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Submitted by: Jamie on Nov 03, 2021
We can't say enough about our pup Poet (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever). We have had her just over a year now and she has been such a joy. She is happy and healthy and gets along great with all of our other pets at home. She has won a competition at a local county fair for best in show photo. She has even gone through training where now she is working with trouble youth children. We could go on and on about her and what a wonderful addition she has made. Thank you, Jay!
Submitted by: John T on Oct 30, 2021
Piper, our ECS is a hunting machine. She has unbelievable drive and loves to retrieve and delivers to hand. All the training has been done by me. She has been the easiest dog I ever trained. She is Great in the house and she turns it on in the field. THANKS Jay
Submitted by: Sandra P on Aug 24, 2021
Just wanted to give you an update on Gunner. He will be One year old on the 28th. We love him so much.
Submitted by: Grant W on Aug 22, 2021
We got Kirby from you just over a year ago and she is doing great. She will need a friend in the near future.
Submitted by: Jane K on Aug 21, 2021
It's that time of year again for your annual update on our beautiful boy Jett. He's quite the looker and lovable as ever. We are forever thankful that you ent him to us. Best Regards.
Submitted by: Andrea M on Aug 20, 2021
I wanted to send an update on Toby and let you know how things are going. He has been a perfect addition to our family. The timing for training has been perfect. We wanted to thank you for this opportunity and tell you we love our new addition.
Submitted by: Deb S on Aug 14, 2021
Hi Jay - Jut wanted to let you know our new puppy Rocco is doing great. He and my other dog are doing well together. Each day they are playing more and more. Rocco has the commands come and sit really well. Thanks again.
Submitted by: Jaime B on Aug 08, 2021
Thanks for our Toller pup Poet. It was one year ago today that you contacted us and let us know the litter had been born. She has been such a wonderful companion and we couldn't be happier. She's as happy and healthy as they come. Thanks again.
Submitted by: Garrett Ulring-Quaas on Jun 25, 2021
Jay has been the best breeder to work with. Our Toller, Marvin is now a little over 2 years old and he is the best boy in the world. Great temperament, very adaptable for our lifestyle, (hiking, walking the woods, or just relaxing) and just overall an awesome family dog. We picked up our second pup Tilly from Jay a few weeks back (French Brittany). She is a phenomenal dog already. Super obedient, doing great with potty and crate training, and very cozy. In the future we plan on getting more dogs from Jay for sure!
Submitted by: Deb S on Jun 25, 2021
Just wanted to let you know our new puppy Rocco is doing great. Rocco has the commands come and sit really well. He's a super smart boy. Thanks again.
Submitted by: Tom V on Jun 20, 2021
Dutch is doing great. We just love him. He is already checking out the neighborhood. Thanks.
Submitted by: Jaime B on Jun 20, 2021
Maris is fitting right in. We love this new little guy.
Submitted by: Mallory K on Jun 20, 2021
Finley is settling in so well. He's been on many adventures including one to our lake house. He and Walter are best friends and play all day. We just love him.
Submitted by: Tara S on Mar 07, 2021
We consider ourselves so lucky to have found you and Bennie. He has brought so much joy and laughter to our home. All the kids dearly love him and all have a special game they play. Bennie's favorite activity is retrieving. I think he would play all day if we let him.
Submitted by: JERRY S on Mar 06, 2021
We just wanted to follow up with you. We picked up our pup a few weeks ago. All is going well. She is the cutest puppy ever. We decided to name her Orlaith.
Submitted by: Carl H on Mar 05, 2021
The English Cocker pup we got form you is the world's best dog. He is one of those iconic dogs that will be hard for another dog to live up to in our family.
Submitted by: Renee L on Mar 02, 2021
Here is an update on Gus and Ella. They love to play and just recently, she can now hold her own against Gus.
Submitted by: Joe L on Jan 11, 2021
Bella didn't have any accidents on the way home. She loves the snow. She has already learned to go up my back step. I let her have a tennis ball and she brings it right back. Thanks
Submitted by: Joel M on Jan 10, 2021
Today was special for me because it was the first time I shot a limit of wild roosters on public land in Iowa over Rudy. I would not have gotten these birds without him. He is developing into a good gun dog. I cannot speak highly enough about this dog. We love Rudy. He is part of our family and I have to pinch myself when I think that I have such a dog as this. My wife and daughter love him as much as I do. Thank you for your excellent breeding practices and for being the vehicle that brought Rudy into our lives.
Submitted by: Bridget S on Jan 08, 2021
I just wanted to send an update on Charlie. He is amazing and has been such a joy to have. (So Smart) He does lots of tricks and has amazing focus and he loves to work. He also loves to play fetch.
Submitted by: Krista P on Jan 07, 2021
My parents go an English Cocker pup from you about 14 years ago. Her name was Maggie. She died a year and a half ago. I think we are ready for another pup, but only want to go through you. Krista
Submitted by: Doug M on Jan 07, 2021
Her is an update on Abbey. She limited out on wild birds(6) here in SD in 2 1/2 hours. At the end of the season, she flushed and retrieved 14 roosters.
Submitted by: JASON L on Jan 06, 2021
I just wanted to send an update on Eli. He's been Great! He has already learned to sit, stay, lay down, play dead and hold before getting a treat. we honestly couldn't be happier. Jason
Submitted by: Jill H on Jan 06, 2021
My husband and I got a toller pup from you about 13 years ago. Her name was Macy. We are just starting to think about getting another puppy. My husband still duck hunts, so we would be interested in another pup like Macy. Jill
Submitted by: Jamie M. on Dec 31, 2020
We can’t thank Jay enough for giving us the newest addition to our family. Poet (our Nova Scotia) has been such a joy to have. She’s energetic, bright and so loving. She picked up all her training commands so quick and does well with other dogs. She’s been a happy, healthy pup since the day we got her. Couldn’t ask for more! Thanks Jay!

~ Jamie & Madi
Submitted by: Tara S on Oct 19, 2020
Bennie has been a great addition to our family. We enrolled him in a puppy kindergarten class which he finished last week. He was the only puppy who completed the agility course without a leash and lots of coaxing.

Crate training is going very well. He does great while I am working at home. The kids love him so much. They each have their own games they play with him.
Submitted by: Bridget S on Oct 11, 2020
Charlie is doing SO WELL in his new home.

He has been an absolute joy and we are having a blast teaching him all kinds of things. He is super smart and has already picked up: sit, stay, shake, spin and down on command. He loves walks on the trails and we take him every day. He also loves fetch in the back yard and he learned it so quickly. We are so happy to have him.
Submitted by: Sandra M on Aug 24, 2020
Just wanted to drop a line about Kimber. She is 5 years old now. She is still active and the happiest dog I've ever owned. She loves the games of "Chuck it" we play every day. When we go on walks, people in town know her and call her by name. Anyway, just saying thanks for a wonderful dog and a real addition to our family.
Submitted by: Tanya B on Aug 18, 2020
Just wanted to give you an update on Ruby. She is wonderful and we love having her as part of the family. She's so playful and happy and we are all having so much fun with her. Stay Safe.
Submitted by: Lauren H on Aug 17, 2020
Hi Jay. I have had my pup from you since last October. She's a very smart and friendly dog. She loves playing with my dad's English Cocker Spaniel which he also got from you.
Submitted by: Scott B on Aug 16, 2020
Just a little update on Harley. She is doing great. Amazing how smart she is. We are so glad you gave us an opportunity to have her.
