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Puppies born on April 18th Birddog Supreme is a breeder of Epagneul Bretons or more commonly known as the French Brittney. Birddog Supreme has a breeding program that focuses exclusively on quality not quantity. With emphasis placed on Intelligence, trainability, lovingness,and boldness! Along with natural pointing ability, natural retrieving ability, prey drive, bird finding talent, and a great nose. Although everyone may not be looking for these exact qualities in their birddog. Especially the boldness part. Remember though "boldness is not dominance" That is why Birddog Supreme strives to produce dogs that are Intelligent , trainable, loving, and bold! Without all 4 of these qualities, the days you spend with your companion will never be all that they could be. Combine our stringent breeding protocol with our intensive puppy program (that took decades to develop) and considered by many to be the best puppy program in the country. You will get a dog that is well prepared to start its new life with you. Make no mistake these are world class gun dogs with as much genetic potential as is out there. Please call or better yet, come have a look for yourself. We love to showcase our dogs. Our pups are 100 % guaranteed from genetic hip and eye disease. We are not only breeders but also trainers and will advise you on getting the dog you have always wanted. This is a lifelong commitment to us. We are just a phone all away. We at Birddog Supreme obviously cannot guarantee a litter of wonder dogs, but that is what we are breeding for! Shouldn't we all be? Please stop out or call; if you are looking for a wonderful house companion and birddog come check us out and meet our family, you will be glad you did. Birddog Supreme 14980 co rd 22 Glenwood MN 56334 Amy 320-304-3717 Jim 320-760-3402 P.S. Birddog Supreme's common sense ?'s before buying a puppy Is this the RIGHT breeder for me? Willing o go the extra mile? Do you trust this breeder? Does the breeder have an actual "puppy program" ask about it and compare. The 1st 12 weeks is the most important time in your pups entire life. Is the breeder knowledgeable and willing to help you through the tough parts? If all of these are YES you can not go wrong. If you get a NO keep looking. Best Wishes Birddog Supreme
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Submitted by: Donna Hill on Feb 06, 2018
We picked up Bee, an airedale puppy, from Jim after Thanksgiving. We had a 12 hour drive home and she did great. No accidents and no car sickness. She is a very well adapted, outgoing, bold puppy. We wanted a traditional working airedale for varmit control around the house and a companion. Bee will be great at both. She has had a great start with Jim's puppy program, both behavior and health wise. I would highly recommend them as a breeder.
Submitted by: Randy Dawson on Jan 16, 2018
This is my 1st review ever. Just wanted to tell everyone about what a fantastic dog I got from Jim and Amy @ BIRDDOG SURREME. i had her out about a dozen times this year. The 1st time was with 4 other guys and one other dog, the 1st hour or so she seemed at bit nervous, but the next four she was a sight to behold, it was like a light went off inside her. She worked the fields hard and pointed beyond my expectations! There was one time she was working in front of us going really fast, turned on a dime, and immediately pointed. We were amazed. She is a lot of fun to be outside with even if we are not hunting, and in the house she is the most loving dog I've ever been around. I thank God that there are still breeders like this out there. I can not recommend BIRDDOG SUPREME highly enough.
Submitted by: Julie Gustafson on Jan 10, 2018
We recently purchased a one year old French Brittany (Meeko) from Jim and Amy. Meeko is nothing short of an exceptional dog and we feel blessed to have her. Aside from being a beautiful dog, Meeko is intelligent, extremely loving and affectionate, and well mannered and calm in the house. She is great with children of all ages and other dogs. Out in the field, she is a tireless hunter. We first contacted Jim last January regarding French Brittany puppies. We were impressed with his philosophy about breeding, puppy training, and dogs in general. If you haven't read the random thoughts on his Birddog Supreme website, I encourage you to do so because we believe they say a lot about Jim and their dogs. We were looking for a family dog first and foremost. If we found a good family dog that hunted well too, that would be a bonus. In Meeko we won the jackpot. Aside from good bloodlines, we believe Jim and Amy's approach to raising puppies is top notch. It is their puppy program and skill with and love of animals that in our mind set them apart from the rest. We are always humbled when we watch Jim work with his dogs, and often refer to him as the dog whisperer. We highly recommend Jim and Amy and wouldn't hesitate to buy another dog from them,or utilize Jim's boarding and training services. Thank you Jim and Amy for your dedication to training and producing top notch dogs and, of course, for making Meeko available to us!
