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Submitted by: Blake H on Dec 09, 2020
Brad and his wife are great people, and were very welcoming to my wife and I. Our Male GSP was born on 5/22/2020. He loves to be trained and stay busy but also is a great family dog and very affectionate. We couldn’t imagine our lives without him. Thanks Brad!
Submitted by: Debbie Swenty on Aug 01, 2020
We could not ask for a better experience!! Brad and Candy are a great couple to work with. Brad answered all of our questions and went above the norm for someone wanting to know more about his kennels and dogs. This was our first time getting a pup online and had to drive 7 hrs to get to the kennels. We now have a very healthy, happy 9 week old GSP named Jasmine. She is beautiful, easily trainable and is enjoying her large yard and toys. Thank you for everything!!
Submitted by: Joe Kociolek on Apr 28, 2019
I got my first GSP 6 years ago. Her name is babe Brad was very nice , informative about the best way for me to train her and has allways answered any questions I have had all these years. What else can I say, he loves what he is doing and in opinion you can not find anyone better at training or raising a better hunting dog. I have had and enjoy every moment I spend with babe. He is willing to work with me on the best hunting dog I have ever had. She is amazing an absolute pleasure, and a hunting fool. She loves to hunt even more than me! This guy will not let you down!!!
Submitted by: Meghan Grabowski on Sep 03, 2018
This is our first Red Fox Lab puppy from Brad and we cannot say anything but wonderful things about Brad and our puppy (Goose).

Goose at almost 7 months old is extremely smart and a strong swimmer. To say he loves the water is an understatement. On top of that, he is quick and eager to learn new things. He truly is our pride and joy.

Brad was extremely helpful during our puppy picking process. Very knowledgeable about the breed. Really hoping he breeds again this upcoming winter/spring, we would love to get a female.
Submitted by: Gary and Wendy Hazel on Jul 10, 2018
We picked up our third circle R kennels German Shorthair. His name is Kodiak and like his brother and sister Sasha and Gunnar her is a fantastic dog. Brad is very knowledgeable and does an excellent job with his breeding.Couldn't be happier highly recommend Circle R if you're looking for a fine quality hunting dog that also makes a great pet and house dog, Then Circle R is the place you should look.All 3 of our GSPs sleep with us in the bed every night.
I am a Grouse hunter and Brads dogs do a great job on this elusive bird.
Can't wait till fall to get this young pup out of the Grouse Woods so far his training has been excellent like all of Brad's dog he is very intelligent.
Submitted by: Gary and Wendy Hazel on Jul 10, 2018
We picked up our third circle R kennels German Shorthair. His name is Kodiak and like his brother and sister Sasha and Gunnar her is a fantastic dog. Brad is very knowledgeable and does an excellent job with his breeding.Couldn't be happier highly recommend Circle R if you're looking for a fine quality hunting dog that also makes a great pet and house dog, Then Circle R is the place you should look.All 3 of our GSPs sleep with us in the bed every night.
I am a Grouse hunter and Brads dogs do a great job on this elusive bird.
Can't wait till fall to get this young pup out of the Grouse Woods so far his training has been excellent like all of Brad's dog he is very intelligent.
Submitted by: Tracey Frantz on Jul 04, 2018
I purchased GSP puppy from Brad in June and she's just been amazing. I currently have a 10 yr old GSP and she gets alone nicely with the puppy. Brad has been fantastic with answering all my questions before and after I purchased the pup. I would recommend anyone to him. I also look forward to possibly getting another pup from him n the future
Submitted by: Kris Peltier on Jun 27, 2018
Finally getting around to leaving my review here!!! We bought our GSP pup 4 years ago from Brad. Our 10 year old GSP had just passed, and even though we are not hunters- we loved this breed, and wanted another. I found Brad online, called him, and went out to check out the only pup he had left right then. A perfect match for us- a male, and all brown- which is just what we wanted!!! Brad was so nice- answered any questions we had- even after we bought him. He was full of helpful advice!! We’ve had Walli 4 years now, and I can honestly say he has the best temperament of any dog we have ever owned!! He is loving and friendly to everyone, and everyone wants to know what kind of dog he is, and where did we find him. I HIGHLY recommend Brad if you are looking for a top-notch GSP!!
Submitted by: Jeff Case on May 27, 2018
We purchased a lab puppy from Brad on 4/9/18. Brad answered all my questions and showed me the parents of the puppy. Both he and his wife were friendly and passionate about the dogs!

The puppy (Jett) is now 13 weeks old. He was potty trained at 11 weeks. He is currently swimming, understands basic obedience commands and retrieving. Jett gets excited when he sees a gun and I look forward to introducing him to live birds later this summer!

Jett is a well bred, loving and intelligent dog! I would recommend Brad to anyone who want a good lab or German Shorthair puppy.
Submitted by: Jason Ghiotto on Apr 04, 2018
Brad is great to deal with!! Drove 7 ½ hour to pick up a 10 month German shorthair pointer. She has a great personality, and is a natural with her hunting skills. Would definitely recommended Brad to anyone looking for a companion, and an amazing hunting partner. Thank you again Brad. We will be back when we are interested in another puppy.
Submitted by: Tony Wendling Jr on Nov 30, 2017
We purchased our puppy at the end of July and I have waited until she has turned almost six months old to write this. I can't say enough good about Brad and his operation. He is knowledgeable, kind and ungodly good at what he does, it shows in his dogs. Our puppy is intelligent, easily trainable and she has the hunting ability built in. We were never going to have two dogs but after dealing with Brad and seeing how his dogs are we are planning for another. Thanks again Brad.
Submitted by: John Van Dam on Sep 29, 2017
I recently purchased a started 17 month old female GSP (Bella) from Brad. Brad trained Bella at his kennel. Bella worked out Bella in the field for us at his facility. Bella performed exactly as Brad said she would perform. If Brad says a dog will perform in a specific way I believe you can take it to the bank. If you ask Brad a question about a dog you can believe his answer. Brad will not tell you a lie about what a bird dog can or can not do.

The short answer is that you can believe what Brad says about a bird dog. I would not hesitate to buy another bird dog from Circle R Kennel. John Van Dam
Submitted by: Trevor pichiotino on Sep 11, 2017
We recently picked up our new German shorthair pointer (named Speck) family member / hunting partner. Upon arriving Brad was very helpful with all my questions about his kennel the pups and training. Brad is highly knowledgeable and great to work with. His dogs even as pups listened amazingly to commands and were very well mannered. All his dogs had beautiful markings and were very healthy. During vet check the vet conveyed how healthy and we'll mannered as a pup our GSP is. I would recommend Brad and his kennel to anyone looking for their new family member and or hunting partner. Further Brad has great prices for his dogs he has high quality dogs well mannered and as a pup trained well. I will go back to Brad when it's time to add a new member to my family and hunting team.
Submitted by: Joe & Julie Davidson on Sep 08, 2017
We purchased a 6 week old, male fox red lab on August 6th, 2017 from Circle R Kennel. We had an excellent experience working with breeder Brad Rainey.

Mr. Rainey was knowledgeable in answering questions, and gave us helpful advice. He took his time with our family, allowing us to meet the puppies and play with them to see which one we would like, which was a difficult choice because all of the puppies seemed well taken care of, very happy and playful. Mr. Rainey was not only helpful during our visit to his kennel, he was also helpful with a question that arose a few weeks later.

Mr. Rainey also introduced us to the litter's mom and dad! Both dogs seemed very happy with Mr. Rainey, which showed us the love and attention Mr. Rainey gives to his dogs.

It has been about a month since our puppy, Rusty, has joined our family. He is very healthy, very playful and friendly. He gets along great with the whole family which includes 3 kids and a 7 year old chocolate lab. The youngest of the kids (8 years old) just recently taught Rusty how to sit on command. He loves playing with the older dog, especially tug o' war. While the older dog exhibits a great amount of patience with the puppy, he has also accepted him into the family and seems to enjoy playing with him.