Submitted by: Jane K on Aug 16, 2020
Hope you are doing well. Jett turned 2 years old on Tuesday. He's turned into a real handsome dog. He's so sweet. He never stops hunting; we love him to bits.
Submitted by: Renee L on Aug 16, 2020
Here is an update on Gus. We walk him up to the Lome Dam almost every day. He loves going up there. He only gets a short distance ahead of us on our walks. He is so smart. Thanks again for him.
Submitted by: Angela G on Aug 15, 2020
Here is an update on West. All our neighbors have been loving him up when we go on walks. We tell them all if they get a Toller, they need to contact you.
Submitted by: Thomas B on Jun 25, 2020
Here's an update on our puppy. We named her Ruby and she is rapidly adapting to her new life in California. Right away we noticed how playful & social she is and how curious. She is a joy. Thank you so much for taking such good care of her to get her to this stage. We'll send updates from time to time.
Submitted by: Joel D on May 07, 2020
Hi Jay, My apologies for not keeping you up with Coco and her journey sooner. She has been a fabulous addition to our family and my wife who was reticent early on is absolutely in love with her.

She loves playing in the water and chasing ducks. I'm using an online program to guide me through her training and its going well. I can't thank you enough for bringing Coco into our life.
Submitted by: Ben P on Apr 25, 2020
Hi Jay - I just wanted to share with you that our pup hit 20 lbs this week. She's the perfect size for our family and is a smart dog that picked up on everything we've taught her. It's evident she's got a good bloodline and her nose never stops going. I'm excited to hunt some roosters with her this Fall. She's ready.
Submitted by: Sally S on Apr 14, 2020
Jay - Just a quick update on Abby. She's an incredible young pup. So full of energy and love. We're so glad to have her. Thanks again.
Submitted by: Darla T on Mar 30, 2020
Hi Jay, Just wanted to give you an update. Razz is doing wonderful and is well on his way to being potty trained already. He's learning how to do stairs and loves playing with his neighbor Kona-ECS. We are all so in love with him and he's got so much love to give too. We couldn't be happier that we found him. Thank You!
Submitted by: Ryan M on Mar 25, 2020
Winston is about 7 month old now. We love him very much. He's got one of the best personalities ever. A little lover. Take care and stay safe.
Submitted by: Chris B on Feb 03, 2020
I thought I'd shoot you a quick note here and give you a quick update on our Toller. Bentley is a great dog and our family is loving him - lots of energy in our house. He's growing up fast and he's a smart pup picking up on training and tricks quickly. He loves to go down to the beach. I can't tell you how many people stop and ask about him - he's beautiful. Thanks again - great dog - glad I made the trip out to pick him up.
Submitted by: Renee L on Feb 02, 2020
It is a good like at 60 degrees down here in Nebraska today. I am resting from our 3rd mile walk with Gus. Thanks again.
Submitted by: Catie L on Feb 01, 2020
Just wanted to drop you a note. Today marks a year that we have had Gunner. He has been a great addition to our family and I'm not sure what we would do without him! Thanks for such a loving, loyal and dedicated dog. I hope all is well.
Submitted by: James A on Jan 31, 2020
It's been a while since I sent an update on Rusty. I think he's going to be three next month. Great dog, living a great life.
Submitted by: R Maz on Jan 20, 2020
Winston is growing so fast. He loves running in the snow, retrieving sticks and chasing snowballs. He's the sweetest pup ever. He loves his kitty brother too.
Submitted by: Ryan D on Jan 17, 2020
Hi Jay. I just wanted to give you an update. Fisher has been to the vet and he is doing Great.
Submitted by: Erick A on Jan 07, 2020
Hope all is well. Our pup has turned out to be a Great dog. Incredibly smart, happy and energetic. He is always ready to hunt a variety of animals and is a fetching machine. He is also a handsome dog. Thanks
Submitted by: Ben P on Jan 02, 2020
I'm following up with you about the French Brittany pup we got from you. We named her Lucy. She is growing fast and picking up on training quickly. She is already pointing the rooster wing I'm training her with, as well as finding it whenever hidden. So she's doing Great.
Submitted by: Bob W on Dec 29, 2019
Just a note to thank you again for this great little dog. She is amazing and has turned into a great hunting partner for my goshawk.
Submitted by: Brea L on Dec 14, 2019
Fletcher now weighs 18 lbs and is a very happy boy. He loves to run around the yard and play with all his toys at the same time. He is the center of our world. Thanks for all you did.
Submitted by: Renee L on Dec 03, 2019
Gus loved his bath today! He was just perfect. After the bath, he kept going into the bathroom like he wanted another. And boy is he fluffy.
Submitted by: Billy H on Dec 01, 2019
We got our French Brittany pup home tonight and we love him to pieces. I think we are going to call him Goose. Thanks again - he is such a sweet heart.
Submitted by: CARL L ALBRECHT on Nov 24, 2019
Jay...Carl and Nila here. Just wanted to say our 2 French Brittanies are wonderful. Even at 4 months of age, they have started pointing, the female being the more intelligent and natural. I really appreciate my new friends, please keep up the great work.
Submitted by: Ryan D on Nov 11, 2019
I just wanted to write and say Thank You! The male Nova Scotia Duck Toller(I have named "Fisher") has been amazing. I couldn't be happier! He's doing Great! Happy and Healthy. I'll keep you updated in the coming months.
Submitted by: Kayle B on Nov 11, 2019
Cannoli is doing Great! He's growing like a weed and picking up on the games we've been playing that you told me about.
Submitted by: Pat O on Nov 07, 2019
Hello Jay - The pup is doing great. We named her Cricket. She quickly established she is the new boss and my 1 1/2 year old male is her minion. Thanks again.
Submitted by: Lauren H on Nov 05, 2019
It's been almost a month since we picked up our pup, now named Zulu. She's been doing very well. She's incredibly smart and listens so well. We love taking her for walks around the area and snuggling with her in the evenings. We love our girl.
Submitted by: Alan V on Nov 04, 2019
Jay - Just to let you know, we are loving having a pup in the house. We finally settled on a name and she is responding to Abbey. She's such a sweet girl. Thanks again for helping to fill the hole in our hearts from losing our dog. Abbey is a real snuggler and she's captured our hearts.
Submitted by: R Maz on Oct 25, 2019
Jay - Thank you so much for the cutest pup ever! He is super smart. He's already 100 % on the come command. Working on sit now.
Submitted by: Dicey P on Oct 11, 2019
Hello - Just wanted to give you an update on our Rue. My husband came and got her last year from Albuquerque. She is the best dog! I love these English Cockers. We taught her to ring the bell and she is showing real promise for bird hunting. Thank you so much, she is so wonderful and my best buddy.
Submitted by: Jane K on Sep 02, 2019
Just a quick update on Jett. He received his first junior hunt test award this weekend.
Submitted by: Renee L on Sep 01, 2019
Here is an update on Gus. He is doing very well. We took him to the vet and all the vets wanted to see him. They had never seen a Toller before. There were a lot of questions about his demeanor. They said he is a good one. He's so handsome. He's all updated with his shots and worming.
Thank you so much.
Submitted by: Tamrin W on Aug 15, 2019
I wanted to give you an update on Ava. I can't describe to you what a wonderful puppy she is. We just love her to bits. She is pure joy and she has us trained pretty well. She is crazy about water and going for walks. Hopefully, we can get her trained for the field.
