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CIRCLE R KENNEL - Michigan German Shorthaired Pointer, Labrador Retriever Breeders

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Our licensed kennel specializes in training pointing breeds but also work flushers for upland hunting. Dogs should be at least 10 months old. A two week evaluation will be done on your dog. If we feel that your dog is not progressing satisfactorily, the dog and remaining training fee will be returned to the owner. An up to date health certificate will be required. All dogs should receive vaccines at least 30 days prior to scheduled drop off date.

The owner will provide dog food. This is done to make sure dog has food that his system is accustomed to.

During a one month training period, your dog will be fully conditioned to a beeper collar, hand and whistle signal trained, worked with our finished dogs, and have birds shot down to them.

We train on over 300 acres of personal property and 150 acres of preserve property. All of this acreage is designated as state licensed hunting preserve property, so dogs can be trained and shot over year round. In addition, we have access to several ponds so your dogs can be exercised and worked in the water.

Need your dog conditioned? Our property has a one mile trail that your dog can be safely run/roaded on with our ATV's.

Circle R Kennel has 3-4 well bred, hard hunting G.S.P. males for breeding, and raise a couple of litters a year from our top females. Started and finished dogs also avaliable.

Limited boarding space (with or without field work) also avaliable. 4000 square foot fenced exercise area.

References avaliable upon request.

Hunting Dog Breeds Raised
German Shorthaired Pointer, Labrador Retriever
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Hunting, Training, Stud Services, Boarding
Breeder Contact Info
Brad Rainey
1688 English Road
Deford, Michigan 48729
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 25 years.
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Submitted by: K RANDALL on Jun 22, 2015
TRAINING: Brad from Circle R Kennels will take in and board dogs to train not from his kennel and I highly recommend him.

I have waited 3 weeks since the month long training to be certain my satisfaction did not wane, and it has not! I have had GSP's for 25 years so I am not inexperienced and I have never had to use a trainer before but this dog NEEDED more. I had a 2 year old BEAUTIFUL female that had totally exhausted the entire family. Have you ever had one of those days with your kids where you thought they were just precious-when they were sleeping? That's how it was with her. We had to force ourselves to take her for walks. It is now a joy! I am still amazed how I can blow the whistle and she stops on the dime and looks to me for direction. Yesterday alone we came across several deer, squirrels and a turkey with her chicks while off lead and there were no handling problems. She stays within range, follows direction, comes when I call, and heals off lead. Pulling on lead had been a HUGE problem before that 3 different classes and collars could not correct, and now she heals off lead.
Thanks to Brad, we now have a dog that we enjoy and her life is better too because of it.

Furthermore, if you are hesitant to take your dog to a trainer because you have concerns about their care, let me put that worry to rest. Whenever we visited, his kennels were clean and the dogs there were all well fed, exercised and in good health. Even with these reassuring signs, my teenager was in tears leaving our family member behind. Brad was so good and patient with his reassurances to her, that I just knew he was the right trainer.
Submitted by: Roy Brown on Jan 15, 2015
Well I found out about Brad through another breeder that a guy at my work suggested to me to get into contact with. From the moment that I talked to Brad you could tell he was really passionate about breeding GSP's. He truly loves this breed and has vast knowledge about the GSP's. So after I made my deposit a couple weeks later my wife and I made the 5 hour drive to Michigan to get our new pup. So we arrive at Brads and he shows me the remaining females. Which these pups were from Jack Hammer and Hannah's litter. While we were picking LuLu which my daughter named her before we got her. We also had this little rascal male that kept following us everywhere. Needless to say we left Michigan with two GSP pups. Everyone said that we were crazy but now that they are just about 8 months old I never would have done it differently. They fit in with our other two dogs well. So thanks again for the new family members Brad. Max and LuLu are happy pups. By the way Brads pups point out of good breeding at 8 weeks. Stellar pedigree at this kennel.
Submitted by: Kevin Brooks on Dec 31, 2014
I picked up Diesel in August of 2014 From Circle R kennel. He was born on 6-24-14. The Sire is Jack Hammer and the dam is Trixie. At 6 months old diesel is locked on point with live birds. He is also well mannered, he is well behaved around other dogs. I couldn't have asked for a better GSP. All I can say is WOW! Brad at Circle R Kennel knows how to breed superior dogs. Thank you Brad for a wonderful dog.