We highly recommend Brad Rainey's puppies. Thanks Brad!
Submitted by: Stephanie on Aug 25, 2017
We picked up our female Fox Red Labrador, Bailey, on Father's Day at 6 1/2 weeks old. Brad was very patient in answering all our questions. Our vet commented how clean and well cared for she was. Everyone who sees her says how pretty she is! She was potty trained by 11 weeks and is a typical playful puppy we love very much! I would recommend Circle R kennels for anyone looking for a new puppy.
Submitted by: Heather and Robert Lowe on Aug 23, 2017
We picked up our fox red lab almost three weeks ago. The Raineys are very knowledgeable and genuinely love their breed. Our puppy has been very docile and sociable. I wholeheartedly endorse the Circle R Kennel.
Submitted by: Daniel Madar and Taylor Wilcox on Aug 19, 2017
Brad is great guy, picked up a beautiful german shorthair, was pointing first day we got him. Would defiantly recommend brad to anyone looking for a awesome hunting dog.
Submitted by: Jillian and Shawn Reil on Aug 15, 2017
After unexpectedly having to put down both our labs in 2016 we felt a void in our hearts that we knew had to be filed with a new lab pup! We did some research and found Brad and I'am so glad we did! We picked up our fox red lab on August 5th! Brad was very friendly and has a true passion for what he does! Our girl Charlie is a great puppy and absolutely loves our 5 and 6 year old boys! They became best buds instantly! We are so happy to have found Brad and Circle R Kennels!
Submitted by: Eric and Sherri on Aug 14, 2017
We picked up our beautiful Fox Red Lab puppy last week. We did a lot of research to find the right dog for us and Brad could not have been more helpful in answering our questions. He happily showed us his operation and we met "Nugget's" Mom and Dad. Brad loves what he does and it shows. We highly recommend Circle R Kennel to anyone looking for a Lab or GSH puppy!
Submitted by: Kiersten Hood on Aug 11, 2017
Submitted by: Jackie on Aug 04, 2017
Brad is the best! We picked up our male fox red lab a couple weeks ago, and are so in love with him! Brad was so informational about the breed, helpful about puppies, and thoughtful to us when picking out our puppy. We would recommend Brad to anyone looking for their new best friend pup!!!
Submitted by: Linda Goodrich on Jul 29, 2017
We got are first GS from Brad years ago. We had to put him down and I was not ready for a new one yet. Than last weekend my friend was here and talking about what a great beautiful dog he was! So I checked on his web site( which I would do a few time a year) and he had ones that looked just like Bentley all liver. So I called and we went there today and came home with another great dog but not the one I originally thought I wanted. The one I got was the granddaughter of Bentleys brother and had the same white mark on her nose so I had to get her!! If looking for a dog Brad is great! And my husband hardly had to work with Bentley at all he was a great hunter!
Submitted by: Jordan on Jun 17, 2017
Had a great experience meeting Brad and picking up the red lab today. You can tell he is passionate about his work and cares for the dogs. Was worth the trip from GR area. Will be recommending Brad to others that are interested in labs. Thanks again.
Submitted by: Jennifer on Jun 02, 2017
We picked up our Labrador puppy on May 28,2017 - Mabel is a beautiful puppy, we just adore her! I would recommend Brad to anyone looking for a new puppy!
Submitted by: Kathy and Steve brunner on Oct 30, 2016
We couldn't be happier with the great training our Black Lab MOXIE received at Circle R Kennel! Brad did a fantastic job teaching her to point and retrieve.We took Moxie to a Pheasant farm and we were blown away on how she hunted. She worked her tail off. She pointed all but 2 and retrieved all birds and was very careful not to chew them up. The next hunt was on wild birds. Again she did great. We shot 3 woodcocks and she retrieved all three.Thank you Brad for the outstanding job you did training our Moxie!! We highly recommend Circle R Kennel for your dog training needs!
Submitted by: Kevin and Michele on Sep 29, 2016
We picked up "Gracie" on Labor Day 2016 and what a beautiful girl she is. She adapted well to our home (we have 3 adult GSP males) and she jumped right into the mix without reservation. She is very loving and a cuddlier which is what I wanted and when Kevin took her out in the field last week with the other dogs he was impressed with her hunting instincts at 13 weeks. She is taking to basic puppy obedience training well...very smart and intuitive puppy. 9/28/16
Submitted by: Robert Powell on Sep 21, 2016
When I was looking for My Puppy I found Brad on this website luckily for me he had a male and female left when I spoke with him. When I got to his Kennels I was extremely impressed with how well maintained he kept everything.
I met the parents of my Pup and was also impressed both beautiful dogs. I ended up with both the female and male. My Friend wanted one if I liked what I saw. I kept the Female Keeva. I can honestly say she is the best dog I have ever had. well mannered, loves everyone, very alert nothing happens that she is not aware of. She is not a timid dog either.
I will recommend Brad to anyone He was very pleasant to deal with straight up kinda guy and clearly knows his dogs.
The Male puppy Otis is also a great dog that is being trained for duck hunting and the owner is quite happy.
Submitted by: Bent Wisenbachb on Aug 21, 2016
We picked our GSP pup up a week ago and the family could not be happier. Brad has alot of new updates at his kennel and you can tell that he is very passionate about his dogs I would highly recommend Brad at Circle R to anyone.
Submitted by: Tony Minano on Aug 16, 2016
I need to start off by saying, Thank you Brad for an amazing puppy. When first meeting Brad, anyone can tell that he takes pride and is very passionate in what he does. A very stand up gentleman and it was my privilege in meeting him and his lovely wife.
My good friend has a 3 year old German Shorthair named Rufus that he picked up from Brad. When I first met Rufus, I just knew I had to get with Brad to get my own Shorthair. Hes a great family dog and a remarkable hunter.
So with that said, I recently picked up a gorgeous solid brown German Shorthair from Brad. She is everything any happy dog owner could ever expect in a pup. At just a little over 2 months of age, she already loves to retrieve all of her stuffed animals to me. She is definitely a one of a kind. And Brad, you were right, shes very independent. I'm very excited to see what the future has in store with her. Which I can already tell that shes going to exceed all of my expectations of her. Definitely can not wait in bringing her back to Brad for all her training.

Tony Minano
Submitted by: David Krogel on Aug 03, 2016
I picked up my Fox Red Pointing Lab in mid-April, he was born on March 1st and is now just over 5 months old. The sire was Blaze (looks like Brad currently has 2 pups for sale sired by Blaze) and the dam was Reba. He is very intelligent and was house-broken very quickly. At 4 months old, I took him to the dog park for the first time. There were other Lab pups there that were 6 months old, mine was just as big as they were. That makes me very happy because I plan on training him mostly for duck and goose hunting - I want a big dog to crash through the cattails and brush easily. I also plan on taking him back to Brad for upland game training.

Brad is very passionate about his dogs. You can see it in his face and hear it in his voice when he talks about them. If I ever look for another dog, I won't hesitate to go back to him.
Submitted by: Bob Vasileski on Apr 29, 2016
We had a great experience with Brad Rainey. Brad always sent me pictures of the pup when they were born everytime i had asked. We picked up Gunner when he was 6 weeks old and he is doing great. Already has learned how to sit when told and likes to play fetch. My 2 year old son was scared of him at first but they are now buddies. i would highly recommend Brad Rainey at Circle R Kennels to anyone who is looking for a new addition to there family.
Submitted by: George Frantz on Dec 01, 2015
I met Brad at Wood and Water show in 2014, wanted to buy his pups at that point but had surgery scheduled soon and it wouldn't work out. Brad explained his process for deposits on up coming liters he was having. Needless to say in December of that year I made sure he had my deposit. After reading the testimonies of others, and meeting him at his kennels, I was glad I gave him a deposit! Brad is very knowledgeable and knows his stuff with these dogs. I brought my pup home and within a week he was traing with a wing and locking on it. I was tickled to death inside and had to show everyone how much instinct this pup had. I would have no problem purchasing another pup from him again! Now when he get around 8 months I will have the pup back to him for his month training to sharpen his skills even better. I highly recommend Brad @ Circle R Kennels for all your puppy and dog needs!
Submitted by: Matt R on Nov 28, 2015
Brad is an absolute miracle worker. I sent my 2 year old GSP to him for training. She'd never had any sort of formal training, had never been hunted over before, and was incredibly timid. It took me a long time to decide on where I was going to send Teddi, but I did a lot of online research and narrowed it down to Brad and one other kennel. I made a trip out to Circle R and immediately cancers my trip to the other kennel. Brads facilities are clean and his knowledge and honesty really sold me. The fact that he does a 2 week eval on the dogs instead of just taking in dogs that will be easy to train was what truly convinced me that Brad was the right choice. I've had some personal things come up that have prevented me from getting her out in the field yet, but we are going next weekend and I have no doubt that Teddi will do great. Brad, thank you for your amazing work!
Submitted by: Albert Mickalich on Nov 11, 2015
I've been a die hard GSP guy for years, I currently have three of them, two from Brad and their great. The last time I was at Brads my wife fell in love with one of his Fox Red Pointing Labs pups. I was concerned on how well this dog would be, would it be a flash point, how long would he last in the field and the list goes on. I have to say Hank is a pleasure to hunt at only his first season, he is like a GSP but in a smaller package but with the personality of lab. What a fun dog to hunt with, great on grouse because he works nice and close and also pheasant especially along the road ditches. This dog is a natural and he's only getting better. Great Job Brad on this blood line.
Submitted by: Larry Rosen on Nov 09, 2015
Saw Brad at Woods and Waters Festivel this year In Imlay City Michigan. He had a litter of Lab puppy's. I have been very skeptical about buying puppy during this festival. However it seemed the right time and the right breeder. I have had previous experience with Brad as he trained my Large Musterlander for upland and did a great job with her. She is now nine years old and still pointing and retrieving Pheasants. When it came to buying a Labrador I have been reluctant and very selective. I knew if i ever got another Lab it would have a lot to live up too as my last Labrador a Black was AKC Master Hunter before the age of 2. Well here we are today November 6th 2015 I brought a Lab from Brad at the festival knowing they were from generations of Pointing Labradors. A nice feature in a Lab but I wanted a duck dog as well. Our new Lab from Brad is almost 5 month old and doing great. He is and awesome Yellow but Fox Red in Color. He was pretty much house broken but week 11 or 12.Now just old enough to start with a small choke chain he already has a great grasp of healing after just one or two walks. Something that usually takes many days, took only two. Sit and stay are coming easy as well. So far so good. At 10 weeks I brought a Pheasant home from a local club and he carried it around the yard. Waiting for his first chance at the water but waiting for his last set of shots before we ate on that one.
Submitted by: Rich Russell on Nov 05, 2015
Our female GSHP Mocha was from the 9-11-11 litter. Just got back from Pierre, S. Dakota and was so proud and amazed how well Mocha hunted. Wild birds run, and Mocha followed until she went on point,sometimes covering 200 yds., never leaving point unless she felt the bird had ran some more. Best dog ever, myself and all others that I hunted with were extremely impressed with her determination and completion of task that she took on! Pointed, ran down wounded birds and retrieved without hesitation. Can you tell how happy I am with Mocha!!
Submitted by: Julia DeRoche on Sep 02, 2015
We picked up our 7 week-old male GSP last weekend, his name is Gruff. About four weeks prior, we visited Circle R and Brad to see the litters. Immediately, we were impressed by the kennel setup, and knew this was no puppy mill. Brad spent a great deal of time talking to us about GSPs and his experiences hunting and training with them. It was clear his clients respect his kennel, and have no problem kenneling their pups with Brad. At that time, we also we able to pick Brad's brain on tips for the care and training of our pup.

We received a call when expected from Brad for a day and time to pick up our pup. Since there were 3 pups left, Brad suggested and gave us reasons for the best pick for our home situation; family pet plus hunting. We gladly listened to his suggestion. Our paperwork was ready, Gruff was clean and beautiful. His shots were up to date and Brad and Candy sent us home with the appropriate food for a few days, and a toy with the litter scent in it.

We have contacted Brad since with all kinds of silly questions, and he has been responsive and kind to us. We feel like we can contact him for any help in the future. This was not just the sale of a puppy, but the beginning of a nice relationship with a responsible and knowledgeable breeder. We plan on contacting Brad for our next pup as well.

In addition, Brad had a few started dogs in his kennel we would have loved to bring home as well as Gruff.

Gruff is smart, very gentle with the toddlers. As for the hunting, we will see. We are not concerned.

We highly recommend checking out Circle R.
Submitted by: Justin on Jul 30, 2015
Brad donated a month of training to Bay County Pheasants Forever, I lost in the auction but after learning more about Brad I knew I wanted my Weimaraner puppy to be trained by him. I visited my dog after 2 weeks and was very pleased with his progress. I picked up my dog and Brad took me to the field to show just how well my dog had done, I was extremely pleased with how well Brad had prepared him and trained him. I would recommend Brad for any type of pointing breed to get your dog on the right track to being a great bird dog.
Submitted by: K RANDALL on Jun 22, 2015
TRAINING: Brad from Circle R Kennels will take in and board dogs to train not from his kennel and I highly recommend him.

I have waited 3 weeks since the month long training to be certain my satisfaction did not wane, and it has not! I have had GSP's for 25 years so I am not inexperienced and I have never had to use a trainer before but this dog NEEDED more. I had a 2 year old BEAUTIFUL female that had totally exhausted the entire family. Have you ever had one of those days with your kids where you thought they were just precious-when they were sleeping? That's how it was with her. We had to force ourselves to take her for walks. It is now a joy! I am still amazed how I can blow the whistle and she stops on the dime and looks to me for direction. Yesterday alone we came across several deer, squirrels and a turkey with her chicks while off lead and there were no handling problems. She stays within range, follows direction, comes when I call, and heals off lead. Pulling on lead had been a HUGE problem before that 3 different classes and collars could not correct, and now she heals off lead.
Thanks to Brad, we now have a dog that we enjoy and her life is better too because of it.