Submitted by: Jane K on Aug 12, 2019
Jay - I hope things are going well for you. Thought you might like an update on Jett. He's a lovely lad; but very strong willed and independent. He's calm and cuddly in the house though - which is what I wanted. He is a handsome devil and we just love him to death.
Submitted by: Emily Z on Jul 21, 2019
Hello Jay - You sold me a pup a while back from Billy's litter. Rowena is doing great and I thought you might like to know. She also has a strong Instagram Following. Thanks You.
Rowena has changed my life!
Submitted by: Lucas B on Jan 26, 2019
Well Carrick is pushing 9 years old. Can you believe it? He still brings us so much joy every day and I think he has the biggest heart of any dog I have ever known. He is slowing down, but has bursts of energy when it snows and when it is time to play ball. I still think of you every day and how you gave us so much joy in two lovable pups. Until next years update.
Submitted by: Ron L on Jan 20, 2019
I hope this finds you and your dogs well. This year we got into some pheasants and put 10 in the freezer. Cindy did really well. She seems to want to be out hunting every day. She is absolutely gorgeous. Everyone who sees her immediately asks "What kind of dog is that?". She loves meeting new people, especially kids.
Submitted by: Amando M on Jan 19, 2019
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Just wanted to send you an update on Buddy(ECS). He is approximately 1 year and 2 months old now. He is a great pup with lots of energy. But, he is settling in as time passes.
Submitted by: Heidi S on Jan 18, 2019
Ryker is doing well. He is a good dog. My son and I are enjoying taking him to his training classes. He's a people pleaser and so stinking cute.
Submitted by: Harold M on Jan 17, 2019
Hey Jay, we hope everything is going well. Ace and Lucy are doing Great. They are a lot of fun and add a lot of personality around here.
Submitted by: Pat H on Jan 08, 2019
Our dog Ripley out of Kurtus is turning 8 years old this summer and she has been a fabulous dog. She's a fantastic hunting dog and even a better family companion with my 4 boys. I'm reaching out to you today because I would like to introduce another hunting/family dog into our family. Please advise me on your upcoming litters this spring.
Submitted by: Cody H on Jan 07, 2019
Just wanted to give you an update on the pup I bought from you last year. Really love her and couldn't imagine life without her. Very well tempered energetic dog. She's been on quite a few birds this year and has been improving throughout the season. She is also learning the ropes on looking for deer antlers.
Submitted by: Mary P on Dec 31, 2018
We hope all is well with you. We purchased a male ECS puppy from you three years ago. We named him Gulliver and he is the greatest little dog ever. Perfect outdoorsman, wonderful in the home and very sweet to our baby born in April.
Submitted by: Tamrin W on Dec 25, 2018
Hi Jay - Just wanted to give you an update on Ava. She is adjusting so well. Potty training is going really well too. She is just a joy to have in the house. She loves running around in the yard and has been meeting lots of different people. She is also very brave and doesn't get spooked easily. Everyone thinks she is the most gorgeous puppy they've ever seen and we definitely agree. We love so much already.
Submitted by: Joan S on Dec 17, 2018
My husband and I took Toby, our little French Brittany, hunting on 60 acres of CRP ground that we co-own. He worked hard and pointed 4 times. The first bird was shot and came down flopping about 30 yards away. Toby hesitated momentarily until I told him to get it. Then he was all over it until I got there. He didn't react to the gunfire at all. We flushed birds from two other points and had one no-show. He did Great! What a natural.

Toby has become a deeply loved member of our family. Thank you for your part in making him possible.
Submitted by: Bob B on Nov 20, 2018
Hi Jay - In July of 2007 I picked up an 8 week old pup from you. We named her Shannon. She is truly a beautiful dog. She loves everyone including our entire family. She's trainable and spoiled. She's a truck dog that went everywhere with me. Thanks for such a great dog.
Submitted by: Mark M on Nov 10, 2018
Jay - I wanted to let you know that I am very happy with my French Brittany pup. She seemed low pray drive during training. But now she is bird crazy. You can tell immediately if she scents a grouse now. A number of guys I hunt with are already asking about pups. She is a really nice dog in the house as well. Thanks
Submitted by: Ed C on Nov 07, 2018
I purchased an English Cocker Spaniel from you back in 2005. Sarge was out of Crockett and Sally. He was a tremendous dog. I must report that we lost him to old age a few weeks ago. In Sarge's prime years he hunted and I mean hunted hard. Once he caught on to the game, he was very hard charging, yet biddable and what a joy to shoot over. He was amazing on Quail and Pheasants and even drove out a few huns. He also loved to swim. As you can imagine, I am a bit grief stricken and missing my pal. In the future I will be looking for another dog like Sarge.
Submitted by: Doug M on Oct 30, 2018
Jay - Abbey is far and away the smartest dog we have ever had, and we have had some smart ones. We hike 20+ miles a week, and we go camping and backpacking in the Rockies and Abbey does it all. She has invented a game when we are on one of the trail walks. She will dock a stick on the trail. After we have walked (even 100's of yards), she will bump my leg and hups asking to be sent for the retrieve. We call it the no-toss fetch. Despite all the endless energy, she has incredible house manners.

Abbey is doing agility work with my wife and is doing Master's level work. The trainer calls her the little red rocket.

Now the hunting story: We just got back from South Dakota. We have known a farmer for about 20 years. He's almost 80, and between him and his sons, they must own half the county. Last year they were not home when we hunted, so they didn't see Abbey. This year, when the farmer saw Abbey, he was a little doubtful that she would be able to retrieve the birds. One of the sons brought along his GSP and a German Spaniel to the first field. The field was blown over sorghum and looked like a woven basket. Abbey attacked the cover like rams butting heads. She made the other dogs look like timid wall flowers. We kept hearing the son say "Dang" under his breath. At the end of the field, we kicked out a rooster and dropped it over a fence row about 60 yards away. Abbey was like a red streak and came back with it at full tilt. She rooted out a limit of birds for us for 2 days and retrieved most of them. Her longest retrieve was about a quarter of a mile.

She definitely is the huntin'est dog I have ever seen. But way more than that, she is the best all around dog we have ever had. Thanks.
Submitted by: Phil W on Oct 27, 2018
I am writing to let you know back in August 2005, my wife and I purchased an English Cocker pup from you. Yesterday, we had to put her down. She was one of the best dogs we have ever had. Next Summer after our hearts heal, we may be looking to get another one of your great pups.
Submitted by: Jane K on Oct 18, 2018
Jett is settling in really well. He's so handsome and smart and a real character. He catches on quick and we love his independent streak. We are pretty sure he's gonna be an amazing dog. We couldn't be happier with him.
Thanks Jay
Submitted by: Todd S on Sep 19, 2018
Jay - Hope all is going well for you. It's been a while since I gave you an update on the Toller I got from you back in 2014. We got out goose hunting last weekend in the Vernon Marsh. It turned to be a good day. She's been a good dog so far. She loves upland hunting more than waterfowl hunting. I shot a good amount of birds over her last year. Take care.
Submitted by: Susan M on Aug 24, 2018
Thanks so much for working with us to get our Lucy. She is so adorable and already fits right in. We decided not to tell our kids she was coming early.
so, they got a huge surprise when they got home. We really appreciate all you have done. Thanks again.
Submitted by: Eldon B on Aug 11, 2018
My name is Eldon B from Fargo, ND. We got Jake from you 12 years ago and he has been the best dog ever. We was a great hunter and overall companion. He has slowed down a lot now like we all have. But, he still loves to be around people and spend time at the lake with us. Just wanted to say Thanks.
