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About Rose Point Kennels

Rose Point Kennels was established in 2006. After being avid hunters and competitors in the sport of purebred dog competition we have the privilege to breed, raise and train exceptional dogs for exceptional people. Our dogs excel in the show ring, hunt tests, field, water and home. We pride ourselves in providing professional quality hunting dogs that are selectively bred for the serious hunter. Our dogs are family raised to become the performance dogs that you will be pleased to have in your home.†

†Our dogs are even tempered, natural retrievers, and correct for the breed standard as well as the field. We have puppies available several times a year as well as started dogs. We pride ourselves on making the most of our litters sires and dams. They make names for themselves, not ride on the accomplishments on sires and dams generations back.

We have many references available.

"Exceptional Dogs in the Ring, in the Field, and in the Home."

Hunting Dog Breeds Raised
German Shorthaired Pointer, German Wirehaired Pointer, Standard Poodle
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Heather Griswold
A Grove City, Minnesota 56243
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 12 years.
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Submitted by: Km on Dec 12, 2017
My GWP is the best family and bird dog. We love her dearly and boy does she ever like to hunt.
Submitted by: Matt Brazil on Dec 09, 2017
I received Lou(German Shorthair) from Rosepoint several years ago. Couldn't have asked for or dreamed of a better place to get a dog. They were great to work with and I highly recommend. I plan on getting my next dog(Wirehair) from them in a year or 2.
Submitted by: Burton Quick on Dec 09, 2017
Our 6 month old standard poodle has Great temperament and disposition. He was retrieving ducks at 5 months old, that my friends two year old lab couldnít swim out to get. He is on pheasants now and killing it. All about the breeding, thatís why you buy from a trusted breeder Rose Point Kennels. We traveled from So. Cal to purchase our bird dog.
Submitted by: Jim Carrier on Aug 07, 2017
After 3 days and only 10 weeks old I am impressed! Took about 2 minutes for the first point with rod and wing! Retrieving the bird dummy and is super enthusiastic! Working on sit-stay-come- heel ... and walks in the park are used for learning to quarter... she is doing incredibly well, should try some water this week yet, awesome dog!
Submitted by: Nick on Aug 28, 2016
I've added another addition to the family! I couldn't have been more impressed and satisfied with my first pup (Merle) that I got from rose point kennels last year that I decided to get my second pup (Lorreta) from them a week ago. Such great all around dogs and amazing people to deal with. I highly recommend rose point kennels if you want a family/hunting partner! Merle & Lorreta are waiting for the hunting season to start!
Submitted by: Kiera Hannula on Aug 04, 2016
I just wanted to give you a quick update on Conrad since he is almost four months old. He is amazing. We are so in love with him! He is so funny and has more personality than you can imagine. Everyday he surprises us. He is also incredibly smart. Always pointing, always curious! He is also a very sweet, cuddly guy. He prefers to be near us when possible. He gets to snuggle with me most mornings and I love it. Conrad is having a great time with Crimson (our 2 year old golden). Those two are best buddies and I'm so glad Conrad has someone to play with. I can't stress it enough-- he is the happiest puppy ever and is such a good dog. Thank you for the funniest, best little guy we could ask for! I have been trying to convince Tucker that we should get another. :) pictures attached! Conrad is a very happy, loved little guy!
-Kiera, Tucker, Crimson and Conrad
Submitted by: Jeff Schipper on Oct 08, 2015
Oakley went 4 for 4 with game farm birds last weekend as a warm up for pheasant opener.

Jeff Schipper

Submitted by: Steven Provinzino on Oct 08, 2015
Heather and James,
I wanted to give you an update on my pup Dallas. He is a Flint and Penny pup.

He has been out on a few hunts now. He took to birds immediately. Pointing is definitely strong in his genes. He honestly points all birds he sees after going hunting. He has pointed chukars, pheasants, and woodcock. He has worked grouse but they would not hold for a point. Next week we will hunt grouse for a couple days. I am sure he will get his point. I have also thrown shot ducks for him which he retrieved. He is an excellent swimmer.

He is extremely friendly and loving. Everyone is his best friend. I have had more compliments on his looks than any dog other than my female Gordon setter. He is very handsome.

I am just wondering when James thinks more formal training should start. He knows his basics pretty well, but I wonder about the electric collar etc. I also think some time on the chain gang will be good for him to learn patience for future training. Please give me your thoughts.

Anyway, I am pleased with the sweet temperament and hunting desire, and it is sure nice to have a dog that sleeps through storms. I hope the two of you are well.

Steve Provinzino
Submitted by: Joe on Aug 02, 2015
Hi Heather,
Joe Williams here. Thought I'd drop a line about Josie. We've spent quite a bit of time chasing Iowa roosters this year. Minnesota seems to have turned into a shadow of what it used to be for pheasants.
Our hunting group includes a Brittany, Gordon and English setter. Josie and I usually hunt by ourselves.
Josie is the most consistent dog of the group (even though I usually hunt with her alone) she's a tank through the drainage ditches they have down there. She listens great and I know that I can trust what she's smelling'.
I really didn't do much training with her from day one, I thought I'd just "see what she can do" and it's proven to be a good idea. She Doesn't chase deer, rabbits or anything else, she's single-minded on pheasants.
Fun as hell to watch. Stays close and listens.
Thanks again
Joe Williams
Submitted by: Nick on Aug 02, 2015
Had Emma out to South Dakota and she did great. Had pretty minimal training just what I did with her and she pointed and retrieved
like a veteran to the field.
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