Furthermore, if you are hesitant to take your dog to a trainer because you have concerns about their care, let me put that worry to rest. Whenever we visited, his kennels were clean and the dogs there were all well fed, exercised and in good health. Even with these reassuring signs, my teenager was in tears leaving our family member behind. Brad was so good and patient with his reassurances to her, that I just knew he was the right trainer.
Submitted by: Roy Brown on Jan 15, 2015
Well I found out about Brad through another breeder that a guy at my work suggested to me to get into contact with. From the moment that I talked to Brad you could tell he was really passionate about breeding GSP's. He truly loves this breed and has vast knowledge about the GSP's. So after I made my deposit a couple weeks later my wife and I made the 5 hour drive to Michigan to get our new pup. So we arrive at Brads and he shows me the remaining females. Which these pups were from Jack Hammer and Hannah's litter. While we were picking LuLu which my daughter named her before we got her. We also had this little rascal male that kept following us everywhere. Needless to say we left Michigan with two GSP pups. Everyone said that we were crazy but now that they are just about 8 months old I never would have done it differently. They fit in with our other two dogs well. So thanks again for the new family members Brad. Max and LuLu are happy pups. By the way Brads pups point out of good breeding at 8 weeks. Stellar pedigree at this kennel.
Submitted by: Kevin Brooks on Dec 31, 2014
I picked up Diesel in August of 2014 From Circle R kennel. He was born on 6-24-14. The Sire is Jack Hammer and the dam is Trixie. At 6 months old diesel is locked on point with live birds. He is also well mannered, he is well behaved around other dogs. I couldn't have asked for a better GSP. All I can say is WOW! Brad at Circle R Kennel knows how to breed superior dogs. Thank you Brad for a wonderful dog.

Submitted by: Jeff Hurst on Sep 22, 2014
We picked up Morgan last July From Circle R kennel. Brad was an enormous help both over the phone and in person. He walked us through the temperament of each individual puppy we had to pick from. Morgans sire was Circle R Black Storm and Dam was Circle R Hannah. We couldn't be happier with him over the course of the last year. He hunted very often in his first year with much success and is a very well behaved dog in the home as well as the field. Brad will be taking him for a month soon for training and we are really looking forward to seeing him in the field after some formal work.
Submitted by: Dino Pittiglio on Sep 05, 2014
We picked up a pup from Brad in August of this year. What a nice addition to the family he has been. Brad helped my family and I pick out a great pup that would blend in well with our other two dogs. I can't say enough good things about Brad and how he runs his kennel. If you're looking for a GSP pup I highly recommend Circle R Kennel.
Submitted by: Bob Griffith on Aug 16, 2014
Well where do I start, We met Brad at woods and waters last September in Imaly City. After talking to Brad and his wife for some time we decided to purchase one of his GSP puppy's. His knowledge of the breed and his passion made it easy to choose one of his pups over the many breeders at the show.Lola was 8 weeks when we picked her up and has been nothing but a joy to have around.She bonded and fit in with our other two dogs immediately. She is very loving,energetic,and intelligent.House broke in a week and very easy to obedience train.She is now a year old and has spent a month with Brad at the objections of my wife as she feared should would not get her loving puppy back after 30 days of training.Lola came back just as loving as she left with no personality changes (still in my lap or under my chair). We got her back 2 weeks ago and the preserves opened yesterday. I could not wait to get her out and see what she had learned.I had 6 birds planted and hoped for the best.She was rock solid on point on all 6 birds,never flinched when the 12 gauge went off,found all the down birds and did reasonable on the retrieves.She responded to all commands and hunted like a pro.This was her first hunt and it was unbelievable to watch the dog work from start to finish. I can not say enough about Brad,his dogs, and his training methods. If your looking for a puppy,started dog,or a trainer you will not do any better than Brad and the Circle R Kennel.
Submitted by: Keith and Shawna on Jul 19, 2014
Sorry this has taken so long, to get up. We lost one of our dogs shortly after Christmas, and since we have an older german shorthair, we were looking for an older puppy. That's when we came across an ad for Army, now Remington. He's been apart of our family for 7 months and we couldn't be more pleased. He shows signs to be a phenominal hunting dog he loves to point, stalk, creep, and run. He's a very smart level headed dog that has been an ease to train in basic commands. He's very trustworthy off the leash, never wandering far and always coming back when called. We're excited to drop him back off to Brad in less then two weeks so he can start his hunt training, we have no doubt that he wont be anything but an exceptional hunting partner, as he's already an exceptional family dog.
Submitted by: Mark N on Jul 14, 2014
We met Brad at the Woods and Waters show while looking for a GSP puppy. We immediately could tell how much he cares about his dogs. Our dog has been amazing! Great temperament, loves everyone and has a natural curiosity that is without fear. He is almost a year and strong and healthy. He is almost never on a leash anymore as he will heel on command no matter the situation. Been a great dog and Brad is really great to work with. Going back to have him do some field training before the season. Get a pup from him, you won't be disappointed!!
Submitted by: Mike Klipper on Jun 19, 2014
Because of a serious medical issue about 10 days after I picked up GSP from Brad in December 2013 Brad was kind enough to let me return him. I was devastated. Life goes on. However Brad understood and gave me the opportunity to have first pick of the next litter. Well, we picked up Army II 5 weeks ago and he was exactly what we expected, pure joy. When we arrived home he went right into his kennel. He howled for the first two nights and never again. He sleeps in his kennel every night. It took only two weeks to potty train him. It took him some time to become accustom to the sounds of the city but we are there. He is a load but all is well. In due time he will be back with Brad for training. As I mentioned in my first comments back in December Brad has raised some great GSP,s and we are fortunate enough to have one. If you are looking for a great breeder and great GSP's go to Circle R Kennels.
Submitted by: Thomas Butler on Apr 14, 2014
Took my seven and a half month old GSP, Cletus Storm Over the Western Front, out of Circle R Black Storm and Circle R Bella, up-north this past weekend since it was the last weekend before april 15th. Saturday morning I started the weekend working him on a pigeon in a launcher in heavy cover. He pointed, steadied to flush, and the bird was shot down for him and he made a very exited retrieve (this was his first bird shot down for him). Then we ran the magical grouse woods all day Saturday and Sunday. For the weekend he had over 16 solid finds on wild birds split pretty evenly between woodcock and grouse. He matured so much as a hunting dog this past weekend it astounds me. He literally went from being a puppy tweety bird sight pointer out on a fun run in the woods, to being a determined game-bird finder, scent pointing and running the woods with purpose and drive. For each bird he encountered he handled better than the last. He had several textbook points on grouse where he held the bird so well that I was kicking the bird up myself. He was pointing and holding grouse in heavy cover and giving them usually about 30 feet of space. With woodcock I could tell he was getting the scent but he had more of a tendency to bump em. He would reliably find singles after the covey flush and often pointed them well. I am sure he is going to be a fabulous gun dog. On Sunday night even after running all day he got exited when I got my gun out to clean it. He presented me a lot of easy shots this past weekend and if it had been hunting season I would have filled my game pouch. He works at a comfortable range but covers a lot of ground. I am certain that if you get a GSP from Brad and expose it to birds that your gonna have a great bird dog.
Submitted by: Shawn Pitts on Apr 09, 2014
Where do I even begin? Brad is an excellent choice if you are thinking of purchasing a hunting dog. He is extremely knowledgeable about the GSP breed and takes great care and pride in what he does. We purchased a female last summer (July 2013) and named her Piper. From that start she was a great dog. It only took me 3 1/2 weeks to potty train her and by August we no longer used a crate when we left. (We did gate her in the kitchen) After Christmas we stopped gating her and she has free range of the house. She is extremely smart and knows more tricks than our older dog. I have been diabetic for 26 years and have many complications. Piper has sensed low blood sugar attacks before me and calms my severe muscle spasms just by climbing next to me in the chair. She senses when I no longer "need" her and knows when to leave. She is so affectionate and loving and hardly barks! I am sure we got the pick of the litter when we got her, but I have a feeling all of Brad's dogs are amazing. We have her enrolled in what we've been calling "bird school" for May with Brad and I am sure I will only have more good things to say. Piper is a perfect fit to our family. I am sure any of Brad's dogs would make a wonderful addition to any family.
Submitted by: Albert Mickalich on Feb 25, 2014
This past summer I had to put my GSP down after 12 great years hunting with him. My wife did all the research on finding another hunting partner. She was very thorough in her research and she decided on Brad. We initially went out to see a young male he had by the name of Cooper. After spending some time talking with Brad I could tell he was a straight forward and knowledgable man. I decided to take Cooper but while I was there he had another dog that was a bit older. Needless to say I now have two fantastic dogs from Brad. The older dog, Cal, I hunted last fall and he performed extremely well. Copper will be going to Brads this spring for training which I know he will be trained correctly based upon how Brad trained Cal. If you are looking for a hunting partner Brad has one for you. Top quality breeder with a beautiful blood line.
Submitted by: Mike Klipper on Dec 26, 2013
After searching on the net for weeks I finally decided to pull the trigger on purchasing a GSP. I found Brad's web site and decided to inquire about the last dog he had left. I chose CIRCLE R KENNEL because he had everything that I was looking for, not only in a GSP but the expertise in helping to train this dog into becoming a great bird dog. After meeting and talking to him I could not wait to take my new GSP (aka Army) home with me. Brad's kennels are well kept and he is extremely knowledgeable in breeding and training bird dogs. I look forward to dropping Army off in August so that he can begin his new training with Brad. Army is beautiful, smart, still a puppy but in only one week he lets me know when he wants to go outside to do his business. "You want a GSP?" Then go to CIRCLE R KENNEL.
Submitted by: blake and amanda on Dec 07, 2013
I have bought three gsp from Brad. One for my dad and two for myself and wife. Not only are these dogs terrific house dogs, but it took two trips to the woods before Maggie (17 months) was pointing naturally, and holding like a champ. Stella (7 months) is showing good signs with the wing. I am really excited to get her out next year. The dogs have great temperaments, good energy, and are beautiful dogs. Thank you Brad.
Submitted by: Mike Wilson on Nov 18, 2013
My experience started about a year ago. I purchased a german wirehaired pointer pup. She is the fourth pointing dog I have owned. The others were all trained by other people with no owner involvement. I thought I would be more involved with the training this time. So found a trainer that came recomended by a coworker close to home and began working with him. On our second visit things started to go bad.Things were not working out with him the dog had become both bird and gun shy. We took the summer off I looked for another trainer.A friend of mine recommended Bran and said he had trained several dogs for him. So I contacted Brad and he said he thougjht he could help me.We scheduled her training and took when the time. Brad called 1 week into the training and said I needed to come get her. She was in heat. I took her back about a month later and told Brad I would call in two weeks for a progress report.I was afraid to call for fear the news would be bad. So Brad called me after three weeks and said she had turned the corner and he was able to shoot over her but still needed some more work. After four and a half weeks he called and said she was ready to go. We picked her up saw Brad shoot three birds over her in the rain multiple shots no problem. Brad told me take to home and shoot some birds over her by her self which I am doing four or five at a time and she is bird crazy. Holds point solid whistle beeper and e-colar trained.Thanks Brad.Would recomnd you anyone that asked. If it wasnt for Brad I would have had a very expensive pet. Thank again for every thing. Mike Wilson
Submitted by: Thomas Butler on Nov 13, 2013
Picked up a black white patched heavily ticked gsp pup out of Circle R Black Storm and Circle R Bella from Brad on 11/6/2013. Its been a week now with the pup and I have absolutely no regrets with my purchase. Hes a gorgeous pup, with stunning markings. He is very smart and biddable, with a little bit of clicker training in the past week and he is coming to a double whistle, sitting to hand command and retrieving to hand. Took right to his crate training in two days and sleeps in their on his own accord. Definitely has natural ability, he points at the chickens through the fence, points at the cats and anything else he finds interesting. Navigates the woods with his nose. Pup was in great shape when we picked him up and up to date on shots. Brad is a standup guy. I would definitely do business with Brad Rainey again.