Submitted by: Kelly Y on Aug 06, 2018
Hi Jay, Scouter is fitting in so well here on the farm. We love him and he has made he has made a great new addition. He had a vet check up and he is in great health and he weighs 26 pounds. Kelly
Submitted by: Ed W on Aug 02, 2018
Jay - My wife and I bought two English Cocker pups from you several years ago, a male and a female. They both turned into Great dogs. We lost our male 4 months ago. The female is doing great. We are thinking of adding another pup to the family.
Submitted by: Bob V on Jul 15, 2018
Jay, my dog Gracie turned 3 today and she is the best dog ever. She just loves to play with my 4 year old grandson. I can't thank you enough for this dog. She is a delight to spend my retirement with!
Submitted by: Madeline P on Jul 07, 2018
Hey Jay. It's been a log time. I got a puppy from you and her name's Kyla. She is the sweetest, lovable dog I've ever met who loves everybody. She's a great hunting and family dog with a ton of energy. I just wanted to thank you so much for selling her to me.
Submitted by: Rosemary L on Jul 05, 2018
I thought you might be interested in an update on one of Blue Chip Casper's offspring. "Otter" who is the top English Cocker Spaniel in the sport of Barn Hunting, He is also a fantastic upland hunter and my best buddy.
Submitted by: Karoline H on Jun 26, 2018
Hi Jay. Thought I would give you a little update after a little over a year with Milo. He's doing great, 28.5 lbs, very energetic, loves people, dogs, swimming, hiking, car rides, ect. We couldn't have asked for a better pup. Everyone loves him. Thanks.
Submitted by: D Willadsen on Jun 20, 2018
We picked up our French Britt from you almost 10 years ago. He was a 4th of July litter and has been a real firecracker. He says he would like a friend one of these years. And if he gets his way, and he usually does, we will be looking you up again. Thanks again!
Submitted by: T Stripp on Jun 12, 2018
Jay - Here's an update on the Cockers we got from you. At the "Hunt" Jhett tied for second. Came down to first bird. Oakley took 4th. Came down to shooting. We didn't hold up our end. They found every bird. I guess now we know who the weak link is.
Submitted by: T Stripp on Jun 10, 2018
Here is an update on the Cockers we got from you. At the "Hunt" Jhett tied for second. Came down to first bird. Oakley took fourth. Came down to shooting. We didn't hold up our end. They found every bird. I guess now we know who the weak link is. Thanks
Submitted by: Kathy gruver on May 20, 2018
My first English Cocker lived for 16 years and when she passed we were devastated! I immediately started at a search online to find a new girl. I came across a cute little black and white named Jenny and I knew she was mine. To my surprise when I got her she looked considerably different than my original. That's when I found out the difference between a show and a field English! She is almost 12 years old at this point never has hunt a day in her life but is the love of my life! She's the best companion still acts like a puppy great with kids! Perfect family dog.
Submitted by: Mike Hanrahan on May 16, 2018
Jace will be 4 this summer, he is an excellent hunter and an even better house/family dog. We have since relocated to Virginia, Jace will hunt quail in the field and works his tail off all day in the mountains when gunning for grouse and woodcock. He is a 36lb hunting machine. He has been very easy to train and is always eager to learn more. Thanks for a great dog.
Submitted by: S Johnson on Apr 03, 2018
Thought you would like to know how one of your cocker pups turned out. His name id Otis. Bought him from you Jan 2017. He flushed and retrieved on his first bobwhite hunt on our Rocky Branch in Jeff Davis county in GA this past March. We finished with his training in March. Absolutely a wonderful companion and great bird hunting buddy.
Submitted by: Pete B on Mar 25, 2018
Hello Jay - I hope you are well and getting ready for Spring. "The Dude" visited with the vet this morning for his 3 yr check up. Upon completion of his checkup, the vet declared him to be a "perfect" specimen. At 38 lbs. he is in great physical shape. Jay, "The Dude" is without a doubt a great companion, friend and overall joy.
Cheers - Pete
Submitted by: JA Junga on Mar 15, 2018
I hope things are going well for you. Murphy the cocker continues to impress everyone with his wonderful personality and natural hunting ability. We will be looking to get another pup in the next year. Take care, John
Submitted by: Rob M on Feb 22, 2018
Wanted to share with you an update on little Bailey on her first hunt. She did Great. She has fantastic instincts. Great job breeding.
Submitted by: L Jamison on Feb 20, 2018
Paige at 5 months old has already put up 5 pheasants. She is house broken and awesome with the grandkids. She is one smart dog. I would definitely buy another English Cocker Spaniel.
Submitted by: T Bishop on Feb 11, 2018
Hi Jay, Wanted to give you an update. Annie is doing Great. She is a little firecracker. She is a lot of fun to have around. Thanks
Submitted by: M Higney on Feb 07, 2018
I call her Deja. She is a beautiful, healthy and happy little French Brittany. She is doing really well and has quickly learned house training and has won our hearts. She fills our lives with pleasure & love every day. Thank you so much.
Submitted by: AJ Brown on Jan 07, 2018
Wanted to let you know that I just a few minutes ago I got ruger to drag a bottle of water from the kitchen to my wife in the living room. This was our first attempt at tryin to get him to take anything to either of us. He did great for his first time.
Submitted by: Kathy G on Dec 29, 2017
Hi Jay - loving our pup we got from you in March. She is doing so well. Had her 1st South Dakota hunt at 9 months old in October and she out shone the proud!
Submitted by: Robert M on Dec 23, 2017
Just wanted to send you an update on Bailey. She's doing great and a wonderful dog.
Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year
Submitted by: Mike R on Dec 22, 2017
Lots of work put into Buddy. He is steady to wing and shot. Holds point like a pro and even gave me a dirty look when I missed a bird. Anyway, Buddy is a phenomenal dog and was a blessing to our home last year at Christmas time. Just wanted to update you on how he is doing.
Submitted by: Heidi S on Dec 20, 2017
Dash is such a people pleaser, but he loves to explore and greet anyone and everyone. We continue to work with him every day. Dash was definitely the right name for him.
Submitted by: Michael R on Dec 18, 2017
The pup is doing excellent. She is learning so fast and loves to retrieve. I brought a small duck home and she figured out how to retrieve it really quick. My wife is also spoiling her and she loves her snuggles.
Thanks Michael
Submitted by: Phillip W on Dec 17, 2017
We thought we would send you an update on Bella who was born July 31st, 2017 as she is doing well. She certainly has her own personality but we love it and her.
Submitted by: Taylor S on Dec 05, 2017
Scout is doing fantastic! She has one of the best dispositions I've ever seen in a Cocker puppy, and everyone who meets her says how beautiful she is. She is such a confident puppy and I can really tell how much work you've put into breeding and rearing quality dogs. Not only is she a beautiful and confident pup, though, she's got brains. She knows her name, sit and to ring the bell to go outside. She catches on to things very quickly and she is a joy to be around. My husband adores her as do the other dogs. She's a toy fiend and claims every toy in the house as her own. Our vet saw her this past weekend and he said she is a beautiful puppy and completely healthy.
Thank you so much for the opportunity to own such a wonderful dog from your kennel. I can't wait to see even more of her personality and drive as she gets older. I have no doubt she's going to be a successful hunting partner as well as a life-long, loyal companion for our family. I will keep you posted on her progress.
