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Blue Chip Kennels breeds top quality Hunting Dogs for your family. Our imported Bloodlines are bred to be close working and to hunt for their owners. Our goal is to breed for Desire, Ability & Temperment. Our dogs make Excellent Hunting Dogs and Great Family Dogs.
Hunting Dog Breeds Raised
English Cocker Spaniel, Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
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Jay Parrish
1173 Raven Ave.
Hampton, Iowa 50441
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 22 years.
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Submitted by: Taylor S on Dec 05, 2017
Scout is doing fantastic! She has one of the best dispositions I've ever seen in a Cocker puppy, and everyone who meets her says how beautiful she is. She is such a confident puppy and I can really tell how much work you've put into breeding and rearing quality dogs. Not only is she a beautiful and confident pup, though, she's got brains. She knows her name, sit and to ring the bell to go outside. She catches on to things very quickly and she is a joy to be around. My husband adores her as do the other dogs. She's a toy fiend and claims every toy in the house as her own. Our vet saw her this past weekend and he said she is a beautiful puppy and completely healthy.
Thank you so much for the opportunity to own such a wonderful dog from your kennel. I can't wait to see even more of her personality and drive as she gets older. I have no doubt she's going to be a successful hunting partner as well as a life-long, loyal companion for our family. I will keep you posted on her progress.
Submitted by: Riley T on Dec 04, 2017
I bought a French Brittany Buffett from you last September. He has been everything and more that I wished he would be. My father has grown a strong attachment to him as well. Maybe, I need to get him one from your upcoming litter. Riley
Submitted by: Kezia W on Dec 03, 2017
Hello Jay. Hope you are doing well. Jesse is an amazing little boy. I have not got him on birds yet, He knows many commands and is very eager to please. I've also looked into how he could become a therapy dog. He loves people and has a very sweet nature and everyone loves him.
Submitted by: AJ Brown on Dec 01, 2017
Just wanted to give you an update on Ruger even though we have only had him a few days. He is adjusting very well already. He has not had any accidents inside and he is eating and drinking like a champ. He does seem to have a great nose and is very attentive. I toss his toy and say bird down, most of the time he goes right to the toy. He doesn't bring it back yet. But, he does pick it up and carry it around. We think he is gonna be a great dog and he is an awesome addition to our family already. We cannot thank you enough for placing such an amazing pup with us.
Submitted by: Elizabeth J on Nov 30, 2017
I got an English Cocker Spaniel pup from you almost 2 years ago. He is doing Great and I am very happy with him. He's a very handsome boy. Thank you for breeding such a Great dog.
Submitted by: Ian H on Nov 29, 2017
Ariel at 8 weeks old hunts avidly and always carries things around in her mouth. She will retrieve anything. Retrieves are her reward for sitting or other various commands. Not bad for 8 weeks old. This little cocker will do anything a lab will do and much easier to travel with.
Submitted by: Michele H on Nov 28, 2017
I named our little French Brittany Deja. She is doing really well and has quickly has learned house training and has won our hearts. Thanks again for a wonderful addition to our family.
Submitted by: Matt Getsinger on Nov 25, 2017
We love our little golden cocker Beacon. He is amazing and smart. He has a great personality and just an awesome all around pup.
Submitted by: Jodi A on Nov 23, 2017
I wanted to give you an update on Levi. He is about 5 1/2 months old and a very good dog. He is so VERY smart and we were able start training him immediately. He was sitting, staying and coming on command at 9 weeks old. Our last French Brittany from you, Radar, was amazing and the best family dog ever, but we can see that Levi is something special as well. Things are going Great.
Submitted by: Mary on Nov 20, 2017
Hey Jay! We got Gulliver from you almost 2 years ago and he is hands down the best dog either my husband or I have ever had. He is always ready for a run through the woods, trip to the store, or cuddle on the couch! Best family and outdoor dog in the world! Everyone comments on how cute he is and can't resist petting him. Can't wait to add another to the family in a couple years!
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