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Submitted by: Travis Mills on Apr 16, 2022
Lucy German Shorthair pointer approaching 15 weeks purchased early March 2022 from Holbrook kennels in Winchester, Kentucky.
Our family came across Holbrook when we were looking to add our next family/hunting partner. I will say look no further. Chris Holbrook was very receptive to any question or concerns we had. Any video or pictures we needed, he always came through to go above and beyond! Lucy is so smart she is now approaching 15 weeks and I have her sit, stay and come. She is already fetching dummies and finding blind dummies in a field. I have the videos to prove it as well to back that statement up. She is on track to be one heck of a dog. Thanks again Chris Holbrook
Submitted by: Renis Griffie on Mar 21, 2022
Holbrook kennels was very professional in communicating with me and keeping me updated on our pup,Pup was healthy I took to our local vet and they gave me a good report on pup being healthy and worm free just want to say thanks to Holbrook Kennels on our beautiful pup I would recommend if anyone is looking for a GSP!!!
Submitted by: William Price on Mar 20, 2022
I have been around hunting dogs my entire life but Gunther will be my first bird dog. This is probably the best experience I have had in getting a new puppy by far. Chris is very informative and upfront and when you have a question, he is quick to answer. His kennels are well kept and his dogs are pretty as can be. I decided to make Gunther a house dog which I may regret when it comes hunting season because of the kids spoiling him and whatnot but he was housebroke in four days with no accidents. This has got to be the smartest pup I have ever had, he has a personality of an old dog. We are fetching and he already knows sit at ten weeks. We haven’t started bird training yet but I’m gonna bet we’ll breeze right through that too. I would say Holbrook Kennels for the win as far as I’m concerned.
Submitted by: Sarah Hunt on Mar 18, 2022
Chris and Heather were incredible to deal with from start to finish! They made themselves available to me and answered every question I had. They kept me updated on my pup’s health, diet and growth to set me up for success by the time the pup was ready to join my family. Excellent communication and I always felt like I was part of the whole process. They went above and beyond to bring my pup to NY. And I couldn’t be happier with the pup. Very well behaved and the sweetest boy.
Thank you, Holbrook Kennels!!
Submitted by: Neal Little on Mar 18, 2022
We love our GSP, Molly, that we got from Chris at Holbrook Kennels. She is super smart and very healthy and was very well cared for. We received weekly updates and Chris was ready to answer any questions we had. We highly recommend them! A+++!!!
Submitted by: Joshua Berryman on Sep 28, 2021
Bought a female from Holbrook Kennels. They were so great! The pup is happy and healthy and probably smarter than most. I am 100% satisfied with my purchase and will definitely be referring them to others. Thanks for my little bundle of joy!!
Submitted by: Donald Harvey on Sep 22, 2021
I got a new GSP puppy from Chris Holbrook and had a great experience. She was up to date on her shots , wormed 3 times , micro chipped, dew claws removed and tail docked correctly. I was able to see the parents and the rest of the litter. I would recommend him highly. The puppy is very intelligent , full of energy and healthy. I will probably not get another dog from anyone else.
Submitted by: Crystal on Sep 03, 2021
This is our 2nd GSP from Holbrook Kennels. We couldn’t be more happier with the dogs we have gotten. Chris has a wonderful bloodline for pups they are super smart and have great personalities and the best with kids. Anyone in the market for a lovable kid friendly all around dog please consider a GSP and Holbrook kennels is a great place to get you one. Lastly we were keep informed weekly of our puppies growth with pictures and videos. It was as like we got to watch Ellee grow from a small puppy till we got her. Well worth every penny we spent on our 2 dogs. Maggie almost4 and Ellee 11 weeks old. Ps Ellee is already retrieving a toy bird. Our Maggie is one of the best bird dogs around I can’t wait to see what they do together.
Submitted by: Kelsey Woodrum on Aug 30, 2021
I can't recommend Holbrook Kennels enough. I searched for a GSP puppy for almost 3 years before I finally got one from Chris. It was definitely worth the wait. He was very responsive and good at communicating. He takes great care of his dogs and it shows. I now have my dream dog, and she is one of the smartest I have ever owned. If I decide to get another in the future it will definitely be from Holbrook Kennels.
Submitted by: John Terlingo on Aug 24, 2021
Holbrook Kennels is a great breeder. Their dogs are awesome. I would have taken more than one if my wife let me. Chris Holbrook was great to work with, great communication. When we are looking for another GSP in a few years, we will get one from Chris.
Submitted by: Danielle logsdon on Aug 07, 2021
Just picked up my second GSP from Chris today. He was wonderful and helped me keep a surprise for my kids. Luna was our first dog from Holbrook Kennels she is 3 and an amazing dog. Looking forward to getting to see Luna and Linkin grow and play together. He is such a sweet puppy. I can’t recommend Chris enough. His dogs are the best.
Submitted by: Mike Arnett on Sep 15, 2019
My GSP pup from Holbrook Kennels is a real keeper. She is healthy. Intelligent. Athletic and has super bird dog instincts.
Her training is coming along very well.
Chris did a fabulous job for me.
I highly recommend!!!
Submitted by: toni gotshall on Jun 24, 2019
We were searching for a female brittany pup for our 1 year old male brittany. We had just lost our older (13 year old) female britt. We found his ad and contacted him about his female britts. Mr. Holbrook contacted me right away and later that evening he sent me 3 picts of the females that he had. The next day we made our choice, sent the deposit and made plans to pick her up about 2 weeks later. (From Fayetteville, NC) During the 2 weeks Mr. Holbrook kept us up to date with pictures and videos. When we finally met with Mr. Holbrook to pick up Analise all the paperwork was in order and she had been bathed. Mr. Holbrook then showed us around to see the kennels which are very clean. We got to see Analise's mother, the other britts and gsp's.

