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About Biebel Brittanys
We breed, raise and train high quality Brittanys from Nolan's Last Bullet, Microdot, Grand Junction Jake, Gamblers Ace in the Hole, and Hammerin Hank/Dandy blood lines. Our Brittanys have wonderful persaonalities, love to hunt, are natural retreivers, have long range noses and are very smart. They are easy to house train and make great family dogs as well as bird dogs. Our Brittanys are bred for long legs, short hair coats and are not aggressive. We have both orange & white and liver & white pups and dogs. Our Brittanys will hunt Huns, Grouse and Pheasants up close and will range out to cover ground when Quail or Chukar hunting. With long range noses they will find birds, lock up and point, are natural backers, will hunt dead, retreive to hand, and then scoot to do it all over again and again! We love to hunt with our BiebelBrittanys. We have a sharptailed grouse and pheasant hunting camp in eastern MT, pheasant camps in North & South Dakota and Iowa, and a quail camp in KY. You and your new pup or dog can come join us! Harold Biebel.
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Harold Biebel
PO Box 1498
Bowling Green, Kentucky 42102
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 15 years.
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Submitted by: Ron in KY on Dec 01, 2014

BiebelBrittany Daisy (18 months old) found a small covey of liberated quail today, pointed the covey and then pointed a single, which my buddy killed. Daisy pointed dead and we all celebrated. She connected the dots today and knows that in her a bird-dog heart beats. Thought you'd like to know. A joyous day!


Ron in KY
Submitted by: Brent in IN on Dec 01, 2014

Attached are a couple of pics from a hunt at a game farm in Illinois.
The two pups are Biebel Brits and they are both 3 years old. The white and liver dog is my daughters dog.
It was a pretty good day. 20 Quail and 6 Chukars.

Brent in IN
Submitted by: Alix in Florida on Dec 01, 2014
Dec 1 40 degrees and rainy!
While outside cleaning my horse barn today, my Golden retriever decided to go back inside. He is adept at opening outside doors, but not closing them. When I got back in house,there was a wren flying across kitchen window to window.
I got bird into laundry room hoping to capture him to put him back outside. More difficult than expected. Well after 3 tries about 30 minutes apart to capture this Wren, I enlisted BiebelBrittany Dash's help.
Mr Wren dove from the window to behind a table that I couldn't reach behind. Very quietly I pointed and I told Dash to get the bird. He expertly reached behind and down under table to pick up Mr Wren. First try bird got away but he reached down again gently got bird in his mouth immediately turned to me and gently handed him to me! Wow! How gentle! After a few moments of letting bird calm down, I released him outside. Of course Dash got a treat. I was so impressed with his calm, businesslike demeanor!
You just can't beat with great breeding!
Alix in Florida

Submitted by: Kevin in CO on Nov 04, 2014

I purchased some pigeons today and took Remy out for his first attempt a pointing live birds. He was awesome! Not only did he point them but I guess the whoa and heel practice we have been doing is actually working. The first few time he didn't want to hold when I told him to whoa but after about five runs he started holding his point and letting me walk past him to flush the bird. It's gotta be in his genes, right! Thought you might like to hear how he's coming along.

Kevin in Colorado

Submitted by: Lisa in Cleveland on Nov 04, 2014

We are driving home from a pheasant hunt today. LIV got her first taste of a 'big bird' and she LIKED it! The trouble was her shooters were rusty. Livy pointed 8 birds and we hit one.

Trip was the Energizer Bunny and kept going and going and going. The men we were with loved her. They kept saying what a hard tough hunter she is.

Watching the dogs work is poetry in motion. I don't care if I bring home a bunch of pheasants, I love watching my dogs work - and they work well. You can see how much the dogs love to hunt and how much they love to work for you the hunter.

In all a picture perfect day.

Say hello to Renee and the pack, the Edgehouses send our love,


Submitted by: Ryan in TX on Oct 29, 2014
Harold. Just wanted to update you on Huckleberry Terry. His 1st dove hunt(17 weeks old) Huck picked up 3 of 9 killed birds & brought them back placing them in my hand. 2nd Hunt I killed 6, he retrieved 5. All of which were in a field with standing beans. 3rd hunt(bean field again) killed 6 & he picked all of them up. We have hunted several more times & he gets better every time. I have even had him retrieving my golf balls on the putting green at a local golf course. Ha! We have been getting our duck blinds ready & I’m anxious to see how he fairs. I’ll send you some pics. Hope all is well! Keep in touch… Ryan in Texas.

Submitted by: Ed in CA on Oct 28, 2014
Her is an update on Molly & Huck’s little girl “Lots of Liver”. We did end up naming her TAZ, short for Tazly, a name my daughter came up with.
I have her out on little 2 or 3 mile ‘hunts’ a couple of times a week. She sight points doves in the field or trees, watches & follows every bird that flies over head and points & holds for a couple of seconds at noises she hears in the bush.
The hills I take her has a couple of shallow 2 – 3 inch deep & 10 foot wide river crossings, which she negotiates with no problems. She is getting a bit bolder and on our walks and is ranging out about 20 to 30 yards in front of me.
She knows her name and comes to me when I call her. Retrieves frozen dove to my hand and we are slowly working on getting her used to noise. Funny thing about her, she jumps a little noises, but last week in the yard while I was tuning up a couple of my quads, when they back-fired she didn’t flinch a bit, and just stood looking at me and the noise as if we didn’t exist.
She’s a bit over doubled in size, fills up her shipping crate, and ready to be moved to her full sized crate. She stands about 13 inches at her shoulders and is all legs. She is a good looking dog and is stylish in her stance.
I’ve attached a picture of her out in a field sight pointing birds.
Submitted by: Laura in Lexington KY on Oct 28, 2014
BiebelBrittany Lucky at nine months old! Can't believe he let me get this picture of him! He was watching a flock of birds overhead, turned around and saw me and stood in this pose for about a minute! Love this baby!! Laura in KY.
Submitted by: Jeff Harned on Oct 27, 2014
Montana 2014! A great group of guys. Birds every where. You have truly built a community around your exceptional Brittany's.
Thanks so much for the helping us get lined out. It was a trip we will never forget.. Jeff H.
Submitted by: Keith in GA on Oct 19, 2014
Harold. As you see from the attached photo they have it made… BiebelBrittany Cocoa has found a favorite chair. BiebelBrittany Bodie likes them all. Thanks again, Keith.

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