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Submitted by: Lori on Sep 07, 2016
Lacy is such an awesome puppy! She has the most calm temperament for a pup. My husband calls her Lazy instead of Lacy lol. She is starting to get more spunky in the last couple days as she gets more comfortable here. She is bonding really good with me 😊 oh and the family 😜. She is my baby though! It snowed here last week, she LOVED THE SNOW!! It was so funny watching her get all excited playing in the snow. She knows it, stay, down, and come already, she is so easy to teach. Her potty training is going great to, she already goes to the door. She is the easiest puppy, I'm sure she will have her moments esp as she gets to the teen stage, but for now I'm really having the easiest time with her! Thank you so much for choosing us for your list, we couldn't be happier!
Submitted by: Jadine on Sep 07, 2016
Mochi has been great! She is very smart with a lot of personality. She has been very good at night letting us sleep for 4 hours! Mango is very gentle with her and very protective, it's amazing to watch. The kids have been great trying to train her and they really enjoy playing with her.

Thanks a lot Sherri!!! Have a great weekend.
Submitted by: Tony & Devon on Sep 07, 2016
I thought you might like a recent shot of our almost 10 year old Lucy, daughter of Ruby and Tuff. I really can't thank you enough for the amount of awesome Lucy has brought to our family! People can't believe she is almost 10, her energy is that of a 2 year old! With the exception of some morning stiffness and a few fatty lumps, Lucy is doing well. However, she is a bit depressed since losing her BFF Jett. We rescued Jett (a lab/hound dog) when Lucy was 2. Please let me know if you have an older companion available. We thought of rescuing and older dog but thought Mirage Labs would be a better choice knowing the love and care you give all your dogs.

Thank you again for our sausage Lucy!
Submitted by: Juanita & Jim on Sep 07, 2016
Having a puppy is like having a baby
Harley is doing great, I finally have time
To write a testimonial. Our puppy has
Been such a joy to our family he's calm,
Smart and very easy to potty train, he's
Learning how to walk on a lease and
Knows sit already:) We are glad we waited for a puppy and really needed
To have the joy he brings to our family.
Loosing our daughter, Shasta was a very sad and Harley has helped us heal
We love watching him play with Max
Our other Lab he's 12 now. Thank you
For all your help and answering my questions.
Submitted by: Kelly on Sep 07, 2016
had the absolute joy of first emailing, then speaking on the phone, and finally meeting Sherri during the process of bringing home my new little love, Tesla. I contacted Sherri many months before a litter was even planned, as I was looking to get the first pick of the litter. She answers immediately and graciously. She and I had very many email conversations back and forth and she put me on the list for first pick....which is exactly what I got!!! Now let me tell you what an experience that was! All I can say is Sherri is a saint! I had such a difficult time picking a baby to bring home. It was more emotional and challenging than I expected, and Sherri basically held my hand through the whole process and patiently awaited my decision. She has made herself totally approachable, professional, and timely throughout the entire 11 month process, as it was for me from getting on the list, to bringing Tesla home. Now as far as my baby goes...she is just simply wonderful! All of the puppies in this litter were good looking, healthy puppies. And it is evident from the vast number of Labradors Sherri and her family care for, that they LOVE these dogs and this breed! I would recommend a prospective buyer to Sherri anyday!!
Submitted by: Brittany on Jan 12, 2015
Our experience with Mirage Labradors has been great. We have now used Mirage Labrador Stud Services a few times and plan to for years to come. I'm new at breeding labs and contacted Sherri, she gave very helpful advice and tips. Sherri is very pleasant to do business with. She gives great care during boarding as well !
I would highly recommend using Mirage Labradors for Stud Services !!
Thanks again Sherri
The Young's @ Cow Country Labradors
Submitted by: Lori on Jan 12, 2015
Sherri and Travis,

Thanks a bunch for having us over yesterday. We are so grateful to have one of your pups, your love for your dogs is wonderful and that's the kind breeder we wanted to get a pup from. This has been such an exciting experience, waiting for Lacy to be born and seeing her grow week to week. Thank you for making this such a positive fun experience! See you in a few weeks for the much anticipated day of bringing Lacy home!
Submitted by: Sarah on Jan 12, 2015

Steven, Bonnie and I are doing well up here in Elko! Bonnie has been doing great for the most part with some mischief here or there; her favorite things to do are play, play and play, eat, sleep and to give lots of kisses! She's very sweet :). Thank you for the birthday wishes for Bonnie, that was awesome! Have a wonderful holiday!!!
Submitted by: Dee on Jan 12, 2015

Thank you so much Sherri, we have had quite a year with Tucker, and we have enjoyed every moment!!! He is now a full-fledged year old and beautiful and yes, we did have a party for him.

This is just one of tons of pictures we've taken of Tucker. And believe you me this picture does not do justice. Sherri,Travis and girls,he is a beauty! We get compliments on him constantly from people he's met along the way to his first birthday. He loves everybody, and they love him! He is the love of the neighborhood. We have neighborhood children that come and knock on our door to ask if Tucker "can come out and play".This picture however, is our grandchildren with him at one of their Soccer games. They are hoping at some point along the way, to get one like him. They are crazy about Tucker. He has made a ton of dog friends as well that he plays with in our local park when we take him.

We could go on and on and on about our Tucker but I will stop here except to say, we would at some point this spring or summer, love to get Tucker's siblings together once again, for a day maybe, at one of the local parks here in Reno or wherever to share stories of them, the difference they have all made in our lives and just have a day of celebrating life and the love we share with our pups and you, Sherri,Travis and girls have made this all possible for all.

Sherri, if you would please pass this along to the others that have one of Tucker's siblings it would be wonderful and thanks once again for a most wonderful gift of life you have shared with us all.

Dick and Dee Zunino and of course, Tucker
Submitted by: Tatiana on Jan 12, 2015

Buch is doing fantastic!! He is super into hunting now and is getting better everyday! He is super smart and very sweet....still a mellow boy as he was as a pup! We could not be happier with our baby!!! Here he is! :)
Submitted by: Travis on Jan 12, 2015
Sometime last year our family decided that it was time to add a puppy to our family. We started out by talking to a number of breeders in and around our area. I can honestly say that from the first correspondence we had with Sherri, we knew Mirage Labradors was the kennel for us.
Anyone who has waited months for a puppy knows how slow time seems to go by while waiting for the litter to be born. Sherri kept us updated on the progress of Joy's pregnancy and once the puppies were born we received pictures and updates on the puppies progress.
Finally it was time to pick out our puppy. Sherri made the process stress free and answered all of our questions. We instantly fell in love with "Hank." Before leaving Sherri's home, Sherri answered countless questions and made many recommendations we found to be very helpful.
A few days after taking Hank home, Sherri called to check on us and Hank, and see if she could be of any assistance. Sherri made it clear that she would always be there for us to answer any questions we may encounter. I would highly recommend Sheri and Mirage Labradors.
Submitted by: Holly on Jan 12, 2015

In 2010, I picked up my first puppy from Sherri at Mirage Labradors. He was a beautiful black boy, and I named him Ranger. He has grown up into an absolute picture-perfect standard of an English Black Labrador. Regardless of his beauty, he is adorable (and he knows it).

In 2013, I decided I would like to another pup from Sherri. Besides having champion blood lines, one important reason we like Sheri's pups is that she WILL NOT remove their dew claws. Everyone who has placed a request for a pup knows the wait is excruciating. Unfortunately, there was a problem with Mom (Libby), and those puppies went straight to heaven. So, the wait was a little longer, and new Mom (Joy) had a fine litter of 5 beautiful black boys.

The pick-up day arrived and I got my boy. His name is Reagan. If you decide that Mirage Labradors is where you want to get your puppy from, you will be making the right choice. Theirs is a home, not a house. Sherri has been raising Labradors for many years, and she does so with love and it shows.

As I write this, Reagan is 11 weeks old. He is just like our Ranger was at that age, a bundle of cuddly love. They grow so fast (too fast), and soon I will have 2 big, beautiful boys.
Submitted by: Mike on Jan 12, 2015
Brianna named her puppy Bently. I call him Ben. Everyone loves him and he is so willing to please and loves everyone back including our German shorthair Bailey and Baci our Pomeranian.
He absolutely loves to hang out at the ranch he climbs on the four wheeler by himself wanting to go for a ride. He is on and out of the water and swam out to me in the boat today. He is a great swimmer and loves.
Thank you so much for raising wonderful Labradors.
Mike Perchetti, DVM
Submitted by: Shannon on Jan 12, 2015

I have been meaning to send you updated pics of the big, sweet guy, but keep forgetting! Hope you are well. Leo is a wonderful, gentle, silly, adorable boy, and we love him to pieces. We are so lucky he is a part of our family! I recommend you guys often, and hope that some of our friends will end up with a Leo relative one day!
Submitted by: Liz on Jan 12, 2015

Kes is a leggy blond right has finally regulated her belly yet still continues to eat all the twigs she can chomp on. Alee isn't much help with this area...sticks are just going to be part of their enjoy each others company tremendously...Alee is still being gentle in her play and dominance is wonderful not to have to worry if Alee will hurt her... both are such a joy...thank you again for being a wonderful breeder who has brought so much joy and love to our lives...
Submitted by: Tawny on Jan 12, 2015
Thank you so much for the opportunity of becoming new puppy owners! We've enjoyed the emails and calls updating the growth and status every week. You are AMAZING!!! We love our baby boy!!!
Submitted by: Mike on Jan 12, 2015
We can't thank you enough for our new puppy Wrigley! He has been with us for a week but his wonderful temperament is apparent. He is calm, eager to learn and please and loves people. He is a wonderful pet. We highly recommend Mirage Labs. They care greatly for their dogs and our experience was great and just as promised.
Submitted by: Erika on Jan 12, 2015

Camille is doing awesome! :-)
We all love her. She is fully potty trained. House trained crate trained. Cammie loves my grand kids. She loves the ball. She fetches great. Thank you very much!
Submitted by: jen stanley on Oct 12, 2014
This past week our Trigger Dude told us it was time. After almost 14 years, we lost our best buddy. My 7 year old daughters and I traveled from Lodi, CA to adopt our puppy from Sherri in January 2001. My son was 5 at the time and he had an immediate bond with our new family member the moment he held Trigger.

Trigger was one handsome yellow lab with big dark eyes and a gentle soul.

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family member and owe it Sherri and her standards of breeding.

