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Welcome to Holbrook Kennels.  I run a small operation located in central Kentucky.  I grew up hunting quail and grouse in the foothills of Eastern Kentucky.  This being said all of my dogs are out of proven hunting stock, yet their pedigrees will speak for themselves with NFC, AFC, FC, and Dc field trial titles.  Names such as Nolan's Last Bullet, Tuminski's Crib, FC AFC Cunningham Roustabout Rowdy, FC Wrenegade's Strike Three, NFC FC Uodibar's Koonas, FC Rawhide's Lexington Jake and NFC Heide's Mighty City Slicker are present throughout my breeding.  I believe in careful and selective breeding of only the best bloodlines and only proven hunting dogs to ensure my pups have all the traits and characteristics needed to become great hunters.

All my pups are socialized with adults and young children starting at 5 days old.  They are handled and played with on a daily basis from then on.  I personally do not like a timid, agressive or overly hyper dog so I have carefully bred my dogs not to have these traits. I usually have one or two litters a year of each breed alternating between sires and dams.  My dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club of North America. 

I only train and work dogs in the spring and summer months leaving the fall months to do what I love best watching my dogs working in the woods.  I limit myself to training only 10 dogs a year to ensure I get to spend enough time with each dog to get it where it needs to be.  If I happen to be booked up I have proven trainers that I am comfortable with that I can refer you too. 

I look forward to introducing you to your next bird dog.  Feel free to email or phone me with questions about upcoming litters or training questions.  A great bird dog is a pleasure to have in the field and at home.  Thanks and Happy Hunting!



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American Brittany, German Shorthaired Pointer
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Chris Holbrook
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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 11 years.
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Submitted by: Troy Hampton on Sep 26, 2017
Absolutely pleased with all of my interactions with both Chris and his dad. Never got to actually meet Chris but have had several phone calls with him. He has always been happy to answer questions and give advice. His concern on making sure his pups get a good home is also evident. Met with Dad on a couple of occasions as we made decisions, and you could tell dad had spent a day or two in the field. He knew what he was talking about. "Piston" is doing great, and we are working through the trials of puppyhood. Confident if Kanin and I can do my job Piston will soon be able to do his job. Holbrook Kennels is a class act. Thanks guys!
Submitted by: William on Aug 16, 2017
Enough cant be said about Chris and how he runs his business. Was very helpful the whole way, from info, from where i was on the list, to photos, vids, etc. I was a stickler on getting a roan pup as well, and he made sure i got one. I've had my pup for three weeks and the bloodline shows this is no doubt going to be a great dog. He is bold and fearless. $700 is a deal for these pups!
Submitted by: Lindsay Moore on Aug 02, 2017
Great buying experience. Pups were all healthy and active when I went to pick. Our guy is doing great! Been home for less than a week and he's figured things out quickly (especially to stay away from the mean barn cat.) Chris was very responsive and dealt with all my questions. He even sent pictures and videos leading up to the day we were able to pick him up. Thank you for such a perfect/SO handsome pup!
Submitted by: Will on Jul 17, 2017
We bought a gsp male a few weeks ago and could not be any happier. This pup is strong and healthy and growing like a weed. Everything Chris said has been spot on. This pup's temperament and eagerness to please is like none other I've had. Can't wait to start working birds. Awesome pup, thanks Chris Holbrook
Submitted by: Kristy Jahn on Jan 04, 2017
First of all I just got to say what a great guy Chris is. We got our puppy from Chris in July 2016, and Rosco is now 8 months old. We had a pointer who passed away last year(who we did not get from Chris) so we knew what we were getting into:)
I just got to say in comparison to our other pointer, Rosco is definitely a lot more laid back. He still has the great personality & friendliness that we love, but he is just ALOT calmer. Everyone always comments on what a great looking pointer he is, and I have to agree, he is as beautiful as they come. We were so impressed with Chris and the extra steps he took. Everything was over the top clean and well organized. Our vet commented on "How well put together he was:) She just said he was a very very healthy puppy. We could not possibly recommend Holbrook Kennels more! If you are thinking of getting a pointer definitely check them out!!!
Submitted by: Teddy and Laura Sisler on Dec 17, 2016
Me and my husband got our gsp from Holbrook kennels and we couldn't be satisfied! Chris really took the time while our baby was being weened and waiting to come home to take pictures and videos and update us on how he was doing.. He is now a 1 year old beautiful boy.. everywhere we go people ask where we got him. Can't wait to get a female in the spring!
Submitted by: John Reams on Oct 07, 2016
I found Chris and Holbrook Kennels through an internet search. Contacted him on Facebook and decided to get in line for a pup. We wanted a female and had to wait for a subsequent litter. Maisy was born on 7/3/16 and we got to take her home Labor day weekend.

