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Submitted by: Bill Crancer on Dec 28, 2019

I just want to tell everyone about the great experience that I had purchasing an Airedale Terrier puppy from Jim and Amy Massmann at Nnamssam Airedales. Upon arriving and talking with Jim for 5 minutes it became very obvious to me, the passion and knowledge that he possess for these great creatures. Both Jim and Amy are fantastic with their puppies and you can feel their connection with them. When I brought home my new puppy (Daisy) on 12/20/2019 @ 8 weeks old, she already had a good start on her training. She has a great, sweet temperament and takes direction well. Potty training is going very well, the very few accidents in the house were more my fault than hers. Jim is a great resource and is always happy to talk to me and answer any and all questions that I have.

She’s only be with me for one week and I already love her and look forward to a long and happy life together.

I would recommend Nnamssam Airedales to everyone that is interested in adopting a great puppy, you guys rock!!

Thank you.

Bill Crancer

St. Paul Minnesota
Submitted by: Mark and Jane Eklson on Oct 15, 2019
We have had many puppies enter into our family, but never one as calm, confident, and sweet tempered as the puppy from Amy and Jim! Our (Hannah) captivates everyone she meets, and has brought total joy to our lives. Even our older Chocolate Lab (Kit) is a fan! Trust these breeders to raise a beautiful, healthy and smart puppy that you can then mold to become the perfect companion.
Jane and Mark
Submitted by: Mark Erikleson on Sep 12, 2019
I have no idea how they get that much information into such a young puppy. It is clear that Jim and Amy spend a lot of "structured" time with their puppies. Nearly hassle free when we brought our little girl home. Even our vet commented on what wonderful breedsers that she came from. Jim was very helpful and is a wealth of on going information, never failing to answer our many questions. Trust me when I say you can't go wrong by choosing Birddog Supreme as your breeder.
Submitted by: Chris Rahar on Feb 26, 2019
Picked up our puppy last December, he is so amazing I thought it was time to let people know what exceptional breeders Jim and Amy are out there at BIRDDOG Supreme. It is very clear that they know what they are doing when it comes to raising and socializing puppies. They were always there to answer any questions. There passion for what they do is clear to see. If you are looking for a quality puppy, be sure to check them out. I HIGHLY RECOMEND
Submitted by: Robert D on Dec 15, 2018
I am 60 years old had dogs my entire life but the puppy that I got from Jim at Birddog Supreme is the best puppy I have ever seen. Nuf said.
Submitted by: Laurel Cobb on Dec 15, 2018
Both my wife and I can heartily recommend getting your next puppy from Jim and Amy. We were heart-broken and devastated after we lost our last dog. We would have traveled anywhere to get the perfect dog. Upon meeting Jim and Amy we knew we wanted our next puppy from them. You can see that they pour their heart, love, experience, insights, and instincts into developing an extraordinary line of beautiful Dogs. // Being an avid outdoorsman, I wanted a joyful and lively dog who could backpack, hike the high peaks of the Adirondacks, and fish with me. My wife is an artist and preferred a dog with a calm, sweet, loving disposition who would be at ease resting peacefully in her art studio as she worked. And of course, both of us wanted a Airedale who would get along with our 7 year-old cat and our other 4 year-old Lab. They met all our expectations and then some. After the litter of puppies was born, Birddog Supreme sent us regular updates and photos so we could see what was taking place. They also sent us home with helpful information on how to raise a healthy and well-adjusted puppy after we brought him home. Best and most important of all, Jim and Amy provided us with a puppy who is special and has a wonderful WOW factor. Simply put, our experience with Birddog Supreme has been absolutely positive and magnificent!
Submitted by: Nicole Feck on Dec 14, 2018