Submitted by: Dee & Dick on Feb 28, 2014
Where can I start, I guess from our first contact with Sherri, via phone. From the very beginning, it was very clear to us that Sherri had a very deep love for her family,(twin girls, her spouse Travis and her family of beautiful lab adults and puppies) and meeting her in person for the first time was proof of that. Her puppies were well taken care of and was a very vital part of her and her (human) family and we were sold on the idea that this was the right move and family we wanted our puppy to come from. Everything else was so easy.
Sherri made everything so clear for us. She kept us informed of health of puppies, sent us weekly pictures of pups as they grew and developed. Oh, how we all looked forward to those weekly pictures and shared them with anyone that showed any interest at all plus some that probably didn't (ha ha)!!!
Let us just close with this. My husband and I are 65 years old, we thought we might be much to old to start the last quarter of our lives raising a beautiful lab pup (not being fair to a young pup at our age) Sherri made us feel like we had made the right decision, that we had something to special to offer a young pup, that a pup would have something special to offer us and indeed Tucker does. He is the first thing we look forward to seeing each and every morning and the last thing we spend time with before we retire for the evening.

Thank you Sherri for giving us such a beautiful gift of life and making a journey a joy, not a hardship. We love you for that and our puppy, Tucker.
Submitted by: Sarah on Feb 28, 2014
I had such a wonderful experience with Sherri at Mirage Labradors. I contacted her last summer about an upcoming litter, we spoke many times and I could tell she was very knowledgeable about the labrador breed as I was trying to do as much research about the breed as possible on my own (I like to be prepared); no worries, she really knows her stuff! Due to unfortunate circumstances I was unable to get a puppy from the expected litter but Sherri offered a puppy from her next litter which I gladly accepted; we communicated throughout this time and I could tell she was a very honest and sincere person which really put me at ease throughout the whole process. On Christmas Eve I received a phone call, it was Sherri, calling to say the puppies were born! Best Christmas present ever! I was surprised that she took the time to call instead of e-mail, I thought it was such a nice, personal touch. She provided weekly updates with pictures up until we took our sweet puppy, Bonnie, home! I have to say, my boyfriend and I were both excited and a little nervous, um...should not have been nervous! Bonnie is WONDERFUL and incredibly smart, less then 2 weeks at home and she already knows come and sit and is almost potty trained! Our puppy, Bonnie, has such a sweet temperament and loves to meet new people and dogs and loves to please! I highly recommend this breeder, Sherri and her family are so sweet and the dogs and puppies are fabulous. If you are hesitant or unsure, just shoot Sherri an e-mail, she will be able to answer your questions! Thank you Sherri, family and Mirage Labradors!
Submitted by: Erika on Feb 28, 2014
I just want to say Thank You for letting us have our precious Camille. She is an awesome puppy.! She is very smart already crate trained. Already potty trained. Can not wait to put her in the Show Ring! I am glad we found you. You as,a breeder made sure Camille was going to a great home. My husband and I enjoyed that you and your husband made us feel comfortable and actually talked to us and let us enjoy getting to know you and the family plus your four legged familiy. You did breed a great pupp. We are very happy. We will be back for another lab.
Thank you
Submitted by: Tatiana on Feb 28, 2014
Our experience with Mirage Labradors was nothing short of wonderful! From the very first inquire about a puppy, Sherri was prompt and very courteous on her responses; she always made sure to send updates even before the puppies were born and patiently took the time to explain all of the details on buying a puppy and the importance of all the health clearances they make sure the dogs have prior to breeding them.

After the puppies were born, she continued sending updates along with pictures of the puppies so we could follow the growth of those beautiful babies!! Sherri and Travis welcomed our visit to meet mamma and daddy and all the adjacent family; it was amazing to see past generations of our future puppy. They were all extremely happy, friendly, and sweet dogs!!!

At 4 weeks, we had a second visit to actually spend some time playing with the puppies! That day our puppy picked us before we even knew! We only found out later by looking back at the pictures! It was amazing to recognize our little guy licking my chin on a picture! :) All of the puppies were very friendly and sweet and we had a blast spending time with them!

Finally at the pick up day, after selecting our new family member (except he had already selected us ;)!), Sherri gave us all the pedigree paperwork, health clearances, vaccination proof, articles on how to potty train, feed, etc., and explained everything to us in detail. That made us feel very confident in how seriously they take breeding and making sure it is done the correct way.

Now that we have our beautiful baby boy at home, we could not be happier! He is extremely smart and sweet!!! In just 2 weeks he has learned "comes," "sits," and "stays" and is getting really good about going potty outside!!! He is a gorgeous looking boy that loves to cuddle and is perfectly adjusting to our family; he is friendly to all dogs and people, loves walks, and to play! We absolutely love our little guy!!!

Thank you so much to Sherri and Travis for taking such a good care of those dogs and making them feel like family! We would definitely recommend them to friends and family and will definitely be coming back in the future!

Submitted by: Laurie on Feb 28, 2014
Here are our comments on your puppies, we waited to see how she was as a hunting dog. I have also attached a picture of Shasta, about 4 months, on our boat when we went fishing.

We have raised chocolate labs for more than 30 years and Shasta is the most beautiful of all. She has been easy to train, well mannered, and mellow. She is a natural swimmer and loves fetching. Bird hunting was hilarious watching her excitement and desire to fetch. She is 6 months now, in the middle of the terror puppy stage of chewing everything and wild, but she is so sweet, we can't get upset. It passes and we already can see the gorgeous, well bred dog that she will become. She is definitely a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you.
Submitted by: Debi on Feb 28, 2014
We decided to breed our chocolate lab, because she was such a sweet, mellow puppy (for a lab). We wanted to breed her with an English "FAMILY" Lab. We did some research and found Sherri at Mirage Labradors and it was like we knew her our whole life. My husband went to meet the males, and when he saw "Tuff", he just fell in love with him, what a sweet dog. Lucy, our lab came in to season and we contacted Sherri and oh my gosh, she was so much help. She told us when we need to bring her to Tuff, and when we did, she explained everything that was going to happen, she was so full of knowledge it was great. I ask a lot of questions, I felt like some might be stupid questions and Sherri would say you would be surprised how many people ask that question. We were there dropping off our Lucy and I knew Sherri would treat her like her own, and she did. When we were leaving, Sherri told us to call and check on Lucy ANYTIME, and we did and Sherri was so informative. Well Tuff was too short for our American Lab Lucy, so Sherri told us she would have to do an artificial insemination, and that it would be done 3 times. One of the things I liked best, was Sherri would contact us and let us know what was going on, I thought she went above and beyond. We had never done this before. Well we knew within 14 days that Lucy was with puppies. Lots of changes were happening just like Sherri said they would. When Lucy went into labor, I started panicking and emailed Sherri, she replied back within minutes, but then first puppy was born, and Lucy did great, giving birth to 10 puppies. I want to end this with, anytime we called Sherri, she was there and SO VERY HELPFUL, and spent time explaining things. Thank you Sherri for helping us thru this BEAUTIFUL experience.
Submitted by: Carlvin on Feb 28, 2014
Our Kea is doing just great! She's such a blessing for our family and it was so nice to let her be part of our 12.5 year old Yellow Lab-Sandi's last few months. Kea is the perfect blend of her parents, the raw energy of Player and the sweetness of Joy. Of course, she's the picture perfect looking lab too. Interesting thing about her is the whine. It's how she communicates, she doesn't bark or knock her paws against the doors. We've gotten very good at deciphering the different meanings of each unique pitch, volume, and duration of whine to be able to tell them apart. We absolutely love her! Would be great to see how the other siblings are doing too.

Submitted by: Richie on Feb 28, 2014
We just wanted to give you an update on our puppy "timber". We can't thank you enough for the quality of dog he has become. Everywhere we go people comment on how beautiful he is! He is becoming a great family and hunting dog. We might be biased but he might be the smartest dog of all time haha. Just wanted to say thank you again. Hopefully we can get him a brother in the fall.
Submitted by: Scott on Feb 28, 2014
We wanted to thank you, yet again, for helping to bring Spice into our lives. She is a beautiful and, more importantly, healthy young lab. Our vet was impressed with her health at the time of her first exam. You have done a great job raising her and we were struck with how beautiful and vital all of the dogs under your care appeared. We look forward to a long life with our new friend and look forward to making the trip to your home next time to bring home a friend for the princess.
Submitted by: Mary on Feb 28, 2014
My experience with Mirage Labradors was the easiest and nicest experience I have had with a breeder. Great communication and updates on the litters. I recommend Mirage Labs to everyone who asks where I got "such a fantastic specimen of an English Lab". The compliments I get on Churchill are truly uplifting and make all the more proud. My own veterinarian is impressed with Churchill's physical characteristics, demeanor and intelligence at his age. He is and will be a great companion. Thanks Sherri !
Submitted by: Lindsey on Feb 28, 2014
I found the Dressler's online in a search for a responsible labrador breeder and had a wonderful experience with them. Sherri is a knowledgeable, caring, responsible breeder who cares for the breed and ensuring that the puppies she breeds are a great and healthy example of the breed. She keeps her puppy buyers up to date when the puppies are born and is wonderful and fair about picking your puppy and answering any questions or concerns a puppy buyer may have. As a previous owner of labs, let me say, I am beyond delighted with my puppy. Jackpot is beautiful, intelligent and fun! Even after picking up my puppy, Sherri continued to be supportive and helpful. I couldn't have asked for a better experience with a breeder and I couldn't have asked for a better puppy! I would recommend the Dressler's to anyone who wants a quality, healthy dog from a quality breeder. I truly hit the jackpot with my experience and my puppy.
Submitted by: Mikki on Feb 28, 2014
It's been just over 2 weeks since Mirage's "Ace" in the Hole joined our family. He's absolutely melted our hearts, and we're so happy to have him! From the first email to the day we made the trip up to get our little bundle of joy, Sherri was professional, courteous and accommodating. Each and every one of the Mirage Labs are loved as part of the family, and Sherri is clearly a class act. She really knows her stuff, and the quality of her puppies proves it. In such a short time, Ace has proven to be intelligent, sensitive, silly, mellow and patient- everything that a lab should be! We've had a wonderful experience with Sherri and Mirage Labradors, and would recommend her without hesitation.

Submitted by: Angela on Feb 28, 2014
My experience with Sherri and Travis has been great. I cannot say enough about this puppy buying experience. I have never put so much planning in to buying a puppy and I am so glad I found Mirage Labradors. Sherri has been there for me through the entire process. Never have I had someone offer so much support. Yogi is everything I could have possibly imagined and then some. Full of personality and looks to die for, I am so excited to see what the future holds for us! I would recommend Mirage Labradors to anyone interested in purchasing a lab!

