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About Mirage Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers in Nevada, located in the Carson City & Reno area. We raise black, chocolate, & yellow Labrador Retrievers for companion hunting,conformation shows, & assisted therapy work. Our focus is a multipurpose dog with a great temperament, sound body, and excellent working ability. Stud service is available. Puppies and young adults available on occasion.

We are a family establishment located in Northern Nevada. For over 18 years now we have been raising Labrador Retrievers with temperament and soundness being our main focus. Our hobbies, with our Labs, include conformation shows and assisted therapy work. We also enjoy doing obedience, field competitions, and seasonal hunting. All our dogs and puppies are well socialized with everyday situations and even with young children. They DO NOT live in kennels. In short, our Labs are our loving friends & a big part of our family.

**CHOCOLATE, YELLOW, & BLACK stud service is available. The boys have OFA hip, elbow,& heart clearances. Also eye clearances through CERF and Optigen Normal/Clear.

All new puppy owners will get a copy of both parents health clearances at the time they pick their puppies.






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Sherri Dressler
Nevada 89429
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 20 years.
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Submitted by: jen stanley on Oct 12, 2014
This past week our Trigger Dude told us it was time. After almost 14 years, we lost our best buddy. My 7 year old daughters and I traveled from Lodi, CA to adopt our puppy from Sherri in January 2001. My son was 5 at the time and he had an immediate bond with our new family member the moment he held Trigger.

Trigger was one handsome yellow lab with big dark eyes and a gentle soul.

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family member and owe it Sherri and her standards of breeding.

Submitted by: Dee & Dick on Feb 28, 2014
Where can I start, I guess from our first contact with Sherri, via phone. From the very beginning, it was very clear to us that Sherri had a very deep love for her family,(twin girls, her spouse Travis and her family of beautiful lab adults and puppies) and meeting her in person for the first time was proof of that. Her puppies were well taken care of and was a very vital part of her and her (human) family and we were sold on the idea that this was the right move and family we wanted our puppy to come from. Everything else was so easy.
Sherri made everything so clear for us. She kept us informed of health of puppies, sent us weekly pictures of pups as they grew and developed. Oh, how we all looked forward to those weekly pictures and shared them with anyone that showed any interest at all plus some that probably didn't (ha ha)!!!
Let us just close with this. My husband and I are 65 years old, we thought we might be much to old to start the last quarter of our lives raising a beautiful lab pup (not being fair to a young pup at our age) Sherri made us feel like we had made the right decision, that we had something to special to offer a young pup, that a pup would have something special to offer us and indeed Tucker does. He is the first thing we look forward to seeing each and every morning and the last thing we spend time with before we retire for the evening.

Thank you Sherri for giving us such a beautiful gift of life and making a journey a joy, not a hardship. We love you for that and our puppy, Tucker.

Submitted by: Sarah on Feb 28, 2014
I had such a wonderful experience with Sherri at Mirage Labradors. I contacted her last summer about an upcoming litter, we spoke many times and I could tell she was very knowledgeable about the labrador breed as I was trying to do as much research about the breed as possible on my own (I like to be prepared); no worries, she really knows her stuff! Due to unfortunate circumstances I was unable to get a puppy from the expected litter but Sherri offered a puppy from her next litter which I gladly accepted; we communicated throughout this time and I could tell she was a very honest and sincere person which really put me at ease throughout the whole process. On Christmas Eve I received a phone call, it was Sherri, calling to say the puppies were born! Best Christmas present ever! I was surprised that she took the time to call instead of e-mail, I thought it was such a nice, personal touch. She provided weekly updates with pictures up until we took our sweet puppy, Bonnie, home! I have to say, my boyfriend and I were both excited and a little nervous, um...should not have been nervous! Bonnie is WONDERFUL and incredibly smart, less then 2 weeks at home and she already knows come and sit and is almost potty trained! Our puppy, Bonnie, has such a sweet temperament and loves to meet new people and dogs and loves to please! I highly recommend this breeder, Sherri and her family are so sweet and the dogs and puppies are fabulous. If you are hesitant or unsure, just shoot Sherri an e-mail, she will be able to answer your questions! Thank you Sherri, family and Mirage Labradors!
Submitted by: Erika on Feb 28, 2014
I just want to say Thank You for letting us have our precious Camille. She is an awesome puppy.! She is very smart already crate trained. Already potty trained. Can not wait to put her in the Show Ring! I am glad we found you. You as,a breeder made sure Camille was going to a great home. My husband and I enjoyed that you and your husband made us feel comfortable and actually talked to us and let us enjoy getting to know you and the family plus your four legged familiy. You did breed a great pupp. We are very happy. We will be back for another lab.
Thank you

Submitted by: Tatiana on Feb 28, 2014
Our experience with Mirage Labradors was nothing short of wonderful! From the very first inquire about a puppy, Sherri was prompt and very courteous on her responses; she always made sure to send updates even before the puppies were born and patiently took the time to explain all of the details on buying a puppy and the importance of all the health clearances they make sure the dogs have prior to breeding them.