Thomas Butler
Submitted by: Gary Hagen on Nov 10, 2013
On October 22nd I sumitted a testimonial on my foster dog yellow lab before going to South Dakota. The results in South Dakota were amazing due to the training the lab received from Brad and the two trips to a pheasant farm in Michigan to hunt the lab by himself and reinforce what was taught to the lab. He hunted perfectly in South Dakota, responded to the whistle training perfectly and returned all the downed birds to the owner. That was all the downed birds by the 8 hunters,Simple amazing for a dog that previouly was a ball retreiver,couch potato, and never hunted before going to Brads.
However there was 3 other dogs. All shorthairs. One experienced, one trained by Brad a couple of years ago, and one trained recently. All the dogs except the recent shorthair did great. The recent dog does not like the owner, the owner does not believe in the whistle, the owner spends very little time with the dog, did not follow Brads directions, and the dog is in a pen outside the home with little human contact. This dog has a lot of potential. However, I am afraid this potential will not be acheived.
Brad is the best I have seen. However, the owners of their dogs must do what Brad advises and love their dogs. Gary Hagen, Presque Isle, Mi.
Submitted by: Gary Hagen on Oct 22, 2013
I personnally have been involved in having Brad train two Labs. One white and one yellow. Both dogs before they went to Brads had no idea why they were on this earth. The white Lab would just follow you around. He was about 1 year old. Brad took this dog and in four weeks the dog hunted and acknowleged whistle commands like a pro. We took this dog on our South Dakota trip and he was amazing. The second dog is a 2 year old yellow Lab that only retrieved balls and occupied the couch. However, the dog has endless energy. We took the dog to Brad's boot camp. The dog completed his training about 2 weeks ago. Last week end was the first time we had the dog on birds at a pheasant farm. The dog was remarkable. This weekend we are again going to the pheasant farm and the next day to a wild preserve. We hunt this dog alone for the first three times out as instructed by Brad so the dog is refreshed on the commands and his whistlle traing. November 2nd we all head for South Dakota with our new trained buddy. Many Thanks Gary Hagen, Presque Isle, Mi.
Submitted by: Jackie on Oct 08, 2013
I have to thank Brad for many things, but # 1 would be the amazing GPS puppy that I recently brought home.
I met Brad at the Woods & Water Show in Imlay City and after spending time talking with him and seeing the passion he has for his dogs, he sold me on the breed and who I wanted to purchase my first pup from. He took the time to answer any questions that i had and was always a email or phone call away.
Thanks to Brad I am a very happy owner of my first dog and first GPS pup who has dual citizenship as i travelled from Canada to deal with Brad. I have only had my little man for not even a week but the potential I see in him at such a young age is incredible.
Thank you Brad for everything. We will be back to visit soon
Submitted by: Eric Stocking on Jul 26, 2013
My review is a little late, but let me just say that I would not hesitate to recommend Brad or his dogs to anyone looking for an outstanding GSP. My male Fynn is out of Brad's June 2012 litter, and he has progressed far better than I could have hoped for in his 11 months. Outdoors he is a voracious, unrelenting hunter with strong pointing instincts. He runs with an effortless, athletic gait, and is truly a pleasure to watch in the grouse woods. Indoors he is a calm and well mannered couch potato, which is the quality that my wife appreciates very much. All in all, I can't put in to words how happy I am with my pup, and I recommend Brad whole-heartedly to anyone looking for a well bred, hard hunting GSP.

-Eric Stocking

Submitted by: John Cherry on Jun 19, 2013
I cannot comment on Mr. Rainey as a breeder but I brought him my pointing lab for training and he did a very nice job. Over five weeks she has advanced considerably on her patterning, and she is finding and pointing birds very well. He is good about communicating with the owners and he explains his training methods and how to continue working with your dog when you go home so that they stay on the right path.
Submitted by: Thomas Colvin on Jun 09, 2013
Once again this year Brad has worked with me on breeding my dog Sadie which I purchased from him in 2009 with his stud Storm. We produced a litter of 8, of which 4 were males and 4 females. This is are second year of breeding and again we produced excellent results. All my pups were sold before 6 weeks of age and all have been given excellent reports back to me. All my customers are surprised at how smart and easily trianed they are. In the 2 breedings we have done together Sadie has had 15 puppies total. We have 5 in Ohio, 1 in Arizona, and 9 in Michigan. I have nothing but praise for Brad and his kennel. I recomend him to any one. If any one wants to talk to me about him or his kennels Brad can give you my number and I will be more than happy to talk with you.
Submitted by: Leo Funsch on Jun 06, 2013
As a life long hound hunter you can imagine the predicument I found myself in when I became the proud owner of an 8 week old English Setter female puppy. My brother always had the bird dogs so I didn't need one. His passing left me in need of a pup of my own. He had owned several breeds over the years but I really liked the way his Setter hunted. I also remember what a difficult time he had had with certain aspects of the pups training, such as "running big". A friend recommended Brad Rainey and put me in touch with him. When I met Brad I explaine to him that I had a very raw 13 month old pup that had been allowed to be a pup for the full 13 months. His response was "good - I like it that way - does she run big?" The more we talked that day the more impressed I became. He was very candid about his expectations of my pup and my role in her training as well. I left that day knowing I had made the right choice for me and my pup. The facilities were great, his enthusiasm for his work, and his knowledge of all pointing dog breeds was very evident. I made 2 visits to his kennels over Abbies stay and was extremely impressed with the progress Brad had made with her in such a short time. Every time I called on her progress between visits Brad was very honest about what was going well and what was not. Each time there was something she needed to work on, he explained to me how he was going to address it with her. Very impressive! I brought home a healthy happy puppy today with suggestions from Brad on what to work with her on before we meet up again in September for a preserve hunt. I can't express strongly enough how thrilled I am with the job Brad did for Abbie and I.
Submitted by: Josh & Ashley on May 23, 2013
This is our second testimonial for Brad. The first one was showing our appreciation and expressing our love for our puppy. Now that Lucy is approaching her second birthday, been trained by Brad twice, and hunted with him three times, we have an entirely new appreciation for Brad. He is incredibly knowledgeable and understands his dogs. He also understands that not all dogs are the same, so he melds his knowledge with owners' experiences and connection with their dogs to be successful. He always makes himself available and is flexible in his techniques and offerings. He also deals well with dog mommies missing their puppies during training, and dog daddies who are learning how to hunt with their dogs for the first time. We really could not ask for more from a breeder/trainer/guide and we're so glad we found Lucy and Brad when we did!!!
Submitted by: Dan Cicuto on Mar 10, 2013
I think it's rare that you find breeders that put as much as their self into the breeding and training into their dogs as Brad Rainey, but He truely is the real deal. I selected Toby after reading some of his testimonials, and speaking on the phone. Came up from Chicago to look at Toby and knew that he would be a great fit. After picking him up after another months training and could not be happier. he is a great addition to our family and going to be a fantastic hunting partner Can't go wrong if you choose one from his litters.
Submitted by: Toney Casey on Jan 19, 2013
This should of been submitted months ago, but we all know how life gets in the way of these things. Last May I took my first bird dog ( a Brittany ) to Brad for training. Not only was it her first year, but mine as well. Brad is an excellent trainer and he takes wonderful care of the dogs as well. We have been on 3 hunts so far with a 4th coming up this weekend and I can not express how proud I am of my dog. She is growing into something I never imagined and it all started with the training Brad gave the both of us. I wish this site had a way to post a pic here, then maybe it would express the wonderful trainer that my Indy girl received. Thank you, Brad.
Submitted by: Nathan Buelow on Oct 02, 2012
It is hard to put to words how happy we are with the GSP puppy we picked up from Brad in April. Our little guy is only 5 months old but already goes to full point and listens incredibly well for a puppy. Brad and his wife were great throughout the whole process and made picking up our puppy incredibly smooth. Our GSP is by far the smartest dog I have ever owned and displays incredible problem solving skills. If looking for a GSP puppy I wouldn't direct people anywhere else.
Submitted by: Paul Gray on Sep 26, 2012
I was researching gsp and came across gundogbreeders, I found circle r kennel and read and reread every review on Brad and his kennel. Made an appointment to go look at a pup after viewing pictures on the web site. It is great to see the parents and grandparents of the the puppy your thinking about. After looking at the pups picked one out, asked Brad if he could keep the pup and train him for me, which he did. When I picked him up in June, Brad said he reserved the first two weeks in september for me to bring him back for a tune up. The night before I was to bring Colt back for training I noticed a lump on the side of his jaw. Too late to call the vet, I loaded him up early am and headed for Brads. As soon as Brad seen the lump said he had a abscess and gave him a shot of penicillin. The lump was still there after a couple of days and Brad took him to his own vet for treatment. Colt is back to 100 percent. Colt is probably the best bird dog I have ever owned and now a great family member. I know this review is lengthy, but I want people to know what and awesome trainer and breeder Brad Rainey is. If your looking for a pup, its worth the wait for Brad. I can not say enough about my experience with Brad and Circle R Kennel. I will definitely be getting my dogs in the future from Brad.
Submitted by: Allen Johnson on Sep 24, 2012
I purchased a two year old male GSP from Brad Rainey about two weeks ago. This dog was fully field trained and house trained also. My wife and I were a little apprehensive at first, purchasing a dog that already had its "habits" engrained. What a fantastic surprise we were in for. We brought him home on a Friday. By the next day he was quite the gentleman in the house. He is well behaved and mannered for the home. In the field, he is a workhorse. He has succeeded my wildest expectations. His field manners and obedience are outstanding. His drive and desire to hunt and please are unmatched. I have owned GSP's since 1979 and he is the best. We had to put down one of our female GSP's in April and the other one in early September. I thought for sure this would be my first bird season without a bird dog in over thirty years. What a great surprise to meet Brad at the Woods & Waters show in Imlay City. Our new addition has helped ease the pain of our two loses. He has fit in perfectly. Thanks to Brad we will be (and already have been) in the field this fall. I will be looking to Brad for future purchases and training. Brad is a very compassionate gentleman and a credit to the hunting sport. On a scale of 1-5 (5 being best) I rate Brad and his dogs a 10. Thanks so very much Brad and God Bless you.
Submitted by: Sam & Jess on Sep 02, 2012
We bought our pups (two females) from Brad last October and took them back to Brad seperately in May and June for training. We are very pleased with the care and work that went into both of them and leaving them with someone who is so good with dogs made it easier for Jess to be without "Her Girls". They came back to us better prepared for hunting than I thought was possible for such young dogs. They will be hunting very soon now and I look forward to working with Brad agin in the future. The dogs are so even tempered most people think they are two years old after they calm down from meeting new people, and they listen to and obey commands given both at home and in the field. Brad is super easy to work with and will take the time to work with and improve any dog that he is given. Thanks Brad!!
Submitted by: Dave Palmer on Aug 22, 2012
First I would like to apologize to Brad for taking so long to get this up here. That said let's get down to it. I took Mickey my 15 month old rescue GSP to Brad in April. Neither of us knew what to expect. I fully expected Brad to call me a day or two later and tell me "this dog won't hunt". Not the case, I now have a great handling field dog ready to shoot birds over. My family and I went on vacation in July and we took Mick back to Brad. The dog jumped out of the truck ran straight to Brad and I swear she smiled. He really takes time to get to know your dog and adjusts his training to suit the dog. Thank you so much Brad and I look forward to seeing you in September for some field work.
Submitted by: Damian Taulbee on Aug 21, 2012
My grown stepson asked me to find him a shorthair since I have two. There were no breedings with the breeders I knew, so I hit the web. I read some of Brad's testimonials. There's too many for me to read all of them. Turns out they were all right. He's a super nice guy, unassuming, knowledgeable, and fair. His dogs are even tempered, confident, and have good geometry. I'll tell you the rest when the pup's a little older. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend going to Brad for a dog or training.
Submitted by: Thomas Colvin on Jun 06, 2012
Brad and I just finished breeding my dog Sadie I purchased from him in 2009 with the dog Ace that he has for sale now. He helped me with everything from getting the dogs togeather and answering any questions I had. Togeather our dogs produced a very fine litter of GREAT GSP PUPPIES. My vet was very impressed with the quality of puppies I had, and I also have very satisfied owners of my puppies. Brad is a fantastic breeder and trainer to work with, and I look foward to working with him and his dogs in the future.
Submitted by: Derek on Jun 03, 2012
I fortunately had the opportunity to have my two shorthairs trained by Brad. Brad was there to answer all my questions and was very helpful along the way. My 11 month (high stung) female came back better than I could imagine. I have great hopes for my 10 month male as it was a last minute decision to take him there, one that I’m glad I made. (Thank you Brad for adjusting your schedule to fit him in.) Both of my pups are for the most part steady on wing and ready for this coming season.