Submitted by: Riley T on Dec 04, 2017
I bought a French Brittany Buffett from you last September. He has been everything and more that I wished he would be. My father has grown a strong attachment to him as well. Maybe, I need to get him one from your upcoming litter. Riley
Submitted by: Kezia W on Dec 03, 2017
Hello Jay. Hope you are doing well. Jesse is an amazing little boy. I have not got him on birds yet, He knows many commands and is very eager to please. I've also looked into how he could become a therapy dog. He loves people and has a very sweet nature and everyone loves him.
Submitted by: AJ Brown on Dec 01, 2017
Just wanted to give you an update on Ruger even though we have only had him a few days. He is adjusting very well already. He has not had any accidents inside and he is eating and drinking like a champ. He does seem to have a great nose and is very attentive. I toss his toy and say bird down, most of the time he goes right to the toy. He doesn't bring it back yet. But, he does pick it up and carry it around. We think he is gonna be a great dog and he is an awesome addition to our family already. We cannot thank you enough for placing such an amazing pup with us.
Submitted by: Elizabeth J on Nov 30, 2017
I got an English Cocker Spaniel pup from you almost 2 years ago. He is doing Great and I am very happy with him. He's a very handsome boy. Thank you for breeding such a Great dog.
Submitted by: Ian H on Nov 29, 2017
Ariel at 8 weeks old hunts avidly and always carries things around in her mouth. She will retrieve anything. Retrieves are her reward for sitting or other various commands. Not bad for 8 weeks old. This little cocker will do anything a lab will do and much easier to travel with.
Submitted by: Michele H on Nov 28, 2017
I named our little French Brittany Deja. She is doing really well and has quickly has learned house training and has won our hearts. Thanks again for a wonderful addition to our family.
Submitted by: Matt Getsinger on Nov 25, 2017
We love our little golden cocker Beacon. He is amazing and smart. He has a great personality and just an awesome all around pup.
Submitted by: Jodi A on Nov 23, 2017
I wanted to give you an update on Levi. He is about 5 1/2 months old and a very good dog. He is so VERY smart and we were able start training him immediately. He was sitting, staying and coming on command at 9 weeks old. Our last French Brittany from you, Radar, was amazing and the best family dog ever, but we can see that Levi is something special as well. Things are going Great.
Submitted by: Mary on Nov 20, 2017
Hey Jay! We got Gulliver from you almost 2 years ago and he is hands down the best dog either my husband or I have ever had. He is always ready for a run through the woods, trip to the store, or cuddle on the couch! Best family and outdoor dog in the world! Everyone comments on how cute he is and can't resist petting him. Can't wait to add another to the family in a couple years!
Submitted by: Sallie P on Nov 19, 2017
Our pup has been the best ever. She is so good and so loving. She has been out hunting a couple of times hunting. Jeff said she flushed a hen the first day. She's not spoiled at all.
Submitted by: Liston H on Nov 15, 2017
I thought I'd pass along an update on our little Cocker Maggie. She's one week into a one month stay with a trainer here in Colorado. Out of 8 pups that the trainer is currently working with, he says she wins the "well bred" award. At only 20 lbs, she is a pint sized power house that doesn't have a clue she's not a big dog. As you promised, she's also a well-loved member of our family. We're certainly glad we crossed paths with you and our little Cocker. Thanks again.
Submitted by: Heidi Schneider on Nov 14, 2017
Dash is doing so well. Our oldest son even shared his beloved blanket with him. All 3 boys are loving him. And of course we are to. People including the vet keep telling us we got a really good dog. All the people at the soccer games ask - What kind of dog is that and he is so cute. Thanks so much!
Submitted by: Rob M on Jul 17, 2017
This little cocker is doing great. We are bonding nicely. Basic training is going well. Fetching is going good. Working on hup and come.
Submitted by: Gary G on Jul 17, 2017
One other thought hit me after the last writing. In retirement, I work part-time at an organization that deals with the mentally handicapped. Periodically, I take both dogs into work and let them interact with the patients. The patients love it. Feeding and petting the dogs and asking questions about them. Both dogs love the feeding part and I trust them fully around them. So, it's not just my wife and I that Sunni and Beau provide pleasure to.
Submitted by: Mark Sherman on Jul 16, 2017
Hey Jay, I bought a Toller from you 13 years ago. Sad to say we had to put her down. She was the absolute sweetest dog I've ever been around. Our family absolutely adored her. Not sure that we are ready for another one yet, but you never know about the future. Thanks - Mark
Submitted by: Kathy Guerndt on Jul 15, 2017
Our French Brittany is coming along great. She had her first encounter with a pheasant out our back door. Thanks again. Kathy
Submitted by: Cynthia Tucker on Jul 05, 2017
Hi Jay - Chip has settled in well. He is a great little cocker. He thinks he is a Chihuahua at times.
Submitted by: Stephanie Sanford on Jul 02, 2017
Hi Jay - I adopted Georgie, a golden English Cocker Spaniel almost 2 years ago. I thought I'd give you a little update. His favorite things are going on runs, going to the dog park, playing with friends at doggie day care and getting lots of cuddles from humans. He's very spoiled even though I promised he wouldn't be. He's afraid of absolutely nothing, and rarely barks. He loves every person and dog he meets. He's a far better dog than I could've ever imagined. Steph
Submitted by: James Allison on Jun 29, 2017
Rusty is doing Great! I think he was 24lbs last week at the vet. We swim and retrieve every night. He really has turned on this week. Still a lot of distractions at the wildlife refuge where we go. Other dogs, old bait, trash, snakes, ect. Just a wonderful Toller pup. Thanks so much!
Submitted by: Edward Rodriguez on Jun 28, 2017
Good afternoon Jay. Just wanted to send you a quick update on Rex. He is getting big and smart. Thanks again for everything. You are the best.
Submitted by: Gary G on Jun 23, 2017
We picked up a French Brittany puppy from you in February 2015 and we named him Beau.
I've spent a lot of time on the couch drinking coffee and enjoying Beau's company and antics. It gave me the idea to send you a quick note telling you of the pleasure that Beau brings to my wife and I. In rereading your mission statement on your webpage; Beau fulfills all of your stated goals. He's a good/dedicated upland bird hunter. He's a great/loyal pet. He's energetic, affectionate and he's a joy to have around. Perhaps you seldom hear back from owners who've purchased puppies from you, but this is one owner who appreciates the pet/dog/joy that you provided us.
Beau is our second French Brittany that we got from you. Sunni, our first is now 11 1/2 years old. While she is slowing down, she also likes to hunt yet(in small doses) and she also is still a great pleasure to have as a pet. Scratch that word "pet". While Sunni and Beau are "pets" they are truly more than that-they are family members.
Submitted by: Scott Bong on Jun 16, 2017
Hi Jay, Hope all is well. Ran for the first time in a couple of hunt tests and she passed both of them. She is coming along as a hunter. She is a little small for her age and everyone thinks she is a puppy. Get lots of compliments on her looks.
Submitted by: Mike Reyes on Jun 05, 2017
Hi Jay, just wanted to touch base with you. I picked Buddy up from you before Christmas. We are from Chicago. He is a black roan French Brittany. This is an amazing and awesome dog. His blood line must be the best. I can't say enough great things about him.
Submitted by: Pat O'Brien on Jun 03, 2017
Hi Jay. I just wanted to write you and tell you how happy I am with Ranger! It's hard to find the right words without going on and on about his qualities and personality. Suffice to say that we are beyond happy with him. I am already thinking about our next one and am more than a little anxious about how another dog could ever measure up. Thanks you for a perfect little cocker.