Submitted by: Jeff Hurst on Sep 22, 2014
We picked up Morgan last July From Circle R kennel. Brad was an enormous help both over the phone and in person. He walked us through the temperament of each individual puppy we had to pick from. Morgans sire was Circle R Black Storm and Dam was Circle R Hannah. We couldn't be happier with him over the course of the last year. He hunted very often in his first year with much success and is a very well behaved dog in the home as well as the field. Brad will be taking him for a month soon for training and we are really looking forward to seeing him in the field after some formal work.
Submitted by: Dino Pittiglio on Sep 05, 2014
We picked up a pup from Brad in August of this year. What a nice addition to the family he has been. Brad helped my family and I pick out a great pup that would blend in well with our other two dogs. I can't say enough good things about Brad and how he runs his kennel. If you're looking for a GSP pup I highly recommend Circle R Kennel.
Submitted by: Bob Griffith on Aug 16, 2014
Well where do I start, We met Brad at woods and waters last September in Imaly City. After talking to Brad and his wife for some time we decided to purchase one of his GSP puppy's. His knowledge of the breed and his passion made it easy to choose one of his pups over the many breeders at the show.Lola was 8 weeks when we picked her up and has been nothing but a joy to have around.She bonded and fit in with our other two dogs immediately. She is very loving,energetic,and intelligent.House broke in a week and very easy to obedience train.She is now a year old and has spent a month with Brad at the objections of my wife as she feared should would not get her loving puppy back after 30 days of training.Lola came back just as loving as she left with no personality changes (still in my lap or under my chair). We got her back 2 weeks ago and the preserves opened yesterday. I could not wait to get her out and see what she had learned.I had 6 birds planted and hoped for the best.She was rock solid on point on all 6 birds,never flinched when the 12 gauge went off,found all the down birds and did reasonable on the retrieves.She responded to all commands and hunted like a pro.This was her first hunt and it was unbelievable to watch the dog work from start to finish. I can not say enough about Brad,his dogs, and his training methods. If your looking for a puppy,started dog,or a trainer you will not do any better than Brad and the Circle R Kennel.

Submitted by: Keith and Shawna on Jul 19, 2014
Sorry this has taken so long, to get up. We lost one of our dogs shortly after Christmas, and since we have an older german shorthair, we were looking for an older puppy. That's when we came across an ad for Army, now Remington. He's been apart of our family for 7 months and we couldn't be more pleased. He shows signs to be a phenominal hunting dog he loves to point, stalk, creep, and run. He's a very smart level headed dog that has been an ease to train in basic commands. He's very trustworthy off the leash, never wandering far and always coming back when called. We're excited to drop him back off to Brad in less then two weeks so he can start his hunt training, we have no doubt that he wont be anything but an exceptional hunting partner, as he's already an exceptional family dog.
Submitted by: Mark N on Jul 14, 2014
We met Brad at the Woods and Waters show while looking for a GSP puppy. We immediately could tell how much he cares about his dogs. Our dog has been amazing! Great temperament, loves everyone and has a natural curiosity that is without fear. He is almost a year and strong and healthy. He is almost never on a leash anymore as he will heel on command no matter the situation. Been a great dog and Brad is really great to work with. Going back to have him do some field training before the season. Get a pup from him, you won't be disappointed!!
Submitted by: Mike Klipper on Jun 19, 2014
Because of a serious medical issue about 10 days after I picked up GSP from Brad in December 2013 Brad was kind enough to let me return him. I was devastated. Life goes on. However Brad understood and gave me the opportunity to have first pick of the next litter. Well, we picked up Army II 5 weeks ago and he was exactly what we expected, pure joy. When we arrived home he went right into his kennel. He howled for the first two nights and never again. He sleeps in his kennel every night. It took only two weeks to potty train him. It took him some time to become accustom to the sounds of the city but we are there. He is a load but all is well. In due time he will be back with Brad for training. As I mentioned in my first comments back in December Brad has raised some great GSP,s and we are fortunate enough to have one. If you are looking for a great breeder and great GSP's go to Circle R Kennels.
Submitted by: Thomas Butler on Apr 14, 2014
Took my seven and a half month old GSP, Cletus Storm Over the Western Front, out of Circle R Black Storm and Circle R Bella, up-north this past weekend since it was the last weekend before april 15th. Saturday morning I started the weekend working him on a pigeon in a launcher in heavy cover. He pointed, steadied to flush, and the bird was shot down for him and he made a very exited retrieve (this was his first bird shot down for him). Then we ran the magical grouse woods all day Saturday and Sunday. For the weekend he had over 16 solid finds on wild birds split pretty evenly between woodcock and grouse. He matured so much as a hunting dog this past weekend it astounds me. He literally went from being a puppy tweety bird sight pointer out on a fun run in the woods, to being a determined game-bird finder, scent pointing and running the woods with purpose and drive. For each bird he encountered he handled better than the last. He had several textbook points on grouse where he held the bird so well that I was kicking the bird up myself. He was pointing and holding grouse in heavy cover and giving them usually about 30 feet of space. With woodcock I could tell he was getting the scent but he had more of a tendency to bump em. He would reliably find singles after the covey flush and often pointed them well. I am sure he is going to be a fabulous gun dog. On Sunday night even after running all day he got exited when I got my gun out to clean it. He presented me a lot of easy shots this past weekend and if it had been hunting season I would have filled my game pouch. He works at a comfortable range but covers a lot of ground. I am certain that if you get a GSP from Brad and expose it to birds that your gonna have a great bird dog.

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