Mr. Holbrook is a very professional and knowledgeable guy. You can tell he loves what he does and cares!

Mr. Holbrook even contacted us a few days later to make sure we made it back home ok with her.

Analise is such a joy. She is very smart, sweet and loving and my boy Tanner loves her too! They have been together since the day we brought her home.

I highly recommend anyone interested in a pup to contact Holbrook Kennels.

Thank you Mr. Chris Holbrook!

Jeff & Toni Gotshall
Analise 4mo old
Purchased June 14, 2019
Submitted by: Brian Hunt on Apr 22, 2019
The pup that I got is great, great marking and good temperament. If you're ever in need of Brittanys I would highly recommend checking out Holbrook Kennels!
Submitted by: William on Mar 18, 2019
Bought my second GSP from Chris in December. She has been a joy, as was her brother i bought a couple years ago. Such a fun breed. Chris was once again easy to work with and still helps me with any questions. Would advise anyone thinking about buying their first GSP to buy from Holbrook Kennels.
Submitted by: Ian Mills on Jan 05, 2019
We just got our first GSP from Chris. We couldn't be more pleased! Firstly, Chris was readily available for any questions we had. When we picked up the pup, Chris and his wife met us and went over all the relevant information (shots, worming vaccinations) and gave a copy of bot parents lineage. Chris' operation is top-notch! We've had Bulleit now for about 3 weeks and he already shows many signs of field worthiness and is a terrific addition to our family. I can't recommend Chris and Holbrook Kennels highly enough! We couldn't be happier with the dog or the process. Thanks Chris!
Submitted by: Matthew Hughes on Jan 04, 2019
My wife and I recently got a pup from Chris right before the holidays. We had been on the list for a Gsp with Holbrook Kennels for nearly a year, and when they had a litter he immediately let us know. He allowed us to come down and see the pups when they were a couple weeks old and we picked ours out. Chris continually gave us updates and sent pictures of our pup until she was ready to come home with us. When we came down to pick her up, Chris had given her a bath and trimmer her nails. He had all of her paperwork ready to go and gave us plenty of advice on how to train her. Holbrook Kennels treated us very well and I would highly recommend them to anyone in search of a GSP.
Submitted by: David Haycraft on Jan 03, 2019
We had an awesome experience getting our GSP a few weeks ago. If you’re looking for a GSP puppy, Holbrook Kennels is the place to go! Chris is incredibly kind and knowledgeable. He was able to work with our schedules when picking out and picking up our pup. We can’t recommend him enough!
Submitted by: Danielle Logsdon on Mar 06, 2018
We recently got a GSP from Hollbrook Kennels. Chris was wonderful to work with. If you are looking for a puppy I would definitely recommend Hollbrook Kennels. Great pedigree of parents and grandparents. We will get another puppy from him I’m the future I am sure.
Submitted by: Joey Bales on Feb 24, 2018
I would just like to say that if you are looking for a GSP, I highly recommend Holbrook Kennels. After researching several breeds of dogs we decided on a GSP. We went to the Internet to try and find one. After checking several places we called Holbrook kennels. After talking with Chris we knew we had found the right place. This is no puppy mill. We went and picked a pup out and made a deposit because it wasn’t ready to go yet. Chris sent us pics and video weekly to let us see the progress of our puppy. When our pup was ready, we showed up and he had bathed our dog, trim its nails and had it ready to go. He had a folder waiting with the puppy papers, shot records and pedigrees from parents and grandparents. We couldn’t be happier with the service we received from Holbrook kennels. I couldn’t imagine being able to find better service than we received. Last but not least we love our pup.
Submitted by: Ronnie Sams on Feb 05, 2018
Chris is an extremely personable and knowledgeable breeder, and our pup has been everything we had hoped! Whether you are new to GSPs or not, check out Holbrook Kennels!
Submitted by: Alex on Jan 05, 2018
I can not say enough about the experience ive had working with Chris. He was very understanding of scheduling and working with us in picking out our puppy. Since bringing aries home he has become a wonderful addition to our family. I highly recommend Holbrook Kennels to anyone looking for a new family pet or hunting dog the attention he pays to providing the best possible experience possible is unbelievable.
Submitted by: Eddie on Dec 24, 2017
Chris is a great guy..seen his ad and contacted him about a male GSP from the Mina litter mid November. He was quick to contact me back with all the information I was asking for and then some. Went the next day to see the pup in person and was very pleased with how things went. From that point Chris stayed in contact about the health and well being of the pup up until I came to pick him up. Getting a pup from him has been a great experience the pup has natural drive and is progressing right along with simple obedience commands. If ever I decide to get another GSP it will be from Holbrook kennels no doubt about it