Submitted by: Lucina Ames on May 31, 2017
Back last June I got an amazing dog from you, a sweet golden English cocker boy I named Arthur. I thought I would update you a little bit. He is such an amazing tempered little guy, so sweet and friendly to everyone. He has funny little mannerisms that crack me up, like always wanting to carry something in his mouth (even when he's sleeping sometimes). He's turned into quite the fetch machine and brings item after item up to people to see if they'll throw something for him. While he has not been out hunting yet, he uses his nose all the time and we made up a game "hunt it up" to exercise his sniffer. He does very well with finding hidden wings and tails in a marsh at a family friend's house. Overall, thank you for breeding such an amazing dog.
Submitted by: Marcus Stockwell on May 28, 2017
Marcus here - Just checking in to let you know that Raven is doing great. She is right at 12 pounds at 16 weeks old. I am guessing she will top out somewhere in the 20 pound range.
Submitted by: Sallie Pochant on May 14, 2017
Hailey is a super little French Brit. Tons of personality and energy. She's loving life on the farm and has done a lot of traveling and is very good when she goes. She's actually a perfect pup. She's grown so much in just 3 weeks. I want to keep her little. Ha Ha
Submitted by: Peter Buffone on May 13, 2017
Hello Jay, The Dude is doing great and he's a corker with personality plus. He's a wonderful pup and truly a man of all seasons. Peter
Submitted by: Kezia Woody on May 12, 2017
Good evening Jay. I wanted to let you know Jesse went to the vet today. They completely love him. The vet tech, Jesse is considering her next puppy to be a French Brittany. He seems to be adjusting well. He took a ride today, we went to Petco and Lowe's Hardware. He did great walking through the store. Then we went to a friend's house where he met my god-daughter, she adored him, and he sat beside her while she loved on him. We'll be going to VA for the weekend, but I will give you a call next week for some more training tips. Kezia Woody
Submitted by: Roy Hargreaves on May 02, 2017
Hi Hay, I love this French Brittany pup. He's something wicked. He has Great character. He's got a hell of a future ahead of him.
Submitted by: Holli Hopkins on Apr 28, 2017
We got our English cocker from you back in November of 2014. She was a solid black female and my stepmom and a friend drove down from Minnesota to meet you and then drove her to a flight in Minneapolis tp come to us in Montana.
We absolutely love her. She is so stinking enthusiastic about everything and so oriented to checking in with you and working close. We couldn't be more pleased with her. She went to the bird dog trainer we use(exposure to tons of birds every day) last summer. He is a lab guy and he was blown away be her natural retrieving instinct. She wound up in his office with him and would go out and show everyone who came to see the guy what she could do. She LEAPS into the water on a water retrieve like it's an Olympic sport and she's getting scored on style. He would lob the geese dummies out for the labs to bring back and she would race past them and take the dummy in her mouth and bring back. I watch her like a hawk and when she is worn out she's done for the day(or at least a few hours). You had said, and I have observed, that she will retrieve even if she is flat out exhausted. I love that dog. Purdey has exceeded our expectations and is a fantastic addition to our kennel and family. Thank you so much.
Submitted by: Scott Bong on Apr 25, 2017
Hi Jay, hope all is well with you. Wanted to give you a quick update on Jordy. She is developing into a very good hunter. she has a great nose and continues to refine her pointing skills. I am working her now on "easy" as she has a tendency to take off after birds if they move. She is on the small side, but for a small dog she has lots of heart. She is smart and very easy to train. She loves our grandkids and is everything that I hoped for. We lost our American Brit to cancer a few months ago and I have been working on my wife to convince her to get another French Brit. We will see how that goes. Take care. Scott
Submitted by: Anthony Neri on Apr 06, 2017
Today was Simba's first day with Dan the trainer. He spent an hour with him and did very well. Just wanted to share with you.
Submitted by: Bobby Barnett on Mar 28, 2017
Just got our new female from Jay Parrish. She flew in to DFW airport. This little liver fireball has been well socialized. Loves everyone she has met so far. Beautiful pup and perfect confirmation. She is already in one day retrieving the tennis ball with her tail wagging back and forth at 8 weeks 1 day old. Far exceeded my expectations. Thanks Jay and we will keep you updated on Missy's progress.

Bobby Barnett
Submitted by: Jeremy Halla on Feb 13, 2016
We purchased a French Brittany Spaniel from Jay in December and "Cash" has become a member of our family in no time. He is a very smart dog and was finding pheasant wings at 7 1/2 weeks old in an open field. He is now just over three months old and he and this breed are exceeding my expectations! Jay was very easy to work with and very helpful and is willing to help with any issues in the future.
Submitted by: andy vance on Dec 31, 2015
I've had French Brittanys for nearly 35 years and am always impressed at their intelligence and hunting desire. I received a black and white Fench Brit female from Jay Parrish and Blue Chip Kennels. At 15 weeks she's pointing, retrieving, and obeying commands, and always asking for more. Jay has been most helpful with any questions about my pup and any others in his kennel. I'm very happy with Blue Chip Kennels.
Submitted by: Scott Bong on Feb 06, 2015
We purchased a French Brittany from Jay and Blue Chip in November of 2014. Prior to receiving the pup Jay communicated regularly with me and answered all my questions. Our pup "Jordy" is now 4 months. I could tell right away how smart she was by the ease in which we were able to housebreak her. I had her out in the fields last weekend with some quail and I am amazed at her nose. She is very birdy and I am sure she is going to be an excellent hunter. She goes out in front of me in the fields and is constantly checking back to see where I am. In addition she adjusted so well and so quickly to our family. She loves to be around people and other dogs (I also have a 10 year old Britt). I highly recommend Blue Chip and Jay Parrish to anyone looking for French Brittany's.
Submitted by: Jim Severson on Dec 04, 2014
My wife and I just received our 8-week old French Brittany, (orange/white, ticked pattern) female from Jay. This is our first French Brittany. In our brief meeting with Jay, I could tell that all of his dogs are of the utmost importance to him. Additionally, when you obtain a pup from Blue-Chip Kennel, Jay is available for questions you may about your dog at any time, at any age.

"Jinger" is a completely healthy and beautiful pup. Training (both potty and wing) has beyond impressed my wife and I from day-one. I've been around puppies of many other breeds (hunting and non-hunting) and I am amazed with the attentiveness, athleticism, and intelligence this breed has. French Brittanys are renowned for their "close to the hunter" hunting style, and those traits are evident with our pup after only a week with our family. I couldn't be happier with our pup from Jay and highly recommend both Blue Chip Kennel and the French Brittany breed.
Submitted by: Ted Sherga on Nov 09, 2014
If you are looking for a quality English Cocker, look no farther than Jay Parrish, and Blue Chip Kennel.It has been our great pleasure to have known Jay for over 8 years and we have had 2 great dogs, and just picked up our new pup yesterday.I do quite a bit of bird hunting and these dogs continue to amaze me with their stamina, and overall hunting ability.Our dogs live in our home and have been great companions for my children, and now my grandchildren.I don't hesitate to highly recommend Jay, and Blue Chip Kennel

Submitted by: Ryan Crew on Mar 03, 2014
I can't say enough good things about Bluechip Kennels or Jay Parrish. The English Cocker I bought from Jay in 2011 has more than excited any expectation I could have had. The little black fire ball I now call my best friend has done things for me that other dogs 3 times his size would only dream about. The desire, drive and intelligence in Bluechip's lines have blown me away. I could not be happier and would recommend Bluechip Kennels to anyone who wants a great hunting and family dog. When the day comes for me to purchase another cocker it will definitely be from Bluechip.