Could not be happier, my husband and I found our baby right here off this site, so it's only fitting that I put up a review here also, (as I read and retread all the reviews on the breeders that I was interested in.) (What a wonderful site) where to start? Well, I think the first place is I should tell you what a wonderful experience we had at BIRDDOG SUPREME Jim and Amy were so very patient with us and took time to answer all of our questions, it was clear upon visiting how much they loved the dogs and more importantly how much time they took with all of the puppies, they were extremely smart and very well socialized. Jim gave us tip after tip on how to get our dream dog, like he kept telling us good genetics is just half the battle, they also need training to get the most joy out of them, but the thing I liked best is when they said this is a lifelong commitment to them and if we ever had questions that all we had to do is call. I was sold. Sorry for rambling on. Please just do yourself a favor and check out BIRDDOG SUPREME you will be glad you did!
Submitted by: Brenda and Jim Mitzel on Dec 13, 2018
I did it again. I loved my first Pup from Birddog Supreme so much I went back for seconds. Just last weekend I brought home a whole new bundle of puppy love known as Neli. I am proud to call James and Amy my friends. They are wonderful people devoted to outstanding dogs. The fur babies come from solid parents and Jim works hard to keep their lines pure and healthy. As for training - wow - the tips he has offered are world class. If anyone out there is looking for a solid hunting dog with a great disposition, I would highly encourage you to talk to Jim at BIRDDOG SUPREME- they really do make Supreme bird dogs!
Submitted by: Sue Ramky on Dec 09, 2018
Jim and his wife are wonderful! When i was first looking for a Puppy he was the first Bone to return my call, answer all my questions, and kept in contact until the litter was born! Communucation was very responsive, we were coming from northern Kasas and he worked with us on days and our travel. Once we got there Jim and his wife were so welcoming, answering all of our questions, and giving us all the info on our new addition!
"Tilley" is now 6 months old and is an absolute doll! She is the smartest little dog. Extremely willing and loyal! Very very easy to train! I am extreamly happy with this little dog, and the "transaction" that went with getting this little one! I have truly found the best companion and i have Jim and his wife to thank! I hope Birddog Supreme is still around when I am ready to get my next one.
Thank you guys!!
Submitted by: Bill Yatise on Dec 06, 2018
5 Stars for sure
My brother introduced me to Jim and Amy after I had a bad experience with an out of state breeder. Working with Jim over the last 1 1/2 years has been a great experience, he got good feel for what I was looking for, a hunting partner and family member with a calm personality. He delivered! She is showing all the traits we were looking for, good nose, a ball of fire at play and bold/cautious. Loves to be with people and gets along great with our soon to be 11 yr old Lab. I can not recommend BIRDDOG Supreme highly enough! Great people with great dogs.
Submitted by: Lucinda Hopkins on Jul 23, 2018
French Brittany Breeder Review; Birddog Supreme - July 2018
I talked to and visited a lot of breeders before choosing to get a puppy from Jim and Amy Massmann at Birddog Supreme. While many of the other breeders would have been a good choice, everyone has to decide who they prefer to work with. For example, not all breeders do training or update their websites/Facebook. When I visited Jim and Amy the first time I was impressed at how well behaved and friendly their adult dogs were. After having a French Brittany puppy for a little more than a month I can see how much time and work has gone into socializing her to a wide variety of people, places, sounds, and experiences. She’s used to being in a crate and takes treats from your hand gently. She’s 13 weeks old now and a ball of happy energy. Jim has a lot of dog training experience and is a great training resource. Altogether I have had a good experience with Birddog Supreme and would recommend getting a puppy from them
Submitted by: Kathy Howe on May 21, 2018
I picked up my 8 week old Airedale Terrier (Rio) from Birddog Supreme one week ago and am beyond impressed at how smart and well behaved this little puppy is!

We had a 2+ hour car ride home when we got him and he slept the entire way home. Not a single peep out of him.

Rio comes when called quite reliably and already sits on command. He responds well ("comes") to a whistle also. He is working on leash manners and doing really well there also.

If he cries in the kennel it is brief (under 60 seconds). Most of the time he goes into the kennel without any crying at all.

He quietly usually only cries in the kennel when he needs to go outside for a potty break. I put the kennel in a very high traffic area of the house. He has laid in there quietly with people in and out of the house and with me in the next room on conference calls for work.

He has never had an accident in the kennel which is remarkable for a puppy so young!