Submitted by: Crystal Flannigan on Dec 04, 2017
We recently purchase a puppy from Chris and we couldn't be happier. We have kinda long story but to sum it up we contacted him over a year ago about a puppy which he had none at the time and he placed us on the list for future puppies. In October I contacted him again and he had just had 2 liters us being on the list from the year before placed us at the top of the list. He sent us pictures that night and we immediately know the puppy we wanted. We contacted him about his solid brown puppy and we then proceeded to keep in touch each week. Chris unfortunately had his hunting dog pass away while hunting and had said that he was going to keep the solid brown puppy. We were heart broken we had already named her and told our kids she was ours. So I sent Chris an old message from our conversation that he had said she was available he kept all the message and had seen he did tell us that. He then personally called me and told me she was ours.. Long story short he is a man of his word he told us she was available in the beginning and even though he wanted to keep her he sold her to us... Wonderful person to work with answer and response to ur questions... We r so happy we have ask to be put back on the list to get another puppy.. 5 stars for Holbrook Kennels......
Submitted by: Brittany on Nov 25, 2017
We got are GSP pup back in July so I'm a little late on the review but I just wanted to say how wonderful this breeder is. Chris is great to work with! Once we picked out our pup he sent us videos and pictures keeping us up to date on our pups growth! He is very informational and helpful! Highly recommend!
Submitted by: Troy Hampton on Sep 26, 2017
Absolutely pleased with all of my interactions with both Chris and his dad. Never got to actually meet Chris but have had several phone calls with him. He has always been happy to answer questions and give advice. His concern on making sure his pups get a good home is also evident. Met with Dad on a couple of occasions as we made decisions, and you could tell dad had spent a day or two in the field. He knew what he was talking about. "Piston" is doing great, and we are working through the trials of puppyhood. Confident if Kanin and I can do my job Piston will soon be able to do his job. Holbrook Kennels is a class act. Thanks guys!
Submitted by: William on Aug 16, 2017
Enough cant be said about Chris and how he runs his business. Was very helpful the whole way, from info, from where i was on the list, to photos, vids, etc. I was a stickler on getting a roan pup as well, and he made sure i got one. I've had my pup for three weeks and the bloodline shows this is no doubt going to be a great dog. He is bold and fearless. $700 is a deal for these pups!
Submitted by: Lindsay Moore on Aug 02, 2017
Great buying experience. Pups were all healthy and active when I went to pick. Our guy is doing great! Been home for less than a week and he's figured things out quickly (especially to stay away from the mean barn cat.) Chris was very responsive and dealt with all my questions. He even sent pictures and videos leading up to the day we were able to pick him up. Thank you for such a perfect/SO handsome pup!
Submitted by: Will on Jul 17, 2017
We bought a gsp male a few weeks ago and could not be any happier. This pup is strong and healthy and growing like a weed. Everything Chris said has been spot on. This pup's temperament and eagerness to please is like none other I've had. Can't wait to start working birds. Awesome pup, thanks Chris Holbrook
Submitted by: Kristy Jahn on Jan 04, 2017
First of all I just got to say what a great guy Chris is. We got our puppy from Chris in July 2016, and Rosco is now 8 months old. We had a pointer who passed away last year(who we did not get from Chris) so we knew what we were getting into:)
I just got to say in comparison to our other pointer, Rosco is definitely a lot more laid back. He still has the great personality & friendliness that we love, but he is just ALOT calmer. Everyone always comments on what a great looking pointer he is, and I have to agree, he is as beautiful as they come. We were so impressed with Chris and the extra steps he took. Everything was over the top clean and well organized. Our vet commented on "How well put together he was:) She just said he was a very very healthy puppy. We could not possibly recommend Holbrook Kennels more! If you are thinking of getting a pointer definitely check them out!!!
Submitted by: Teddy and Laura Sisler on Dec 17, 2016
Me and my husband got our gsp from Holbrook kennels and we couldn't be satisfied! Chris really took the time while our baby was being weened and waiting to come home to take pictures and videos and update us on how he was doing.. He is now a 1 year old beautiful boy.. everywhere we go people ask where we got him. Can't wait to get a female in the spring!
Submitted by: John Reams on Oct 07, 2016
I found Chris and Holbrook Kennels through an internet search. Contacted him on Facebook and decided to get in line for a pup. We wanted a female and had to wait for a subsequent litter. Maisy was born on 7/3/16 and we got to take her home Labor day weekend.