Submitted by: Jeff on Feb 28, 2014
It's been an exciting 4 weeks for mango. The first week was tough. But he has settled in and potty trained himself. No accidents in the house for 2 weeks. He now sleeps from 8-12. Then usually 12-6.
This week we have found if he goes potty at 9-10. He sleeps all the way til six.The kids slept next to Mango's crate the first 3 weeks.Mango loves playing soccer with the kids in the backyard, the kids are very
careful not to kick the ball at mango or kick mango himself, but mango
likes to run with the kids on the grass. Mango is already 24 pounds
and has huge paws, we are expecting him to be a big boy. He received
his second round of shots this past Tuesday and started puppy class
today; Mango was quite the rambunctious puppy in class.
He has become a very beloved member of the family and we are almost at
the point where we can't imagine our lives without him. :) Thank you
so much for checking in. We will continue to give you updates
Submitted by: Lisa on Feb 28, 2014
It has been such a wonderful pleasure dealing with Sherri and her family. We were looking for a young dog, however, with our family's lifestyle, we didn't think that a puppy would be a great fit. Sherri introduced us to Gracie, a beautiful young yellow lab. Our family, including our two young sons, instantly fell in love with Gracie. Gracie had been injured as a young puppy and needed surgery to correct her knee. Since she wasn't quite ready to come home yet, we ended up waiting about 4 months for her. Sherri was great and kept us informed of everything that was going on with her, and she was well worth the wait. Sherri did a great job of caring for her while she was recuperating from her surgery. There are not many breeders that would invest the money and time needed to help such a young dog overcome this obstacle. We have had Gracie for almost two months now, and she is the sweetest dog. She is only a year old but she is calm, yet still has the energy to keep up with our kids. Sherri and her entire family really love their dogs and it shows. Their dogs are truly a part of their family.
Submitted by: Jadine on Feb 28, 2014
Mango is great. We just love him. Sometimes we feel like he's sad and needs a playmate at home but we are just not ready for another puppy :) He is a very friendly dog to other dogs and people as well... We couldn't ask for a better pet.

Keep us updated if you have puppies coming soon... Maybe, just maybe we will fulfill mango's bday wish ;)

Submitted by: Lindsey on Feb 28, 2014
Jackpot says thank you for the birthday wishes. She had a great 1st birthday full of homemade doggy birthday cake and toys, or rather destruction of toys! She is an amazing dog and I love her to death! She has completed obedience training and the first level of agility classes and she passed with flying colors. She is smart and mischievous! She is about 63 pounds and as lovable as ever. She has a wonderful personality and she loves the dog park and does great wherever she goes. She is such a sweetheart and although summer is over, she loves the water. I am just so pleased with her and when my Christmas cards come in the mail I'm planning on sending you one. She is the focus of my Christmas card this year so you will get to see several pictures of her now and as she was growing. I hope your puppies are doing well and hopefully in another year or so I will likely be writing to you again because I'm thinking of expanding my lab family with another puppy! Have a great holiday season and a happy new year!
Submitted by: Jeanne on Oct 24, 2012

Hi Sherri just wanted to send you a video of Mingo!
he is so sweet, We love his personality...he is very very smart too, I can train him and one or two times he gets it.

Everybody loves guys really have a special breed of dogs.
Thanks again,
Submitted by: Wise Family on Sep 20, 2012
Amazing doesn’t even begin to explain the process I had with Sherri and Travis. They were there for us every step of the way, from the very first e-mail enquiring about the up coming litter and still to this day. I can call Sherri day or night with any questions I have with my new puppy, she is there to help me through this transition process with Nala. Nala is absolutely amazing and perfect in everyway and now that we have her, our family would never be the same without her. If you are thinking about owning a Lab, Mirage Labrador Retrievers is the only way to go!
Submitted by: Judi on Sep 20, 2012
This is our second experience with Sherri and Mirage Labradors. Tuff is the father of Max our 2 year old chocolate. Two weeks ago we picked up Charlie a female yellow from Joy and Player. She is and absolute joy and Max loves her to death. I originally found Mirage Labradors on the internet while I was comparing breeders from Utah, California and Arizona. The thing that struck me the most about Sherri was her care and concern for the puppies and her adult dogs. The socialization process with the adult labs and her children is priceless. Every week after birth we would get "puppy mail" with their progress and pictures of mom and the litter. It was our highlight of the week. Sherri is always available for questions and concerns. I highly recommend Sherri's pups to anyone looking for a labrador
Submitted by: Anne on Sep 20, 2012
Dawny is doing well and continues to be such a joy in out lives! Even our vet, who sees thousands of dogs, said she has never seen a dog with so much emotion....she is a complete sweetie!
Submitted by: Melissa on Sep 20, 2012
New to the "puppy-world", we appreciated the expertise and puppy updates that we got from Sherri. She was very helpful with information and very concerned about the well-being of the pups (even after they were gone from her home).

Our new pup is a joy. He is even keeled and potty-training easily. We are very glad we went the "breeder-route" with our pup - well worth it!

Submitted by: Jeff on Sep 20, 2012
I can't say enough how great getting a puppy from Sherri and Mirage Labradors has been, from the first email to picking up the puppy, the entire process was easy and enjoyable. It's obvious that the puppies are treated as part of the family for the first 8 weeks, my new puppy Echo hasn't met anybody or any other animal she doesn't like. Sherri has answered all my email questions usually in just a few hours, even after the puppy has been home for several weeks. I wouldn't hesitate to suggest Mirage Labradors to my family and friends.
Submitted by: Julie on Sep 20, 2012
"Sherri at Mirage Labradors was exceptional to work with!! Being first time puppy owners, she was very informative, knowledgeable and always kept us apprised of the puppies progress. Sherri was beyond accommodating and definitely went the extra mile to reassure all of our concerns with welcoming a new puppy into our home. Sherri, thank you so much for all your support and we'll always appreciate your attentiveness and advice. Snoopie is such a smart, sweet puppy and we're sure that this is from the loving environment she was born into at Mirage Labradors. The expectations we had set for our puppy adopting experience have been exceeded. We couldn't have imagined a more pleasant, enjoyable experience and our life is now complete! Thanks again
Submitted by: Jeannie on Sep 20, 2012
I am very happy with Mirage Labradors and Sherri.
my lab is a boy named Mingo. he is yellow and cute and stocky and very willing to please.
he is almost 3 months old now, and Sherri has been so great with any questions I have. I know that I can call her anytime for advice on training my little guy. She knows her labs, any genuinely Loves! the breed.
Submitted by: Mark on Sep 20, 2012
I hope this note finds you and your family well. Minnie is growing, 22.5 pounds, and as sweet as can be, we can't thank you enough for breeding such loving animals.
Submitted by: Jason on Sep 20, 2012

Everything is going good. Full of energy after a nap. Starting to mind when I say no stops chewing on things. I can let him outside and not have to worry about a leash stays where he's suppose to. Still working on the house training but in the mean time everything is going great!

Submitted by: Soulier Family on Sep 20, 2012
My husband and I have wanted a chocolate lab for over 10 years now. Not knowing how to go about buying one, the scare of puppy mills, and bad breeding, I remembered working with Sherri Dressler and her mentioning a couple times that she raised puppies! I hadn't spoken to Sherri in over 9 years so I wasn't sure if she still raised labs. Boy was I relieved to find out that she still did! My husband and I were excited to find out that her female dog, Libby was in season and was soon to give birth to chocolates. As soon as the puppies were born, Sherri contacted us immediately. Every week we got picture updates and e-mails letting us know how the puppies were progressing. This honestly put all our anxieties and worries to rest about bad breeding or puppy mills. Sherri is the real deal! She cares for her puppies as well as the families they are going to. She opened up her home for us to come and meet the puppies and get our first glimpse at our new friend. Sherri answered every question we had from what type of food, what kind of toys, to sleeping habits and play times! By the time our new friend was ready to come home, my husband and I felt really comfortable and ready to take him home. Sherri took all the guess work out of it for us and made us feel prepared for our new addition! Thank you Sherri for all the wonderful time! I would highly recommend to anyone who wanted to buy a Labrador to go through Sherri! She dotted every 'i', crossed every 't', from breeding history to medical records of each parent. Our confidence in buying our puppy from Sherri was 100% and we had nothing to worry about whatsoever! Thank you again for new friend
Submitted by: Steve on Sep 20, 2012

Thanks for my dogs Sherri they are the best !
Submitted by: Hazel on Sep 20, 2012

Today we are celebrating Shelby Rose's third birthday!!!! Can you believe it Sherri!!! I must say we have enjoyed every minute of her..She is such a loving sweet girl. I could not ask for a better dog. She got a new toy and a special bone and later when it cools down we are going to the park.
Submitted by: Trudy on Sep 20, 2012

I can't believe it's been two years! Our "gentle giant" is two and is everything that term indicates! What a wonderful dog. He's still a sweet baby to us, but also a rough and tumble companion to the teenage grand-kids, a willing member of any ball team for the younger ones and a gentle, responsible playmate for the preschoolers. But the most amazing part of him shows up when our daughter, who has MS, comes through the door. Doug LOVES her. He greets her at the door, sits patiently until she can pet him and then is quiet, slow moving and never leaves her side while she is here. We taught him to be especially quiet around her but he was the one who decided she needs his constant, patient watching. Kudos to you and your careful breeding!

Doug has managed to get in over 30 nights of camping this summer - (one of his favorite activities). This time of year, camping means fishing and he is quite the fisherman now. He sits, ready to help when one is caught and woofs & "tells us off" if we let one off the hook before we get it to the boat. We're looking forward to our hunting seasons. The family has a big year coming up with 10 deer and elk tags. Doug will be an good assistant with several of those (deer are his favorite)! Maybe that came from that first one that he helped me with, when he was only a couple of months old! I'm really looking forward to mid Oct. when it will just be Doc, me and the two dogs hunting for 2 elk and a deer.

I just wanted to say thank you again. He's BIG (a solid 115 pounds!), beautiful, mellow, kind & full of personality. And we LOVE him!

I hope you and your family are well. Hope it's a good hunting season for your husband. Keep in touch.

Submitted by: Mark on Sep 20, 2012
I think you and Travis are very dedicated to what you do and would love to get a pup from you. Not many breeders stay on top of their breeds as well as you guys do.

Submitted by: Judy O'Toole on Oct 24, 2011
Sherri Dressler is a professional Labrador breeder who specializes in breeding quality healthy, intelligent Chocolate Labradors.

I can this first hand, since I just completed working with Sherri to breed my female lab.

Sherri is a conscientious breeder who prides herself in keeping accurate breeding records and calendars for current and future breedings.

She has a great personality and works well with her customers.

In addition, Sherri has a keen business acumen.

