group North America. Both of us have served terms on the Executive Board of that organization, as well as our local chapter. We were among the first judges in the USA to be approved by the over-seeing organization (JGHV) in Germany in 1990. We constantly try to give back to the breed that has given us so much and have received several service awards from our breed club. We are the authors of The Drahthaar Puppy Manual, a book which numerous DD, DK, and DL breeders give out with each pup they sell. With a combined total of nearly four decades in law enforcement and almost nine decades of hunting and gun dog experience, we think you'll find that we are very knowledgeable and trustworthy, and have a nationwide reputation for support after the sale. We are also this continent's most experienced VDD breeders, starting through the alphabet for the fourth time in 2012 (our 79th VDD litter). We average two to five litters each year. All our litters are born in the house and spend their first three to four weeks in the bedroom, then the living room. If you pinned us down and asked what qualities we breed for, we'd say that hunting traits are a given, but sound and friendly temperament with a high degree of cooperation and biddability are at the top of our list. Our dogs work with you and for you, and will hunt till they drop. Check our website for testimonials.

Finally, as you look through this site and other sources in your search for the pup of a lifetime, you'll find many who tell you that they breed Deutsch-Drahthaars. In fact, some of those will actually be breeders of AKC GWP's, FDSB German Drahthaars, or of some other registry. Or, they are producing more than one breed of gundog. Only a VDD-registered breeding can offer you a pup which is the product of decades of objective water and field testing and evaluations for suitable conformation and coat by independent experts. VDD pups are registered in Germany, come with a registration document in the German language, and have their German registration number tattooed in their right ear. If you don't get your pup from us, at least please check the Breeder Listing page on the website to be sure that you'll be working with an actual VDD breeder and are getting at least the same quality pup that you would if you went directly to Germany, where the DD is far and away the most popular gundog.

Nancy Bohs & Roger Smith

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Deutsch Drahthaar, German Wirehaired Pointer
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Roger Smith & Nancy Bohs
Shamong, New Jersey 08088
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 44 years.
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Submitted by: Daniel Gravatt on Aug 20, 2014
I have had pups from Nancy & Roger over the past 25 years. As breeders, they are extremely dedicated to both their dogs and their customers. I have had 5 dogs from them and everyone of them have been exceptional hunters as well as family dogs. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any serious hunter.
Submitted by: Carl Bois on Aug 19, 2014
I have bought 7 Drahthaars from Roger and Nancy over the years.I guide bird hunts over them and would not consider another breed. I have had several other breeds of hunting dogs and the Altmoor Drahthaars are the only dogs for me. I have three of them now the youngest is 9 months old. She is at the trainers now and they couldn't be more impressed with her natural ability. I will be hunting over her this fall. Roger and Nancy bred high quality dogs and are there to answer any questions about the breed and training
Submitted by: James Ledermann on Aug 15, 2014
I purchased our 4th DD from Altmoor. Being a professional guide for 23 yrs this breed is my favorite. Their work ethic & companionship makes them so special. Roger & Nancy are committed to breeding excellence. They're very knowledgeable & supportive. All of our dogs have lived a long & healthy life. We believe that's due to their breeding program. Very excited for the Fall season with our H4 pup! Thanks Team

Submitted by: Rick Lyman on Aug 14, 2014
I have known Nancy and Roger for over 20 years and have a 16 month old vom Altmoor pup at this time.
Over the years they have been very helpful and honest to deal with. Very consistent puppies.
Submitted by: Almus Kenter on Aug 14, 2014
I am on my second Altmoor dog. What better praise is there, than repeat business?
Zara Vom Altmoor in 2000 and Zilla (ne Zelda)
Vom Altmoor 12 years later Both dogs are, and have been phenomenal hunters and companions.