I could go on all day about how great my experience was/is with Brad, but all the other testimonials sum it up. As most people I was nervous dropping my puppies off 6 hours away and leaving them there for a month not knowing what was going on, but it work out great and they came back as rock solid hunting machines. If anyone has any doubts, don’t. If you don’t have the time to train them yourself, let brad do the work for you. You will be glad you did. Thanks Brad for your hard work and I’m thankful to have found your wonderful kennel.
Submitted by: Pat Pettit on May 29, 2012
New friends made AND a great return on investment! We are SO pleased with getting to know Brad and his wife as well as his training of Deps (Deputy Dawg - - got him from a local police officer :) ) that we want to join in the ranks of those that sing his praises so other dogs can be trained by him, too.
Brad was very helpful prior to the month of boarding and working with our English Setter/Brittany mix so that we were as comfortable about the decision as possible - - I was a bit apprehensive about leaving our happy, smart, loving boy somewhere for a whole month.
We jokingly called it Dog College when explaining to friends where Deps was, not realizing just how true it was in terms of how much our dog would learn in a month. Brad did a FANTASTIC job. Our young dog came home better behaved in general, able to work wonderfully as a hunting partner in the field, and in great condition emotionally and physically.
Add to that that Brad is a great guy - - very experienced, down-to-earth, sensible, responsible, communicative, and emotionally involved and understanding. I know I'm forgetting lots of adjectives that I'll think of after I hit the "submit" button. OH - - Plus he's got so much hunting experience of all kinds, that he's got GREAT stories to tell ;).
Thank you so much, Brad - - we'll touch base to let you know how Deps is doing, let you know when we'll get those pheasants from you, and we'll definitely want him in your care if we head out on a vacation.
Thanks again.
Patty Pettit and Neil Iseler
Submitted by: Phil on Feb 14, 2012
I took my one year old GSP to Brad because she was having problems being steady on point. After one month with Brad not only did he help steady her but also had her quartering better and taking whistle and hand signals I would recommend Brad to anyone wanting to have their bird dog trained.
Submitted by: Ashley & Josh on Jan 11, 2012
We got Lucy, our 4-month-old GSP, from Brad a month and a half ago. It was clear from the moment we arrived that Brad had a true love for his dogs and deep knowledge and passion for the breed; and you really can't ask for more from a breeder. Lucy has been the greatest addition to our family. She's smart, loyal, cuddly, energetic, gorgeous and has brought joy to everyone she's met. We've reached out to Brad a time or two since getting Lucy, and he continues to be a valuable resource. We would highly recommend Circle R to anyone!
Submitted by: Mike & Linda Freeland on Jan 07, 2012
Linda and I heartily recommend Brad & Circle R.

We recently purchased a four year old male GSP from Brad. As gun dog breeders ourselves, we carefully assess those with whom might we do business. To accomplish that, I made a couple visits and booked a hunt, with Brad handling, and Bubba working, to get to know both. Bubba was exactly as Brad had described. And Brad proved to be everything a quality trainer/breeder should be. Honest, fair, dedicated, knowledgeable, skilled, helpful, trustworthy, and other similar adjectives come to mind. All in all, Brad and his dogs are special.