Submitted by: Jill and Tom on Dec 16, 2017
Bought a adorable French Brittany from Jim and Amy at BIRDDOG SUPREME, could not be happier about our choice. At 8 weeks the pups were well socialized, kennel traiined, used to gun fire, and the big one for me comfortable with the vacuum cleaner. lol oh and did I mention crazy about birds? It is clear that they put a lot of time and work into these cute little balls of fluff. Jim is very conscientious of his breeding program and produces excellent pups, as was apparent from one of his pups he kept back from the last litter. If our little girl turns out any thing like that my husband and I will be over the top thrilled.
In short our pup is everything we hoped she would be. Both Jim and Amy at BIRDDOG SUPREME are super nice,and very very knowledgeable. You can not go wrong picking them as your breeder!
Submitted by: Loren Zillmann on Nov 25, 2017
We picked up our Airedale puppy on 11/17/17. What a great dog. We spent over an hour with Jim and Amy and were very impressed with there breeding and training tips. A local farm store even referred to Jim as the Glenwood dog whisperer. We've had several dogs and one previous Airedale. I would definitely recommend Jim and Amy for a great puppy.

Loren Zillmann
Submitted by: Vito and Melissa Polera on Nov 06, 2017
We just picked up our Airedale puppy yesterday, and he is the smartest, sweetest thing ever! We took this 8 week old puppy on a 2 hr car drive, an airport shuttle, through security and the gatehouse, on a 4 hr plane ride, and finally on another hr long ride home. I cannot tell you how amazed we were! He managed it like a pro! Not a single accident, calm and quiet after only a few minutes in the crate... no car or air sickness. He comes when we call and loves on us all the time already. Jim and Amy do so much work with these pups from day one, it's the best. We picked up the puppy in-person, so we also got the chance to visit with Jim and Amy face-to-face and see their home and how they take care of the pups, and it was just a pleasure! Fantastic people and fantastic puppies! More than worth the trip to bring home the newest member of our family!!

UPDATE: So, the above was from just after we got the little guy. It's now been a bit longer, and we can say that he continues to be phenomenal, and we continue to be happier and happier with him. If we or any of our friends or loved ones were looking to get another Airedale or Brittany, Birddog Supreme would be my #1 stop without hesitation. We're very thankful for our pup and for Jim and Amy and all their work!
Submitted by: Jed Edinger on Oct 26, 2017
While i have never had a hunting Airedale, I have hunted labs and setters/pointers over the last 50 years and am looking forward to the challenges that the new breed will present. It took just a few minutes talking with Jim to realize that he is the real deal and knows his dogs. He and his wife have supplied me with a well socialized and crate trained pup that is a joy to work with. The pup is now retrieving to hand and sitting with a good hold at 12 weeks. The Massmanns are good christian people who will treat you like family. I will gladly recommend them to anyone who asks.
Submitted by: Dennis on Oct 16, 2017
I cannot say enough good about Birddog Supreme! Our puppy is so smart and birdie. At 9 weeks we had him out and he was pointing birds like a pro. Our experience working with Jim was great. He was prompt, courteous and very knowledgeable about canine behavior We will definitely do business again in the future. Thanks Jim for such a great pup. We love him. The work that Jim and Amy do with the puppies is truly amazing. Well socialized and fearless. We will recommend you to anyone looking for a great hunting dog.
Submitted by: Jason Bornk on Oct 15, 2017
I picked up my lpuppy from Jim and Amy at Birdog Supreme a few weeks ago and the experience was great! Jim is very knowledgable and was extremely pleasant to work with and was happy to answer any questions I had. The puppies are raised in a loving environment and it seems that Jim and Amy truly care about the dogs and their customers. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great dog.
Submitted by: Leo Harker on Oct 15, 2017
Birddog Supreme was amazing to work with. Jim and Amy did a great job at communicating with us every step of the way in a knowledgable and professional manner. And we couldn't be happier about the puppy we received. She is healthy, happy, and smarter than we are. She has amazing instincts at only 11 weeks, and has a solid nose. She is already retrieving and loves doing it. We could not be more thankful! Do yourself a favor before you get another dog and check out Jim and Amy at BIRDDOG SUPREME, you will be glad you did!
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