Submitted by: Tom McCord on Feb 01, 2014
Unlike the testimonial left before mine, I am not a professional training but have trained 4 Labrador retrievers and 3 Llewellyn Setters. I hunt as much as I can and that often means traveling out of State since our bird population is low in Indiana. My wife and I wanted a house dog that would also be a hunting dog. I had no idea how much of a bird dog I was getting. Today, at four months old our female Cocker, Macy, was introduced to liberated birds for the first time. She hunted hard and located all 6 birds planted and retrieved all four that were shot over her to hand. She sleeps with us and has a great house demeanor. I'd hate to think of life without her and we've only had her for 2 months. Jay has been interested in her progress and helpful in all of her training. He is literally a phone call away and a great resource. Looking forward to a second FBECS from Blue Chip bloodlines.
Submitted by: mike carosello on Sep 26, 2013
I am a professional dog trainer primarily training retrieving breeds for waterfowl, AKC and HRC hunt tests and upland hunting. I competed my dogs on the upland circuit in the early 2000's and was fortunate enough to win a National Championship and several other major tournaments. This is where I met Jay and his cockers. As good as I thought my dogs were, Jay and his little dogs sent us home with our tails between our legs on many occasions. Jay and I have remained remained friends all these years and at his and my wife's insistance I acquired a pup(Finnigan) from him last year. Finnigan instantly became one of the favorites around the house, kennels with friends, family and clients.It is hard not to be awed by the loveable personalities coupled with the amount of drive and intelligence these dogs show. After seeing Jays dogs in the upland field all these years I was not surprised that Finny would be the great bird dog that he has become. I was and am totally amazed at what a great little retriever he has become.I put Finnigan thru the same program as all the labs I train and he can stand head and shoulder (even if he is shorter)with the best of them at his age. He is a great marking dog and runs really nice blinds for his age. His intelligence and drive and unbridled enthusiasm is beyond belief. He will run in his first HRC started test next week and with 2 passes will immediatly start running at the seasoned level. I can honestly say, and it is hard being a lab guy my entire life, that this little dog has captured my heart and brought new life to my training program.
Submitted by: Teri Plummer on Sep 25, 2013
I Just wanted to give a little bit of information about the French Brittany that we got from Jay. Jasper was born July 2011, he is a black and white French Brittany. This past Sunday Jasper accomplished his AKC JR Hunter Title. He had an average score of 8 out of 10. Jasper is an outstanding hunter and a loving family dog. It never stops amazing me on how much attention he gets when we go to a hunt test or clinic, People are just drawn to him. Most of the Brittany's in my area are American Brittany, so when we show up with Jasper they like how loving,calm, and how well of a hunter he is. I can't say enough good things about Jay and his Blue Chip line than we will getting another one in a few weeks.
Submitted by: Anthony Chiovaro on Jul 22, 2013
Our liver cocker Annie has far exceeded my expectations. She's very sweet with my family but also very focused on her work. She is a natural retriever, loves swimming and has a tremendous drive. I'm still shocked at how naturally she quarters right in front of me. Jay has been great through this whole process. Jay makes himself available for advice and I've taken advantage of this. It's obvious that Jay is passionate about his work and very experienced. I needed a good family dog that is also a versatile bird hunter and Jay came through! Annie is a serious worker by day and practically demands affection by night.
Submitted by: Scott & Tyla Kuhn on May 30, 2013
Well here we are again with another Blue Chip English cocker. Once again Jay has hand picked another pup that already seems to fit the high standards we expect from his dogs in our professional guide string. This little liver male is very smart, a great quite pup, and already is retrieving. Again we cannot say enough positive things about Jay and his dogs. We are already looking forward to the next pup we will be getting in June! If you are considering a cocker from Blue Chip feel free to ask for our number as a reference and give us a call!
Submitted by: Vince Gallo on Feb 01, 2013
This is an addendum to the last post which my wife left. Cody is a special dog, he was born in Jays home, went to a family in Minnesota, the family fell on hard times and had to send Cody back, Jay sent him to a friend in South Dakota who then sent him to a friend in Oregon. It took us about 3 months to find the perfect dog, do we get a puppy or a finished dog. We went the finished route. I found Cody through a few people and found out that he came from Jay. When Cody flew in to Chicago from Oregon he was really skinny and looked ill, we gave him good food and a loving home and he is the best decision in a dog we ever made. Outstanding flusher and retriever and house dog. Im waiting for another dog from Jay. If anyone needs to know anything about this breed, please call me. I love talking about our English Cocker. 815-791-5740
Submitted by: Keith Gibbs on Jan 30, 2013
As a pro gun dog trainer and national gun dog competitor and champion, our family is so very happy and excited about our english cocker puppy Mini, that we purchased from Jay.We have never owned or trained a english cocker before,(One of the few breeds that we have not) but what a pleasant surprise! Mini has been retrieving wild mallards 40+ yards across water in frezing Wyoming weather and into heavy cover since she was 4 months old.Mini is also an outstanding upland dog as well,Mini has trailed late season wild ring necks in tough conditions, for very long distances and never gives up and she is only 5 months old.She has un-real natural ability and drive that is out of this world! Mini is very trainable and a great family member as well.What an incredible pup! Thanks so much Jay.
Submitted by: Vince Gallo Family on Jan 16, 2013
I wanted to thank you for the newest addition to our family, Cody! He is an amazing hunter! In addition he is housebroken, well behaved, well trained and absolutely beautiful!He has exceeded every epectation in every area! Above and beyond pleased!
Submitted by: Shadd Stultz on Aug 07, 2012
I just recieved my 9-week old female golden english cocker from Jay and she has exceeded my expectations 10 fold!!!! Her name is Tes's Goldenfeather, what a doll. She is already retrieving a tennis ball, sitting, potty trained, and full of energy. I cannot wait to hunt with her. This is my second english cocker from Jay, my friend has also bought two english cockers from Jay. If your looking for a smart dog with mad hunting skills and great with your family the english cocker from Blue Chip Kennels is the right fit. Keep up the great work Jay!!!!
Submitted by: Tyla Kuhn on Feb 20, 2012
Oh where to start...My husband Scott and I currently have 7 English Cockers from Blue Chip Kennel. We hunt for our own enjoyment as well as guide upland hunts full-time at Highland Hills Ranch-one of the top wing shooting lodges in North America. Each and every cocker Jay has shipped us has become an incredible hunting dog with a great personality. Each dog shipped to us has been selected by Jay based on what we expect in the field. He has an uncanny ability to send the right dog from each litter. We gladly give our recommendation for Blue Chip Kennel in every aspect.
Submitted by: Leon Gasperment on Sep 29, 2011
I live in New Jersey and I received a female English Cocker puppy from Jay in 2007. My son and I picked her up at the airport. She was in excellent shape when she arrived. I took her out of the shipping crate and put her on my shoulder , she bonded with me instantly. My wife suggested Ruby for a name and we all agreed. Well anyway she has been a pure delight to own. She is very smart , funny and a true champion of justice. She likes everything here to be in harmony. My three grown sons turn to jello when she comes around hugs and kisses are always in order and she returns the affection ten fold. Called Jay a couple of times and he was always there for me.