Mike, Linda & Bubba
Trailsong Beagles/Firesky Retrievers
Submitted by: B.E.HIGGINS on Dec 28, 2011
I highly recommend Brad Rainey to everyone.I just returned from a hunt in S.D. My dog willow did a very good job for me. Brad had willow for the month of August he did a very good job training her she was solid on point,close working,and she DID MIND ME! BRAD is good at what he does! THANKS BRAD.
Submitted by: Tim K on Dec 08, 2011
After taking my dog to Brad last spring I was so pleased with the results that now whenever we are out of town for an extended period of time, I just schedule my dog for training with Brad instead of boarding him. Brad keeps him well tuned, trained, and conditioned. I plan to take my dog back to Brad any chance I get.
Submitted by: Rich & Kathi on Nov 27, 2011
We picked up our female GSP from Brad one month ago today and it is the best purchase we have ever made!! Mocha is 11 weeks old, smart as a whip and absolutely gorgeous. She is as well behaved as any 11 wk old pup can be - house trained and following simple commands. Brad was just great to work with. He answered all of our questions and his love for his dogs and knowledge of the breed is evident. It was a pleasure and very reassuring to be introduced to our pups beautiful parents and grandparents. We plan to take her back to Brad for some advanced training when the time is right and look forward to working with him again. Thank you Brad!
Submitted by: Sam and Jessica on Nov 01, 2011
We picked up our pups from Brad just over a week ago and are very happy with them. Brad made it super easy and he answered all our questions. It is obvious that he genuinely cares about his work and the dogs. Kaya and Nuka are just over seven weeks old and growing and learning quickly!! Kaya locked up on a wing for the first time today and just about fell over. Brad's dogs come from great stock and we look forward to taking them back to him for further training. ****HIGHLY RECOMMEND****
Submitted by: Larry Lamphere on Oct 16, 2011
Brad did a great job with my one year old shorthair. Whistle trained, pointing, retrieving and ready to go to South Dakota. Thanks Brad. We shot 25 birds the other day and he worked with 2 labs. I did what you said and left him in the kennel until we hunted. No problems, but him trying to retrieve every bird. The older labs wanted nothing to do with him. I worked Copper solo and he did awesome.
Submitted by: Dean Bentley on Aug 08, 2011
I just recently purchased Ruger a started 2yr old neutered male GSP from Brad, and we couldn't be happier. Brad took the time to answer all of our questions and was gracious enough to show us him in the field. It is obvious that Brad cares deeply about his dogs. I'd encourage you to look his way if your looking for a new companion or hunting partner.
Submitted by: Philip & Lisa on Jul 31, 2011
We loved Brad, our dog Desul loves Brad. He is such a good trainer and breeder, he took care of our dog for 1 month and I was extremely worried but by the end we were extremely pleased with the way he was trained. He caught my boyfriend 77 rabbits this past year. We will be calling Brad again to do a refreshing coarse for our dog. Brad and his wife are truly sweet and really caring. We appreciate everything he did. He is AMAZING. Thank you.
Submitted by: Jim T on Jul 09, 2011
Just got my 11 mo old GSP back from Brads. He is exactly what Brad said he would be when we dropped ZEKE off. Conditioned to a beeper collar, whistle trained with hand signal, a basic hunting machine. ZEKE at 11 mo old will hold point through the flush until released. He has had several birds shot down to him, over the next few month's will have several more. Looking forward to October. Great job Brad.
Submitted by: Carl Delisi on Jun 17, 2011
I highly recommend Brad to anyone considering a German Short hair pup for hunting, show or as an added family member to his or her home. My pup, Tempest, has all the desired traits of a future hunter and as a pet. She’s intelligent, house broken soon after she knew the boundaries of my crate. She learns new commands quickly, usually within two or three lessons. Of course, getting her to focus for that long is quite a challenge at ten weeks old. I really enjoyed meeting both parents of Tempest and received surety, from their dispositions, that Tempest was going to have that quiet confidence. It is quite obvious to me that Brad has a special understanding of bird dogs and a dedication to the GSP breed. He was a pleasure to deal with and definitely delivered more than he promised. Even though, I am in no hurry for Tempest to leave her puppy status, I really am looking forward to bringing her back to Brad for some advance training. Beautiful, curious, energized, loving, friendly and yes a bit thick skinned. If you’re looking for a breed that can handle rough play, without turning sensitive, then GSP is the dog and Brad is the Breeder.
Submitted by: Carl Delisi on Jun 07, 2011
I highly recommend Brad to anyone considering a German Shorthair pup for hunting, show or as an added family member to his or her home. My pup, Tempist, has all the desired traits of a future hunter and as a pet. She’s intelligent, house broken soon after she knew the boundaries of my crate. She learns new commands quickly, usually within two or three lessons. Of course, getting her to focus for that long is quite a challenge at ten weeks old. I really enjoyed meeting both parents of Tempist and received surety, from their dispositions, that Tempist was going to have that quiet confidence. It is quite obvious to me that Brad has a special understanding of bird dogs and a dedication to the GSP breed. He was a pleasure to deal with and definitely delivered more than he promised. Even though, I am in no hurry for Tempist to leave her puppy status, I really am looking forward to bringing her back to Brad for some advance training. Beautiful, curious, energized, loving, friendly and yes a bit thick skinned. If you’re looking for a breed that can handle rough play, without turning sensitive, then GSP is the dog and Brad is the Breeder.
Submitted by: Andrew Hartwig on Jun 01, 2011
I bought my German Shorthair Pointer, Abby, from Brad when she was a puppy. She is now almost 1 year old, and I am more than happy with her. She has been a great dog so far, and I am having a great time with her. She loves the water and being outside in the woods. She listens extremely well and was easy to train. Brad was very helpful before and after I purchased the dog, and I would not hesitate to work with him again.
Submitted by: Scott and Julie on Apr 29, 2011
Working with Brad has been a great experience. We brought our GSP pup home last week and couldn't be more pleased with our dog and the entire experience. It is obvious that Brad is dedicated to making sure his customers are completely satisfied. He offers great advice and has followed up to make sure the pup is doing good. The pup has a great temperment and is adapting well to his new home. Thanks Brad!
Submitted by: Tim K on Apr 29, 2011
As a first time GSP owner, I searched for a reputable trainer. After numerous recommendations, phone calls and emails, and a visit with my dog, I chose Brad. After getting my GSP back, I was pleased with the results. Brad had my dog conditioned and trained well. Brad takes the time to answer all of your questions, gives advice, treats you like a hunting partner rather than a customer, and helps 'train' the first-time owner too. I recommend Brad as a trainer and anticipate sending my GSP back if/when he needs a refresher course.
Submitted by: Aimee Fedore on Apr 28, 2011
HIGHLY RECOMMEND! we just purchased a GSP puppy from Brad and we absolutely LOVE her! When I first called Brad answered every question I had and gave me time to talk things over with my family. We were able to have last pick in the liter and I think we got the BEST puppy! She is already impressing us every day. Not only is she an absolutely beautiful dog, her disposition is everything Brad said it would be. He knows his dogs! When we left with her, he sent us with all the necessary paperwork and more, a stuffed animal to comfort her and a bag of dog food to transition her. She was very well taken care of her first 6 weeks of life! We drove 2 1/2 hours to get her and it was worth every mile of it! Thank you Brad for giving us such a precious gift!
Submitted by: Doug Nicoson on Apr 10, 2011
I recently brought my two GSP litter mates to Brad for training. He had never taken litter mates at the same time before, but quickly accepted the challenge. Brad was very patient and worked hard to help them overcome their dependence on each other. It was critical for him to separate the dogs so each could gain the necessary confidence to become successful bird dogs. They were 14 months old & had never been apart, so Brad had his work cut out for him. I am sure there were a few rough nights, but Brad was very understanding and patient with them. When I visited half way through their training, both dogs had adjusted & were already responding to the whistle and hand signals, as well as pointing birds. When I returned to bring them home, Brad and I took each dog out separately & shot some birds over them. It was obvious to me that each dog had her own unique hunting style that Brad had allowed to develop. Although I will probably not hunt these two dogs together this year, once they mature a bit more I believe they will complement each other well. Brad also encouraged me to allow each dog the time to grow before putting them together. From what I have seen with these dogs I believe this to be very good advice. I can't express enough how happy I am with the training that Brad provided. He understands dogs (and their owners) and I would recommend him to anyone.
Submitted by: RANDY STRONG on Feb 27, 2011
I purchased the 9 month old vizsla from Brad and Cindy.I drove there from Des Moines IA, 10 hours on Brads word and reputation. I have to say she is every bit the dog he said she was and more. Autumn is a big part of my everyday life now. Since picking her up she has more than impressed me with her willing to please and learn.I would return to Brad and Cindys anytime for a dog or training.
Thank You
Randy Strong
Submitted by: Ivan Miller II on Feb 15, 2011
I Highly recommend Brad and Circle R Kennels for the training of your upland bird dog. I was very pleased with my GSH Cooper's training and care that was given to him during his stay with Brad. I was able to run Cooper with Brad the day I picked him up and I was very pleased on how much he had changed and learned during his time with Brad. I would recommend Circle R Kennels to anyone.

Thank you Brad for a job well done!

Ivan Miller II
Submitted by: Gary Kelley on Jan 05, 2011
I had met Brad & Cindy Rainey at the Woods & Water Weekend in Michigan, when he helped us with a non-hunting dog. I then got a new French Brittney pup (Ruby) and wanted her trained, so we went to see Circle R Kennels. We decided to begin the training at 7 months and I was a bit apprehensive to say the least about leaving my little puppy with those big GSP's. My fears were relieved when I saw Brad work with Ruby. Within 1 month Brad had Ruby pointing birds and retrieving to hand. Needless to say I was thrilled. At 7 months old Ruby will need additional work to get to be the great dog I want her to be and Brad has offered at no charge to walk the fields with me as I am hunting to give Ruby and me, pointers for improvement. Brad I could not be more satisfied.
Gary Kelley
Submitted by: Jim Hackney on Dec 06, 2010
I recently purchased a 3 year old GSP named Trapper. When I contacted Brad about the dog, he was prompt on his response and told me to call if I had any questions which I immediately grabbed my phone to call. He described Trapper to me accurately and honestly. After a short conversation describing my interest, experience, and situation he assured me the dog would fit the home well and warned me about the dogs high energy. Since I already have one GSP, I had to be sure the two males would get along. Brad was more than accomidating. Brad worked Trapper on a couple of birds he provided. We then worked both dogs on additional birds that I purcahsed to be sure the dogs would get along. He took the time to check for problems, thankfully there are none, and to give pointers on what I should be doing to make the dogs a successful team. He told me of products he would suggest to help the dogs succeed and how to work them both at the same time. A few days after my purchase, Brad called to see how things were going and suggested a few more ideas to ensure our success. He went above and beyond what I expected and I will be calling Brad when it comes time to add another nose to the arsenal.
Submitted by: Kurt Broers on Nov 29, 2010
I am very satisfied with the training my dog received. Brad was very professional and took good care of my dog. He limits the number of dogs that he works with to make sure they all get they attention they need in order to succeed. Thanks!
Submitted by: Art and Charlene on Sep 27, 2010
We got our GSP pup in early July. What a fantastic dog! He is a beautiful animal, he is very smart and very friendly. Our whole family, as well as our miniature dachshund just love our new addition. Brad was wonderful to deal with and we would highly recommend him. He loves his animals and it shows in the qualities that he brings out in the breed. Thank you so much Brad!
Submitted by: Becky and Jon Gray on Aug 11, 2010
Brad took our 11 mth. old yellow lab., Allie for some upland hunting training during the month of July. My husband is a hunter, but Allie had no prior hunting experience or training. She had also been a little bit difficult for me to handle, as she was very excitable, and also extremely strong.

Imagine my surprise, when we went to pick her up. She jumped right into the back of his truck and into the kennel at the load-up command. When we took her out to the field she seemed to work it like she had done it for quite some time. She responded to Brad's commands and the whistle like a pro.

Brad, and his wife took great care of her while she was gone. He was very patient with my twice a week calls, and encouraged us to come for a visit whenever we wanted. Since she had never hunted before,he took great care to build her confidence, and treated her like she was one of his own. He said he liked a challenge, and I know he got it with Allie.

Since she went for training, she has been easier for me to handle, and has the basics to eventually be a very good hunting dog. I would refer Brad to my best friend or anyone who wanted some quality, compassionate training. Thanks Brad and Candy too.
Submitted by: Tasha and Chadd on Jul 27, 2010
We brought home our new GSP pup from Circle R Kennel at the beginning of July, and we couldn't be happier. Brad was great to work with throughout the entire experience. He let us come up to visit the kennels prior to the birth of the pup to get a feel for the place (which I will add was kept in great condition, and all the dogs there were in good spirits and healthy). Our puppy is well-socialized and has a great temperament and beautiful markings. Brad went above and beyond in our minds, since he let us visit the pups when they were 4 weeks old, and even sent a toy home with our pup to help with her transition. He really cares about the dogs. I plan on taking our pup back there to be trained next spring!
Submitted by: Will and Shannon Kaeding on Jul 20, 2010
We picked up our GSP puppy from Circle R Kennels at the beginning of July, and we couldn't be happier. Our puppy is beautiful, with a gorgeous, classic GSP pattern. He is also extraordinarily attentive, intelligent and eager to learn. We were thrilled with the way we were treated throughout the process. Brad Rainey, the owner, is professional, kept thorough vaccination records, and gave us great advice. The puppies were all very healthy and well-socialized. Working with Brad has been a great experience and well worth traveling for!
Submitted by: Genevieve Anderson on Jul 05, 2010
Brad and Candy were fantastic. The pups were all so happy and beautiful!! This was our first time purchasing a dog and our little pup has been great. Highly recommended!
Submitted by: Susan Faistenhammer on Apr 29, 2010
My husband and I were very pleased when we found Brad and Cindy from the Circle R Ranch. They were exactly what we were looking for in a hunting school for our brittany. He spent a month at the beautifully maintained ranch training with Brad on the whistle and e-collar. We were thrilled with the results. Our dog did very well under his guidance. Brad really knows dogs and their behavior. Our pup is all set for hunting season; following commands and pointing. They treated our dog as if he was one of their own. We really appreciate all the care they gave him because he did need some extra attention and they were happy to give him everything he needed. We would and have recommended Brad to anyone interested in training their dog.
Submitted by: Jeffrey Allen on Mar 27, 2010
REFERENCE: PEPPER 20 month old English Pointer

My name is Jeff Allen, I am from from Rhode Island 900 miles from CIRCLE R KENNEL... I have hunted over a Springer Spaniel for 13 years and as of November 2009, my springer has retired. I knew that my next dog would be of the pointing breed, and I preferred a started female. Well with countless hours of researching and conversations with Kennels throughout the United States I found BRAD RAINEY owner of CIRCLE R KENNELS....