As if that isn't all great enough, Rio gets up 0-2 times a night for potty breaks. He goes outside, does his business and goes right back into the kennel (quietly) until morning.

I fully expected to have at least a week of a puppy screaming in the kennel all night long but that has not even once been the experience with Rio.

It is an understatement to say that I am AMAZED at how smart, well behaved, and easy to train he has been so far. We are having so much fun training him and are really looking forward to puppy kindergarten to start in a couple weeks.

Beyond having a great puppy, I feel like we have a great resource in Jim at Birddog Supreme. He has provided us so much great information about the breed and several great training tips that we are leveraging. The puppy packet we got when we brought Rio home contained all kinds of great information.

I have owned different breeds of dogs my entire life but this one is by far the easiest, best behaved, smartest puppy I have had to date.

I would HIGHLY recommend this breeder to anyone looking for a new puppy!
Submitted by: Eric and Denise Jensen on Apr 26, 2018
Picked up our first French Brittany puppy from Jim Nov 22 2017 and could not be happier!! With Jim's puppy program she came to us crate trained and well socialized. We were hesitant to start a puppy in November but she has far exceeded our expectations to being in the house all winter. Jim has helped me all winter long keeping her on live birds. Took her to a game farm at 6 months and she pointed and retrieved to hand 9 out of 10 chuckars!! Would not hesitate to purchase another pup from Jim and Amy.
Submitted by: Donna Hill on Feb 06, 2018
We picked up Bee, an airedale puppy, from Jim after Thanksgiving. We had a 12 hour drive home and she did great. No accidents and no car sickness. She is a very well adapted, outgoing, bold puppy. We wanted a traditional working airedale for varmit control around the house and a companion. Bee will be great at both. She has had a great start with Jim's puppy program, both behavior and health wise. I would highly recommend them as a breeder.
Submitted by: Randy Dawson on Jan 16, 2018
This is my 1st review ever. Just wanted to tell everyone about what a fantastic dog I got from Jim and Amy @ BIRDDOG SURREME. i had her out about a dozen times this year. The 1st time was with 4 other guys and one other dog, the 1st hour or so she seemed at bit nervous, but the next four she was a sight to behold, it was like a light went off inside her. She worked the fields hard and pointed beyond my expectations! There was one time she was working in front of us going really fast, turned on a dime, and immediately pointed. We were amazed. She is a lot of fun to be outside with even if we are not hunting, and in the house she is the most loving dog I've ever been around. I thank God that there are still breeders like this out there. I can not recommend BIRDDOG SUPREME highly enough.
Submitted by: Julie Gustafson on Jan 10, 2018
We recently purchased a one year old French Brittany (Meeko) from Jim and Amy. Meeko is nothing short of an exceptional dog and we feel blessed to have her. Aside from being a beautiful dog, Meeko is intelligent, extremely loving and affectionate, and well mannered and calm in the house. She is great with children of all ages and other dogs. Out in the field, she is a tireless hunter. We first contacted Jim last January regarding French Brittany puppies. We were impressed with his philosophy about breeding, puppy training, and dogs in general. If you haven't read the random thoughts on his Birddog Supreme website, I encourage you to do so because we believe they say a lot about Jim and their dogs. We were looking for a family dog first and foremost. If we found a good family dog that hunted well too, that would be a bonus. In Meeko we won the jackpot. Aside from good bloodlines, we believe Jim and Amy's approach to raising puppies is top notch. It is their puppy program and skill with and love of animals that in our mind set them apart from the rest. We are always humbled when we watch Jim work with his dogs, and often refer to him as the dog whisperer. We highly recommend Jim and Amy and wouldn't hesitate to buy another dog from them,or utilize Jim's boarding and training services. Thank you Jim and Amy for your dedication to training and producing top notch dogs and, of course, for making Meeko available to us!
Submitted by: Jill and Tom on Dec 16, 2017
Bought a adorable French Brittany from Jim and Amy at BIRDDOG SUPREME, could not be happier about our choice. At 8 weeks the pups were well socialized, kennel traiined, used to gun fire, and the big one for me comfortable with the vacuum cleaner. lol oh and did I mention crazy about birds? It is clear that they put a lot of time and work into these cute little balls of fluff. Jim is very conscientious of his breeding program and produces excellent pups, as was apparent from one of his pups he kept back from the last litter. If our little girl turns out any thing like that my husband and I will be over the top thrilled.
In short our pup is everything we hoped she would be. Both Jim and Amy at BIRDDOG SUPREME are super nice,and very very knowledgeable. You can not go wrong picking them as your breeder!
Submitted by: Loren Zillmann on Nov 25, 2017
We picked up our Airedale puppy on 11/17/17. What a great dog. We spent over an hour with Jim and Amy and were very impressed with there breeding and training tips. A local farm store even referred to Jim as the Glenwood dog whisperer. We've had several dogs and one previous Airedale. I would definitely recommend Jim and Amy for a great puppy.