I will know if my female named Hana is pregnant in a few weeks. If she is not, Sherri guarantees success in her breeding programs, so I am not worried, Sherri guarantees her breeding.

I recommend Sherri with no reservations.
Judy O'Toole - Dayton Nevada
Submitted by: Trudy on Oct 24, 2011
Life with Doug is easy and full. As always, I thank you for your work and
commitment to this best of breeds.
Submitted by: Kathy on Oct 24, 2011
We are having so much fun with Abbie! She is great. Calm, smart and a joy...and beautiful! She has grown into a gorgeous girl. I love her sweet face, it is so expressive.
Thank you so much for our wonderful friend Abbie
Submitted by: Erin on Oct 24, 2011
It has been a great year! Moose is such a good dog, he's not a puppy any more :( He listens pretty well and learns quick. We've had lots of firsts with him. First retrieve, first time in water, first 2am bath because he messed in his kennel (followed by several more until he learned not to mess in the kennel)... You can't hardly get mad at the little guy 'cause he's so darn cute and the master of the sad puppy face.
Submitted by: Joy on Oct 24, 2011
Archie is doing great, very cute and lovable, and fits right in with our easy-going lifestyle. We have enjoyed having him as part of our family over the last year and for many years to come. Here are a couple of photos of him with his new big birthday bone.
Submitted by: Hazel on Oct 24, 2011
Shelby is Great!!! She and I have so much time together now. We walk every day and I take her with me on errands. She loves to go in the car. Especially if the trip involves a visit to Pets Mart! they all know her there...She is such a love. The best thing we could have ever done for her and us was sending her for training. She loves Duck Hunting. Her vest and her blind match of course!!!
Submitted by: Chayanne on Mar 02, 2011
He's doing great by the way.. He loves to go bird hunting!! He does so good, the first time he was taken out he needed no instruction or direction on what to do.. I've attached a picture of him... He's got that big blocky head like his daddy!! Well I hope to hear from you soon.
Submitted by: Baldridge on Feb 03, 2011
**Very 1st Testimonial Written For Us** 11/04

"Hope you and your lovely family had a great Thanksgiving. This year our things to be grateful list was topped by Annie. I know sometimes people may not fully understand what an important and meaningful job you have. But to people like
us you don't "just breed dogs" you help people complete their families. Thank you so much for helping us complete ours."
Allan, Kathie, and Annie Boo Baldridge
Submitted by: Maria on Feb 03, 2011

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I can't believe it's been a year, it seems like yesterday when we were getting up at all sorts of hours in the early morning to potty train Rupert. He's definitely gotten the hang of things since then and he's now grown to a steady 85 lbs. He's turned out to be a very sweet, mellow, non-alpha, go-with-the-flow kind of dude; everyone is so astonished at how well behaved he is for his age. His breeding definitely shows in his temperament. Our herding dog Luna is still boss lady to him LOL..he pretty much sits at the bottom of the totem pole and seems pretty happy and not stressed about it. I guess she established her authority over him since he was 8 weeks old but the dynamic works well. They're best friends and spend much of the day pro-wrestling in the back yard. He pretty much loves everyone (dogs and humans.)..he loves children especially, hasn't met one that isn't worthy of a couple face licks. He's turned out super easy to train; he was completely potty trained at 10 weeks and he knows about 9 tricks now. We've taken him down the truckee on many rafting trips and he is a natural..loves to swim even snorkel if necessary to find a toy. We want to thank you for breeding such cool dogs. We are very happy we ended up getting the extra chubby lazy turned out to be the best choice.

Take care,
Maria & Ben
Submitted by: Seth on Feb 03, 2011
It's been quite some time but we wanted to send you a picture of Drake. He is doing great and has been a wonderful addition to the family. He keeps the other two dogs on their toes. Our cat Bob, still will run across the room to try to tackle Drake, which may have worked it the past but now Drake has a huge size advantage. Even with that thou there is hardly a day that passes that you will not find Drake and Bob rolling around on the carpet wrestling.

Hope everything is going well for you and your family.


Seth and Tina Dextraze

Submitted by: Shirley on Feb 03, 2011
Hi Sherri,
Was just looking at results on InfoDog and noticed that you had a win on Friday!
Just wanted to say Congratulations!!!!

Submitted by: Craig on Feb 03, 2011

Thanks for everything. These boys are great!!!


Submitted by: Tonia on Feb 03, 2011

Tugger is getting very big, and he and Tyler are best of friends. He now weighs more than Tyler, but they are able to really play now - so that is fun to watch. Thanks again - he is a wonderful dog, and Tyler & I are glad he is part of our family.

Submitted by: Connie on Feb 01, 2011
**Puppy Update**

Hi Sherri,

It's been a long time since we sent you photos of Darla--these were taken a few months ago. I am always amazed at how beautiful she is and she has a wonderful disposition--very loving but playful at the same time.

Hope you have a Happy New Year!

Tom and Connie Mattis
Submitted by: Elizabeth on Feb 01, 2011


thanks for the happy birthday...alee is great...i've sent some pics from over the last year...she has sure been a blessing...She is doing much better since the allergic reaction...thank you for being able to call...We have had a great year with her...she even went to Yellowstone National Park with us...we just put on her therapy dog cape and took her everywhere we went...we've been out hikinge/backpacking with her several times and she loves it...she was introduced to water around the age of 3months old...loves it...can't keep her away from it...She has been so much fun and we can't imagine our lives without her...she has bought a lot of joy to our home and to our lives..thank you for our little girl...take care and I'll be in touch...

Submitted by: Nunes on Feb 01, 2011

Hi Sherri!!!
How are you?? It seems like years since I have talked with you.
Shelby is doing Fantastic..... She is such a treasure. We are so lucky to have her. She weighs 52 pounds. We took her and Cody in for their annual check ups and shots last week. They were both very good.
Sending her to Silver State was one of the best things we did for her and us. She minds so well. She and I go for two walks a day and it is a pleasure for both of us. Tony works with her 3 nights a week on obedience and bird hunting. She loves it. They told us we need to always keep up what they have taught her and us to be effective. Tony plans on taking her out to the water to work with her make sure she likes the water and the sport. Everything points to her enjoying it though. She and Cody do so well. She just loves everyone and everything. Can you tell we love her.
Catch me up to date with what is going on with you when you have time.
Expecting new puppies??
Take care and love to the family
Submitted by: Celia on Feb 01, 2011

Thank you so much for "Molly's Birthday Wish". We love her so much. She is an AMAZING dog. Weather here in the Bay Area has been really nice, so we headed straight for the beach on her birthday. We just got back from Tahoe last week, and Molly loves it there. She is an amazing swimmer, and extremely friendly and social dog. We get so many compliments when we are out with her. She even graduated from Puppy Kindergarten with honors. Thank you so much. I am attaching pictures of her. Thanks for keeping in touch. Celia and Gordon.

Submitted by: Christy on Jan 30, 2011
**Puppy Update**

Tank is doing great. He is full of energy and curiosity. He is such a loving dog and great with the girls. We couldn't have asked for more. He is losing his teeth right now. I find teeth in the weirdest places. He weights about 45 lbs now and loves to do tricks for treats.
Please send pictures of his brothers and sisters if you have any. We would love to see them.

Thanks for everything,

Submitted by: Sandy on Jan 30, 2011

Tahoe and I are home safe and sound. He is such a good boy and was so happy to be home. He is resting on our bed and letting the wind blow on himself. Life is good. I would be lost without him here since Fred is still back east with work. I am so lucky to have you and your family here to help me. I really appreciate it.

Enjoy the beautiful weekend. Again I am so thankful for you and your family.


Submitted by: Jeff on Jan 30, 2011
**Puppy Update**

Hi Sherri and Travis here is some updated photos of cleo . she is 48 lbs and is in her 4th week of training classes. she loves to play fetch . cleo caught a live vole the other day brought it to me in the house .she should make a great hunting dog she didnt kill the vole she soft mouthed it when she brought it to me.we would love to see pics of her litter mates . Have A Great Day Jeff,Denise,Desmin and Cleo
Submitted by: Trudy on Jan 30, 2011
**Puppy Update**

Doug continues to grow...and grow...and grow...currently tipping the scales at 55 pounds! He is such a joy & SO easy to have around. My predictions of his intelligence have proven correct, he's lovable and oh so very laid back! Training is going well, he knows his stuff but still has a mind of his own. "Come" is his least favorite word, he does it but would rather do it at his own pace! And speaking of pace, we are realizing that this particular dog will never be a track star! He will lumber his way through life with a wide front stance to make room for the chest that just keeps getting bigger! In two weeks he will enjoy his first pheasant hunt...ahh...another whole world for Doug!

Enjoy the pictures, I'm looking forward to seeing a few too! Thank you for Doug, he couldn't be loved more!

Submitted by: Paul & Jennifer Sarten on Jan 27, 2011
We are so thrilled with our puppy Kay that my husband purchased from Travis and Sherri Dressler of Mirage Labrador Retrievers. You not only get the best English Labrador in addition you receive so much information and knowledge from Sherri and Travis about dogs it is incredible. Their dogs are all eye/hip and elbow certified. The temperment that is bred into their dogs is unlike any other. When our friends meet Kay for the first time we always hear how sweet, calm, and well behaved she is. My husband and I hunt allot and Paul was looking for a dog that could hunt chukar, quail, dove, duck and geese. Kay was birdie from the day we brought her home. She fetched up her first bird at 10 weeks old. It is incrediable that such a calm dog can have such potential to be a great hunter. She to is easy to train, wanting to please us all the time. We, like everyone else that has been to see Sherri and Travis' dogs, spent most of the day at their home and we were able to be introduced to three generations of dogs. All with of them had the same gentle disposition. Holly and Chase are Kays parents. Chase is so typical of their breeding, he just sat on the grass in the front yard and stared into Pauls eyes with so much affection. Kay has taken on both her parents great characteristics. When we arrived at Mirage Sherri and her two girls were out front playing with Kay on the grass. When we went up to Kay for the first time she flopped down on the grass and rolled over on her back to have her belly rubbed. This is not your typical breeding facility, it so much more than that. We want to thank Travis and Sherri for allowing us the pleasure of owning such a great dog. Sincerely Paul & Jennifer Sarten
Submitted by: The Stuarts on Jan 26, 2011
I can't thank you enough for helping me find my son's best friend, our family feels complete again. What an outstanding breed Labradors are I am truly impressed at how intelligent this pup has shown me in just a few days; we are honored that he is out of your sire Chase, and Lucy's adoring sister Missy. The integrity of you and Audrey's breeding is remarkable. Our "Tonka" will be forever loved and fill our home with joy every day!