Roger and Nancy are there for you before you get your pup, and they are there for you through all stages of ownership. Have a problem? Have a question? Call them. Even if you don't get a dog from Altmoor---Get their book!!
Submitted by: John J. Bergin Jr on Aug 14, 2014
In 1990, the demise of the wild pheasant in Pennsylvania prompted my search for a close working, pointing dog. My objective, at that time, was to purchase and train a pup to use as my grouse hunting partner and duck retriever. An advertisement in “Gun Dog” prompted a phone call and subsequent visit to Vom Altmoor Kennels in Shamong, NJ.
It is now 2014 and four Deutsch Drahthaars later. I am still enthralled with the breed and forever grateful for the help and guidance provided by my good friends Roger Smith and Nancy Bohs. These are the folks who literally and actually wrote the book “The Drahthaar Puppy Manual” which has become the bible of our puppy training.
My Vom Altmoor D/D pups have consistently scored high in the field and breed test and proved free of physical problems. One male was used at stud to continue his excellent blood line.
You absolutely cannot go wrong when you select a pup from this premier breeder in the USA. Why not get started with the best possible line of the magnificent Deutsch Drahthaar – Vom Altmoor. Jack Bergin

Submitted by: Terry Gibson on Aug 13, 2014
My pup is now 16 months old. He's steady on point, just won't stop retrieving and he did a great job blood tracking a couple of deer for me last year.

As importantly, he is a joy to have in the house. Listens well. Very affectionate. Gets along with all the dogs at the hunt club just fine. You haven't owned a DD, you owe it to yourself to try one.

Terry Gibson
Treasure Coast Hunt Club
Submitted by: Susan Lesko on Aug 13, 2014
My husband and I recently bought a Deutsch Drahthaar puppy from Roger & Nancy at Altmoor kennels. We have never owned a hunting dog even though we hunt quite extensively. Working with Roger and Nancy has been wonderful. They kept us informed and up to date with the pups ever since they were born with pictures and videos. They also happily answered all of our many, many questions. We had to have our pup shipped to us since we live so far away which we had also never done before. They made it a very positive experience and took care of all the details. As far as the pup goes, we have never had a better dog. Even at a young age she is showing incredible natural talent and is so very easy to train and get along with in all aspects. We could not have picked a better breeder and a better dog!
Submitted by: Don Amboyer on Aug 13, 2014
In 2010 I decided to purchase and train my first gun dog. I spent the better part of that year researching breeds, training methods and breeders. I narrowed my search to Deutsch-Drahthaar breeders after seeing these dogs in action.

Ultimately I chose to buy an Altmoor dog because of the great performance I saw in both VJP (puppy) and HZP (utility) tests from their lines. What made it an easy choice was seeing their dogs temperament that was friendly, attentive to handler and hard-working. Those were traits I saw in all of the dogs I came across in the field at training days and test events.

Roger and Nancy have been super about answering all of my questions. I had a lot of questions as a first-time gun dog owner and new to the VDD/JGHV testing system! They have always been extremely gracious about giving their time to walk me through even the most basic of training drills and healthcare details.

As I got more involved in testing I learned how much time and energy Nancy and Roger volunteer to the breed organization; VDD-GNA. Their long-standing commitment to improving the national club, mentoring handlers in the Atlantic Chapter, organinzing training days and tests as well as traveling across the country to judge speaks volumes about their commitment to their kennel and the breed. They've literally "written the book" on how to successfully raise and test a Drahthaar!

In 2011 I took home a male from the Y3 litter. With their's and the Chapter's support we successfully completed both the VJP and HZP tests. I've been so impressed by the dog whether I've asked him to hunt pheasants in NJ, PA or Montana, ruffed grouse in MI and MN, ducks in the Midwest and East coast, red grouse in Scotland or blood-track a mule deer in Montana. He's an incredible machine in the field and our best buddy in the house.

In fact, I've been so impressed that I just brought home a new pup from their K4 litter! She'll be enjoying a full season of hunting in the prairies, forest and marshes this fall.
Submitted by: Frank Middleton on Aug 13, 2014
I found my experience with Roger at altmour kennels to be very pleasant. Although this is my first dd it will not be my last. The pup is great. I only ever have two dogs at a time and need the dogs to be well behaved in home and great hunters afield.I'll go back to altmour again.

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