Loren Zillmann
Submitted by: Vito and Melissa Polera on Nov 06, 2017
We just picked up our Airedale puppy yesterday, and he is the smartest, sweetest thing ever! We took this 8 week old puppy on a 2 hr car drive, an airport shuttle, through security and the gatehouse, on a 4 hr plane ride, and finally on another hr long ride home. I cannot tell you how amazed we were! He managed it like a pro! Not a single accident, calm and quiet after only a few minutes in the crate... no car or air sickness. He comes when we call and loves on us all the time already. Jim and Amy do so much work with these pups from day one, it's the best. We picked up the puppy in-person, so we also got the chance to visit with Jim and Amy face-to-face and see their home and how they take care of the pups, and it was just a pleasure! Fantastic people and fantastic puppies! More than worth the trip to bring home the newest member of our family!!

UPDATE: So, the above was from just after we got the little guy. It's now been a bit longer, and we can say that he continues to be phenomenal, and we continue to be happier and happier with him. If we or any of our friends or loved ones were looking to get another Airedale or Brittany, Birddog Supreme would be my #1 stop without hesitation. We're very thankful for our pup and for Jim and Amy and all their work!
Submitted by: Jed Edinger on Oct 26, 2017
While i have never had a hunting Airedale, I have hunted labs and setters/pointers over the last 50 years and am looking forward to the challenges that the new breed will present. It took just a few minutes talking with Jim to realize that he is the real deal and knows his dogs. He and his wife have supplied me with a well socialized and crate trained pup that is a joy to work with. The pup is now retrieving to hand and sitting with a good hold at 12 weeks. The Massmanns are good christian people who will treat you like family. I will gladly recommend them to anyone who asks.
Submitted by: Dennis on Oct 16, 2017
I cannot say enough good about Birddog Supreme! Our puppy is so smart and birdie. At 9 weeks we had him out and he was pointing birds like a pro. Our experience working with Jim was great. He was prompt, courteous and very knowledgeable about canine behavior We will definitely do business again in the future. Thanks Jim for such a great pup. We love him. The work that Jim and Amy do with the puppies is truly amazing. Well socialized and fearless. We will recommend you to anyone looking for a great hunting dog.
Submitted by: Jason Bornk on Oct 15, 2017
I picked up my lpuppy from Jim and Amy at Birdog Supreme a few weeks ago and the experience was great! Jim is very knowledgable and was extremely pleasant to work with and was happy to answer any questions I had. The puppies are raised in a loving environment and it seems that Jim and Amy truly care about the dogs and their customers. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great dog.
Submitted by: Leo Harker on Oct 15, 2017
Birddog Supreme was amazing to work with. Jim and Amy did a great job at communicating with us every step of the way in a knowledgable and professional manner. And we couldn't be happier about the puppy we received. She is healthy, happy, and smarter than we are. She has amazing instincts at only 11 weeks, and has a solid nose. She is already retrieving and loves doing it. We could not be more thankful! Do yourself a favor before you get another dog and check out Jim and Amy at BIRDDOG SUPREME, you will be glad you did!
Submitted by: Joanne Povenski on Oct 11, 2017
I would never buy another puppy from anyone else but Jim and Amy!!
This is our first Airedale Terrier but not our first hunting dog. My husband found Jim on line. We have never bought a dog sight unseen before. However after talking with Jim at length we were confident that we made the right choice. He was completely honest straight forward and had the same ideas we had about training a hunting dog. Our beloved Grizz, a lab cross, was the ultimate "amateur" hunting dog! He never failed to bring back a bird!
Our puppy, Gretchen is everything Jim said sure would be and more! She is socialized, sweet attentive and very smart!!
She is only 10 weeks old and already has learned, sit paw down leave it and stay!
If you don't buy a puppy from these people, you are making a huge mistake!
Submitted by: David Wichman on Sep 29, 2017
Jim and Amy have amazing dogs. The training prior to us picking up our puppy Kona has helped at home. Potty training is going easy and Kona has been home less than a week.