NOW THE STORY BEGINS!!! Brad is a hard core German Shorthair pointer enthusist and rightfully so. However he was advertising a Started 20 month old spayed female english pointer named PEPPER..... Brad wrote that she was collar conditioned,whistle and hand signal trained, holds point, and retreives to hand most of the time.... Well I read that AD at least a dozen times before I called him, We spoke for quite a while, and several times there after in reference to PEPPER. Brad was honest and holds no punches, several people were looking at Pepper very closely but all were a little apprehensive due to ENGLISH POINTERS known to be rangy and hunt for themselves, however BRAD swore quote " If Pepp was a German Shorthair she would have sold in a week" and " If I could cut her tail people would think she was a German Shorthair due to the way she hunts." Well this was enough for me, I called Brad told him I was driving the 900 miles to pick up PEPPER, Brad made me feel very comfortable and added you get to watch her hunt because he guides on a Pheasant Preserve. I watched PEPPER hunt for 5 minutes grabbed Brad and kissed him on the cheek(Sorry Mrs Rainey). I feel bad for anybody that did not believe Brad about PEPPER!!!! She is a sweet quiet dog, house broke and quiet in the kennel.

Most of all people PEPPER is an absolute machine when it is time to hunt or train ALL BUSINESS!!! She rips through any kind of cover, not afraid of water, and handles very nice to whistle and hand, She is steady through the flush and actually holds until the bird goes down, I WOULD CALL THAT A FINISHED DOG PEOPLE... OH and Brad said retreives to hand sometime.... He was just trying to be honest as can be, she is a wonderful retreiver. I call Brad at least twice a week, sometimes at 6:00am during our training to tell him PEPP just nailed down 4,5,6 woodcock... sorry about that Buddy.. Brad Rainey is the real deal FOLKS... My Sweet Pepper will own the Grouse/Woodcock in Aroostook County Maine at my family owned hunting lodge, I truly do feel bad for any upland bird that comes within a mile of Pepps nose.. I also wantto apologize to my fellow gun club members that I train with, PEPPER is in a league of her own. And I will not take credit for training her I PROMOTE BRAD RAINEY AND CIRCLE R KENNELS... Brad in closing you are a friend for life and thank you for bringing Pepper into my life. I will be visiting you every October on my way to SOUTH DAKOTA, NEBRASKA... For me and PEPPS 3 weeks of Hun,Sharptail, and Pheasant hunting. You are always welcome my friend to join us in Maine or the Midwest.... I'll kiss PEPPER good nite for you Buddy.

Jeff Allen
Submitted by: Scott Beyer on Mar 14, 2010
BAILEY LABRADOR RETREIVER, 9 month old! We met Brad this year while doing a little bird hunting at Bruce Farms in Deford Michigan. After watching his commitment to his dogs (german shorthairs) I questioned him on his willingness to train my new Labrador pup. Brad responded No Problem. We dropped Bailey off at Circle R Kennel in mid February. Two weeks into the training we used Bailey to Pheasant hunt at Bruce Farms. We were amazed and impressed by her physical appearance how much she had matured, listened to commands,and flushed/retrieved birds. Circle R Kennels specializes in German Shorthairs however, Brad's overall experience with dogs and bird training renders excellent results with all hunting breeds(especially our lab). The Kennels are kept very clean. The dogs are comfortable and well taken care of. Brad runs/trains your dog everyday. Brad truly loves dogs and what he does and it shows!! Thanks for a Job Well Done.
Scott and Debbie Beyer and of course Bailey!
Submitted by: Elizabeth & Dale Longshore on Feb 24, 2010
We met Brad and Candy last year at woods-n-water, where both of us had vended. We have several GSP's in need of training. The 1st dog was our male Blue, Brad was able to work through some difficulties he had, he is whistle trained and collared trained. Still needs work with his confidence which comes with time. We're very pleased. Maggie, Blue's sister was 2nd to go. Maggie was a true natural in the field, very strong prey drive and true natural ability. Maggie has since finished her AKC Champion in confirmation and will be pursuing her SH. and MH. title. We went out with Brad in terrible conditions 20-25mph winds with Maggie and Blue, for follow-up. Brad goes above and beyond for the dogs in his care. Brad will continue to receive our dogs for field training, we couldn't be more pleased with the training and facilities.
Elizabeth and Dale Longshore
Birdago GSP
Submitted by: Matt Farkas on Feb 05, 2010
“This is a proven breeding. I have owned and trained several pups from previous litters from Doc and Bree. All of the dogs turned out to be fantastic gun dogs with a "ton" of natural ability. We have both pups in the house and are beginning house training. Both pups pointing wings. Shots and worming up to date.”

This was the ad we saw from Brad and this is exactly how our German Shorthaired Pointer “Lucy” has turned out. She has a wonderful even temper with lots of spunk. She is a natural retriever and She is pointing and retrieving woodcock wings and frozen ducks. I am firing .22 blanks and light load 20 gauge over her while retrieving. I have dragged a frozen duck and hid it in the woods, she has found it every time showing her natural tracking abilities.

She was well socialized with dogs and people when we got her at 10-weeks old. She potty trained and crate trained very quickly. She is about 4 ½ months now.

All her paperwork was in order and our Vet was impressed that she did not have worms.

This is my first hunting dog and I am very pleased so far. Thank you Brad.

Matt Farkas
Submitted by: Matthew Lahr on Feb 03, 2010
I met Brad through a longtime friend in November of 2009. At the time my brittany pup was 7 months old and I was looking for someone to evaluate/train. Brad took her and kept her for the entire month of December. I was very pleased when I picked her up. At 8 months she hunted and handled better than some "seasoned" hunting dogs I have been around. She was all business while afield. She responded well to the whistle as well as to hand signals. I couldn't have been more pleased. Since then I have hunted her on my own with her holding point on 5 of the 6 pheasants that I shot. She is well on her way to being an excellent hunting dog and I have Brad to thank for that. I have already referred someone else to Brad and their dog is scheduled to be in training in February. If you are looking for a honest, up front, professional trainer than you owe it to yourself and your dog to contact Brad.
Submitted by: Steve on Jan 11, 2010
Last year my son and I decided we needed a new hunting partner. We proceeded to look at all the different breeds.and decided on a german shorthair.We found Circle R on the internet and started to Email Brad to see if we had picked the right breed. he answered all of our questions and was a fountain of information before we had even picked a breeder to use. over the course of a few months we coresponded thru E mail and phone, ther was no question in our minds tht Circle R would be the place for us to find that new addition to the family. We have had Gracie for nine months now and She has been everything Brad said she would be. We can"t wait to take back for field training in the spring.We are new to upland and Pointers but I am sure with Brad,s knowledge we are in good hands.
Steve Brown Ontario ,Canada
Submitted by: Dan Denkins on Dec 31, 2009
I picked my Setter up from Brad just after Thanksgiving. I have got out with her 5 or 6 times since then. She does come back to the whistle real good, but usually test me once a trip. She will bring the birds most of the way back and some times all the way to hand. Maybe she will continue to grow in this area over time.


Submitted by: Lindsey Yagiela on Dec 07, 2009
Last friday i had bought a 10 week old male german shorhair pointer from the Circle R Kennel for my grandfahter for xmas, he's been wanting a gsp for a very long time, and when i found out about the amazing pups the circle r kennel had i couldnt pass it up. my grandfather loves hunting and always dreamed about having a hunting dog of his very own. I was so excited to find out that brad had two pups at the kennel, and i couldnt wait to go pick one up. Levi is a great pup and fits right into our family, he gets along with everyone and is really warming up to my grandpa. At 10 weeks old he's already pointing really well, and my grandfather is really pleased with him. I plan on brining him back to the kennel for furhter training, i wouldnt want to take him anywhere else. They really know what there doing up there, and i cant wait to see the results to a great hunting dog... Thank you guys so much for this pup he's amazing and is in good hands. we hope to see you soon and will keep you updated on how your little boy is doing!

* Lindsey *
Submitted by: kristen devine on Nov 11, 2009
Brad has trained both my male and female french brittany's. We are very happy with the results. It is a top notch facility and you can trust that your dog is treated right. On a more personal note it is a warm feeling when you go back to visit and your dog jumps on Brad for a hug or my famale Dixie jumps in the front of his cart and looks at him like ok lets go hunt. These type's of expressions from your dogs say it all. We will continue to use Circle R Kennel in the future and highly recommend Brad to anyone looking for a place to get their dog ready for hunting. I truly feel training is essential to bring out the best in your dog.

The DeVine's
Kristen, Mark
Nathan & Tyler
Submitted by: Jim Sovik on Nov 09, 2009
I was in a search for an upland hunting dog and family companion. My focus was on a younger GSP with some field training. Brad offered a 16 month old female, Kallie, as a started dog. After her first few weeks with us we took her pheasant hunting. She followed all the field commands and responded well to the whistle. I utilized the beeper collar training provided by Brad and was thrilled with Kallie’s coverage and field patterns. Brad has offered both field and home advice for our first GSP’s best care. Additionally, Kallie enthusiastically shows her affection, which delights my two teenage daughters and my wife. I recommend Brad’s expertise, wealth of experience, and professional integrity for your GSP needs. Jim Sovik, Naperville, IL
Submitted by: Jim Gilsdorf on Nov 08, 2009
I've had and trained my own gundogs for 35 years. This pup (now 7 month) is the most intelligent and readily trained I've ever seen. Learned "sit", "heel", and "whoa" in one or two days each. Hunted pheasants in North Dakota last week and the pup pointed and held three birds, and retrieved one. He's just barely started on retrieving training, by the way. He quartered better than my friends professionally trained setter despite only puppy walks in short grass earlier as "training." Conditions in ND were very difficult, with much wind and rain and sleet, but pup used the wind very well in shelterbelts and other narrow fields, as well as angling to it in the broader CRP. All this is with hunting him ony an hour or two on any given day. I am exceedingly pleased with this pup, and would say he is performing like a two year old or better at his young age.
Submitted by: Greg Clark on Nov 02, 2009
I have know Brad for about seven years and he has trained several of my Brittanies. He is an outstanding trainer with excellent knowledge of all pointing breeds. He is extremely honest and hard working and the dogs just love him. I have already sent several of my friends to him and would recommend him to anybody. As a matter of fact I just picked up my 7 month old Brittany from him yesterday and he is already hunting and handling like a seasoned dog. If you are looking for a good honest dog trainer that will get the most out of your dog then Brad is your man.
Submitted by: Bill Daam on Oct 23, 2009
I purchased a female pup from Brad's April litter. I and am very impressed and happy with her development at six months. She displays natural hunting in stinks and exceptional intelligence in the field. She is an active and healthy pup. I am looking forward this winter to bringing her back to Brad for formal training. I was very comfortable with Brad during the purchase, he is very knowledgable. Brad gave me all the information I needed regarding the breeding backround and care of the pup prior to the purchase.