This is my second GSP and thought if I could find one that was half of what my old girl was, I'd be happy. This one is going to be a keeper for sure. At 13 weeks she's already swimming and running the field with my friends 1 y/o GSP like a champ. And is pure GSP Velcro dog..... Can't wait to get her on some birds.

If you are thinking about a GSP or Brittany Puppy, I highly recommend Holbrook Kennels. Chris was in constant communication throughout the process. Once we picked our pup, he sent pics and updates regularly. The kennel facilities were outstanding as well and very clean.

I can't thank Chris and his family enough for allowing us to bring Maisy into our home and become part of our family. I will definitely be back for another pup some day.

John B. Reams III
Submitted by: Tim Bandy on Aug 15, 2016
We picked up our male GSP pup on July 3 of this year, at 8 weeks old. My wife swears he tried to point and then catch a mourning dove that was flying low that week following! Very smart little guy, he was retrieving within the first week. We visited with Chris before the pups were whelped, and he was very good to keep in touch with us and let us know what was happening. We are sure we have a great dog in the making. We are extremely pleased with our Cracker Jack!
Submitted by: Erik Beckman on Jul 08, 2016
Buying my first GSP has been a trying experience. The first breeder I tried told me after paying half the cost up front in February, that his dog would be going into heat in March/April. As of late May she still had not and he has held my deposit hostage. By the time Chris called me to tell me I had a spot on the waiting list (I'd signed up when I first started looking for a GSP and had actually forgotten) for his latest litter, I'll admit I'd thought of abandoning the whole idea. But right off it was evident what a wonderful and efficient kennel Chris ran. From the minute I expressed interest in holding my spot on the waiting list Chris kept me in the loop. From weekly pics of the pups to regular videos of them doing "puppy things", I never felt like there would be any surprises. Keep in mind this was before I'd even paid him a dime as a down payment. That's how total his commitment to his buyers is. He wants you to feel comfortable with your purchase but he also isn't just about making a buck. When I finally did go to his kennel to pick my puppy and pay the downpayment, he answered every question I had (as he'd done for different questions or concerns throughout) and I never felt rushed to hurry up and pick because he had stuff to do. It's very evident when you see all the little nuances of Chris's setup that there is one priority and that is the safety and health of the dogs and pups. The kennels are very clean and all of the dogs look very healthy and happy. Little Koufax has been at home with me in Lexington for about a week now. When I had questions about some of the vaccinations while going to the vet, even though I'd already paid Chris in full and he had no continued obligation to me, he responded to my text within 10 minutes and told me to call him any time with any questions I might have. I've already recommended Holbrook Kennels to at least 2 friends and will continue to do so. Thanks Chris for being such a standup guy in what can and often is a not so honorable business and where the line between breeder and puppy mill gets blurred. You sir have a wonderful operation and if I ever decide to get another GSP or know someone looking for a great gun dog or even a good family pet, you can bet I'll be sending them your way.
Erik Beckman
Owner of GSP Koufax
May '16 Litter
Holbrook Kennels
Submitted by: Courtney Woomer on Jul 01, 2016
I would highly recommend Chris Holbrook to anyone interested in a German Shorthaired Pointer. He's very knowledgeable, patient and kind. My husband and I were eager and very excited and he always responded to me quickly and would send me pictures whenever I asked. We are so in love with our new puppy, Shelby. She is beautiful and has a playful, energetic personality. We could not be more pleased.

Thank you so much, Chris!!
Submitted by: Angie on Apr 01, 2016
We are so thrilled with our GSP. She is a great addition to our family and more fun than we could imagine. She is about 6 months old now. We had a great experience with our breeder as well. Chris would answer questions and send pictures at any time I had reached out to him. It was helpful to have this connection because we had a 1 1/2 hour drive. He even kept our puppy and additional week to accommodate our travel plans. It was wonderful to meet our puppies parents' and see how sweet the mother is and how caring the father is. I receive constant compliments on what a beautiful dog we have. We have talked about getting another. We have also met other GSP's that came from Holbrook that live near us. I can't wait until the time is right! We will be back!!
Submitted by: Robert Merrell on Feb 19, 2016
I've been very satisfied with Holbrook and with the puppy I got from him. Female GSP, name is Oreo, age now just under 5 months. Smart pup, learns quickly, figures stuff out for herself. Knows on her own what a door handle (knob) is for, but hasn't been able yet to open one.

Quick to pick up yard training (sit, stay, come, heel, whoa. Doing great on finding and pointing wings. Conditioned easily to a starter pistol.