Submitted by: Tom Van Dyck on Sep 02, 2011
I am actually on my second dog from Blue Chip Kennel and I couldn't be happier. I had my first dog for eleven years and he was a wonderful dog to train and was excellent in the field. My second dog is two now and is becoming another excellent bird dog. Jay certainly knows what it takes to produce great gun dogs. He is very knowledgable about training and always willing to help out when needed. These dogs are a pure pleasure to be around and I will always have a Blue Chip Kennel dog in my house.
Submitted by: Steve on Sep 01, 2011
Just got a great puppy from Jay. Blue Chip Kennels will be our breeder of choice for our next dog and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a French Brittany.
Submitted by: Tom Beck on Sep 01, 2011
My family is more then happy with our little guy Sam that we got from Blue Chip Kennels. Sam is such a joy. I would send anyone who wants a pup to them! Thanks once again Jay!!
Submitted by: Janet Rowenko on Apr 01, 2010
After seeing an Irish Red and White Setter on the AKC Dog Show, I researched getting a pup. After talking with several breeders, I selected one of Blue Chips pups because of the generations behind them and my comfort with speaking to Jay Parrish. After only two weeks, Lucy(now 11 weeks) is house trained, eager to please, has an exceptional temperment and her coloring is remarkable. She is quick to learn at such an early age which reflects the quality breeding of the dog. Jay's offer to be available for the life of the dog displays the commitment of Blue Chip Kennel. Nothing but the highest recommendation from me!
Submitted by: Anne Lachapelle on Mar 31, 2010
We bought Innis from Jay and fell in LOVE so we decide we needed to get another from him, a brother for her! and thus came Carrick. He is just a joy, he is SO funny and does the funniest stuff. We love both of our dogs and will be forever greatful to Jay for them:)
Submitted by: Jordan Horak on Feb 21, 2010
I bought "Macy" and black and white English Cocker from Jay back in August of 2008. She quickly made herself a part of the family, and I couldn't be happier. That first year I shot about 12 pheasants over her even though she was only a few months old, and by the end of the season she was flushing and retrieving. This past season she did an excellent job, flushing hard and tracking down runners. With a treat and 5 minutes I can teach her almost anything; she is extremely eager to please. My wife and I had a baby this past summer and she quickly adapted and is now very attached to the baby as well. I will definitely be buying another Cocker from Jay in the future. He is an excellent source of knowledge if you are willing to listen and actually use the advice he gives.
Submitted by: Susan Tiedemann on Jan 08, 2010
We purchased a french brittany pup for our daughters birthday from Jay in June. We couldn't be happier with our Rosie. She is a great dog and our family is blessed to have her. My husband and son have not taken her hunting yet but she seems to have a great nose, loves to run in the field and woods and is very trainable and obedient. I would recommend Jay's dogs to anyone.
Submitted by: Ron Langowski on Sep 21, 2009
After hunting over English Springers for many years, I was fortunate to get one of Blue Chip Kennel's field-bred English Cockers. Blue Chip Sweet Lady Molly is a delight, both as a hunting dog and companion dog.
My previous dogs were excellent, and I had high expectations for my first Cocker. We are primarily pheasant hunters, but this lil' Cocker breaks ice for late-season mallards! And of course she would go to the ends of the Earth to flush a sneaky rooster.
In addition to being very pleased with the quality of dog I received from Jay, I'm also very satisfied with his training advice after the purchase. I recommend Blue Chip Kennels highly
Submitted by: Armando Morales on Aug 13, 2009
When our companion Coco-an English Cocker Spaniel-passed away from renal failure in March of 2009, my wife and I knew that we needed to replace the hole in our heart. We went on the internet and found Jay. Working with Jay has been a wonderful and positive experience. He is always available to answer your questions, before and after the puppy has arrived at your home. I have called him several times about potty, nipping, and crating issues. Jay has provided me with much needed expertise about my problems, and was never in a rush when addressing my questions. We received "Charlie Brown" as promised and in perfect health. Charlie was extremely socialized when we received him at eight weeks, and is one of the most popular and friendly dogs at our local dog park. I would highly recommend Jay as a breeder. His professionalism and devotion to responsible breeding make him a wonderful person to deal with and has the dog’s best interest at heart. Thanks Jay for all of your help, and I look forward to working with you in the future during Charlie Browns formative months. Keep up the great work. Please feel free to contact me at if you have any specific questions about this wonderful breeder.
Submitted by: Anne Lachapelle on Jul 12, 2009
My family recently had to put down our spaniel. And when it was time for another one in our life we searched about found Blue Chip Kennel! Now we have a beautiful black and white puppy with the cuttest freakles on her body. Her Name is Innis and she is just a joy. So playful, so funny and full of life. Noone can ever replace our dear Amanda, But our dear Innis will have a great place in our hearts for years to come! Jay was wonderful and very helpful. I never hesitated to call or email him when I had a question. Thank you Jay for our wonderful dog!!
Submitted by: Casey Sheffler on Apr 22, 2009
I purchased a 9 month old female named Freckles from Jay in November of 2009. I have since renamed her Cami. Cami has been an outstanding dog. I hunted her this past year and could not be more pleased with her 1st season. I also own a 3yr old female German Wire-Haired Pointer named Shiloh. Cami's nose and hunting ability is unrivaled by any dog I have hunted around and I have been hunting pheasants for over 30 yrs. I would recommend Jay's French Brittanys to anyone. Excellent temperment, hunting ability, companion, and very socialable with other dogs. I can't say enough about how happy I am with Cami. The best nose that I've ever seen on a bird dog. Oh, by the way, did I say why she was 9 mos. old when I purchased her? Some goofball said she would not retrieve, yeah right. Cami is one awesome little bird dog. Thanks, Jay.
Submitted by: Catt Conder on Jan 08, 2009
Cooper is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. I got him in August, 2007 when he was just 8 weeks old. He's the first dog I've ever owned, and now he owns me! He's beautiful, well mannered and intelligent. He's been a joy to train, with very little effort required on my part...I think he was house broken within 6 weeks of his arrival to our home. He's great with everyone he meets, although can be a little shy at times, as is common to the breed. He is especially respectful towards children, which is something that seems to be quite instinctual.
You can't go wrong with Jay's dogs. I have given his name to several people and hope to someday get another puppy from him.
Submitted by: Tom Murray on Jan 05, 2009
I purchased a male french brit from Jay in February of 2007 and have been absolutely pleased with him. Great nose, perfect disposition. My wife was against getting a dog, and she has since fallen in love with Charley, and my 10 year old and 3 year old couldn't ask for a kinder and gentler dog. I will absolutely purchase another Brit from Jay in the next couple of years. Great dogs.
Submitted by: Ken Holzman on Jul 21, 2008
I picked up my field bred English Cocker from Jay in September of 2007. I was looking for a good companion and hunting dog...he has exceeded my expectations by far! I consistantly get compliments on his appearance, personality and field performance. I've been taking him to gun dog training since spring, and people there far more knowledgable than I, remark that he has great ability... I've even had to turn down offers to buy him! Not for sale at any price!
Submitted by: Elizabeth Freeman on Apr 13, 2008
My family got our (strictly pet) English Cocker Spaniel from Blue Chip Kennel about three years ago, and were given a good discount because of his undescended testicle. He is the perfect dog. He's obedient and willing in the extreme, has a fantastic temperament, and an almost preternatural kind of understanding. He's terribly intelligent - he knows all his toys by name, and frequently picks up on words we haven't taught him. Everyone who meets him wants to take him home. I also understand my family had a great experience with Blue Chip and would buy again.

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