This is my second GSP and thought if I could find one that was half of what my old girl was, I'd be happy. This one is going to be a keeper for sure. At 13 weeks she's already swimming and running the field with my friends 1 y/o GSP like a champ. And is pure GSP Velcro dog..... Can't wait to get her on some birds.

If you are thinking about a GSP or Brittany Puppy, I highly recommend Holbrook Kennels. Chris was in constant communication throughout the process. Once we picked our pup, he sent pics and updates regularly. The kennel facilities were outstanding as well and very clean.

I can't thank Chris and his family enough for allowing us to bring Maisy into our home and become part of our family. I will definitely be back for another pup some day.

John B. Reams III
Submitted by: Tim Bandy on Aug 15, 2016
We picked up our male GSP pup on July 3 of this year, at 8 weeks old. My wife swears he tried to point and then catch a mourning dove that was flying low that week following! Very smart little guy, he was retrieving within the first week. We visited with Chris before the pups were whelped, and he was very good to keep in touch with us and let us know what was happening. We are sure we have a great dog in the making. We are extremely pleased with our Cracker Jack!
Submitted by: Erik Beckman on Jul 08, 2016
Buying my first GSP has been a trying experience. The first breeder I tried told me after paying half the cost up front in February, that his dog would be going into heat in March/April. As of late May she still had not and he has held my deposit hostage. By the time Chris called me to tell me I had a spot on the waiting list (I'd signed up when I first started looking for a GSP and had actually forgotten) for his latest litter, I'll admit I'd thought of abandoning the whole idea. But right off it was evident what a wonderful and efficient kennel Chris ran. From the minute I expressed interest in holding my spot on the waiting list Chris kept me in the loop. From weekly pics of the pups to regular videos of them doing "puppy things", I never felt like there would be any surprises. Keep in mind this was before I'd even paid him a dime as a down payment. That's how total his commitment to his buyers is. He wants you to feel comfortable with your purchase but he also isn't just about making a buck. When I finally did go to his kennel to pick my puppy and pay the downpayment, he answered every question I had (as he'd done for different questions or concerns throughout) and I never felt rushed to hurry up and pick because he had stuff to do. It's very evident when you see all the little nuances of Chris's setup that there is one priority and that is the safety and health of the dogs and pups. The kennels are very clean and all of the dogs look very healthy and happy. Little Koufax has been at home with me in Lexington for about a week now. When I had questions about some of the vaccinations while going to the vet, even though I'd already paid Chris in full and he had no continued obligation to me, he responded to my text within 10 minutes and told me to call him any time with any questions I might have. I've already recommended Holbrook Kennels to at least 2 friends and will continue to do so. Thanks Chris for being such a standup guy in what can and often is a not so honorable business and where the line between breeder and puppy mill gets blurred. You sir have a wonderful operation and if I ever decide to get another GSP or know someone looking for a great gun dog or even a good family pet, you can bet I'll be sending them your way.
Erik Beckman
Owner of GSP Koufax
May '16 Litter
Holbrook Kennels
Submitted by: Courtney Woomer on Jul 01, 2016
I would highly recommend Chris Holbrook to anyone interested in a German Shorthaired Pointer. He's very knowledgeable, patient and kind. My husband and I were eager and very excited and he always responded to me quickly and would send me pictures whenever I asked. We are so in love with our new puppy, Shelby. She is beautiful and has a playful, energetic personality. We could not be more pleased.

Thank you so much, Chris!!
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