Put her on live quail two days ago with a dozen birds out. She found them all, made some nice points, we shot 10, recovered 8, some buried up in cover. Paid no attention to the gunfire. Still in the raw but really nice progress during the hunt. We have the makings of a great little gundog here.
Submitted by: Levi everhart on Dec 30, 2015
Couldn't ask for a better dog, chris was great to work with he will be seeing us again in the future.
Submitted by: lisa behrendt on Dec 19, 2015
I surprised my husband with a female German shorthair pointer puppy last weekend and he is crazy about her! This is the second gsp I have bought from Chris and I would highly recommend his kennel. He is easy to work with and very knowledgeable. My husband says the first female we purchased from Chris was an excellent quail hunting dog and he has high hopes for his new puppy, too.

Submitted by: Jonathan on Dec 09, 2015
I got my German short hair from Chris a few weeks ago, and could not be happier with my decision to use Holbrook kennels. She is a beautiful well tempered dog who is fitting in well with my family and learning quickly. I took her to the vet for her boosters and they were impressed with her health and quality of breeding. She has great drive and will make an excellent hunter. I definitely recommend Holbrook kennels to anyone looking for a great dog and experience.
Submitted by: Barbara Ray on Dec 01, 2015
Just picked up female pup "Brynly" on Friday. She is an awesome puppy. I grew up with shorthairs my dad hunted from similar breeding so I surely had high expectations and I have not been disappointed!

I prefer a dog with temperament to do the job and be a companion in the home too. It is obvious Chris raises his pups right and breeds dogs with superior temperaments and excellent conformation. This puppy is a mover, built to go in the field all day.

I thought the ride home ( 4 hours) might wear her out or she'd be a little wary of a new home, but she moved right in like she had lived here all her life. That is just more perfect temperament and upbringing than one could ever ask for.

Chris is very knowledgeable and professional. It is obvious that he understands a new puppy owner is anxious to learn about the new pup- he updated with pictures to show all of her markings and build etc. She was bathed her and nails clipped and ready to go when we picked her up.

This puppy is already special, whipsmart and shows great instincts.

I would recommend Holbrook Kennels to anyone seeking a quality German Shorthair. Barbara Ray
Ray/Willowind Dark Hound Vale
Submitted by: Celena Hughes on Jul 21, 2015
Stella is the sweetest Brittany Spaniel we have ever owned. We purchased Stella as soon as she was old enough to leave her Momma. We didn't train her to be a hunting dog, however, she obviously was born with that instinct. Not a bird, squirrel, or rabbit is out of her sight.

She fit right in with our other two Brittany's and loved being around our kids. She doesn't miss an opportunity to ride in the golf cart, car, truck, or boat and loves the water.

Chris Holbrook was excellent to work with and extremely accommodating. We were able to see Stella's Momma and Daddy on site, as well.

I would get another Brittany from Chris, if my husband would just say, "yes."
Submitted by: Wes Mallory on Apr 17, 2015
I'm a few weeks into ownership of a new American Brittany male I got from Chris at Holbrook Kennels. This is my first Brittany and Chris was very informative, taking plenty of time, showing me the parents, going over their history and answering questions. I look forward to a continuing relationship with Holbrook Kennels during the training period. I have high expectations for Crockett as a hunting companion!
Submitted by: Kristen Armstrong on Mar 05, 2015
We purchased our female GSP from Chris in December and we could not be happier! Chris was great to work with, very knowledgeable, trusting, and professional. I loved that he kept us updated with pictures and videos of our little girl until we picked her up. He even bathed her and clipped her nails so she was ready to go when we picked her up. We always get complements on how beautiful she is. Not only is she beautiful, but she is super smart and has a great personality...exactly what you would expect from this breed! I would recommend Holbrook kennels to anyone looking for a GSP.
Submitted by: Danny & Marty Mann on Feb 03, 2015
Chris was wonderful to deal with. He sent pictures and updates on our pup until she was ready to pick up. The paperwork was complete and he has health guarantee for a year. We love our new pup and she is a big part of our family. Thanks so much and we highly recommend Chris and Holbrook Kennels if you are looking for quality German shorthair pups.
Submitted by: seth on Feb 01, 2015
From the first conversation I had with Chris over the phone, to the day I picked my pup up, he was always available to answer any questions I had. He had great looking dogs in his kennel and made picking a pup from him an easy decision. He can speak to you and help you from whatever level you are on as bird dog buyer. I will definitely be returning for another dog in the future.
Thanks again,
Submitted by: Tyler Howe on Dec 23, 2014
I recently purchased my first German shorthair pointer from Chris and I couldn't be happier. She is everything he said she would be. He kept me up to date with pictures and emails. Chris answered every question I had. I will definitely be a return customer.
Submitted by: Ryan Schumm on Nov 24, 2014
I recently purchased a 8 week old German Shorthair puppy. Chris was great at keeping me up to date with where the pups where at and when they would be ready. Made several special trips to meet me and show me the dogs, was fantastic to work with. Would highly recommend one of his dogs to anyone looking for a great dog and a honest easy person to work with in getting one. Even after purchasing Chris would check up and see how the puppy was doing and if we need anything, really going above and beyond. Thanks again Chris
Submitted by: Scott Vogel on Nov 24, 2014
We picked up our sweet girl Merideth from Holbrook Kennels and could not be more pleased with the whole experience. Chris was very very informative before hand and continues to follow up on how she is doing. When I first contacted Chris he was more than accommodating by allowing us to go out and see the puppies, it allowed us to see his operation and we knew we were dealing with a stand up person who cared about his dogs. I would recommend any one who is looking for a quality operation and beautiful dogs to contact them, they will not be sorry. Can't wait for next year to see Merideth in action in the fields and woods. Thanks Chris.
Submitted by: Tina Ritchey on Apr 15, 2014
We absolutely love our new puppy. She has been named Gabby. She took command of our three year old little girl before I ever signed the paperwork. That's when I knew she was going to be a keeper. We are in awe of little Gabby. Can't wait to take her out into the open fields hunting.
Submitted by: Ted George on Mar 03, 2014
Just picked up my first GSP from Chris and am already making plans for another. Dealing with Chris was not only professional but just as important, it was easy. The pup is great and has been awesome since I picked him up. Throughout the process Chris sent pictures and other info and kept me well informed. So, thanks Chris for providing me many future memories with an awesome dog.
Submitted by: Jacob Patton on Feb 22, 2014
I highly recommend buying a puppy from Mr.holbrook.
He is very respectful. And he has great dogs! I got my puppy today and I already love him! You will make a good choice if you buy a puppy from Holbrook Kennels.
Submitted by: Jeremy Kemper on Oct 13, 2013
I just wanted to drop by and say I got my dog Hugo from Chris in August. The puppy has been an absolutely fantastic. I cannot go anywhere without someone coming up and telling me how good looking this dog is. Additionally, I get lots of compliments on how well mannered the puppy is. There is not a person or a dog that Hugo is not friends with.