After the puppies were born, she continued sending updates along with pictures of the puppies so we could follow the growth of those beautiful babies!! Sherri and Travis welcomed our visit to meet mamma and daddy and all the adjacent family; it was amazing to see past generations of our future puppy. They were all extremely happy, friendly, and sweet dogs!!!

At 4 weeks, we had a second visit to actually spend some time playing with the puppies! That day our puppy picked us before we even knew! We only found out later by looking back at the pictures! It was amazing to recognize our little guy licking my chin on a picture! :) All of the puppies were very friendly and sweet and we had a blast spending time with them!

Finally at the pick up day, after selecting our new family member (except he had already selected us ;)!), Sherri gave us all the pedigree paperwork, health clearances, vaccination proof, articles on how to potty train, feed, etc., and explained everything to us in detail. That made us feel very confident in how seriously they take breeding and making sure it is done the correct way.

Now that we have our beautiful baby boy at home, we could not be happier! He is extremely smart and sweet!!! In just 2 weeks he has learned "comes," "sits," and "stays" and is getting really good about going potty outside!!! He is a gorgeous looking boy that loves to cuddle and is perfectly adjusting to our family; he is friendly to all dogs and people, loves walks, and to play! We absolutely love our little guy!!!

Thank you so much to Sherri and Travis for taking such a good care of those dogs and making them feel like family! We would definitely recommend them to friends and family and will definitely be coming back in the future!

Submitted by: Laurie on Feb 28, 2014
Here are our comments on your puppies, we waited to see how she was as a hunting dog. I have also attached a picture of Shasta, about 4 months, on our boat when we went fishing.

We have raised chocolate labs for more than 30 years and Shasta is the most beautiful of all. She has been easy to train, well mannered, and mellow. She is a natural swimmer and loves fetching. Bird hunting was hilarious watching her excitement and desire to fetch. She is 6 months now, in the middle of the terror puppy stage of chewing everything and wild, but she is so sweet, we can't get upset. It passes and we already can see the gorgeous, well bred dog that she will become. She is definitely a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you.

Submitted by: Debi on Feb 28, 2014
We decided to breed our chocolate lab, because she was such a sweet, mellow puppy (for a lab). We wanted to breed her with an English "FAMILY" Lab. We did some research and found Sherri at Mirage Labradors and it was like we knew her our whole life. My husband went to meet the males, and when he saw "Tuff", he just fell in love with him, what a sweet dog. Lucy, our lab came in to season and we contacted Sherri and oh my gosh, she was so much help. She told us when we need to bring her to Tuff, and when we did, she explained everything that was going to happen, she was so full of knowledge it was great. I ask a lot of questions, I felt like some might be stupid questions and Sherri would say you would be surprised how many people ask that question. We were there dropping off our Lucy and I knew Sherri would treat her like her own, and she did. When we were leaving, Sherri told us to call and check on Lucy ANYTIME, and we did and Sherri was so informative. Well Tuff was too short for our American Lab Lucy, so Sherri told us she would have to do an artificial insemination, and that it would be done 3 times. One of the things I liked best, was Sherri would contact us and let us know what was going on, I thought she went above and beyond. We had never done this before. Well we knew within 14 days that Lucy was with puppies. Lots of changes were happening just like Sherri said they would. When Lucy went into labor, I started panicking and emailed Sherri, she replied back within minutes, but then first puppy was born, and Lucy did great, giving birth to 10 puppies. I want to end this with, anytime we called Sherri, she was there and SO VERY HELPFUL, and spent time explaining things. Thank you Sherri for helping us thru this BEAUTIFUL experience.
Submitted by: Carlvin on Feb 28, 2014
Our Kea is doing just great! She's such a blessing for our family and it was so nice to let her be part of our 12.5 year old Yellow Lab-Sandi's last few months. Kea is the perfect blend of her parents, the raw energy of Player and the sweetness of Joy. Of course, she's the picture perfect looking lab too. Interesting thing about her is the whine. It's how she communicates, she doesn't bark or knock her paws against the doors. We've gotten very good at deciphering the different meanings of each unique pitch, volume, and duration of whine to be able to tell them apart. We absolutely love her! Would be great to see how the other siblings are doing too.

Submitted by: Richie on Feb 28, 2014
We just wanted to give you an update on our puppy "timber". We can't thank you enough for the quality of dog he has become. Everywhere we go people comment on how beautiful he is! He is becoming a great family and hunting dog. We might be biased but he might be the smartest dog of all time haha. Just wanted to say thank you again. Hopefully we can get him a brother in the fall.

Submitted by: Scott on Feb 28, 2014
We wanted to thank you, yet again, for helping to bring Spice into our lives. She is a beautiful and, more importantly, healthy young lab. Our vet was impressed with her health at the time of her first exam. You have done a great job raising her and we were struck with how beautiful and vital all of the dogs under your care appeared. We look forward to a long life with our new friend and look forward to making the trip to your home next time to bring home a friend for the princess.

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