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About Biebel Brittanys
We breed, raise and train high quality Brittanys from Nolan's Last Bullet, Microdot, Grand Junction Jake, Gamblers Ace in the Hole, and Hammerin Hank/Dandy blood lines. Our Brittanys have wonderful persaonalities, love to hunt, are natural retreivers, have long range noses and are very smart. They are easy to house train and make great family dogs as well as bird dogs. Our Brittanys are bred for long legs, short hair coats and are not aggressive. We have both orange & white and liver & white pups and dogs. Our Brittanys will hunt Huns, Grouse and Pheasants up close and will range out to cover ground when Quail or Chukar hunting. With long range noses they will find birds, lock up and point, are natural backers, will hunt dead, retreive to hand, and†then scoot to do it all over again and again! We love to hunt with our BiebelBrittanys. We have a sharptailed grouse and pheasant hunting camp in eastern MT, pheasant camps in North & South Dakota and Iowa, and a quail camp in KY. You and your new pup or dog can come join us! Harold Biebel.
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Harold Biebel
PO Box 1498
Bowling Green, Kentucky 42102
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 15 years.
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Submitted by: Pat K. on Oct 01, 2014
Things that BiebelBrit Rusty learned in North Dakota:
How to drink water out of a bottle
How to navigate barb wire fences
Sharptail grouse are bigger than quail and harder to get in your mouth
Cows are not afraid of you
You cannot outrun a jack rabbit.
Had a great time and could not be happier with Rusty. He performed so well once he learned that coveys act differently than pen raised quail and chuckers.Will send pictures once I figure how to get from camera to computer to email.
We hunted for 8 days in and around Wing, ND - central ND about 20 mi east and 20 mi north of Bismark.
Birds were down significantly from last year. Number of coveys and size of coveys are all down. Crop harvesting is about 4-6 weeks late this year so that may have had some impact but locals all reported seeing fewer birds this year. Lots of pasture and CRP land planted in grain crops - more soybeans than ever. Temperatures were in the upper 70s and 80s - tough on both hunters and dogs.Did not see many pheasants, but we were not in pheasant cover. Locals said pheasant numbers are up from last year. Ducks are up about 300% - critters are all over the place - lots of water.
Hope your Montana trip is great - be safe.
If you get a minute let me know how you made out in the UP of Mi.
Best regards,
Pat K.
Submitted by: Dr. Nancy on Sep 18, 2014
The puppy is absolutely perfect! Having a great time at the house and slept great last night. Dr. Nancy

Submitted by: Will in Memphis on Sep 09, 2014
Thanks, Harold. Thank you for BiebelBrittany Tucker. He was a hit! The girls love him, and heís seems to be adjusting just fine so far.
Many thanks, Will in Memphis.
Submitted by: Jimmy in Virginia on Sep 08, 2014
Hi Harold, quick report. BiebelBrittany Beckett is doing very well. Learning commands and chasing quail wings. As I write, he is crashed out with my other Brittany, Finley on the floor. Thanks for the boy! Jimmy in VA.
Submitted by: Reid in IN on Sep 06, 2014
Hi all. So recently, I purchased a longboard/skateboard... And a BiebelBrittany puppy. So last week, I tried something new. I let my 6 month old puppy pull me on my longboard. And it worked great, now I do it 2-3 times a day with her. She has gained a significant amount of muscle, and stamina. I love doing this with her and hope to keep doing it for a long time. Reid in IN.
Submitted by: Carol on Sep 04, 2014
Check this out...this is BeiebleBrittany Greta. She now 15 months old and doing great in the field. Thank you Harold for a wonderful pup!
Another picture of My Greta on backup point! She's coming along in her training tremendously! Greta's trainer Carol Gaver, is doing excellent work in training my bird dog. Thank you Carol!
Submitted by: Brian & Lisa from Ohio on Sep 03, 2014
Hi Harold,

I wanted to send you an email to let you know that we sent Tripper to Jimmy Johnson this summer. We went out to see her and run her for the first time in a few months and what a difference a few months worth of work make. Tripper was already a good hunting companion as you know but I wanted to see if she has what it takes to be a trial dog. All indications are that she should be ready to run next spring. Jimmy is very happy with her at this point. He was able to get her broke(even after all the bad habits we taught her). Jimmy told us tonight she is the type of dog he would have liked to breed because of the many good quality's she has. Unfortunately we had her spayed which is still a good thing but I thought you would like to know that Jimmy thinks she is very capable.

I can not wait until next spring when I will have two competitive dogs to run. Yes Livvy is still progressing great. She did mess with all the boys this weekend up in Michigan because she decided to come into season. We brought her home for a few weeks until it is over and then it is back to work for her and hopefully some derby placements.

I believe quail season starts on November 1 in Indiana this year are you still up to meeting me at Andy's?

Thanks for everything and I hope to talk to you soon.

Brian in Cleveland
Submitted by: Natasha in Phoenix on Sep 03, 2014
Hello Harold, I just wanted to provide another update. Our girl, BiebelBrittany Dillon, is doing very well and she is very sweet. Follows me around everywhere I go. She is a joy.
We feed Purina One at our house so we have been transitioning to that puppy food along with the one you send which I presume is Pedigree puppy.
The photos I have taken are not very good, I am charging the real camera to take some good photos. She is a bullet headed for a target and does not stop moving. Marie says just like me.
I know she will love our home up north. She will have our 2 acres and the neighbors land to roam in and play, plus we backup to the National Forrest. She will have a all with all of and I know she will be taking lots of walks with me. No pheasant hunting that I know of, but we turkeys. Large Turkeys.
We changed the spelling of her name and went to the one it should be after Matt Dillon, we love westerns. Natasha in Phoenix.
Submitted by: Shaun in MT on Sep 01, 2014
Harold. Opening day of Huns in MT, it was a slow day. We covered a lot of country. No huns. We had a cool and wet spring, and a wet late summer. We will find some birds, but is was nice to get out. Gunner and BiebelBrittany Jackson work very well together. Jackson has a good range and checks in. We had 5 dogs and they all had a good time. A day in the field is better than working.
Thanks again, Jackson is a natural. Shaun in MT.

Submitted by: Rick in TN on Aug 27, 2014
Harold. Iím excited. If you can on your trip to the UP of MI with your dogs and my Rider please keep me posted on Riderís training. I have been watching you, BiebelBrittanys, for a while and it is going to be a privilege to have a dog started by you. Good luck. Safe hunting and travels. My son canít hardly wait either. Thanks, Rick.

Hi Rick. And thank you for your kind words. We are looking forward to running Rider in the north woods of the UP. I have a Garmin Alpha for him to wear. I will know where he is at all times.

Between now and Sept 27 or 28 when you come to fetch him here is our training plan:
1-come to his name.
2-leash and lead train him.
3-stake out on the chain gang with the big dogs.
4-reinforce prey drive with training quail.
5-introduce him to the starter gun and shotguns so he is not gun shy.
6-take him on the road to the UP so he learns to be a good travel dog.
7-run him in the woods of the UP, let him find some woodcock.
And bring him home safe and sound to you at the end of September 2014

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