All of this is an absolute credit to Chris and his breeding. As anyone familiar with dogs knows, you have to breed good dogs to get good puppies, and I am happy to say I believe I have a pretty darn good puppy.

Working with Chris was a pleasure. He was easy to contact and responsive to my questions. Before adopting my pup, I got to meet both of the parents and see the entire litter of puppies in addition to where the dogs lived.

If it turns out that I want to get another GSP, I will most certainly be in contact with Chris.
Submitted by: Todd Mercier on Oct 11, 2013
Working with Chris Holbrook was a pleasure. He operates a professional kennel and truly has a dedication not only to his dogs and puppies but also to the client. I appreciated his frequent updates and pictures as the litter from which my German Shorthair, Silas Kane, grew over the first 8 weeks.

Silas is beautiful, intelligent and playful. I highly recommend this breed and Chris Holbrook. Thanks for giving me a great companion! We haven't stopped running since the day I picked him up.
Submitted by: Willy S. on Oct 04, 2013
Our Brittany, Stella, is naturally obsessed with birds. She has been doing great on stocked pheasants and the occasional native grouse. The rest of the year she is a beloved companion in our home.
Submitted by: zeb clark on Aug 05, 2013
I bought a german short hair from Chris in May and I couldn't be happier with the pup. The whole time I was waiting on the dog he keep me up to date with everything. He called and told me how the pup was doing and twice sent pictures of her. She is very energetic and learns quickly. She is already retrieving at 4 months old. She shows a lot of interest in birds. She is very friendly and adapted well to our family. My next purchase of a bird dog will be with Chris. Can't say how well everything has worked out and is continuing to work out.
Submitted by: J.D. Humphress on Jun 03, 2013
I first met Chris Holbrook at his kennel on December 15, 2012. My kids wanted two brittany pups for pets. Chris had a litter of five there that had just turned two weeks old. My kids picked out a male and a female. Chris emailed my kids pictures of the pups weekly. We brought the pups home in late January. Chris had prepared a packet with all the pups' info for us. My vet examined the dogs and said that they were in perfect health. The pups are now six months old and you could not have asked for two better pups. They are intelligent, obedient, loyal, easily trained, well bred, beautiful animals. My kids absolutely love them. They are like members of the family. We are 110% satisfied. Holbrook Kennels is the best!
Submitted by: Taryn on Feb 08, 2013
My husband and I recently got a German Short Haired puppy from Chris at Holbrook Kennels. Chris was so easy to work with and very informative. He kept us updated with pictures and was flexible in setting up a time to get our pup. Our lil pup is a little over 3 months now and is a healthy little ball of energy who we are in love with. Every where we go we get compliments on what a great looking dog he is. I would recommend this Kennel to anyone interested in a new pup.
Submitted by: Shannon Johnson on Nov 11, 2012
I recently purchased a 13 week old male Britanny pup from Chris and could not be more pleased with my purchase. The dog is in fantastic health. All shots were up to date and he gave great instructions what I needed to do in the future. The pup is very mild mannered. Doesn't bark (except at the cat) and seems be extremely teachable. He is retreiving already and points on the wing. Really looking forward to getting him in the field. Very pleased and I would recommend Holbrook Kennels for your next bird dog.
Submitted by: Benton LeCuyer on Aug 20, 2012
What an AWESOME dog!!! Got my GSP from the January 31 litter. She has met and exceded all my expectations. I do alot of hiking in the red river gorge, along with other various outdoor activities and I couldn't ask for a better companion. She is very responsive and keeps close. Chris was very informative and runs a very professional operation. I will most certainly be getting another GSP from Holbrook kennels.
Submitted by: Benny Epling on Aug 06, 2012
Our experience with Chris was perfect. Our puppy was healthy and obviously well-cared for before we picked her up. Chris clearly knows what he is doing. If we ever get another another dog, I will be going back to him.
Submitted by: Blaine Ely on Jun 06, 2012
Chris is very helpful in answering questions and helping in the adoption process. He takes pride in his dogs and makes the process a breeze. My GSP pup from Holbrook Kennels just turned 12 weeks and is a beautiful and healthy pup. She began pointing at ten weeks and has shown a large interest in birds. There is no doubt she will make a great hunting partner. Holbrook Kennels is highly recommended.
Submitted by: Cheryl L. on May 15, 2012
