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Quattro Zampe - Iowa Spinone Italiano Breeders

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About Quattro Zampe
The Spinone is a very methodical versatile hunting dog.  They are known for their close working nature in the field with an awesome nose.  They are friendly, loyal, intelligent and are great companions.  I breed for dogs that abide by the breed standard with the hunting talents they were meant to have.
Quattro Zampe Kennels has received an AKC Breeder of Merit distinction.
Hunting Dog Breeds Raised
Spinone Italiano
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1706 Clark St.
Charles City, Iowa 50616
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 18 years.
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Testimonials (7)
Submitted by: Scott E. Alger on Dec 22, 2013
We have a wonderful hunting Spinone from Quattro Zampe. Sackett naturally searches, points, and retrieves. Most of all however, she is an outstanding family pet. She turns her hunting desire on and off, making her a dream dog. We couldn't be happier with all of our interactions with Teri. And after 5 years, we remain thrilled with our four-legged friend.
Submitted by: Julie Dunn on Jan 29, 2013
I currently own a spinone that we purchased through Teri Turner and Quattro Zampe kennels. "Rosi" will be two years old this spring...we brought her home as a 9 week old puppy last summer, and she quickly became a much loved member of our family. I had been intrigued by the breed for many years, done some research, and attended several dog shows to make contact with local breeders. My interest in Spinone is as a family companion, hunting companion, conformation, and possibly breeding in the future. Teri's breeding program meets all these requirements. She is interested in producing dogs that are true to type and function, offering advice and mentoring to families that receive her puppies. Having no experience in terms of hunting, Teri provided guidance and support as I worked with Rosi to prepare her for her NAVHDA NA Test. I took advantage of two NAVDHA training days, and a Mock Test before running Rosi at 12 months. Rosi earned a perfect Prize 1 score of 112, and later that summer, two legs of her AKC Junior Hunter. Rosi has amazing natural hunting ability, and is a joy to watch in the field.

Rosi has also excelled in the show ring, earning her first major at the Land O Lakes show this past January, well on her way to her championship. In my experience, after taking a traditional obedience class for gun dogs, and a positive reinforcement class, I find that spinone are a responsive breed, eager to please, and quick learners. They are a "soft" breed that responds well to positive reinforcement, are brilliant in the field, and a wonderful couch potato at home.

I recommend Teri highly as a breeder. She realizes the importance of careful breedings to produce healthy puppies true to form and function, early socialization during the first weeks, and is happy to provide advice and mentoring.
Submitted by: Scott Dickinson and Julie Latterell on Jan 27, 2013
We have a nearly 1-year old male Spinone from Teri and Quattro Zampe Spinone. I am an avid hunter, and enjoy both upland bird hunting, and waterfowl hunting. I have owned hunting companions my whole life, but have always hunted behind, and owned flushers. I have enjoyed hunting with others who had pointing dogs.

When I started looking for a hunting companion, I was looking for a slow, close working dog, as one of the most enjoyable parts of hunting to me is watching a dog work. I did my homework, and Spinone sounded like the ideal breed for me. I connected with Teri through a local Spinone owner who got her first Spinone from Teri. We very much liked the young Spinone this woman had and contacted Teri about the possibility of a puppy from an upcoming litter. We were impressed that Teri's dogs excelled both in the field and the show-ring. My wife enjoys showing dogs as a hobby and I was hoping for an outstanding hunting companion that would also be a wonderful family dog. We couldn't be more thrilled with Ben, our Spinone. At less than a year, he has made three, week-long trips to South Dakota and he has met and exceeded all my expectations for a hunting companion. He has helped me bag many phesants, sharp-tail grouse, and Hungarian Partridge already in his young life.

I look forward to many more years of hunting fun with Ben. And when I'm looking for my next hunting companion, Teri and Quattro Zampe Spinone will be my first call!
Submitted by: Ben and Barb Spears on Nov 30, 2008
Our 5-year old Spinone, Bella, is a fantastic hunter and wonderful family dog with a fun and playful personality! We have a small house with a small yard, but she does very well. She goes camping with us and does very well in a tent, boat, and canoe. She is smart, learns quickly, and is well-mannered and obedient which is important for us and our lifestyle for her safety and our sanity.

Ben is an upland game hunter and we had a wonderful golden retriever that not only made a great hunting companion, but was first and foremost a member of our family. After Sunny passed, Ben decided he wanted to try working with a pointer. After some research, he found the Spinone and we were intrigued by their hunting ability and all-around good-natured personality.

Barb had a lengthy conversation with Teri Turner to learn more about the Spinone and her kennel. On the flip side, Teri asked many questions as well to make sure we'd provide a good home for her pup.

We were sold! It was quite evident that the Quattro Zampe kennel and Teri and Chris are professional, concerned, and thoughtful breeders and we were pleased that they were raising strong hunters. We passed the test too!

One of the things we value most about the Quattro Zampe kennel is that we have a continuing relationship with Teri that she encourages. We keep in touch on Spinone topics, share photos, and we know we can contact her any time with questions. It's fun to keep track of the other dogs and have this connection.

Ben and Barb Spears
Submitted by: Jeff Johnson on Nov 12, 2008
We have two Quattro Zampe males, ages 5.5 and 7 years old, from Teri. I cannot express how highly impressed we are with Teri and her breeding program. We feel extremely lucky to have two of her babies. Both of are boys are not only great family dogs, we have a 2.5 year old son, but the are great hunters and show dogs as well. Our youngest Spin in 2006 was ranked 12th in the nation by the AKC among all Spinoni show dogs. Both of our boys are also accomplished hunters. Our oldest boy scored a 108 prize 2 in Navhda NA and our youngest scored a 112 prize 1 in Navhda NA. Our youngest also earned his AKC Junior Hunter title. But those titles don't tell you the story of how much fun they have given our family in the hunting field and at home. They are pefectly happy going from the hunt field back to the home. I have hunted wild quail, sharptail grouse, prairie chickens, hungarian partridge, and pheasant with my two QZ Spinoni and they have always put birds in my bag with style. But the best thing I can tell anyone is that Teri has been a wonderful friend and mentor. She has always been available to answer questions and support my family in everthing we have done with our Spinoni. From the show ring to the hunting field to the home; I could not ask for more from the two wonderful Spin boys that Teri allowed us to take into our family.
Submitted by: Bill & Gidget Budd on Oct 27, 2008
We have two Spinone's from the Quattro Zampe Kennel. Our 3 year old male is an awesome hunter of both upland birds and waterfowl. Our young female has been retrieving birds since 12 weeks of age and is progressing just as our male did. We wouldn't hesitate to purchase another pup from Teri and Chris. They are knowledgeable and very prompt in getting back with you if you have questions.
Great breeders!!!

Submitted by: Vicki Volenberg on Apr 04, 2007
We have a female Spinone from Quattro Zampe born in May 2004. She is an excellent hunter with fantastic natural ability. I would not hesitate at all to get another Spinone from Teri. She's a very concientious breeder and we were very happy in our dealings with her and her response to us when we had follow up questions.
Great dog! Great breeder! Highly recommend.

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