Thank you,
The Stuart Family.
Submitted by: Kathy on Dec 03, 2010
Hi Sherri,
Just wanted to thank you so much for providing me with such a wonderful puppy. I feel so fortunate that I found you and your dogs. I didn't think I could find a replacement for my 13 yr old girl that passed but I have and I am so excited to have this new friend in my life! I had been searching for a puppy for quite a few months only to be disappointed by breeders who didn't have proper hip, elbow and eye clearances on their dogs. I really appreciate the concern you put into responsible breeding and it really shows! My little Abbie Rose is now 14 weeks old and such a joy. She is very easy to train and has a very calm personality. She already has been fishing for a day and did great on the boat! she even made the lake website with her picture and some fish!
Again, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing me with such a great friend!

Submitted by: Joy on Nov 29, 2010
I just wanted to drop a line and let you know that Archie is doing great, and we are just in love with him! He is the sweetest, lovable puppy we ever had, and so nice and mellow! Our shepherd is really happy having him for a playmate, too, especially now that Archie is a little bigger.

Best regards,

Joy, Dave and Erik Grude

Submitted by: Trudy Cannon on Nov 29, 2010
For nearly thirty years, Labs have been an essential part of our family. There was always a Lab around to share every aspect of raising children; from changing diapers, to welcoming them home from their honeymoons, to greeting grandchildren. They have been fireside companions, camping buddies, hunting partners, assistant cooks & self-appointed babysitters and grief counselors. The most amazing of those friends left us a few months ago, after just six short years. The sudden loss left us devastated.
The next puppy would have to be nothing short of exceptional. Starting in the local area and working out in an ever widening circle we began our search for the right breeder. We needed someone who understood the true quality and characteristics of English Labs. We hoped to find a breeder that would understand that the dog would be first a member of the family. We needed a companion, who would put up with a hunter in his sixties, while also keeping pace with the toddler grandchildren. Our search led us to the internet, with the decision that distance could not be a limiting factor. We selected a few web sites and sent out emails with key initial questions. Sherri, of Mirage Labradors, responded quickly with the answers we had hoped to hear. In follow up phone calls, I could feel her dedication to the breed and her desire to assure that her pups would be well placed. Over the next few weeks we became familiar with each other, she was wonderful about keeping us up to date with pictures and emails of the litter’s progress. In October we drove 8 hours to meet Sherri and bring home the newest member of our family. We named our boy on the way home and two of our adult children were waiting at the house at 11:00 pm to greet Doug. He has now been with us seven weeks and is fourteen weeks old. We are so very pleased with Doug. He is intelligent, independent, curious, self confident and relaxed in his world. He just passed the Thanksgiving “house full of people test” with flying colors. Actually, he astounded all with how easily he handled a crowd aged two, to sixty four! This is likely the most “laid back” Lab we have ever owned. Doug’s training will be easy; he takes instruction well, either from us or the assistant coach (a ten year old Lab). As for appearance? It’s already apparent; Doug will grow to be a beautiful, classic English style Lab. What an amazing pup!
We are looking forward to spending many years with this Mirage Lab and would return to this kennel without reservation! The entire experience has been impressive and the end result will be an outstanding member of the breed!
Thank you, Mirage, for adding the perfect touch to our family!
Don & Trudy Cannon (Grand Junction, Colorado)
Submitted by: Jeff Chaffee on Nov 14, 2010
When we decided it was time for a new addition to our family, we began our search. Since we live in Oregon we started looking here. We weren’t happy with anything we found so we expanded out into other states. We found Mirage Labradors in Nevada. We were impressed from the start. Jeff called Sherri and asked her a lot of questions. That was the first of many phone calls. Sherri was very helpful & very knowledgeable in what she does. She provided us with references when we asked. After talking with them we decided this was where we would find our new puppy. We made the 5½-hour drive to meet her. Sherri & Travis welcomed us into her home and we met her family of labs. Very clean & well kept. We ventured out into the puppy yard & were met with 4 running, bouncing playful pups. All 4 were gorgeous! How were we to choose? Then we saw 1 that captured our hearts. She was the ‘one’. We named her Cleopatra. ‘Cleo’ for short. She is now 12 weeks old. Cleo is very smart, well mannered & has a great disposition about her at such a young age. Everyone that meets her comments how gorgeous she is. I work in a Veterinary Hospital & my Doctor has always owned labs. She is impressed with Cleo & how Sherri does all the right things in her breeding. Unlike a lot of breeders who do it for the money, Sherri does it for the love. It shows in everything she does. We are very happy with Cleo and we recommend Mirage Labradors to anyone who is looking for a great new family member.

Jeff, Denise & Desmin Chaffee
Klamath Falls, Oregon
Submitted by: Erin and Jimmy on Oct 29, 2010
We found Sherri and Travis after looking at several other Lab breeders online and not liking what we found, either from what was on their web pages or from people that we talked to. We were very impressed with the information that she provided on her web page, the testimonials and knowledge she was able to share with us. Sherri and Travis welcomed us into their home and were very open and up front about how the puppies are taken care of, from birth until they go home. Sherri was always willing to answer any questions that we had and was a wonderful guide throughout the process. When it came time to choose a pup, Sherri was very helpful in finding the best prospects for what we were looking for in a pup and provided us with a wonderful packet of information that has been very helpful. After we brought our pup "Moose" home, Sherri was there to answer any "new parent" questions that we had and has been very supportive. These are two amazing people with an equally amazing bunch of dogs. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a pup, whether for hunting, show or just companionship. This has been an amazing experience and we look forward to keeping in touch with them.
Submitted by: The Lawler's on Oct 28, 2010
It has taken us sometime but wanted you to see an recent photo of ‘Gunnar” – Buddy just did not stick for us. All is well and Gunnar is just a phenomenal puppy. His temperament and attitude are everything you said it would be. I Want to thank you so much for taking the time with us, selecting a puppy long-distance and without the “laying of hands” before hand was a difficult thing for me to do; without your patience and understanding we would have missed out on the right dog for us. Thanks again.

Submitted by: Tom and Laura Young on Oct 20, 2010
We have had Ella, our 1 year old yellow lab, from Mirage Labrador Retrievers for about two weeks. When we were interviewed by Sherri and Travis, our family was impressed with the depth of detail that Sherri and Travis inquired about us to make sure we would be good owners of a "their" Labrador. We were also impressed with Sherri and Travis letting us spend the afternoon with them at their house to get to know Ella in a familiar environment. Ella is a well rounded, socialized, and energetic dog that is also very easy going, especially around our four and two year old daughters. Thank you Sherri and Travis for raising such a wonderful addition to our family.
Submitted by: The Talls on Oct 12, 2010
We want to thank you for our latest bundle of joy. Marshall has been with us for almost 7 weeks now (and at 35+ lbs) and has been everything we’ve wanted. He is very social, intelligent, eager to please, affectionate and great temperament - exactly what we wanted for a new member of our family. And, of course, need we say he is a most gorgeous/handsome black lab!?!

We believe that your breeding of Labrador retrievers is a labor of love, evident by the way you carefully breed, treat and raise them, Whenever we have been over to visit the premises, the home is very clean and welcoming, by both the family members as well as by the adult labs. We have viewed other pets and breeders, but were convinced you were the breeder for us once we saw the environment you maintained for the dogs - they are raised and treated the way we would – as loved members of the family. Our older lab (12 yrs old) has taken a liking to him and although he isn’t as spry as he use to be, they still play together and have become best friends.

We have and would definitely recommended you to anyone who may be considering a Labrador retriever!
Submitted by: Barbara & Chuck Hope on Sep 19, 2010
We feel so fortunate to have come across Sherri and her Mirage Labrador Kennel in our search for our new puppy. It is so evident when you meet Sherri that this is a labor of love for her, our new puppy McKenna is the most beautiful little chocolate lab that we have ever seen. Staff and clients alike at her veterinary clinic were so smitten that they wanted to know the name of the breeder/kennel where she came from. She has such a great disposition, she is smart as a whip, she started retrieving for us at 10 weeks, and we love her to pieces!! She fit into our home life as if she had always been there, she is such an incredible pup! If you are looking for your next puppy... run, don't walk to Sherri and Mirage Labrador Retievers to get on her waiting list for a puppy, you will never regret it. Thank you Sherri for taking such care to raise such wonderful labradors. We feel so fortunate to have met you and to have received such a quality puppy.
Barbara and Chuck Hope
Submitted by: The Baum's on Mar 26, 2010
We have brought into our family our second dog from Mirage Labradors just this February. After experiencing the delight and honor of having Mirage's Gus in our family there was no doubt we would have our next family member come from Mirage Labradors. Sherri told me the very first time I spoke with her that she breeds for temprament....and it is the truth. I have an entire neighborhood who will attest to that for our Gus, and no doubt will do the same someday for our Jake.
Submitted by: Tonyia on Feb 17, 2010
Hi Sherri,
Lucy is doing well. She is a great addition to the family and of course gets away with a lot! She has Pat wrapped around her paw...she just has to play the 'puppy dog' eyes and he melts, believe me she can melt just about anything with her eyes! She has such a great personality, and we love her so much! Last night she couldn't get Lena to play with her so she was tossing her bone around the living room, pouncing on it, running around doing butt was hysterical!

Thanks for breeding such fantastic dogs...we love this one so much!
Submitted by: Holly on Feb 12, 2010
I recently picked up my puppy at Mirage. Of course, he's the most beautiful little fellow in the world!

I already had a beautiful Black Lab girl, who of course is the sweetest girl in the world, and I decided to get another Black Lab while my girl was still young (she's 5) so that my new addition could get the benefit of her excellent disposition and could help teach him to grow up with good manners and habits.

Once the search was on, I decided to limit my search to within 500 miles of home. For over 6 months, I researched many breeders and spoke with several. I visited with several and even looked at some rescues. Of course, I liked many of the dogs, but, you know, the breeder or the person(s) with the poor rescues have an impact on the decision you make. Unfortunately, many of the people with whom I had contact, while they may be caring for their dogs, have very poor people skills. When I spoke with Mirage, I was impressed with how pleasant Sherri was in our conversation and answering my questions.

An appointment was made to visit her home, 375 miles away. She and her family have a wonderful home, and it is a 'home'. I met her husband and 2 lovely girls, and received a warm welcome with the sound of welcome barks as well barks stating "who is there?" Sherri has several dogs and 2 cats. The very first impression was how clean she kept her house. Can you imagine taking care of several dogs, 2 cats, and YOUR FAMILY? You could tell the dogs had lots of love, and I believe that if it were possible she would have many more and never give any of them up.