Jim and Amy's knowledge and passion for their dog is great. Questions were answered quickly. Their puppies are part of their family. Jim and Amy were sad when we took Kona home. Even with the puppy home they answer any questions we have and love to see pictures and updates on how the puppy is doing.

We couldn't be happier with our Kona. They've really made the transition to home easy. They are great kennel and recommend with any reservation. Family, friends, and collegues are amazed at her rapid progress.

Stacy & Dave
Submitted by: Samantha Eisel on Aug 03, 2017
Jim's dogs were so well behaved, friendly and lovable that it was hard to choose!
Submitted by: Craig Gasior on Mar 03, 2017
What a great pup. We cannot say enough good things about Jim and Amy and how they work with these pups before they come home with you. I cannot decide if I am more impressed with how smart our girl is or how great her hunting instinct and nose are. I would recommend Birddog Supreme highly.
Submitted by: Forest Benson on Mar 03, 2017
We got our pup Bodie from Jim at Birddog Supreme. He is the best boy, we feel so lucky. He is very smart and picks up on training very easily. We couldn't be happier about our experience working with Jim - he was very professional and helpful. We have already recommended her to friends and will continue to do so!
Submitted by: Dennis Danalson on Mar 02, 2017
I live south of Chicago Illinois and Birddog Supreme is in Central Minnesota and that is 564 miles away for me, and I have to tell you it was worth every mile and every minute spent to get there. Jim and Amy were fantastic to work with. I could not be happier about the pup I got and I know that their commitment with me does not end with the sale. That means a lot to me. I tell anyone and everyone looking for a quality dog to check out Birddog Supreme.

Submitted by: Debbie W. on Mar 02, 2017
I just wanted to say thank you Birddog Supreme for sending us the perfect new addition to our family! He has fit in perfectly at our house and he is an amazing pup. He has hardly had any accidents (and I was prepared for a bunch!) and the kids argue over who gets to feed, walk, brush or play with him. He loves playing fetch with tennis balls or even his toys (the toy pheasant is his favorite). We were so surprised that he already knows how to retrieve the ball and bring it right back and drop it to be thrown again. We gave him his first bath in the sink and he stood very still like a perfect little gentleman. Same thing when I clipped his nails for the first time.

Everyone who meets him falls instantly in love... And he loves the attention. He will lay in the kids lap and sleep and that makes them so happy. My husband can't wait to get him out in the field working birds. I'm sure he will be great at that also :)

We have also found that having you do the intro training was well worth the expense! He loves his crate and has not had one accident in it. When the kids wear him out he knows it's a perfect place to rest! He also listens so well and comes when called. He does great with ""come and kennel" and the kids are teaching him to do "shake"

