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CIRCLE R KENNEL - Michigan German Shorthaired Pointer Breeders

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Our licensed kennel specializes in training pointing breeds but also work flushers for upland hunting. Dogs should be at least 10 months old. A two week evaluation will be done on your dog. If we feel that your dog is not progressing satisfactorily, the dog and remaining training fee will be returned to the owner. An up to date health certificate will be required. All dogs should receive vaccines at least 30 days prior to scheduled drop off date.

The owner will provide dog food. This is done to make sure dog has food that his system is accustomed to.

During a one month training period, your dog will be fully conditioned to a beeper collar, hand and whistle signal trained, worked with our finished dogs, and have birds shot down to them.

We train on over 300 acres of personal property and 150 acres of preserve property. All of this acreage is designated as state licensed hunting preserve property, so dogs can be trained and shot over year round. In addition, we have access to several ponds so your dogs can be exercised and worked in the water.

Need your dog conditioned? Our property has a one mile trail that your dog can be safely run/roaded on with our ATV's.

Circle R Kennel has 3-4 well bred, hard hunting G.S.P. males for breeding, and raise a couple of litters a year from our top females. Started and finished dogs also avaliable.

Limited boarding space (with or without field work) also avaliable. 4000 square foot fenced exercise area.

References avaliable upon request.

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German Shorthaired Pointer
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Brad Rainey
1688 English Road
Deford, Michigan 48729
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 25 years.
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Submitted by: Mike Klipper on Jun 19, 2014
Because of a serious medical issue about 10 days after I picked up GSP from Brad in December 2013 Brad was kind enough to let me return him. I was devastated. Life goes on. However Brad understood and gave me the opportunity to have first pick of the next litter. Well, we picked up Army II 5 weeks ago and he was exactly what we expected, pure joy. When we arrived home he went right into his kennel. He howled for the first two nights and never again. He sleeps in his kennel every night. It took only two weeks to potty train him. It took him some time to become accustom to the sounds of the city but we are there. He is a load but all is well. In due time he will be back with Brad for training. As I mentioned in my first comments back in December Brad has raised some great GSP,s and we are fortunate enough to have one. If you are looking for a great breeder and great GSP's go to Circle R Kennels.
Submitted by: Thomas Butler on Apr 14, 2014
Took my seven and a half month old GSP, Cletus Storm Over the Western Front, out of Circle R Black Storm and Circle R Bella, up-north this past weekend since it was the last weekend before april 15th. Saturday morning I started the weekend working him on a pigeon in a launcher in heavy cover. He pointed, steadied to flush, and the bird was shot down for him and he made a very exited retrieve (this was his first bird shot down for him). Then we ran the magical grouse woods all day Saturday and Sunday. For the weekend he had over 16 solid finds on wild birds split pretty evenly between woodcock and grouse. He matured so much as a hunting dog this past weekend it astounds me. He literally went from being a puppy tweety bird sight pointer out on a fun run in the woods, to being a determined game-bird finder, scent pointing and running the woods with purpose and drive. For each bird he encountered he handled better than the last. He had several textbook points on grouse where he held the bird so well that I was kicking the bird up myself. He was pointing and holding grouse in heavy cover and giving them usually about 30 feet of space. With woodcock I could tell he was getting the scent but he had more of a tendency to bump em. He would reliably find singles after the covey flush and often pointed them well. I am sure he is going to be a fabulous gun dog. On Sunday night even after running all day he got exited when I got my gun out to clean it. He presented me a lot of easy shots this past weekend and if it had been hunting season I would have filled my game pouch. He works at a comfortable range but covers a lot of ground. I am certain that if you get a GSP from Brad and expose it to birds that your gonna have a great bird dog.
Submitted by: Shawn Pitts on Apr 09, 2014
Where do I even begin? Brad is an excellent choice if you are thinking of purchasing a hunting dog. He is extremely knowledgeable about the GSP breed and takes great care and pride in what he does. We purchased a female last summer (July 2013) and named her Piper. From that start she was a great dog. It only took me 3 1/2 weeks to potty train her and by August we no longer used a crate when we left. (We did gate her in the kitchen) After Christmas we stopped gating her and she has free range of the house. She is extremely smart and knows more tricks than our older dog. I have been diabetic for 26 years and have many complications. Piper has sensed low blood sugar attacks before me and calms my severe muscle spasms just by climbing next to me in the chair. She senses when I no longer "need" her and knows when to leave. She is so affectionate and loving and hardly barks! I am sure we got the pick of the litter when we got her, but I have a feeling all of Brad's dogs are amazing. We have her enrolled in what we've been calling "bird school" for May with Brad and I am sure I will only have more good things to say. Piper is a perfect fit to our family. I am sure any of Brad's dogs would make a wonderful addition to any family.
Submitted by: Albert Mickalich on Feb 25, 2014
This past summer I had to put my GSP down after 12 great years hunting with him. My wife did all the research on finding another hunting partner. She was very thorough in her research and she decided on Brad. We initially went out to see a young male he had by the name of Cooper. After spending some time talking with Brad I could tell he was a straight forward and knowledgable man. I decided to take Cooper but while I was there he had another dog that was a bit older. Needless to say I now have two fantastic dogs from Brad. The older dog, Cal, I hunted last fall and he performed extremely well. Copper will be going to Brads this spring for training which I know he will be trained correctly based upon how Brad trained Cal. If you are looking for a hunting partner Brad has one for you. Top quality breeder with a beautiful blood line.