Bill Daam
Submitted by: Lewis Winburn on Oct 23, 2009
I recently decided to purchase a started GSP due to my current dogs age. I purchased a started dog from Brad. The dog was exactly what was advertised. Brad did a great job w/the initial training of Charlie. Charlie has great potential w/a great disposition & willingness to learn. By the 3rd day in the field I was convinced that I had made the right decision. I would recommend Brad to anyone interested in getting a quality hunting companion.
Submitted by: Al Straus on Oct 10, 2009
I got Brads name from my neighbor who had purchased a dog from him .He was totaly impressed with what the dog could do .I called Brad and later got a male from his july 3 litter .He is now 14 weeks old and we have him trained to kennel when called .He is young yet but his nose is incredable I can hide a bone in the yard anywhere hi low up under he will find it .Brad has what every hunter envies a training facility that has everything corn sorgum grasses the works.I do intend on taking Doc back for training in the spring so Brad can do what he loves to do and thats "train dogs". Al Straus
Submitted by: Richard Myrick on Oct 07, 2009
I purchased "Gracie" from Circle R Kennel this past spring and she is doing just great. She is an awesome German Shorthaired Pointer. She turned 6 months a few days ago. I've been training with her for the last two months. Took her out recently and got two woodcock under her. She's intelligent, biddable and calm, an excellent family companion, good with kids and a perfect hunting pup learner. I am very pleased with her.

Brad expresses that he breeds calm GSPs and that is true with my experience. "Gracie" is much more stable, calm and easy going than any GSP I've been around. Others have commented the same. I get lots of compliments on her. She's a beautiful dog and not a barker. I have told a number of folks who were interested that I recommend Circle R Kennel for GSPs.

Rick Myrick, Gladwin, Michigan
Submitted by: Heather Bird on Oct 03, 2009
I just bought a 7 week old GSP puppy from Brad on Moday. I had a deposit down for a male puppy for a July litter. Unfortunatly, that litter only had 2 males, and there were already 2 people ahead of me waiting for males. So Brad said that I could have fisrt pick of a August litter if I wanted to wait. I knew I wanted one of Brad's pups so I waited. The puppies were beautiful and healthy and I couldn't be happier with my pick. The puppies had there shots, and were dewormed. He gave me a list of all the shots and when I should schedule the pups vet appointments. I would reccommend Brad to anyone who is interested in purchasing a GSP. I also had the opportnity to come see the puppies when they were 4 weeks old, and Brad showed me the grounds and the kennels. It is obvious that Brad loves what he does and that his dogs are very well cared for. I'm sure I will be back in the future, either to train my GSP or to buy another puppy.
Submitted by: Rick Ostrowski on Sep 22, 2009
I met Brad by chance in the Fall of 2007, while pheasant hunting in Deford, Michigan.
I was having some training issues with one of my Brittanys and Brad offered his services.
Since than we have become friends and he has worked with some of my other brittany pups, as well as some of my customer dogs.
Brad breeds and trains his own line of real nice German Shorthair Pointers. But over the two years I have witnessed his training techniques with other breeds ( Setters, Pointers, Brittanys, Labs, Vizslas, Weimaraners...)
If your dog has hunting instincts Brad will bring them out. Thanks Brad !
Submitted by: john b. pomante on Sep 10, 2009
Brad worked with my young english pointer, she needed some steadying work.He did a great job getting her to hold her birds and steady to wing in a short period of time. Nice grounds great cover and clean kennels, thanks Brad.
Submitted by: Thomas Colvin on Aug 27, 2009
Brad was great to work with, I live fairly close and was able to veiw the mother and father of my pup. Sadie will be 8 weeks old tomorrow and is doing well. I am looking forward to working with Brad again. Excelent kennels, lots of room to work your dogs, Brad and his wife care for all the dogs as if they were their own. He has always got dogs from clients on site and people waiting to get theirs in. I would say that speaks for it self.
Submitted by: Gary & Wendy on Jul 25, 2009
We purchased a 3 month old GSP from Circle R Kennel and have been nothing but pleased. She has responded well to her early training and is working out to be a great family pet. Brad & his wife went above and beyond to make this experience a pleasant one.
I would recommend highly to anyone wishing to purchase a GSP. His training and kennel facilities are top notch. Looking forward to bringing Sasha back for her continued training.
Submitted by: Marc and Corrine Doxey on Jun 02, 2009
Brad did a great job with our Vizsla, Kessel. Kessel trained with Brad for two months, and passed his Junior Hunt test that summer. Kessel goes to Brad's every summer when we go on vacation for boarding. Not only is the training excellent and reasonably priced, the boarding is also great. Where else can you send you dog and have them trained on birds for less than $20 a day? Kessel loves it!
Submitted by: Bob & Joanna wessel on May 30, 2009
Hi my husband bob and i got a 15 month old GSP from Brad about 2 months ago. when we got there to his kennels he was very nice to talk too. when he took out the dog (it was Blake)know it is Jake we liked what we saw. Brad then took use out to see him work as he would do if we were hunting out in the field.He took the time to show use that he was not gun shy at all and that he listened when he called.Brad did not make use feel rushed at all and he did answer all of the questions that we asked him.That was great. We would buy another dog from him any time.
thank you Brad for a great dog with a personality plus.


Bob & Joanna wessel
Submitted by: Jason Baerlocher on May 28, 2009
A couple months ago, I decided that I wanted a german shorthaired pointer of my own. I grew up with one as a child and hunted behind my father's GSP for the last ten years, so I consider myself pretty experienced with the breed. In my search for a pup, I stumbled upon, and more specifically, Circle R Kennel. After seeing that a litter was expected, I contacted Brad and put a deposit down on a female. Six weeks ago the pups were born and today I was able to bring Cabela home. Through my experience with Brad and Circle R Kennel, I can tell you it would be worth your while to consider Rainey's Circle R Kennel for any of your GSP needs. Brad is very knowledgeable with the breed and is a down to Earth guy. It has been a pleasure dealing with him and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. In fact, next year I plan on taking Cabela back for the field training. During my time at Circle R, I saw how well Brad and his wife cared for all the dogs, and I have no doubt that when I take Cabela back, she will be treated as if she was one of their own. I can't express in its totality how impressed I am.
Submitted by: Scott Ploe on May 27, 2009
I met Brad last August while he was putting on a demonstration with his GSP “Jack”. I was truly impressed in the way Jack performed and his gentle disposition, so I purchased one of Brad’s last pups.
Well a few months’ later after some basic obedience and some light fieldwork I returned Chip to the “Circle R Kennel “ for Brad’s 30 day bird dog training program. To say I was please when I picked Chip up would be an understatement. Brad accomplished exactly what he said he would. Chip responded to hand and whistle commands, staunch pointed birds, accustomed to a beeper collar and being shot over.
During the time Chip was at the “ Circle R “ Brad kept me informed regularly on his progress. And after picking him up told me if I had any kind of problem in the future to give him a call and he be happy to help correct it.
So if you are looking for a quality no nonsense trainer for your bird dog or looking for a GSP pup you can’t go wrong with Brad Rainey at the “Circle R Kennel “
Thanks Brad
Submitted by: Steve Maudrie on May 22, 2009
Brad is a top notch dog trainer and a big supporter of Pheasants Forever. Many members of Pheasants Forever Chapter 467 have had dogs trained by Brad, we've also seen the dogs he keeps at his kennel. I can recommend Circle R Kennels without reservation! Brad specializes in pointer training, but he is every bit as good with flushing dogs.

I made the mistake of hunting my promising young Springer Spaniel with much more experienced dogs. My dog quit hunting and starting 'polishing' my boot instead of working. Brad worked him with some of his pointers and got him hunting again. 'Vader' has been a joy to hunt with ever since. That was three years ago. Now my kids ask "When is Vader going back to Doggie College?" My kids love making the trip to Circle R Kennel to drop off and pick up Vader. My dog goes back to Brad every year. Thanks Brad!
Steve Maudrie
President - Ingham County Pheasants Forever
Submitted by: Mary Guilds on May 18, 2009
We had our German Shorthair bred by Jack at Circle R Kennel. What a great experience! From day one of breeding to after the pups were born, Brad has been nothing but helpful as we were new at this experience. Our pups turned out great and selling fast with Brad's help! We will definitely be back for the next breeding or if we need one of our dogs trained. So glad we met Brad at the Wood's and Water show!
Submitted by: Steve Maudrie on May 18, 2009
Brad is a top notch trainer and a big supporter of Pheasants Forever. Many members of Chapter 467 have had dogs trained by Brad, we've also seen the dogs he keeps at his kennel. I can recommend Brad without reservation! Brad is an excellent trainer for your flushing dog, he did a great job on my Springer Spaniel.
Steve Maudrie, President PF 467
Submitted by: John R. Pomante on Mar 08, 2009
My name is John and I have known Brad since 2003, we first met when I was helping with a youth hunt on the preserve where he trains. I was very impressed with Brad and his techniques, at the time I had some young setters that were just developing and had been with another trainer, two were coming along real well with some minor problems that needed correcting and the other one was not pointing birds at all, so I made arrangements with Brad to take him a month before hunting season prior to a trip out to Kansas. Needless to say when we went west we thought Brad had given us the wrong dog back, what a difference this trainer had made with this particular problem dog. We always knew that Buck had a great nose and could find game, he just would not hold his game. Not any more he holds, backs, retrieves and is now one of our best hunting dog's. Brad has had all our dogs back for pre-season tuneups and doe's a great job. You will not be disappointed by this trainer, give Circle R Kennels a try and you won't go anywhere else. Thanks Brad,

John R.Pomante
Submitted by: Bill Brake on Feb 23, 2009
I am the past President of Ingham County Michigan Pheasant Forever. I met Brad in 2005 at our banquet. I had just purchased a female Short Hair and was looking for a trainer. Brad did such a great job that he has now worked with all three of my Short Hairs. He has the right approuch (Gentle) to training each dog and turned all of them into outstanding field dogs. I have worked behind some of his own dogs and liked them well enough that I plan on breeding my female to Brads dog Jack. He is a stout dog that is truely a power house in the field. Thanks Brad - Bill Brake
Submitted by: leon kharnoulian on Jan 29, 2009
hi my name is leon i have a brittany that did not want anything to do with hunting,he was very shy did not have any interest in birds so i was looking around to finde some one to train him and make him a good hunter,thats when i came across CIRCLE R KENNEL i talked to the guy incharge of the kennel and set up a date to drop my brittany off after one month of training i still cant believe that the dog i picked up from him a month after my drop off date is the same dog.I am very pleased with the kind of work (Brad) put into my dog because now i can say i have a hunting dog and a very well trained hunting dog. So if anyone is looking to get any kind of training done on there dog (Brad)at circle r kennel is the man you want to see.
Submitted by: Jay Lasco on Jan 06, 2009
Brad is just a great person all around. He has the proper facility and knows what's best for your dog. You will continue to see my business in the future Brad. Take Care


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