So, of course, I decided this is where my next Black Lab would come from. A deposit was given and I wished the prospective mum good health and promised to give one of her babies the best care possible. Sherri kept me updated as to the progress of when Eve (the pups mother) was ready to conceive and how she was doing when it happened. Finally, the babies arrived, and Sherri provided weekly photos of their progress.

After an eternity, maybe longer (8 weeks), I arrived to pick up my new pup. Did I say he's a beaut? Well in case you missed it earlier, he's a beauty. Not only is he a gorgeous example of the breed, he is also highly intelligent and very healthy. Also, I have to tell you that both Eve and Tuff (the dad) have an excellent pedigree - I traced them back seven generations!

Needless to say, if you want a great dog, one that comes from a loving home, then look at Mirage!
Submitted by: Robert Hix on Jan 29, 2010
We have had our new baby girl home for 3 days today and I have to say, being a proud new dad, Alee has been a blessing! Our experiance with Sherri has been as wonderful as finding a lost member of the family. I started researching for a Lab about 8 months ago intending on finding a top quality pup to train as a therapy dog for my wife, Elizabeth, along with a strong dog for backpacking the Serria Nevada's. I was both surprised and excited to find Sherri a few miles down the road and even more surprised to find she had a small liter. I took Elizabeth out to Sherri's home when the litter was only 5 days old and found Alee (Dec. 12,2009). My first impression was the cleanliness of the home/whelping area and the orderly manner of her dogs. Sherri greated us with both professionalism and kindness helping us feel at ease. She is a wealth of information and has a real exuberance for the breed. All her dogs (I was able to count about 9 adults and a least 1 older pup) were well mannered, healthy and loving. We have enjoied the advantages of living close by making several visits and getting to know Sherri and Alee. Our visits have made it easy to asure anyone who is unable to visit of the real genuine quality Sherri provides. Alee is already showing her smarts, willingness to please and loving spirit. I look forward to a future friendship with Sherri and her family for years to come.

Robert Hix
Carson City, NV
Submitted by: Alisha, Patrick & Molly on Nov 10, 2009
Hello let me start off by introducing our family My name is Patrick my fiancé is Alisha and brand new child is Molly AKA Wrinkles. I don’t really know what to say that has not already been said so I will just tell our story and try to keep it short LOL! Alisha and myself are unable to have children and decided to supplement that with a dog, what we did not anticipate was the respect, care and understanding that we received with Sherri, Travis and their girls. From the point of contact it was a family decision. Sherri and family instantly became our for lack of better terms mid wives. Our surrogate parents are Lucy and Chance. We got regular updates as to progress and health and once our baby arrived we got pictures and visits on a regular basis. We were new parents you can only dream of the anticipation and joy that we felt. Then it actually hit us we had a baby coming what do we need what do we do, Oh my Lord we haven’t a clue! Ha Ha I made a rhyme! But seriously we did not know, we emailed and talked with Sherri and Travis on a regular basis and they never got tired of us and gave us the best advice and support anyone could ask for. So I guess rather than adding 1 member to our family we added several members and they are all our friends. Molly will spend time with her sister Ella (short for Cinderella) at school and we want her to be able to play with her biological parents as well. This was truly an experience that is unmatched to any we have ever felt. Thanks to Sherri, Travis and family for all the memories and we hope to have many more. Molly our infant but every member of the Dressler family is part of our family and our friend. Thank you for everything you have brought much love and happiness to our family. If you read this and you want to add generations of love to your family call Sherri you will not be disappointed!
Alisha, Patrick and Molly
Submitted by: Mark Collins on Nov 09, 2009
Our puppy Reilly could not have come from a better breeder. When I first called Sherri to inquire about the litter of yellow labs, she was extremely kind, friendly and helpful. This courtesy was more than a business relationship, I could tell it was genuine love for what she does, and you can easily see it through the happiness and well-being of their dogs and puppies. When we picked up our new puppy, Sherri was kind enough to provide everything that was needed, including genealogy, puppy care literature, and many other important documents that other breeders may not be kind enough to provide. Our vet from our last dog even remarked on how well prepared our puppy was, with all the provided information. My family and I love our puppy Reilly, and we highly recommend Mirage Labrador Retrievers for anyone who is looking to add to their family!
Submitted by: Maria on Nov 07, 2009
After some very thorough research of labrador breeders in the Reno area, we decided on Mirage Labradors. We can say that we are extremely happy with that decision. We contacted Sherry and got a quick and informative response answering all our questions. Once the puppies were born she allowed us to pay them a visit at 4 weeks old. Sherry's kennel was small, clean, and all her dogs were socialized and treated as part of the family. We also got to meet and play with the puppies parents and the other dogs as well. They are all happy and have great temperaments. We've had our puppy Rupert for 3 weeks now (from Holly & Chase). He has turned out to be the easiest puppy. He responds well to training, has the sweetest disposition, and gets along well with our other dog. We are very grateful to have him in our family. We owe all this to Sherry's responsible breeding and care. We would recommend her to anyone looking for a quality lab. Thanks for all your time Sherry. We totally love our new addition!

Ben & Maria
(Reno, NV)
Submitted by: John & Tirzah L on Nov 07, 2009
Our experience with Sherri from Mirage Labradors could not have been better. Sherry was quick to respond, extremely helpful, and really cares about the puppies - even once they've left her care. She called and emailed us in the following days after we got our beautiful pup, and gave us helpful advice to assure a smooth transition into our family. We got a beautiful and healthy puppy and we're very glad we chose Mirage Labradors and Sherri Dressler!
Submitted by: Tonia Zimmerman on Oct 29, 2009
I very much recommend Mirage Labradors to anyone looking for a new family member. We brought our Tugger home two weeks ago (from Chase and Holly), and have fallen completely in love with him. He is such a sweet boy, and my 3 year old son says he is his "best friend". I had never gotten a puppy from a breeder before and have never had a lab - I was extremely impressed with Sherri's knowledge of the labs, along with the fact that the dogs are raised as part of her family. She spent a lot of time answering all of my questions, and also made sure that her puppy was going to a good home. You can tell how much she cares about her dogs. We look forward to a long and happy life with Tugger. Thanks so much.
Submitted by: Tony and Hazel on Oct 26, 2009
After contacting and talking with many Lab breeder's I came across Mirage Labrador Retrievers. I e mailed Sherri and got a quick, helpful and friendly response from Sherri. I decided to put our name on the list for Holly's puppies. Sherrie kept us up to date on everything. From information to weekly pictures. She answered so many questions happily from me before Shelby was even here. She has been there for me ever since day one. Our puppy is one of 8 and is beautiful. Her personality is happy and we could not love her more. She came from excellent lines and the most professional and excellent breeder we could ever ask for. I am so grateful I came across Sherri and would not hesitate to recommend her and her Labs to anyone. She is there with you all the way. Does not just hand over the puppy and say good-bye. If we ever decided to purchase another Lab puppy we would not hesitate to go back to Sherri and Mirage Labrador Breeders. Sherri truly loves what she does and it shows.We love her and her family and thank her and Holly for our wonderful puppy Shelby.
Submitted by: Karen Parmenter on Sep 15, 2009
Mirage Labradors has the best labs one could ever ask for and Sheri is extremely knowledgeable. I use her as a stud service for my lab. She is very gentle with my lab and always helps me with any questions I have. Her labs are very calm and all have great individual personalities. I would highly recommend going with Mirage Labradors if you are looking to purchase a pup or use their stud services.
Submitted by: Sharon Abbott on Aug 29, 2009
I met Sherri Dressler at Carson Valley Veterinary Hospital where I am a technician. I also am a lab breeder and was looking for a quality well tempered stud for my female(s). When I would talk with her it was noticable right away how knowledgeable and caring she was about her Labradors. I appreciated all the insight and the willingness to share. I have bred two of my dogs with her studs - Chase(her yellow)and with Tuff (her chocolate). These puppies that were born were the most beautiful I have had since I started breeding 6 years ago. They have the mellowest temperment and are absolutely beautiful. I will continue to have a long time relationship with Sherri and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a excellent bred stud dog or a new family member. Thanks for everything Sherri, Sharon Abbott
Submitted by: Douglas Strong on Aug 25, 2009
Almost two months ago we breed our Chocolate Labrador Chica with Mirage Labradors Stud Tuff! We are happy to announce we will be having a litter of Puppies in two weeks on 08SEP09. We shopped around for the stud service and found alot of kennel dogs, but when we went out and met Sherri and her family(family includes the dogs at Sherri's house as well as ours) we knew right away that we would use Mirage Labradors. Sherri is the most knowlegable and informative person we have met. We are very glad that we used Mirage Labradors and we Highly recommend Sherri and Mirage Labradors to anyone. Look for our All Chocolate Litter in September on Mirage Labradors website.
Submitted by: Harry Moses on Jul 10, 2009
I recently bought a Mirage Lab. from the Bakers. I believe Chase is the father. I own Tahoe Bulldogs and have never had a big dog. Kobe, our new lab, is the light of our life. Thank you.

LIbby and Harry Moses
Submitted by: Brian & Kelly Jo Wallace on Jun 21, 2009
After having our wonderful yellow lab for about 3 months now, we haven't regretted our choice of adopting Gracie from Mirage. Since my husband was very forthcoming in my trepidation of getting a puppy, Sherri was very informative and patient with both of us. We loved the fact that the puppies are raised amongst family (I had an image of all breeders' pups coming from concrete puppy mills!) since we have young ones too. The constant pictures & updates of the puppies prior to welcoming Gracie into our home was comforting, fun and exciting. We really appreciated her sense of matching the puppy with the family too. Whenever we walk Gracie everyone's comments are "What a beautiful dog"...we couldn't agree more!! Thanks Mirage!
Submitted by: Kim on May 29, 2009
This was our first time being involved in the breeding of our dog and what a wonderful experience it was!!!! Sherri kept in constant contact with me and let me know how things were progressing with our dog and Tuff. I can't wait to see what the puppies look like!!! Thanks, Sherri and Travis and Mirage Labradors!!!!!!!
Submitted by: Eric & Kim Ritter on Apr 13, 2009
It had been about 15 years since I had a pup and my husband had never had a puppy. When I started our search I really wanted to find a breeder locally. I came across Mirage and we are so glad we did. It was very important to us that the dogs were apart of their family. No doubt they were. Our little rebel is a ball of fire. Sweet and loving most of the time, but, she has a wild side and is stuborn at times. Guess she's a little like me . I look forward to the years to come and will go to Sherri and Travis in the future. Thank you to both of you.
Submitted by: Tom and Connie Mattis on Mar 27, 2009
When we decided the time was right to bring a puppy into our family, we began an extensive online search of various breeders through the State of California but it was not until we happened to find the website for Mirage Labradors in Nevada that we found our ideal breeder. Sherri’s puppies have wonderful temperaments, sweet and good natured, great for a family with kids, or people like us with grandchildren. Sherri matched us up with our puppy, Darla, and it was love at first sight. Darla is a robust little bundle of energy with a sweet disposition and playful nature. We love watching her pounce on her toys with absolute abandon and joy. She has already provided us with hours and hours of love and affection and will, we are sure for many years to come.
Submitted by: Mike Hastie on Mar 26, 2009
I would highly recommend Mirage Labradors Retrievers for stud service. Sherri and Travis are extemely professional and knowledgeable in breeding Labrador Retrievers. We have used their services several times now. They were very caring with our female Labs and I'm sure they felt right at home. They go above and beyond to make sure its is a good experience for you and your dog. - Mike Hastie, Genoa, Nv.
Submitted by: Evan Johnstone on Feb 08, 2009
I purchased my puppy, a 4 month old yellow lab male named Jack, from Sherri and her family after much research. What a great decision! Sherri and her family raised him in a loving and caring environment. He is well socialized with both people and other dogs. My vet was impressed with the health of the puppy at his first puppy check up. He’s well along in this obedience training. I couldn’t ask for more.