So thank you so much for a wonderful experience with buying our first puppy. We look forward to many many years of love... And if we ever decide to add another dog to the family you will be the first one I contact. I will also recommend your kennel to anyone looking for a four legged hunting companion.
Submitted by: Lori EBhert on Mar 02, 2017
I have purchased a total of 3 puppies from BIRDDOG SUPREME over the years. All of which have been amazing! Jim and Amy works with all of their dogs and pups to ensure you are getting the best and most for your money. All of our pups from them are amazing hunters as well as family dogs. Our newest addition is only 11 wks old and already Showing tremendous promise. Jim and Amy are very honest and easy to work with. I highly recommend!
Submitted by: Malinda B. on Mar 01, 2017
What a great experience!! Jim and Amy are truly amazing people and I couldn't have asked for more. At Birddog Supreme you can expect a personal experience. When I decided it was time for me to add a dog to my life I looked no further when I found Birddog Supreme. The quality of dogs is unbeatable. From the time the pups were born to time I brought "Merk" home they made me feel like a part of their family. Even now 9 weeks later if I have a question about training or just want to give them an update Jim always answers the phone and is more than willing to give me advice. Thank y'all again for everything. I highly recommend Birddog Supreme as the place to get your new best friend.
Submitted by: Mike Robbinson on Feb 27, 2017
My wife and I could not be more impressed with the little pup we got from Jim and Amy. If and when we get another this is the place we will go. 5 out of 5 stars!
Submitted by: Hanna and Jake Capper on Feb 24, 2017
I highly recommend Birddog Supreme. Moeki seems very advanced for her age. It is obvious to us that this puppy has had a lot of time spent with her in a very goal oriented and loving manner. Her hunt and drive are fantastic and very evident at her young age. We recommend BIRDDOG Supreme with confidence.
Submitted by: Justin on Dec 04, 2016
We recently purchased a puppy from Birddog Supreme.
We were completely comfortable in purchasing him when we met Jim and Amy and we saw the great environment in which their dogs live and are cared for.
Are puppy is healthy, happy, and a funny little character and oh so smart. We are glad to have him in the family.
Submitted by: Will Trout on Nov 28, 2016
BIRDDOG SUPREME Kennels was recommended to me by a close friend, SO GLAD HE DID! My little Luna is the smartest puppy I have ever seen, Jim has done an excellent job of researching, breeding, socializing and training at such a young age. It was clear that Jim LOVES HIS DOGS and more importantly his dogs love him. I advise every one looking for a pup to check out BIRDDOG SUPREME!

Submitted by: Tracy on Nov 28, 2016
I when I brought my puppy home I could not believe how smart she is. Jim and Amy are 2 of the nicest real people you will ever meet. I highly recommend them!
Submitted by: Robert Miller on Nov 28, 2016
Just a quick note to tell everyone how pleased I am with the puppy I got from Jim and Amy. You can not go wrong with them two as your breeder.
Submitted by: George Cullen on Nov 28, 2016
Can't tell you how pleased I am with the puppy I got from Birddog Supreme. Jim has some of the best dogs I have ever seen and hands-down the best puppy program!
tIf you're looking for a great hunting dog you need to contact Jim at BIRDDOG Supreme. Plus Jim and his wife are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. No BS just life as he sees it.
Submitted by: Dale Tower on Nov 28, 2016
Thanksgiving has just past us bye, and as I was sitting back in my comfy chair thinking of all the things that I am thankful for (that I believe we all should do on occasion) Tops on my list is the wonderful dog I have as my hunting partner, and a life companion and all the great hunts we have had together. My next thought ran to my buddy Jim that produces these top of line dogs, and the time and trouble that he, as a breeder put into making these dogs for people like me. The commitment he has for his passion, that we all capalize on as customers is overwhelming.
I for one am thankful for God, this great country that we live in, and I am very thankful for great breeders like Jim.
Submitted by: Heidi and Ben on Nov 26, 2016
Theses eyes have seen a lot of dogs but never one as good as the little guy that we got from BIRDDOG Supreme. Jim and Amy really know what they are doing when it comes to making a great bird dog.

Submitted by: Liz Proell on Nov 26, 2016
Jim is more compassionate about his dogs than anyone that I have ever met, and he was always there to answer any questions that I had. I don't think I could have made a better choice. this is the smartest puppy that I have ever seen, it is extremely obvious that all the puppies were more than just well socialized, but were started early on life lessons. I will tell everyone that asks me about this dog to go to Jim for their puppy if they truly want the best.
Submitted by: Jeff Miller on Nov 18, 2016
Very happy with my puppy. He seems far superior to the 8 week old puppys I have purchase from other breeders in the past.I will look to you again when I need another.
Keep up the outstanding work, Jeff Miller
Submitted by: Brian on Nov 15, 2016
Well, this is a 1st for me I never write reviews for anyone or thing. But I feel that Jim and Amy are worth the exception! If you are looking for a great dog, save yourself a lot of trouble and Talk to Jim and Amy at Birddog supreme. I can not recommend them highly enough.