Submitted by: Mike Klipper on Dec 26, 2013
After searching on the net for weeks I finally decided to pull the trigger on purchasing a GSP. I found Brad's web site and decided to inquire about the last dog he had left. I chose CIRCLE R KENNEL because he had everything that I was looking for, not only in a GSP but the expertise in helping to train this dog into becoming a great bird dog. After meeting and talking to him I could not wait to take my new GSP (aka Army) home with me. Brad's kennels are well kept and he is extremely knowledgeable in breeding and training bird dogs. I look forward to dropping Army off in August so that he can begin his new training with Brad. Army is beautiful, smart, still a puppy but in only one week he lets me know when he wants to go outside to do his business. "You want a GSP?" Then go to CIRCLE R KENNEL.
Submitted by: blake and amanda on Dec 07, 2013
I have bought three gsp from Brad. One for my dad and two for myself and wife. Not only are these dogs terrific house dogs, but it took two trips to the woods before Maggie (17 months) was pointing naturally, and holding like a champ. Stella (7 months) is showing good signs with the wing. I am really excited to get her out next year. The dogs have great temperaments, good energy, and are beautiful dogs. Thank you Brad.
Submitted by: Mike Wilson on Nov 18, 2013
My experience started about a year ago. I purchased a german wirehaired pointer pup. She is the fourth pointing dog I have owned. The others were all trained by other people with no owner involvement. I thought I would be more involved with the training this time. So found a trainer that came recomended by a coworker close to home and began working with him. On our second visit things started to go bad.Things were not working out with him the dog had become both bird and gun shy. We took the summer off I looked for another trainer.A friend of mine recommended Bran and said he had trained several dogs for him. So I contacted Brad and he said he thougjht he could help me.We scheduled her training and took when the time. Brad called 1 week into the training and said I needed to come get her. She was in heat. I took her back about a month later and told Brad I would call in two weeks for a progress report.I was afraid to call for fear the news would be bad. So Brad called me after three weeks and said she had turned the corner and he was able to shoot over her but still needed some more work. After four and a half weeks he called and said she was ready to go. We picked her up saw Brad shoot three birds over her in the rain multiple shots no problem. Brad told me take to home and shoot some birds over her by her self which I am doing four or five at a time and she is bird crazy. Holds point solid whistle beeper and e-colar trained.Thanks Brad.Would recomnd you anyone that asked. If it wasnt for Brad I would have had a very expensive pet. Thank again for every thing. Mike Wilson
Submitted by: Thomas Butler on Nov 13, 2013
Picked up a black white patched heavily ticked gsp pup out of Circle R Black Storm and Circle R Bella from Brad on 11/6/2013. Its been a week now with the pup and I have absolutely no regrets with my purchase. Hes a gorgeous pup, with stunning markings. He is very smart and biddable, with a little bit of clicker training in the past week and he is coming to a double whistle, sitting to hand command and retrieving to hand. Took right to his crate training in two days and sleeps in their on his own accord. Definitely has natural ability, he points at the chickens through the fence, points at the cats and anything else he finds interesting. Navigates the woods with his nose. Pup was in great shape when we picked him up and up to date on shots. Brad is a standup guy. I would definitely do business with Brad Rainey again.

Thomas Butler
Submitted by: Gary Hagen on Nov 10, 2013
On October 22nd I sumitted a testimonial on my foster dog yellow lab before going to South Dakota. The results in South Dakota were amazing due to the training the lab received from Brad and the two trips to a pheasant farm in Michigan to hunt the lab by himself and reinforce what was taught to the lab. He hunted perfectly in South Dakota, responded to the whistle training perfectly and returned all the downed birds to the owner. That was all the downed birds by the 8 hunters,Simple amazing for a dog that previouly was a ball retreiver,couch potato, and never hunted before going to Brads.
However there was 3 other dogs. All shorthairs. One experienced, one trained by Brad a couple of years ago, and one trained recently. All the dogs except the recent shorthair did great. The recent dog does not like the owner, the owner does not believe in the whistle, the owner spends very little time with the dog, did not follow Brads directions, and the dog is in a pen outside the home with little human contact. This dog has a lot of potential. However, I am afraid this potential will not be acheived.
Brad is the best I have seen. However, the owners of their dogs must do what Brad advises and love their dogs. Gary Hagen, Presque Isle, Mi.
Submitted by: Gary Hagen on Oct 22, 2013
I personnally have been involved in having Brad train two Labs. One white and one yellow. Both dogs before they went to Brads had no idea why they were on this earth. The white Lab would just follow you around. He was about 1 year old. Brad took this dog and in four weeks the dog hunted and acknowleged whistle commands like a pro. We took this dog on our South Dakota trip and he was amazing. The second dog is a 2 year old yellow Lab that only retrieved balls and occupied the couch. However, the dog has endless energy. We took the dog to Brad's boot camp. The dog completed his training about 2 weeks ago. Last week end was the first time we had the dog on birds at a pheasant farm. The dog was remarkable. This weekend we are again going to the pheasant farm and the next day to a wild preserve. We hunt this dog alone for the first three times out as instructed by Brad so the dog is refreshed on the commands and his whistlle traing. November 2nd we all head for South Dakota with our new trained buddy. Many Thanks Gary Hagen, Presque Isle, Mi.

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