I’ve always had labs, and have dealt with many different breeders, Mirage Labradors was the best experience I’ve ever had. If I ever need another dog, my first and only call will be to Sherri and her family at Mirage Labradors.
Submitted by: Sean & Tara Olsen on Jan 28, 2009
We would like to express our sincere appreciation for an outstanding addition to our family. Travis and Sherri of Mirage Labradors, were recommended to us by a our Veterinarian who also happens to be a family friend. He knew what we wanted in a dog, and Mirage Labs came through for us. Although our dog Cinder is now 4 years old, we must give credit where credit is due. Mirage Labs provided our family with not only a loving and trustworthy companion, but they provided a level of caring for the breed that is seldom seen elsewhere. We are truly grateful for Cinder, and can't thank the Dressler Family enough.
Submitted by: Seth Dextraze on Jan 02, 2009
My wife and I searched a long time to find a Labrador Retriever breeder that we felt comfortable with and Mirage Labrador Retrievers is what we came up with and could not be happier. Sherri is very knowledgeable and has answered all of our questions and addressed our concerns. We were pleased to find that Sherri is very concerned about the placement of her puppies and whether or not we were truly ready for an addition to our family. Drake, our 4 ½ month old Black Lab puppy has been a great addition to the family. Every indication is that he will not only be a great family dog but also a great hunting companion in the future. We highly recommend that if you are interested in a Labrador Retriever that you contact Sherri at Mirage Labrador Retrievers.
Thank you Sherri
Submitted by: Piry on Oct 23, 2008
Miragelabradors has proved to be an outstanding breeder for lab puppies. The dogs are off high show quality and not over bred to ensure a pure bloodline. The dogs are raised in a family atmosphere given love and affection. Therefore the dogs have a confidence and an even temperament. Many of the parent dogs are active therapy dogs which show off their gentle side. All of the dogs have a love for the outdoors and are naturals for hiking or hunting companions. We are thrilled with our new black lab puppy that has joined our home as a “puppy for life”. He is healthy and affectionate. He has a steady and self assured personality. We are grateful to the fine Miragelabrfadors breeder for making it possible for us to have our wonderful new puppy. We highly recommend that if you are looking for a new dog that you contact Mirage labrador first. The wonderful family breeders will be helpful in answering any questions about their dogs and make your quest end with a happy lab conclusion. You will love your puppy at first site!
Submitted by: Yoshiaki Ishimaru on Oct 18, 2008
October 17, 2008
I highly recommend Mirage Labrador for the following reasons. Upon bringing my puppy home she has bonded to me and my wife as her friends and protectors. She listens to our commands and never strays out beyond our vision. She stays at our side whenever we travel away from home. Sherri has an excellent breeding program to bring out the best in the breed .Cleo is intelligent, playful, curious, and knows where the shade is at all times.Sherri spent hours with us answering our questions, and was very informative and thorough regarding her breeding program. Thanks Sherri. Cleo is part of our family and we love her dearly.
Thank you, Yosh and Reiko
Submitted by: Steve Brown on Oct 17, 2008
I would like to express what a previledge it was to meet Shari and to be able to obtain one of her lab pups. I have had labs all of my life my dad and I have hunted with our dogs for years they are truly a remarkable breed . I lost my chocalate two years ago at the ripe old age of 15 he was my was my best friend and hunting buddy I finally decided to get another chocolate and found Mirage Labrador web site I read all the testimonials and decided to give Sheri a call from the moment I spoke with her I new that she is on her game she was very professional and pleasent to talk with she told me that she would consider me and would talk to me in a few days she cares about where her pups go another reason why I new i was talking to the right breeder! she called back a few days later and said I could get a pup I was so excited! she invited us over to see the pups and right off the bat I noticed how clean and professional her operation was! during the next several weeks we visited the pups and she sent us pictures once aweek I am very satisfied with my pup he has filled that emty spot that I lost when I had to say goodbys to my last Lab , I recomend Mirage Labrador Retrievers to anyone who is looking for a good quality sound pup Thank you Steve Brown
Submitted by: Beth & Charlie Curle on Oct 16, 2008
A few months back, without notice, we lost our 4 yr old son of Titan named Tucker. It absolutely devastated our family. I had bred national champion Jack Russell’s for 20 years before Tucker joined our family as a wee pup and trained and raised top dressage horses as well – with so many animals in our lives, I had come to accept death and loss as a very sad piece to the business. Loosing Tucker was something I wasn’t sure I or my family was going to rebound from. He was simply that special. When my 88 year old father was in the hospital and nursing home, I used to bring Tucker for nightly visits. This dog had zero official therapy training yet he would calmly walk the nursing home floors, visiting patients and lay wrapped around to the wheels of my dad’s wheel chair. Alarms going off for patients at risk to fall would result in a simple lifting of his head. When I finally had to opportunity to meet Titan, I got to tell him how proud he would have been of his son. His temperament, his stunning confirmation, and his incredible kindness would have made any breeder very, very proud.

Now, thanks to Sherri and her family, we have a new member of our family. A new pup, Bodie, the son of Tuff and Eve has joined us and immediately settled in as a member of the family. In the first week, he already trots through the stable as if he was born the sites and smells of a training barn ignoring the barn cats, (much to their dismay!), visited the ski resort and slept at my feet under my desk, and has rode around sleeping in a motor grader with my husband.