We picked up our GSP puppy from Chris this past weekend and were very pleased with our experience with him. Chris answers emails and questions extremely promptly, which was important to me since we are 2.5 hours from his home and consequently could not see the puppy in person before we picked her up. Chris sent us multiple pictures of each puppy he had for sale. Upon pickup, we met our puppy's parents and were given all pedigree paperwork, as well as paperwork with the different wormings and vaccinations our puppy had been given. Our female GSP puppy has only been with us for a short time, but she has fit right into our family. She is learning quickly with house training and is very playful and sweet. She loves to cuddle, too! If you are considering a GSP, I highly recommend Chris' puppies.
Submitted by: brandon miller on Mar 26, 2012
I bought a brittany pup from chris back early february of 2012 and cannot be more pleased with my dog! not only in actions twords myself and my small children, but more in the actions of his flawlessness in the field as my bird dog. he is just now 4 1/2 months and is excellent in the field, i took him out his first shoot with me when he was 10 weeks old and loved the sound of a gun. He is now 16 1/2 weeks and is amazing in the field, he is pointing and retrieving 100% still trying to make him hold but hes just a pup, chris was as kind as they come when asking questions and looking for the right companion, these brittanys are not only wonderful with children but also very loyal to there masters and excellent bird dogs!!! if your looking for a dog in great health and an awsome bloodline, then chris holbrook is the man to see.
Submitted by: nick diduca on Dec 23, 2011
I bought a Brittany pup from Chris back in 2007. I have owned 3 dogs in my life. I GSP a Vizla and now Jess, my Brittany.. My wife and I couldn’t be happier with our dog. She is a great obedient dog with a wonderful desire to hunt and to please. She is an even better part of our family. Well behaved in the house and in the field.
Dealing with Chris was a great experience. He answered all of our e-mails and phone calls promptly and walked us through the process of getting our pup from Kentucky to Boston. I was so happy with my pup that I recommended him to my aunt who purchased a pup from his next litter.
Chris I’m sorry it took me so long to write this review.. Jess was a beautiful pup and she has turned into a wonderful dog and member of the family.. Thank you for everything.
Submitted by: Randy Ellis on Dec 02, 2011
We picked our GSP up form Holbrook Kennels on Nov 27th 2011. The pup was 5 months old and the last of his litter to be sold. He is a beautiful dog and very healthy. All of his shots were current and the kennels clean and well organized. We saw both of the parents and they also looked great. The pup was a little shy at first but within 3 days was running and playing with our other dog. Very smart and quick to learn as we have come to expect from other GSP's we have owned. Chris does a great job with his kennel and we would highly recommend him.
Submitted by: Lisa Dalton on Sep 18, 2011
We picked up our GSP puppy from Chris in late August. He's a happy, healthy and playful little pup. Our GSP is very bright and learning quickly. He's a wonderful addition to our family. We were very happy with our experience at Holbrook Kennels.
Submitted by: Jason Dennis on Sep 13, 2011
I picked up a GSP puppy from Chris on 13AUG. When the litter was a few weeks old Chris sent me pictures of the pups and I picked one out. Upon arrival the pup I had picked out was the same one he held for me. The puppy was very healthy and friendly, and is now kept in my house. He is a quick learner, good temperment and already obeys several commands. Chris had a nice set up, all the dogs on the property looked healthy and well taken care of. You wont find a better place to buy a dog from. I highly recommend Holbrook Kennels for all your Brittany and GSP needs.
Submitted by: Andy and Lisa Stewart on Sep 04, 2011
Chris runs a small operation, so the dogs get optimal attention and individual care. All of our emails and phone calls have been met with prompt, friendly, straight-forward solid replies and the neighborly good nature my husband and I were both raised with in Kentucky. Chris went above and beyond, agreeing to hold our chosen pup a little extra time for us since my husband was deployed to Afghanistan and we wanted to pick up the pup on our way home to see family afterward to save us the extra trip. Our new male Brittany is sweet, loving, very intelligent, and eager to learn and please. Holbrook Kennels presents as a well-run operation with animals showing nothing but the perfect picture of health; they're properly vaccinated and dewormed, tails docked, dewclaws removed, and provided for as I would have if the pups were my own. We look forward to getting our first German Shorthair from you one day, Chris! Wish I could post a photo on here, because this little guy loves to pose for pictures!
