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Submitted by: Jason Anderson on Aug 28, 2014
Chrome- the Standard Poodle
"It's over- he is a bird hunter!! Extremely birdy. Training is going really well. Following smiths training videos. The other thing the vet said is the breeder chrome came from cared about their dogs. Because of how he was groomed and taken care of"
Submitted by: Tim on Aug 28, 2014
Pepper- Standard Poodle Puppy
I thought I would send you a picture of Pepper she is doing very well. She will sit on command,will retrieve but does like to give it up, we are working on that. This was taken today after I gave her a bath and trimmed her.
Submitted by: Ivan Voronin on Aug 27, 2013
I have a 2.5 year old GSP form Dakota and Lacy, named Boris. He is the best dog I've ever had.
I would love to get another male. Please let me know if and when that would be possible.

Thank You Ivan Voronin
Submitted by: phyllis & John beetsch on Jul 20, 2013
Here is Mr Enzo. What a character!! He's 17.2 pounds now. Potty trained with a very rare accident.
He's so funny and mischievous ,, but responds to his name and the word no
We are working hard to teach him the stay and come command. He thinks it's all a big game!!
But he has the sweetest disposition, so affectionate and happy. He's always wagging his tail.
The whole neighborhood loves him,, he especially loves little birdies. And in the past week or so we've been taking him swimming. He's a natural!! Loves fetching a ball in the water and then rolling in the weeds.
We couldn't be happier with our little guy!! Hope all is well with you guys and you're having a great summer.
John and Phyllis and Enzo Beetsch.
Submitted by: Becky Drew on Jul 20, 2013
Hello Rose Point Kennels!

I just wanted to share a picture of our beloved Wally, now 3 1/2 yrs old. He is a GSP/standard poodle puppy of yours and by far, the best dog in the world! We are not hunters, but this guy keeps us active, year round. He's a gentle sweetheart and as good with other dogs as he is with people. Couldn't resist letting you know. Feel free to post this wherever! Becky Drew
Submitted by: Alli on Mar 24, 2013
I got Dutchess last fall from Heather at Rose point kennels. She is very smart, she potty trained very quickly. She knows to wait for me to dry her off before she comes in the house after playing in the snow. She is very good with my kids. She fetches well and has a good nose for birds! She truly has become a member of our family. Heather was very thorough with making sure I understood what and when she needed her next set of vaccinations, and was very easy to talk to, and offered help all along the way, from grooming to hunting it was a great experience.

When we are ready for another pup we will certainly be making the drive again to adopt our next family members from Heather!
Submitted by: Mike Linn on Feb 12, 2013
Hello, my puppy's name is Rosie and she is doing great thus far. I had Rosie to the vet and she was given a 100% clean bill of health. I will be bringing her to the vet regularly and I will have all the papers on hand for my records. Rosie will be with me for the long haul. Thanks again for such a great puppy!!
-Mike Linn
Submitted by: Donavan R. on Nov 12, 2012
I bought my German Wirehaired Pointer Duke in the fall of 2011. His sire is Zeiger, mother is Sienna. I have always hunted over labs. In 2010 I got the opportunity to hunt over Zeiger, at that point my mind was made up and I got on the list for pick of the litter for his next litter. Duke is a wonderful dog, in the house, on the road, at work and hunting out in western MN. He also hunts ducks, and goes tournament Walleye fishing.
Submitted by: Cody and Dana Ratike on Jun 10, 2012
We had the opportunity to interact over the past couple of years with a family members' German Shorthair Pointer from Rose Point Kennels , and loved many things about her. A few weeks ago we followed suit and purchased a German Shorthair Pointer puppy from Heather and James. Our experience working with them was very positive; they've been responsive, easy to work with, and excellent dog care/training resources. We've had a handful of other puppies over the years and have found this puppy, Ziggy, to be the easiest. He has been great with our small kids, has adjusted easily to his transition away from the litter, and has picked up quickly on many basic training concepts already including "sit" and early house and crate training. Overall, we'd recommend to our friends and would return ourselves!
Cody, Dana, Peyton, and Wyatt Ratike
Submitted by: Carl Jay Walsh on Apr 01, 2012
We just recently got a GWP from Heather & James at Rose Point Kennals. In the 25 years that I have had GWPs, the were the easiest people to talk to. They are very helpful! The pup I got was everything I hoped for. She has soooooo much personality! I would highly recommend them as a breeder. I know if you get a dog from them you will be very satisfied.

Carl Jay Walsh
Submitted by: Emily Webber on Oct 14, 2011
We have owned our GPS female, Percy, since July this year (2011). We are amazed every day with the level of intelligence from this dog. I get compliments on her beauty, personality, temperment, and manners daily. She goes EVERYWHERE with me. It took 2 days after we brought her home to teach her what 'potty' ment. She has been a squat-on-command dog since :) made house training exceptionally easy. Couldnt say enough about their dogs... they really are well bred!
Submitted by: Chad Stafne on Aug 13, 2011
We Have owned Maxwell since December. He has been a absolute pleasure to have in the house as well as around people. He is so well mannered around other dogs and he does not have a mean bone in his body. I have not been able to do any in the field training as he now is one year old however he knows a lot of commands and is a great hunter for birds, rabbits and squirrels. I am hoping to have Heather's husband work with him real soon. The area we live in has a good number of grouse as well as sharp-tail, so it will be a interesting year for sure. I have complete confidence that with a little bit of work from the right person and some wild birds Maxwell will be a pro in no time at all. He is truly a special dog, never before have I owned a dog this intelligent and so willing to please. If anyone was willing to text me to inform me on the best way to introduce him to the hunting situation without knowing what to do with a pointing dog, it would be greatly welcomed. I have always had labs or chesapeakes in the past who only flushed. Thank you Rose Point Kennels for truly a spectacular best friend.

Chad Stafne
Submitted by: Tabitha Summers on Apr 01, 2011
"Odin is only 8 months old and we've been able to teach him 28 commands. Our command list is always expanding. He is eager to learn and loves to please. He has great bird drive and wonderful house manners.
There have been several situations when we have had a training question about Odin and Heather has always been willing to help us. We couldn't ask for a better breeder or a better dog. We will for sure buy another dog from Heather when the time is right.
Heather knows her dogs and their personalities. She knows the standards of the breeds and breeds for the best results. We have not had one complaint about Odin and neither will you if you choose Heather and her dogs for your puppy."

Tabitha Summers, BA
Hershel Webster, BA

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