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About Biebel Brittanys
We breed, raise and train high quality Brittanys from Nolan's Last Bullet, Microdot, Grand Junction Jake, Gamblers Ace in the Hole, and Hammerin Hank/Dandy blood lines. Our Brittanys have wonderful persaonalities, love to hunt, are natural retreivers, have long range noses and are very smart. They are easy to house train and make great family dogs as well as bird dogs. Our Brittanys are bred for long legs, short hair coats and are not aggressive. We have both orange & white and liver & white pups and dogs. Our Brittanys will hunt Huns, Grouse and Pheasants up close and will range out to cover ground when Quail or Chukar hunting. With long range noses they will find birds, lock up and point, are natural backers, will hunt dead, retreive to hand, and then scoot to do it all over again and again! We love to hunt with our BiebelBrittanys. We have a sharptailed grouse and pheasant hunting camp in eastern MT, pheasant camps in North & South Dakota and Iowa, and a quail camp in KY. You and your new pup or dog can come join us! Harold Biebel.
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Harold Biebel
PO Box 1498
Bowling Green, Kentucky 42102
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 23 years.
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Submitted by: Christina in Memphis on Jul 30, 2015
Hi Harold. These photo are how Tuck said good morning yesterday. He is the BEST puppy and we love him so. He's growing fast. We hope you are doing well. Happy rest of the summer! Christina, Jeffrey, Josie, Amelia and Tuck
Submitted by: Shaun in MT on Jul 30, 2015
Harold. Every time we drive on a dirt road BiebelBrittany Jackson thinks we are going hunting!! Check him out in the photo with front feet on the dash on the look out for birds on the road. My older dog might have congenital heart failure. We are just starting to run tests. What do you have for up and coming pups? Are you still coming out this summer? Shaun in MT.
Submitted by: Cade & Madison in Utah on Jul 27, 2015
Hi Harold. Just wanted to send some pictures of Dusty to keep you updated and let you know he is alive and well. Last week we went to the vet for shots and he weighed 28 lbs! Our fully grown two year old is only 42 lbs! Dusty is only 4 months old, so lots more to grow. We are excited to see how he turns out. He is doing great with birds and as far as we can tell with all the fireworks he has been around lately he won't be gun shy. He is very spoiled and loves his big brother Bo. He says hello from Utah! Thanks Harold. - Cade and Madison
Submitted by: Ethan on Jul 07, 2015
Harold. BiebelBrittany Gunner is an excellent family and bird dog.. He is a really good bird dog too. Great nose. I have been working him on pigeons. Still get a little too close to the birds. I think he will stop doing that when quail start to flush. He should self-correct on that. Ethan.
Submitted by: Don C. on Jun 23, 2015
Harold, I was hoping you were going to repeat the breeding of Huck vs Wren. I think I told you I spent this past fall and winter helping Jerry U. from Valo Indiana train his dog Piper. Although there was not much to train. The dog searched hard, pointed hard and retrieved to hand naturally. And all in its first year of hunting. That is why I would like to give you a deposit on a female pup when I see you in Montana. If you are not going to breed Wren I might be interested in the below litter. Thanks, Don C.
Submitted by: Dan in KY on Jun 22, 2015
Harold. Not even home yet and she's already spoiled rotten!!! The connection BiebelBrittany Sky and my wife already have is unbelievable, so much for "my" dog. You have an awesome setup for your dog's, it was a pleasure to do business with you and I look foward to doing business with you again in the future. Dan in KY.
Submitted by: Brad in AZ on Jun 21, 2015
Harold, BiebelBrittany Piper is growing and learning with each passing week. She was able to spend an extended period in the mountains late May and early June. She travels well in her kennel. One time she has lasted the entire 3.5 hr trip without a pee stop. This past week she has been learning to adjust to the heat. Borderline record highs this past week in Tucson. 110ish this weekend.

Piper is a complete bundle of fun. She loves her free runs in the forest pointing the butterfly's and hoppers. Lacewings & moths at night are the game of choice here in Tucson. She loves to harass her sister Tia. Tia has been very patient and good with her. Things are going great! She loves the wing when I break it out and plays fetch really well when her mood soots her.

Piper got to experience her first live game bird flush last weekend. We were walking in the forest and out of the corner of my eye I saw Tia wheel around. As I turned a hen turkey busted from her nest into flight. Piper, Karen and I were 20 ft away. All was good and other than each of us being surprised it didnt phase her at all.

She got her last shots yesterday and the vet says all is good. She was 8 lbs when you shipped her, 12 at her 12 week vet visit and 14 yesterday. The vet forecast her adult weight to be 30 lbs ish. Hmmm just looked at her records and looks like the vet gave her the rabies at the 14 week mark not 16. I will have to call her.

She is a great dog and it is obvious she has some great breeding behind her. I cant wait to see her in the field with real birds. Planning to make contact with Wally this weekend. Looks like we will be able to go to the mountains the next 3 weekends.

Piper really keeps us busy. I have not tied a fly since she arrived and I look at my email once or twice a week now. I started this response yesterday but ran out time before she woke from her nap.

Hope all is well and Happy Fathers Day! Brad

Submitted by: Greg in NM on Jun 18, 2015
Hey Harold, Puppy is doing great! He may be one of the smartest pups I've ever had. He is spoiled rotten. He sleeps in my bed every night. The shed retrieval will definitely by more time but he does love his antlers. The boys in the photo with pup are Aaron, Clay, and Quinn. Thanks again for such a great dog! Greg in NM.

Submitted by: Kelsey USMC on Jun 13, 2015
Harold, Sorry for taking so long to send you some pictures. BiebelBrittany Penny and I have been getting out and doing some hiking. She doesn't even mind her backpack, so she gets her to carry her food and bowls. The first picture is from hiking near Mammoth Lakes, CA. The last picture is on top of the highest point in Southern California. She never slows down on the trail. She is a great dog. We love her so much. Thanks! Kelsey, USMC.
Submitted by: Christina in Memphis on Jun 11, 2015
Harold. We have been loving BiebelBrittany Tuck. I think we all love him more than we knew we could...already. He is such a smart, sweet, gentle and playful boy. Tuck is already feeling comfortable napping with his sisters. Thanks again- Christina in Memphis.

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