Submitted by: ryan glover on Aug 07, 2011
Picked my Brittany pup up last week from Chris the pup is a very quick learner this is my first Brittany and Chris was very helpful throughout the whole process.
Submitted by: Mark Collier on Jul 17, 2011
My family and I just purchased a male Brittany Pup from Chris. He responded to all of our questions promptly and created a plan to pick up the pup. Being from St. Louis it saved us a lot of miles and gas. As for the Puppy, he has really settled into family life with us, and shows great hunting potential. We are very pleased with chris and our new puppy, and would recommend Holbrook Kennels to anyone. Great experience, love our pup.
Submitted by: Chad/Julie Barth on May 10, 2011
We picked up our mixed breed puppy in the middle of April and instantly fell in love with her! Chris kept very good records of all vaccinations/vet vistits and our Vet. said she is in excellant health! We live about 3 hours away and he made special arrangements so that we could get her early and be on our way home. We love our newest member to our family and she loves her new "brothers" and "sisters". She especially loves to chase bubbles and we have even caught her "pointing" at the neighborhood bird friends! Thanks for a great experience! The pointer/brittney mixed puppies make a great pet for us......
Submitted by: Gary Proctor on Jan 05, 2011
Just purchased a male pup from Chris a few days ago and was very pleased with the experience. He was very easy to reach and helpful with my questions. I would recommend Chris to anyone looking for a pup.
Submitted by: Ryan Cassell on Dec 07, 2010
I recently purchased a Brittany off of Chris and the pup is awesome. Chris was very helpful thru out the whole process. He was extremely prompt to respond to both emails and phone calls. He also took time to explain the lines he chose to breed. I look forward to training my new hunting partner. If your in the market for a Brittany definetly give Chris Holbrook a call!
Submitted by: Krista Hessler on Nov 13, 2008
My family recently purchased a German Shorthair Pointer from Holbrook Kennels (November 2008). From the very first contact with Chris, we had a wonderful experience. Chris answered any and all of our questions with patience and understanding. We lived 4 hours away and had to purchase our pup "unseen" but Chris was wonderful about sending us pictures on a regular basis and assisting us with our pick. We are extremely pleased with our choice. Our pup has a great temperment and is well adjusted. He also received a perfect check up at the vet. Our vet was very impressed with the documentation and health of the puppy. If the need should ever arise, we would definitely purchase another dog form Holbrook Kennels!
Submitted by: Caitlin Litz on Jul 06, 2008
My family and I purchased a Brittany Spaniel from Holbrook Kennels in April. I was exceptionally pleased with how much Chris helped us to find the perfect Brittany. We kept in contact all through March and we were even able to pick out our puppy before even seeing her. We drove to Kentucky on a family trip from Southwest Virginia and picked up our puppy on the way home. Chris left his job to meet us at his house, and after we had met our new puppy he throughly answered our many questions and made sure that we were ready to go. She is a great joy, beautiful dog, and an excellent retriever. She was already fetching a stuffed duck the second day she came home and everyone that comes in contact with her talks about how beautiful and well-mannered she is! Thanks Chris, I couldn't imagine a better dog or better help in meeting our perfect dog!
Submitted by: David Johns on Feb 22, 2008
I was very impressed with how helpful Holbrook Kennels was in assisting me in picking up and choosing my dog. I flew in chose a puppy in the morning and Chris got the dog airplane ready from the vet, drove the dog out to meet me near the airport after my business meeting. Excellent service and great looking healthy dogs.
This dog is a great dog, hunts for me when I walk out the door on our 3 acres. Was pointing a wing the week I brought him home. He points and holds very well at 5 months. He lives to hunt. I just returned from the vet today, the vet was very impressed at how well mannered the dog was and everyone that came in while I was there remarked what a beautiful dog he was. He is also very well behaved, sleeps in the house at night in his crate and doesn't make a sound. I coulnd have asked for a better dog.
I couldn't be happier with this dog. thanks, this puppy is proof of quality breeding.
Submitted by: Christopher Calhoun on Jun 28, 2007
I bought a very good female from him last year at a reasonable price. I am very satisfied!!!

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