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Hellfire Field Bred English Springer Spaniels - Montana English Springer Spaniel Breeders

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About Hellfire Field Bred English Springer Spaniels
Outstanding field and family companions with over a decade of proven, high performance, healthy genetics.

Hellfire is an experienced and accomplished AKC Breeder of Merit and we usually have 2 litters of field champion sired or very well bred field springer puppies a year.

Visit our website to learn more about our dogs, excellent pedigrees and upcoming breeding plans.

Please contact us through our website mail. We do not check the messages on this site!

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Submitted by: Mark Alt on Dec 13, 2014
I have an 18 month old male from the Mia and Mickey parents that just does not quit in the field! Hands down the best hunting and retrieving springer I've ever had. The wife loves him even more. Thank you for allowing us to have one of your excellent dogs.
Submitted by: Daniel Privette on Sep 04, 2014
Our family can't say enough nice things about our dog from this breeder. They were very helpful with basic care info, training books and always available for questions. I used to do upland hunting with a pointer as a youngster, but life gets in the way sometimes and our puppy was supposed to just be a family pet. He retrieves everything I throw and is fearless in cover on our backcountry hikes, so I am inspired to do some hunting once again. We are in total love with our dog. Thank you Hellfire Springers!
Submitted by: Barb & Gary S on Jul 03, 2013
We have been a lab family for 30 ysars and bought our first springer earlier this year. We have been delighted with our puppy and our breeder experience has been excellent. We were given a wheelbarrow of information and 24 hr support to make sure we are successful with our dog. Our puppy was crate trained and only had one accident ever. He retrieves anything you throw for him and has been much easier than any lab we have had. We highly recommend this breeder.
Submitted by: Rob Wood on May 09, 2013
Hellfire was a fantastic choice for a breeder! I did a lot of investigation looking for a breeder that could give me a special dog. My seven month old puppy has been just that; a very special dog. The best part are the compliments from others on his attitude, behaviors, intelligence and his overall look. I'm very satisfied.
Submitted by: Mike on Jan 17, 2013
I have a 2009 male and he is the best hunting springer buddy I have ever owned. This Breeder made a huge effort to help us and ensure the best possible start after we brought our baby boy home. Everybody loves him, especially the wife. Completely satisfied and highly recommend.
Submitted by: SHolyfeld on Jun 30, 2012
We love our Hellfire springer! Highly recommend them. Wish I could have another now but I'll be back for another someday. Keep up the good work.
Submitted by: Helen Vogel on Jan 31, 2012
We have two Hellfire springers. One is out of Maia who will be 9 years old this year, and the other is a new puppy out of Spanky's 2011 litter. Both are exceptional family dogs, very quiet and clean. Our older dog has been an extraordinary gun dog on waterfowl and upland birds. When the time comes, we'll be back for a third Hellfire springer. Great dogs from this kennel!
Submitted by: Kevin M. on Aug 26, 2011
Very helpful and knowledgeable. A+ breeder. Expensive but worth every penny as the parents are the very best quality and are fully health screened. We have two Hellfire males. Puppies are raised right and selectively placed, as they should be.
Submitted by: Tom K on Jul 13, 2011
Five years ago today "Little Eddie" or "Fast Eddie" (Spanky's brother) was born. Time to let you know again what a dog Cheetah and Diamond produced. We don't know how Eddie could be better. He is, of course, spoiled; lives in the house, eats in the kitchen, sleeps on the sofa, has a large fenced yard and gets to hunt a lot. He deserves all this as he is an incredibly easy dog to live and hunt with. Sociable, smart, eager to please, always ready to play. I know he can read our minds. Even our cat likes him. I (Tom) simply could not ask for a better hunting dog. Very eager hunter - works all the cover, but keeps track of me and hunts wherever I point or wherever I'm facing rather than just taking off to hunt independently. If there are any birds to be found he will find them and when I knock a bird down he will find it, no matter what. We very rarely lose a bird. You might remember chewing me out for starting hunting him at five months. He was ready. I've shot about 950 (all wild) birds over him and he has a tremendous local reputation; I could tell you more about that if you're interested. One indulgence I do grant him is his passion for chasing turkeys. He is so happy when he can flush a turkey that I've never tried to stop him and he does immediately come back and resume the search for pheasants or quail. I think all dogs should have a few quirks. We wanted to tell you what a large and satisfying part Eddie plays in our lives. Please give Cheetah a "well done" and an extra treat tonight. Best regards from Tom and Mary K. (Idaho)
Submitted by: Steve W on Mar 08, 2011
Was just checking out the site and saw you're listing. Everything is going great with Molson and if you get puppies again, would be interested in getting him a buddy. He is a great gun dog but his personality is priceless. Thanks so much for breeding great dogs Angela!

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