So many breeders breed just to produce lots of puppies and make money, forgetting the necessity of confirmation, kindness, and trainability. Mirage Labradors gets it right!
Submitted by: Fred & Sharon Atkinson on Oct 16, 2008
We did a lot of online searches to find a replacement for our 16 year old lab that we lost in May '08. A lot of breeders have some very good websites and are very enticing. My wife and I visited many breeders and drove lots of miles to find our new pup. Sherri runs one of the cleanest kennels anywhere. She and her family are devoted to the excellence of the breed and it shows from the minute you meet her and her family. She is knowledgible and eager to learn more. I have been involved in veterinary medicine for more than 40 years as a clinical pathologist and have met folks just into breeding to make money.........THAT IS NOT THE CASE WITH MIRAGE LABS AND SHERRI ! She is committed to furthering the breed with excellent genetic tracking and terrific animal husbandry. We added one of Sherri's pups to our family a week ago today.....funny how you forget about all the training and how mischievious these little balls of fur can be. Ours already has quite the attitude. We hope to have many years of companionship with our new girl.
P.S.......we are already in line for a yellow male in Sherri's next litter! Thanks Sherri !
Submitted by: Laurel Spain on Oct 14, 2008
I would highly recommend Mirage Kennels either for use of their stud service or finding that perfect puppy companion you long to have (I was lucky enough to see her newest litter, they were just perfect. Momma & pups were as happy as lambs in their own bedroom in the house. This is my 1st experience breeding a labbie. I admitted to being dumb as a doorknob about breeding Sam and I couldn't have gotten a better guide for both the breeding and the whelping. It has been 30 years since I bred springers and knew virtually nothing about labbies. Sherri's easy knowledge alleviated any concerns I had and she kindly offered her assistance if I ran into any problems. We are looking forward to the birth of some wonderful puppies.
Submitted by: Maryann and Jim on Oct 08, 2008
We recently brought our 4 year old female to Mirage Labradors to be bred to Chase. We selected Chase after doing a pretty thorough search for the best stud dog we could find in the area, who would be a nice match with our female. Also we had seen Chase at a dog show earlier in the year and were impressed with what we saw in the dog and in speaking with the Dresslers. Our overall experience was great, Sherri handled everything from start to finish and we are now anxiously awaiting a beautiful litter of yellow puppies!
Submitted by: Devin and Dawn McCormick on Sep 12, 2008
We are very happy with our experience with Mirage Laboradors. We traveled up there from las vegas, and sherri was very flexible when working out a time to meet her. She gave out all the information over the phone and email that we asked for, and then some. She was very professional and provided us with all papers and documentation upon picking up the puppy. i can tell she is very selective in her breeding, as our pup is now 10 months old and has an excellent temperament and she's very loyal. She also has one of the most beautiful coats i've ever seen on a dog, and we get many compliments on it wherever we go. Her fur is so soft, its like she never lost her puppy fur. We enjoyed working with mirage laboradors, and recommend their business to anyone.
Submitted by: Keith & Anne on Jun 17, 2008
We have had the pleasure of getting two wonderful lab pups from Sherri at Mirage's. Both Roxy and Dawn are truly amazing, smart and loving dogs. You can tell instantly that they were raised in a healthy, loving and caring environment. Sherri made it very easy to get information on both the dogs and communicates freely by e-mail and by telephone. We traveled in from California to pick up the dogs and she was so flexible and accommodating for our trip. Sherri always says she breed for temperament - they are the sweetest and most loyal dogs possible. It has been a joy working with Sherri and her wonderful dogs have easily become such a wonderful part of our lives.
Submitted by: Bob Ryan on Feb 12, 2008
"Arctic", our yellow girl is now 5 mos. old and is the second pup from Mirage Labradors. Sherri does an excellent job breeding and caring for the dogs. Both of our pups are intelligent, with great dispositions and are very good looking. The 3 year old "Yogi" is a healthy boy, with a big blocky head and stout body. I would highly recommend Mirage Labs to anyone interested in finding a great all around, sound health, Lab puppy.
Submitted by: Jeff on Feb 05, 2008
Id like to thank Sherri and her family for the loving and caring environment that she provides for her puppies. I chose this breeder after exhaustive research and I was not dissapointed. I viewed the pups a couple of days after they were born, and checked on the pups several weeks later. I appreciate that both the Mom and Dad are onsite, Sherri's knowledge of the breed, the fact that the pups are raised in a household environment. I am absolutely pleased with my selection of a chocolate female pup "Mocha". My vet was impressed with the health of the puppy at her puppy check. Bravo to Sherri..This was a delightful experience.
Submitted by: Brandon & Lisa Rose on Feb 04, 2008
We used the Stud dog service in October of '07, but Sherri was right there helping us with our bitch's health certifications way before that. She invited us to her home to see how the process would work. All the dogs were loved and cared for as if they were part of the family, not a cold source of income. She answered any and all questions we ever had regarding breeding, puppy problems and weaning and we were full of questions throughout the entire process. She was very caring and very interested in every aspect of our litter. She just doesn't collect the money and send you on your way. We had 10 puppies in the early morning hours and she was right there on the phone with me the next morning assuring me we were doing everything right. We would 100% recommend her, her puppies and all her dogs for any services needed. We hope to business with her again in the future one way or another!
Submitted by: patrick overstreet on Jan 30, 2008
Mirage Labrador Retrievers has been the best breeder experience for our family.Sherri and her family welcomed us into their home to view the adult dogs and the environment they are raised in.Exceptional breed standard qualities along with loving family social skills.Each dog is treated with genuine affection and cared for just like one of the family.Sherri was extremely knowledgeable and a true professional in her field.She did a great job of pairing owners with dogs,in reguards to lifestyles and what one was looking for in a lab.Our puppy "ROXY"is now 18 weeks old is extremely intelligent,alert,social,trainable and all around good natured.She responds quickly to training and her goal in life is to please us.She is also great with our three kids who are all under 6 years old.Having grown up with labs through different breeders,I can honestly say Mirage is top notch and we will be getting another puppy to add to our family in the future.You will not be disappointed with Mirage Labrador Retrievers.
Submitted by: Dave & Jan Snell on Dec 18, 2007
Ginger is fourteen weeks old, and has been with us for six enjoyable weeks. She is smart, gentle, social and 22 pounds of strength. She has already learned several commands (sit, stay and come). She travels well during long (300+ mile) trips in the car. She is social with everyone she encounters. Ginger will be a great companion for many years. All of these attributes do not surprise us because Ginger is from Sherri Dressler?s Mirage Labradors. Sherri has the experience, and a kennel setup to produce a great breed. Mirage is small in scale, clean and every dog receives the attention and care it needs. It is a true family business. In our experience we know Sherri to be honest, trustworthy, ethical, truly caring about upholding the highest qualities of the breed and the well being of dogs she places.
Submitted by: Brian and Dianna Sanchez on Dec 01, 2007
My Wife and I were looking for a breeder on the internet, and of course found quite a few. After looking/talking to some others we came across Sherri at Mirage labs. We felt very comfortable on our first conversation. She answered all of our questions and we never felt pressured in purchasing a lab from her.She is very knowledgable as well as caring. She cares for the dogs and is equally concerned to whom is taking them home.This was a huge deciding factor for us considering we are taking in a new member of the family. We wanted a family dog with a good disposition, and considering Sherri's two girls are around the dogs constantly, we got that and much more with "Sarai". We would definetly recommend Sherri at Mirage to anyone looking for a new lab.
Submitted by: Colby and Erica Palmer on Oct 16, 2007
Well, you always hear about how wonderful it was to get your lab puppy from the Dressler's but that is a given....She is great and my wife speaks very highly of her regarding her knowledge of the breed and interest in how our lab "Kona" is doing. I just wanted to say we received "Kona" from Sherri deriving from a litter involving Angel from her home and "Woody". I have had the pleasure of maintaining this wonderful lab as a companion to us and our children as well as a successful partner for my hunts...What a great retriever "Kona" is and a natural pointer to boot. He is extremely loyal and efficient and as much as I would like to take all the credit for his success, it starts with a quality breeder. Thank you Sherri and we are now attempting to get into breeding Labradors on our own. You are an inspiration for what we will strive for. Highly recommended from the Palmer's
Submitted by: Terri Morrison on Aug 29, 2007
In late June I contacted Sherri at Mirage Labradors to inquire about stud services. Sherri invited me into her home and explained the entire process from breeding to whelping. She answered every question I had in detail. I bred my female yellow lab Nikki with Mirage's Chase. Nikki could not breed naturally so Sherri used her expertise in artifical insemination. When Nikki went into labor I called Sherri in a panic. She was out for the night but returned my call anyway. She calmed me down and then offered tips and suggestions to help with labor. Twenty four hours later we have nine beautiful puppies. Sherri was the first person who asked to see them. She stayed in contact with me daily. In my opinion, Sherri is the up most authority on the Labrador breed. I am so thankful to have found her. I highly recommend her services as well as her offspring.
Submitted by: Amy Phillips and Brad Jones on Aug 28, 2007
We welcomed Boh into our home just a week ago. He is the most beautiful, happy, and healthy chocolate lab. Sherri was extremely knowledgable and helpful during our search for the perfect puppy. She was able to answer all of our questions and made us feel very comfortable taking our new addition home. Boh is very well behaved, and so smart! He has already learned sit, stay, down, and paw. We were able to meet many of Sherri's dogs during our visits to Boh, and each one was well-behaved and friendly. We would absolutely use Mirage again, and would recommend them to anyone searching for the perfect lab puppy.
Submitted by: Judy Findeisen on Jun 29, 2007
We used Mirage Labrador's stud service when we bred our 4-year old yellow lab to Chase. Sherri was helpful and accomodating throughout the entire process. She answered all my questions and let me know I could always call her if I had any more, and delivered on the promise. When our girl came into heat a month and a half early, Sherri took her into her home and successfully bred her in the midst of preparing to take her dogs to a show in Las Vegas. She completed the final breeding just hours before they had to hit the road. We couldn't be happier with the litter, with Chase as a sire, or with our overall experience with Sherri and Mirage Labradors.
Submitted by: The Morrison's on Apr 03, 2007
I can't say enough about Sherri and Mirage Labradors. They are great! We welcomed Nero, "Mirage's Mischief at Midnight", into our home in January '06. He is a beautiful black cuddly bear of a dog. He is smart and very loving. Sherri breeds not only for breed standard but for temperment too. I have visited her home more than once and her dogs are all part of the family. I would send anyone looking for an all around quality Lab to Sherri and Mirage.
Submitted by: Robin and Justine Sargent on Mar 27, 2007
We got our Choc.Lab from Sherri a year ago in Feb. We enjoyed working with Sherri. She always kept us updated on the pups and sent pictures. It was fun to be able to take part in the early months before we were able to bring him home. She has a very clean home in which she raises her puppies. They are part of her family and not in kennels. She was very informative when we went to pick our puppy up. Also checks in often to make sure everyone is healthy and happy. Any questions we have she is always willing to take the time to answer. If I decide to add another lab to our family, I will get it from mirage labs. Our dog is very healthy, loving and smart. We feel very fortunate to have found mirage labs! Robin
Submitted by: Todd & Kimberly Burchiel on Mar 23, 2007
My wife and I made one the best decisions we have ever made when we adopted our wonderful yellow lab Jasmine from Mirage Labrador Retrievers. Jasmine is our first dog and Sherri was so understanding and willing to make everything just right for her dog and us. Jasmine's extreme intelligence,wonderful temperment and desire to please has made her a perfect companion. Being an elementary school teacher I wanted to do something special for some of our troubled and needy students, so Jasmine quickly and easily certified as a Therapy Dog. She comes to school 3 - 4 days per week and has been a tremendous blessing to many kids. We hope to be getting another dog from the Dressler's as soon as possible.
Submitted by: Carolyn Bryant on Mar 15, 2007
My dog Bodie (Mirage's Bodie del Lago) is a 16 month old Chocolate Labrador, sired by Mirage's Madison. He is stocky (70 pounds), sound and athletic (my friends call him "Tank"). While still full of puppy energy, he doesn't bark often and is great with everyone, including cats, kids & other dogs. Although we don't hunt, he spends a lot of time hiking, running and swimming in the Lake Tahoe area and his strength and stamina are awesome. I got Bodie as a two month old puppy and getting a pup from Mirage was a real pleasure that I hope to repeat soon. Sherri and her family remain good friends and I would recommend their dogs to anyone.
Submitted by: Jacqueline Gilvydis on Mar 15, 2007
I purchased my puppy Lilly, a yellow lab, who now is 9 months old from Mirage Labs. I had a wonderful experience with Sherri Dressler. I was extremely stressed out about having my puppy flown to me, and Sherri stood by all day to make sure Lilly had as happy and stress free trip as possible. Lilly has a wonderful and gentle disposition, and has truly made our family complete. It took no time at all to train Lilly, and within days she was completely house trained. We are sure it was because she already had a head start with Sherri. I would highly recommend this breeder to anyone looking for a quality labrador.
Submitted by: Tony & Devon Palermo on Mar 15, 2007
We added to our family in Feb. 2006. Our pride and joy is Mirages "I Love Lucy Brown". She is a 15mo. old Chocolate, born to Mirages Tuff and Mirages Madison's daughter Ruby. We could not have asked for a better dog. Lucy has a wonderful disposition and temperament and is friendly with every animal and every person she en-counters. She is not a barker unless she feels it is necessary to warn us about something. She has a lot of energy and yet loves to cuddle. We introduced her to the ocean, lakes and a pool last year and found that she is definately a water dog. She is in an excellent swimmer and diver. I could not say enough about how much of a positive impact she has made on our family. A very smart dog. We feel very lucky to have been able to receive an amazing dog from such an amazing breeder as Mirage. We look forward to a long future with our girl.
Submitted by: Jill on Mar 15, 2007
I didn't adopt just any puppy from Sherri, I adopted a member of their family! Halo was 1 yr+ when she joined my family. Perfect temperment and personality to be around my son, they're just a couple of years apart and make great playmates for each other. Halo receives compliments wherever we go regarding her beautiful coat and sweet eyes. She's such a solid dog most assume she's a sportsman's buddy and not a "house" dog. Every interaction with Sherri was pleasant and I was very comfortable adopting Halo and impressed with the other Mirage labs. She is well-versed in breeding/raising labradors and her love for them shows in her interactions with them. Whether for hunting/show/companionship, I definitely would recommend Sherri and Mirage Labradors.

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