Western ND
Submitted by: Joe on Nov 14, 2016
I bought a started dog from Jim and have been nothing but satisfied. The dog and Jim have both exceeded my expectations, the dog came very well trained and socialized, has a strong desire to hunt, and has a great temperament. Since I brought the dog home Jim has been readily taken my phone calls when I ask for advice on additional training and things that have popped up along the way. Save yourself a lot of time and frustration and just call Jim and Amy if you are looking for a well bred dog. I know I will be back when the times comes for a 2nd pup.
Submitted by: Chris on Aug 28, 2016
By far the most intelligent,diverse trainer I have ever met in my life! Jim is so willing to go the extra mile for you! By far the best dog I have ever had in my life has came from him and what a bird dog she is!
Submitted by: Lance Thompson on Aug 26, 2016
I bought a Espanual Breton from Jim and Amy Massmann. I had called all around and stopped in to check all the breeders with in driving distance to see how their puppy's stood up to what they told me. This was my last stop! As soon as I had gotten out of my truck and walked over to the puppy's I was filled with amazement. These puppy's were bird crazy and when I picked one up and checked the little guy out it was well groomed. They also gave me some referrals and told me to call, I didn't need to call and I already dealt with other breeders in the past and Jim and Amy are by far the best I have ever worked with. I seriously can not recommend these guys highly enough save yourself a lot of trouble and give them a call.
Submitted by: Shelley Cameron on Aug 21, 2016
I cannot say enough about how overjoyed I am with our addition to our family. I have had a lot of dogs in my life but none compare to the intelligence and superior disposition of this breed. This dog is spot on for intelligence, agility, endurance and a fantastic personality to boot. Provides my family with endless entertainment and lots of affection. I know without a shadow of a doubt that if I ever decided to add to my family I would go straight to Jim. His knowledge and experience with his dogs are in a league of their own.....highly recommend!!
Submitted by: Jenny Pauley on Mar 31, 2016
I have never owned a puppy so laid back and smart as a whip. Jim has been wonderful to work with and his contact doesn't end when you leave with your puppy. Jim has taken great care to breed healthy, beautiful and intelligent dogs. I already know that in a few years, should he have a litter available, our pup will come from him!
Submitted by: John Markiewicz on Mar 16, 2016
From my first phone call with Jim to my continued calls, I have been nothing but impressed. Both with Jim as a breeder and an individual. I could not have dreamed of finding a better or more well handled puppy. She came to me with great socialization skills, handling and conditioning around noise. Jim has given me not only the best and smartest dog I've had in my 50 years but also has been a great asset to me during her training. I have found the last breeder I'll ever need. Thanks Jim!
Submitted by: Jordan on Jan 31, 2016
Hello Jim, when you said you breed for quality not quantity that was an understatement your Joe boy is the best dog i or my friends have ever seen. Thank you so much for helping me pick the dog of a lifetime.
Submitted by: Brad on Jan 31, 2016
We couldn't have been more impressed with the professionalism, responsiveness and passion that James had. From the first phone call until our puppy arrived, we had nothing but wonderful experiences. I just want to say another quick thank you. He couldn't of been a more perfect decision.
Submitted by: Abbie on Jan 14, 2016
Jim just wanted to drop you a line and say how pleased we are with Helena. She is a great example of what a knowledgeable breeder can do, also thank you so much for all of your training advice. She truly is a wonderful member of our family
Submitted by: Dale on Jan 05, 2016
I have known James most of my life and he has always had outstanding dogs, I think that he has a great eye for talent when it comes to a dog. he also has great compassion and has a high moral compass. I have purchased 2 dogs from Jim and you can bet when I need another he will be the 1st one I Talk to. I highly recommend him as a breeder.

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